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Saturday afternoon: Zzzzzzzzzzz

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This year, it seems like the quality of televised college basketball on Saturday afternoon is way, way down.

The Big Ten Network-Comcast dispute is certainly part of the problem. Like most people in this part of the country, my primary rooting interest is in the Big Ten. Unfortunately, key games like Wisconsin-Purdue aren't available for Comcast subscribers like myself.

And I ain't switching to the dish. I'm an apartment-dweller, and it's too inconvenient.

Here's a sample of some of the other games that were on Saturday here: Boston College at Duke, Southern at Grambling, Iowa at Minnesota, Texas at Iowa State, Georgia Tech at UConn and Hampton at Delaware State.

Any of those strike you as exciting? Me neither. At least Iowa at Minnesota is Big Ten, although neither of those teams is a legit NCAA tournament contender. Duke? I refuse to watch those insufferable jerks. Georgia Tech and UConn? Well, that's OK. It's a rematch of the 2004 national title game, but neither school is in the upper echelon this year. Not worth making extra time for.

I've watched college basketball far less this year than in previous years. On the bright side, Saturday afternoons are now free for cleaning the apartment and catching up on my reading.

Hey, it beats watching Duke.

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