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The formula for beating the Twins

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We finally know the secret to vanquishing the Minnesota Twins: Just hit the living hell out of the ball.

The White Sox completed a four-game sweep of the Twins on Monday with a 7-5 victory at U.S. Cellular Field. The contest was far and away the closest game of the four, as the Sox took the first three by scores of 10-6, 11-2 and 12-2.

For years, Minnesota has tormented the Sox with a wide array of slap hits, stolen bases, bunts and hit-and-runs. For the South Siders, it has been death by 1,000 cuts at times.

But it didn't happen this week because the Sox jumped out to big leads, especially in Saturday's game and Sunday's game. Bunting and running and playing small ball doesn't work when you're down 7-0.

The Twins just don't have much pitching depth this season, and this weekend proved it. Minnesota used to send out quality arms like Johan Santana, Brad Radke and Francisco Liriano. Now, they trot out the likes of Kevin Slowey, Nick Blackburn and the ancient Livan Hernandez.

The Sox couldn't use their power game against polished control pitchers like Santana and Radke. Against Slowey and Blackburn, it's a lot easier to mash away, as we saw this weekend.

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