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An ace in any ballpark, in any league

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Peavy3-0.jpg The three September starts for Jake Peavy probably could not have gone any better. He'll finish the season 3-0 with a 1.35 ERA in a White Sox uniform. The Detroit Tigers are probably sick of looking at him. Peavy threw seven shutout innings against Murder City last weekend at U.S. Cellular Field, and he backed that up with eight innings of two-hit ball tonight in an 8-0 Sox winner at Comerica Park.

The only negative in all this: The fact that the Sox are helping Minnesota out. As of this writing, the Twins lead Kansas City 10-2 in the sixth. If that holds, Minnesota moves within a game of the Tigers with two games to play in the AL Central race.

But the good news for the Sox is they'll go into the offseason with the 2010 rotation looking great. As we've stated before, Peavy is an ace in any league, in any ballpark, when he's healthy. Pay no attention to that crap about him not being able to pitch in the American League. With Peavy, Mark Buehrle, Gavin Floyd and John Danks, the Sox are set with their top four. Freddy Garcia has six quality starts in eight late-season outings, and youngster Dan Hudson has shown promise as well.

Sox GM Kenny Williams has some work to do this offseason. The bullpen has stunk the second half of the season. The offense ranks in the bottom half of the league. But you can find hitters and relief pitchers easier than you can find quality starting pitchers. The Sox have at least four of them already on their roster. That's not a bad place to be looking ahead to 2010.

UPDATE: Minnesota beats Kansas City 10-7 Friday night. Detroit leads the AL Central by one game with two to play.

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I still like our rotation going into 2010 the best over anyone else, granted having the best rotation doesn't mean print the play-off tickets, but again even with Colon and Contreras fiasco plus Floyd struggling early we STILL currently lead the AL with quality starts in 2009, add Jake Peavy to that list and we easily have the best rotation to go into 2010.

Oh, and don't worry Timberwolf, I didn't "copy" that from anyone.

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