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Historical choke for Tigers?

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Tigerchoke.jpg Keep this in mind as your watching today's Game 163 between the Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins: If the Tigers blow this, it is a choke of historic proportions.

The Tigers had a three-game lead with four games to play. Never before in the history of baseball has a team blown such a lead. The Tigers took over first place on May 10. They've been in first place for 149 consecutive days. Never before has a team taken over first place the second week of May, held first place all the way until the end and blown it on the last day of the season. The Tigers had a seven-game lead with 26 games to play.

This would, indeed, be a laughable choke if Minnesota wins today. Collar getting a little tight, Jimmy Leyland?

UPDATE: To quote former Beacon News sports editor and local legend Bill Kindt, "Ehhh....the Tigers blew it. Just put Twins win and let's get the **** outta here!"

Not only did the Tigers blow the division, they blew this one-game playoff multiple times over. They let a 3-0 lead slip away. They had a 5-4 lead in the 10th. Ehh....they blew it. Twins win 6-5 in 12 innings.

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These division champions are getting an asterisk. Brandon Inge was hit by the pitch and not rewarded first base, I know that's rigged because Span said he "guaranteed" a victory, I think the umpire staff was paid off. That's okay, the New York Yankees will be the justice system in this.

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