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Ted Williams head used for batting practice

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Teddyballgame.jpg When John-Henry Williams decided to freeze his old man's head upon Ted Williams' death in 2002, you knew that story wasn't going to end well. It was a stupid idea, and the bizarre tale just keeps getting worse.

A new book by a former employee of Alcor, the company that froze Williams' remains, alleges that the Hall of Famer's severed head was mistreated by the company.

Apparently, an Alcor official swung a monkey wrench at Williams' frozen head to try to remove a tuna can that had stuck to it. The first swing struck the head dead-on, and the second swing finally knocked the tuna can loose.

The book also alleges that technicians with no medical certification used crude equipment to decapitate Williams and took gruesome photographs of the process.

Here's my question: What the hell is Ted Williams' head doing stuck to a can of tuna? How did that happen? A can of tuna?

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