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I'm on vacation

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Time for me to take a little break. I've got nine days off coming to me. I'll try to check in occasionally to make sure people's comments get approved. Blogging will resume on Monday, July 19.

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Since its an off topic issues why not ask a non topic question:

So what are your guys favorite types of music and bands?

I am a fan of heavy metal. My favorite bands are Rammstein, Slipknot, System of a Down, Korn, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, HIM, Linkin' Park, Stone Sour, Dream Evil & Madonna

Did you see Iron Maiden on this recent tour?

So our editor visited Target Field this weekend, and apparently, the guy was miserable in Minnesota all weekend long. He did not have anything nice to say about Target Field. Poor baby!

I don't blame poor little JB. When my team go out and lose three of four and choke in the ninth inning on Sunday, I would be miserable too after paying all that money to go to Minneapolis just to have nothing to show for it. BWAHHAHHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA!

BTW, the Twins are now 6-3 against the 2008 AL Central Champions* Let the dominance countinue.

You know what I loved about this weekend. The fact the White Sox fans outnumbered Twins fans at Target Field and they only got one win out of it.

Screw you, Chicago especially the gasbags at Jay the Joke.

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