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The Beacon Basketball Diaries: Vol. 1

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Starting today and continuing every week throughout the college basketball season, Batavia graduate Nick Fruendt and Oswego alumna Teah Gant will share their thoughts with The Beacon-News on a variety of topics. Both are former Beacon players of the year; Fruendt is now a sophomore guard at Northwestern and Gant is a senior guard at Wisconsin. This week, Beacon social media reporter Jon Kerr touched base with the two area hoops stars on what life is like for them this busy time of year.

Nick Fruendt
Q: This is your sophomore year. How has the transition from high school to Northwestern been? Do you feel you made the right decision to stay close to home?
A: The transition has been very smooth. I'm surrounded by great friends, teammates, coaches, professors and peers. Northwestern is the most diverse place I've ever been, and I have had many great experiences already. So I know that I made the right decision. Even though I'm only about an hour from home, I still am away. It's tough to only see my best childhood friends only two or three times per year, and I miss my sisters a lot, but I like that at any moment I could call my parents and they could come pick me up.

Q: The Wildcats are off to a great start (8-1). What's been the difference this season?
A: We've shown a great deal of toughness and resilience, so even though we had one blip on the radar I feel like we're on the right track as we get closer to conference play.

Q: OK, so finals were last week. What was your toughest exam and why?
A: Microeconomics, because there is so much to learn in such little time. I studied more for it than I have for any other exam and I was still sitting there taking it and trying my hardest to remember how to do a certain equation or read a graph.

Q: Help us understand what type of teammate you are. Are you a prankster or all business?
A: Most of the time I'm all business, but having fun is what sports is all about. We always are joking around in the locker room or on the bus, but when it is practice time or we are preparing for a game, it is all business. No messing around, we have to focus in 100 percent to try to get this win.

Q: I know you are coming home for a few days over the holidays. Where do you hang out when you are home in Batavia?
A: I'll be with Sara and Liza, my sisters, and trying to see my great friends whom I miss a lot. I think this is the weirdest part of going from high school to college, not seeing my boys whom I saw all the time for a number of years. So my favorite hangouts will be my house, a friend's house, maybe the movie theater but probably not, and definitely a delicious place to eat like Portillo's. My friend Jordan and I can run up a bill of over $20 a piece at that place -- it's soooooo good!
I'll also be hanging with my mom and dad. I'm very close to them. A week or two ago my dad picked me up and we surprised my mom and sisters by arriving at Sara's game at BHS. Wow, it has changed a lot there, but the gym is still the same!

Q: What about a favorite Christmas movie?
A: "Elf." I watched it recently with my girlfriend Ariel. Hi, Ariel!

Teah Gant
Q: This is your senior year and you are team captain. The team is off to a really good start. You've got to be pretty happy so far, right?
A: I'm very pleased with how we've started so far. We're 10-2 now going into the Big Ten season so have a good foundation to build on. Last year we had a similar record after the non conference season, but we didn't really do as well in conference. This year we're looking to really be a big competitor for everyone and hopefully end up as one of the top teams.

Q: What's expected of you as a captain?
A: As a captain, a lot is expected of me compared to previous years. I have to be a leader and set a good example for the rest of my teammates to follow. I'm not as vocal as everyone else, but I like to show my leadership through my actions.

Q: Help us understand what type of teammate you are. Are you a prankster or all business?
A: My teammates would describe me as the chill one. Coach Stone always says I am the calming factor on the court. I just see it as conserving my energy. When game time comes I try to be more focused, but there still has to be some element of fun. I'm a very sarcastic person so my teammates and I definitely joke back and forth a lot.

Q: It's finals week at Wisconsin. What thought comes to mind when someone says that? What is the general mood around campus?
A: Finals week means a lot of late nights at the library, stress, and sleep deprivation. I love to sleep so this is always a struggle for me. The campus is a lot more quiet during finals week. Most people are locked in a room rather than going out. It's definitely more work being an athlete because not only do you have to study so you don't fail your tests, you also have to save energy for practices or games that are scheduled at the same time.
The most frequently asked question is "When are your finals done?" That week of tests is always dreadful, but being done and knowing that you have a month or so of break is the best feeling.

Q: I know you are coming home for a few days over the holidays. What do you want for Christmas? Do you have a favorite Christmas movie?
A: I don't really ask for gifts anymore. I just look forward to spending time with my family. It's rare that we all are at home at the same time because of our busy schedules. I will definitely take advantage of the time I do have. Normally we just all sit on the couch and watch TV together. I'm not really a fan of Christmas movies, but if I had to choose it would be the newer version of "Miracle on 34th Street." Oh and if "Elf" counts, I definitely love that movie too. It's hilarious.

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