Obama and white liberal guilt

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So, Geraldine Ferraro gets roundly criticized because of her remark that Sen. Barack Obama "would not be in this position" if he were a white man.

What if she's right?

"Why is his candidacy historic? Can you give me another reason why it is an historic campaign? Why are we afraid to say this? I am absolutely stunned by this whole thing. I'm not saying he isn't qualified, never did I say that. He is very smart. He has experience issues, but if George Bush can learn to run the country, so can this guy."

Of course, part of the reason Obama's candidacy is historic is because he's an African American who is appealing to a lot of white folks. That's never happened before. So what's wrong with saying it?

It doesn't make you racist if you acknowledge Obama's skin color. But my sense is a lot of people are offended at Ferraro because they don't want to acknowledge that white liberal guilt is playing a role in their support of Illinois' favorite son.

From the Daily Kos:

Do Obama's #2s stink?

Let me be very cynical. Edward Kennedy is swept up in it. JFK is a legend. Did you people who ignore history know that legends are often printed instead of facts? JFK's (and Edward's) father was Joseph Kennedy, a bootlegger with lots of money who (some say) paid the city of Chicago to vote for JFK in 1960. That JFK was also a Teflon president whose antics in the Oval-shaped bedroom dwarfed anything Bill Clinton did. That the Bay of Pigs not only happened on his watch, he initiated it? Look it up in Wikipedia.

It's amazing to me that Obama is given a pass on so many things. Is it white liberal guilt? Or am I the blind person in the Kingdom of Heaven?

The Wall Street Journal has a nice rundown regarding the controversy.

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I must have been sleeping last century when white liberal guilt fueled the candidacies of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Shirley Chisholm to near victory.

CETERA -- It's hard to argue that anything fueled those candidacies, none of which had much traction.

From syracuse.com:

Obama is not the first black person to win a primary, but he's the first to become a major party's presidential frontrunner.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton made attempts at the presidency, but Obama is the first serious candidate, said David Bositis, a voting rights expert at the Joint Center for Economic and Political Studies, a research center in Washington, D.C.

Obama launched his presidential run based on experiences that includes community organizing and his service in state government and the Senate.

Jackson was successful in mobilizing blacks, the poor and core voters to get involved in the political process, but he didn't have the background that Obama has, Bositis said.

White or Black, neither makes a difference. I'm still waiting to hear what he is going to change and how he is going to do it. Neither Obama nor Clinton have given the American Public a straight answer as to how things are going to be better, or different than they currently are.

Mike, you really must come out to some of the Democratic events we hold in the area and experience some of this white liberal guilt we are all feeling. But I caution you, it is contagious and very exhilarating so consider yourself warned.

Of course, we simply refer to it as working to get Senator Obama elected President. The movement is pretty cool to be a part of, even for those of us who are stupefied to think that our support can be viewed as anything but genuine admiration for the man.

Just an FYI...Obama giving speech tomorrow on race...

I suspect he'll tell us we are not feeling guilty enough because Hillary is still in the running.


the Media is a disgrace the way the are attaching Hillary Clinton, for just being a woman....I hope you ladies wake up.

Firt they say she was pimping out her daughter by involving her in politics, the girl is an adult now, she can make here own choices and does.

Then they attach her for being in the White House when Bill was unfaithful, where else should she be but at home?????

She has quite a few years experience as First Lady,
She has been a Senator and she still is, she knows more about the healthcare problems, she would end war within 60 days of her going to office. She would save medicare, and have solutions to strenthen our economy. She is totally sincere and willing to take on the most important job in our country....she will do well, give her a chance guys----back off.

I truly believe that the Media is totally bias against her just because she is a woman. I am 64
and I have seen a lot of politicians come and go, I truly think she would make a great president.

Obama, he is unexperienced and a smooth talker. I dont know about you but this is no "Talent Show" this is the real thing and you better know what your doing.

Also they made Hillary show her books, now we want to see OBAMAS books, his dealings with Rezco, and the Preacher....we do not know enough about him, we cannot elect someone just because he comes off as a nice guy. We want Facts, Hillary has to show FACTS, now we want OBAMA facts and McCains....

Thanks for letting me vent. The Media needs to clean up its ACT...They have over stepped their bounderies and owe Hillary and Chelse a BIG APPOLOGY...a PUBLIC APPOLOGY.

White liberal guilt? I don't see it, and doubt that it exists in any meaningful way. As for "the speech" the other day it seems that if Obama really wants to take on the racial divide in our country he ought to begin by addressing the racial politics enablers Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the Rev. Wright and take them to the woodshed. These three have certainly contributed more than most to fan the flames over the years.

It is also very disturbing that Obama sat in the pews and contributed big bucks to his "church" over a course of two decades and never once publicly condemned any of the outrageous statements. This is more telling of his sentiments than having to respond in a moment of crisis to save his campaign.

I personally liked Obama before he started his bid for president. After contacting him on different issues and hearing his answers, I didn't care what color he is. As was noted before, other African-Americans tried, but failed. It's not about skin color. American would collapse with "100 years of war" McCain in office, and Clinton is just too interested in getting rich at the taxpayer's expense for my blood. I doubt she would really care about going after those really responsible for 9/11. I hope Obama will. It's time for a real change, to elect someone who really cares about Americans. Obama, you have my vote!

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