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Brew Reviews: The A-Team, The Karate Kid

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Thumbnail image for danahey2 copy.jpgNOTE: In a revival of this "classic" Friday feature, Courier-News reporter Mike Danahey guesses how much beer (or other beverage of choice) it might take him to pay money to see a recently-released movie. His opinions are based on trailers, ads and advance hype.

A lot of remakes opening the weekend of Friday, June 11...

The A-Team

Yet another old TV show is made into a movie. This one is brought up-to-date and apparently involves a group of wronged Iraq war vets out to clear their names. Naturally, lots of explosions follow. It stars Liam Neeson and some guy named Quinton Jackson in the role made famous by Mr. T. Let me be the first to say it: I pity the fool who spends $10 on this instead of waiting for the DVD.

Beer rating: A case of Old Style.

The Karate Kid, after the jump. No pun intended.

The Karate Kid

Yet another remake of a cornball movie. This time Jackie Chan is the martial arts master who trains a wimp, played by Will Smith's kid, Jaden. Smith and his wife produced this too. Gee, talk about helicopter parents. Wax on, wax off, indeed.

Beer rating: Tsingtao is a Chinese beer. It's probably more enjoyable than this movie will be.

WHAT?! You were looking for a REAL movie review? Our Sun-Times Media colleagues Roger Ebert at the Chicago Sun-Times and Josh Larsen at the Naperville Sun do a swell job at that.

-- Mike Danahey, Staff Writer

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