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Elgin's Biggest Loser: Week Three... and what a birthday will do to a weigh in

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Thumbnail image for janelle.jpgNOTE: Courier-News freelance writer Janelle Walker has signed up for the second round of the "Elgin's Biggest Loser" challenge. Participants weigh in Wednesday nights, and Janelle is blogging the experience exclusively for The Courier-News.

Sorry, yes, I should have blogged before today... it has been a very hectic last week. But the good news is (or was) -- drumroll please -- five pounds lost for Week One. Woot woot!

Of course, I followed that weigh in with a Blackhawks game party at a friend's house. I had to stop and buy food for the party... which led to finding this gorgeous-looking little carrot cake and a bottle of wine at Caputo's.

Followed, then, by a weekend at the Chicago Blues Festival. I pack quite a picnic for Blues Fest. However, this year that picnic included fresh fruit, salad, veggies and generally pretty healthy food. Well... at least until my friend Krys showed up with the strawberry rhubarb pie from another friend's pie store in Chicago. I had a VERY small slice.

How does a birthday affect a weigh in? Find out, after the jump.

And I hate to tell those of you who have been checking in on this blog... but I had to skip this week's Wednesday weigh in.

I have a very legitimate excuse, though -- it was my birthday. I went to Chicago and to the Art Institute with a friend, and I didn't want to leave downtown so early as to limit my time at the museum. So I don't have any results to share for Week Two.

I'm not overly concerned, because I am quite certain I haven't lost any ground either. Although there has been a LOT of food in the past weekend, I have been doing between 45 minutes and an hour on my Gazelle at home every day (including an hour and a half last Thursday to make up for that sliver of carrot cake I ate). I managed to fit into my slightly-less-fat jeans this week, and a few other things are fitting a little better.

But now that my birthday week is over, it is back to avoiding those carbs as best I can.

-- Janelle Walker, Freelance Writer

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And about that slice of Chocolate Lava Cake w/ vanilla bean ice cream at Russian Tea Time yesterday. . .

no one can take away my right to a birthday cake, not even myself

Amen! And had I not been in agreement, I'd have eaten more of yours!

You are an inspiration!

AS I commented in a previous post, it is not taboo to cheat a little bit now and then. Just make sure it is because you really want the item, not just because it happens to be there. And a sliver or half a slice is not going to kill you. As long as you are changing the way you eat most of the time, and are getting that exercise in, you will be ok.

Great resource is Nicki Anderson of Reality Fitness in Naperville. She has a very well rounded view on getting healthy. She also has some recipes to help you out.

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