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Elgin's Biggest Loser: Week Two, resisting temptations

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NOTE: Courier-News freelancer Janelle Walker has signed up for the second round of the "Elgin's Biggest Loser" challenge. Participants weigh in Wednesday nights, and Janelle is blogging the experience exclusively for The Courier-News.

I go in for my weekly weigh-in at 5 p.m. today. Haven't been this nervous since my last dentist appointment. I am afraid that the news will hurt.

Don't get me wrong, I think I have been pretty good for the past seven days. I did 40-50 minutes on the Gazelle four times since last week ... sorry, Saturday and Sunday were just too booked to fit in a workout and I will strangle anyone who tries to tell me that I could have found the time if I wanted to. You work freelance from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and tell me if you shoehorn in time for a workout and lunch/dinner. (I think the sugar deprivation is making my grumpy).

I have been sticking to salads, chicken breast and veggies for the past week. The hardest day, though was a friend's birthday party last Saturday, followed by a 'Hawks party on Sunday.

more on finding a "healthy" condiment and temptations, after the jump.

The HARDEST part about dieting is the cutting out of sweets. There was a cherry and a peach pie at that birthday party, and I couldn't touch either one.

And earlier on Saturday was the Together We are Elgin cookout ... with a table full of brownies and cookies. I was able to have a hot dog and a burger -- plain, with just mustard. It was the only condiment that didn't list high fructose corn syrup as a top ingredient ... sigh.

Still not gonna tell anyone what the number looks like on the weigh in, but I will report if the number is down from last week, at all.

-- Janelle Walker, Freelance Writer

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Remember what LDJ says! If you fall off, just get back up again! I think that was LDJ. Keep goin!

Did you eat the hot dog bunless? Check out the carbs/glucose in dill relish; might be a good condiment. I eat spicy brown mustard on my veggie burgers- yunny treat! By the way, Janelle, don't wait for next Wednesday- tell the readers how you did last week!

Hey! While i was unemployed, I decided that it was the time to lose the extra weight I'd been carrying around for ten years. I focused on what I needed to address, eating-wise:eating too quickly, eating out of habit or boredom. So I ate three meals a day, snacked sensibly, and avoided prepared foods as much as possible. Once in awhile I got a treat. It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be. One the weight starts to come off, that will be a great motivation to keep going. And the sweets won't have the same siren call they do now, trust me. Once you start eating in a more balanced way, a lot of things you're used to eating become overkill. Go you!!!

Get a pair of MBTs or Sketcher's Shape Ups. I have lost 30+ lbs in the 7 months of wearing them. I cut out soda too, which I didn't drink much anyway. Didn't make any other drastic changes. No workout plan besides walking a lap around the office when I go get another cuppa tea once in a while. No denying myself McDonald's when I was rushed - just got water instead of soda. (Diet sodas are vile in my opinion.)

With your other changes this may get you Reunion/Wedding ready quicker.

Looking forward to seeing the results.

Listen to Joy. What she has done foodwise has also worked for me. It may be a bit slower sometimes, but it is far more maintainable.

Buy more fresh fruits and vegetables. Wash them when you get home so they are ready to eat on the fly.

Eat less processed foods. They usually have far too much sodium. If you actually watch sodium content you will find that you eat healthier overall. Read labels on things. Eventually you will know what things are ok to buy.

Breakfast - essential for losing weight. Eat some Cheerios or oatmeal (not prepackaged - buy quick cooking, you can still do it in the microwave.) Add some dried fruit to it or chop up a banana.

Lunch - sandwich on whole grain bread, Sara Lee reduced sodium lunchmeats, tomato, lettuce, and a nice spicy mustard or lite mayo.
OR some hummus, whole wheat pita and some fresh veggies.

Dinner - lean meats, brown rice or whole grain pastas, lots of veggies.

Snacks - fruit, veggies, lower sodium baked chips or crackers

Drinks - water, water and more water

Allow yourself to cheat now and then, just make sure when you do it is something that you are really craving and really want, not something that is just there. I have what I call "splurge night" every other week, where my husband and I go out to eat and I order whatever it is I want. I actually plan for this. It is actually getting harder to plan since I am not craving things as much.

Exercise - this is essential. If you have NetFlix, there are free exercise videos on Instant Watch. I like the Pilates ones with Ellen Barrett.
Get a pedometer and carry it with you all the time. My Ipod has a pedometer built in. Shoot for Dr. Oz's 10,000 steps a day. At the end of the day, if you are nto quite there, just walk laps around the house or apartment. Park farther away in teh parking lots so you have to walk farther to the doors of the building you are going to.
If you like the Gazelle, continue to use that.
I have found the key for me is variety. Too much of the same things and I find I make less progress. Switch it up and I can get things moving again.

Been doing these things for 6 months on my own. Have lost 50 pounds total, my blood pressure and cholesterol are normal again. But best of all, I do not get out of breath walking around the block or up the stairs. It takes a lot more speed or hills on my treadmill to get my heart rate up now. That is better than anything else. It means I am actually healthier.

I started eating more nuts in my diet and it has been helping to majorly reduce my bad cholesterol

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