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'Way better than Twilight' -- YOUR vampire movie picks

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Thumbnail image for emily.jpgEveryone has an opinion when it comes to vampire movies. No, really. Everyone.

We've given you our picks. Last week, we asked on Facebook and Twitter, "What movies define vampires for you?"

You answered: Classic 1922 German horror film "Nosferatu" and 1987's "Lost Boys," which added the expression "vamp out" to the vampire lexicon. "Interview With The Vampire," "Underworld" and the soon-to-be-remade Swedish film "Let The Right One In" also merited repeat mentions...

Lisa Schwartz: "Lost Boys." It looks a little hokey now, but I still love it! Posted Wednesday from South Elgin on Facebook.

Billie Jo Moffett (billiejo): Defiantly "Nosferatu" from 1922, the quintessential vampire flick. Posted Thursday from Belvidere on Twitter.

Chris Roberts (crober72): Gotta be "Lost Boys." Dated, yes, but still a classic. Posted Thursday from Bartlett on Twitter.

Gary Percy (Wishbone59): Gotta be "Nosferatu," hands down. Posted Thursday from Elgin on Twitter.

Sue Everson (goeverson): "Nosferatu," "Let The Right One In," "Interview With The Vampire," "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" TV series, "True Blood" -- all favs. Posted Saturday from Elgin on Twitter.

More of the favorite fanged films you submitted, after the jump...

Here are more of the vampire film favorites you submitted...

Gabriela Len (RockinL7): "Interview With The Vampire!!!" Brad Pitt makes the loveliest blood sucker I've ever seen! Posted Wednesday from Highland Park on Twitter.

Wendy Kovich: It's TV, not a movie, but I'm loving "Vampire Diaries" ... Way better than "Twilight." And for movies, didn't like "Interview" ... but preferred "Queen Of The Damned." Posted Thursday from Elgin on Facebook.

Heather Maddalozzo (maddheather): My favorite vampire movie? "Underworld." Now there's a good one. Posted Thursday from South Elgin on Twitter.

Wendy Kovich: "Underworld!" That IS a great one ... and don't get me wrong, "Lost Boys" is a classic, too. Oh, and my husband just reminded me of "Blade." That was a good one, too. I love vampires with a good goth sense of style! Posted Thursday from Elgin on Facebook.

GO Editor Wendy Fox Weber (tvjedi): It's hard to pick one vampire movie, but I would throw "Near Dark" into the mix. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow. Posted Thursday from Sun-Times Media on Twitter.

Jim Binder (jimbinder): No "Dusk Till Dawn?" C'mon, Salma Hayek! Best vampire movie ever! Posted Thursday from Elgin on Twitter.

Tom Toft (othaguy): A great follow-up for "Nosferatu" is "Shadow of the Vampire," for completeness' sake. Posted Thursday from Oswego on Twitter.

Kyle Unzicker (neonpowerbomb): Best vampire movie? "Let The Right One In." I'm very skeptical of the upcoming U.S. remake. Posted Thursday from Elgin on Twitter.

Kyle Unzicker (neonpowerbomb): Even worse, it's called "Let Me In." #facepalm Posted Thursday from Elgin on Twitter.

-- Emily McFarlan, Readers' Reporter

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