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NSFW: 'Welcome to Elgin' rap video on YouTube

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Thumbnail image for emily.jpgIf you believe this rap video, Elgin is pretty much the Compton made infamous by NWA and Snoop Dogg, as our own Mike Danahey said.

(WARNING: It is NSFW. Really, really NSFW. No REALLY, the chorus alone repeats the F-word four times. There's nothing we can do about it, since it's out there on the Internet, but don't click on it if you're under 18.)

It's called "Welcome to Elgin" by Madd P, and it's reportedly the first single off his mixtape, "MELTDOWN."

P tweeted last week the entire "mixtape" soon will be available online for free download. And while we all are waiting on pins and needles for that to happen -- and "comin' down 20 with our Glocks" -- we launched a newsroom-wide effort to count the rap cliches and Elgin references in this video (mostly, so you don't have to brave the language).

My favorite characterizations are the downtown neighborhood where The Courier-News building is located as full of "crack fiends and drug dealers with them rocks / mixed in with corporate owners, casino and crooked cops" and "studios, liquor stores and laundry on every block / that's why those alphabet boys say we're the City to Watch." Also, you "never know when it may be your final day" here.

Count them all, add your own, tell us where the eff do you come from, after the jump!

Rap cliches

Thumbnail image for danahey2 copy.jpgIf you believe this rap video, Elgin is pretty much the Compton made infamous by NWA and Snoop Dogg. That is to say, it's fun to count the rap video cliches you can find in this clip.

Here are the ones we located. Feel free to add your own to the list:

  • Baseball caps

  • Bling

  • Skateboards

  • Hand gestures to accentuate lyrics

  • Section 8 housing

  • Rolling through the 'hood

  • A white guy who looks like he could be related to Vanilla Ice

  • A casino

  • A chicken joint

  • Spinning wheel rims

  • 5-0

  • Pit bulls

  • Crotch grabbing

Elgin references

dave2.jpgCouldn't make out much of the lyrics, but saw many, many landmarks. Those included:

  • Elgin High School fieldhouse
  • Elgin Community College's Visual and Peforming Arts Center
  • Kimball Street Dam
  • Michigan Street
  • Larkin High School
  • Elgin Mental Health Center
  • Elgin Car Wash
  • Several Section 8 housing projects
  • Grand Victoria Casino
  • Combat Infantryman's Badge (Trygve Rovelstad) monument, which one "musician" fires like a real gun

-- Emily McFarlan, Mike Danahey, Dave Gathman, Staff Writers

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shouldn't this be posted under Elgin's Biggest Loser?

If this was little more poorly made it could be a viral video.

Here's another for Danahey's list of rap cliches: Demeaning lyrics (what I can make out) about women. Also, we learned what an "187" is in researching this post, so... Police Scanner Codes would be another one.

okay, so I watched this last night and it is ridiculous. Extremely laughable in fact. But it has inspired me to create a parody of the song and video. So if anyone is reading this and wants to help out, it is going to be great. I am 24 and have lived in Elgin with my wife for over 2 years. I live by the downtown area and have never had any run ins with glock wielding "G's" or crack dealers. I understand some of that stuff might happen but that's pretty much typical of any town. But no way is this town Compton. The craziest thing I have seen is the "Bible Man" who walks up and down the street yelling with his Bible. But it's not like he's harming anybody, haha.

Sounds great! We are definitely doing this. I've got about 6 guys who are helping me out. Hopefully it will be done in about 2 weeks.

My sister and her boyfriend volunteer their services if you need extras!

Brian, love the idea! Happy to help out if you need extras etc :-)

Haha, thanks! If you want to contact me you can do so through email. Mine is

I think it really depends on what part of Elgin you grew up in. What about that tripple homicide at the old school house apartments on Kimball Street by the BD's? My husband was on jury duty for that. Or the double murder a few weeks ago on Jackson street? I don't think the artist is saying all of Elgin is 'getto' and I can understand the reason you think making fun of this kid who is trying to get his life together, but take a hard look around you. Things have changed in the last dozen years but for someone who grew up in certain areas, it wasn't always a home with a white picket fence.

fyi Snoop Dog didn't come from Compton

I was sent this link by a friend saying how funny this is. Expecting to come and laugh, I instead find this kid who is obviously in his 20's & poor making a video about his life & you people, (a Major news source) making fun of it? How about we get the facts straight. I used to live in Elgin & I know first hand how terrible it is. Not only was my car stolen right out of my busy parking lot at Hunter's Ridge. But when I reported it to the police they told me I STOLE IT! The police officer looked me right in my eyes & told me since there was no broken glass in the parking space where I always park, that means I stole my own car. Crooked cops? Hell yea. Lets also compare the REAL FACTS like the "Crime per square mile" in Elgin is over TWICE The national average. You are reporters, so how about you spend more time on reporting the real issues & less time picking on the poor. Is the video laughable & full of rap cliches? Yes. However, is the video telling the truth about Elgin? YES. After I turned 23 & got a REAL Job I moved out of that ghetto city & I'll never live there again. You even referenced "Several Section 8 housing projects" And where are those projects Emily? I'm sure you know they are 1 block away from Downtown Elgin. I dare you to say I'm lying. I will post a map if I have to. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. You know some kid got murdered in Elgin while in his car just earlier this month. Why don't you report about that?

What rap videos do you watch that cliches include:



Hand gestures to accentuate lyrics (isn't that in any genre of music?

To Anonymous: I get what you're saying but if you look at almost any large sized town like Elgin you are going to see things like that happen. There's always bad parts of a town and there are always good parts. I'm just not seeing how Elgin is so different, and because of people like this Madd P, people get a painted picture that all of Elgin is like that and it could scare people away from visiting here and that is sad. So many parts of this town are so beautiful and his song and video just completely leave them out like they don't exist. People make choices, and it is his choice to portray this town like that, it's his choice to live this "rough" life he lives. I live here, and choose to not be around drugs, guns, violence, or anyone who is into that lifestyle. I understand that often times people feel that they can't escape that life but it all comes down to a choice. He can easily spend his time in the good parts of town, choose to spend his time with people who don't live that lifestyle. But then again I guess that wouldn't be good for his "image" and his "music" right?

Amazing beats man. I've been working on slick beats for my mix tape

Hey there, please inform us when we shall see a follow up!

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