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The Watch List: Bigelow Vanilla Chai

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elgin watch list.pngThe Watch List is a weekly list of all those things we're watching, things we're loving, things we're talking about in the newsroom this week, in general.

Trending this week on Katie's desk... Bigelow brand Vanilla Chai tea! With the blustery weather we had last week I nestled into my desk and downed about 4 mugs of chai tea a day. Specifically, BIGELOW Vanilla Chai. I think part of the reason I've been particularly drawn to these tea bags is (a) they are free (well, Emily bought them, but they've been sitting in the communal drink area for about a year, so I figured they were fair game), and (b) I love reading the box the tea comes in. More products should have evocative descriptions like this: "Explore the mystery of Chai. India is a land shrouded in mystery. From the beauty of the Taj Mahal to the markets of New Delhi, it is a country unlike any other in the world. For centuries, the drink of the Maharajas has been equally mysterious -- an ambrosia called Chai ... A sure way to please your senses and enchant your taste buds." -- Katie Anderson, Staff Writer

We want to hear what you're watching too! Share a few of your favorite things here, or send them throughout the week to Between the Bylines editor Emily McFarlan at

-- The Courier-News Staff

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So glad to hear you are a fan of Bigelow's Vanilla Chai Tea! We do get lots of positive feedback on its taste and aroma ... but it's also nice to hear a great review of our packaging ! Thanks, Katie, for the kind words ... and thanks, Emily, for bringing the tea into work!
-Deb for Bigelow Tea

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