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YOUR 'Chiclone' photos and stories

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Thumbnail image for emily.jpgIt's being called the "Great Lakes Cyclone," but if you were following updates about yesterday's storm on social media yesterday, you probably know it better as the Chiclone. Or maybe #Chiclone.

While were posting those updates throughout Tuesday morning (Tornado warning on. Tornado warning off. Schools open. Schools closed.), we also were asking you for your storm stories and photos via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and this blog. And you answered.

Kathy Wiercinski of Elgin sent us this incredible photo of a downed tree that "landed so perfectly it was not to be believed" between her house and a neighbor's...


Photo submitted by reader Kathy Wiercinski of Elgin

"I'm so grateful to God He landed it so perfectly between our houses," Wiercinski said.

Your storm stories from Twitter, after the jump.

Here are the stories you told us on Twitter...

@bishomi: south elgin, no lights, my wooden face tore apart. Be careful out there.

@gilmoremkt (Kim Gilmore of Elgin): really thought we were going to lose our 2 story front window ths morning. It was quivering like jello! Safe so far!

Gilmore also tweeted us this photo, with the caption, "RIP neighbors swingset..."

chiclone 2.jpg

Photo submitted by Twitter follower Kim Gilmore of Gilberts

@kmz75 (Kristian Zoerhoff of Gilberts): @gilmoremkt is just a few blocks from me, so my fence probably took the bullet for their window :-)

@VicUrios82 (Victor Uriostegui of Elgin): i was afraid the wind would flip my car.

And perhaps my favorite #Chiclone tweet of the day...

@saulbhp: Today I woke up to the loud sounds of sirens, destroyed lawn property, and rainy weather, I thought it was a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

-- Emily McFarlan, Readers' Reporter

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