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Ever heard of a Veterans Day Remembrance Table?

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Thumbnail image for emily.jpgYou learn something new every day. This, I learned from Elgin School District U46's weekly e-mail blast.

Last week, students at Sunnydale and Lords Park elementary schools read "America's White Table" by Margot Theis Raven. The picture book explores a little-known tradition called the "MIA/POW Remembrance Table" that started on Veterans Day to remember those serving in the Armed Forces.

veterans day book.jpg

According to U46, each item on the table symbolizes something to honor our veterans...

  • The white tablecloth: A soldier's pure heart

  • A lemon slice and salt: A soldier's bitter fate and tears

  • An empty chair: A missing soldier

  • A black napkin: The sorrow of captivity

  • A turned over glass: A meal that will not be eaten

  • A white candle: Peace

  • A red rose in a vase tied with a red ribbon: The hope that our missing will return someday

Something to think about as you remember the men and women who protect our country and its freedoms this Veterans Day.

-- Emily McFarlan, Readers' Reporter

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