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Thumbnail image for danahey2 copy.jpgNOTE: In a revival of this "classic" Friday feature, Courier-News reporter Mike Danahey guesses how much beer (or other beverage of choice) it might take him to pay money to see a recently-released movie. His opinions are based on trailers, ads and advance hype.

Here are some of the movies playing this weekend...


Shakespeare's buddy Kenneth Branagh directs yet another movie based on the adventures of a comic book hero. The God of Thunder comes to Earth. Wanna bet he makes some jokes, falls in love and fights a villain in digitized action scenes? I'm yawning already.

Beer rating: A six pack of Carlsberg.

Thumbnail image for jason.jpgNOTE: Freelance writer Jason Duarte books shows in Elgin and Chicago, is part of a band and occasionally blogs about the local music scene (usually Wednesdays) on Between the Bylines.

'Know Your Sins'
Underground Railroad to Candyland
Recess Records CD/LP
Release date: 4/26/2011

Rating: 4/5

San Pedro, Calif.'s Todd Congelliere (Toys That Kill, F.Y.P., Stoned At Heart) not only fronts Underground Railroad To Candyland, as well as the aforementioned groups, but he put out his band's new record April 26 via his label, Recess Records.

The first time I heard URTC's debut record, "Bird Roughs," I thought it was really weird. It was a kooky, progressively jumpy album with songs that didn't really make sense. But the more I listened to it, the more I fell for it. I saw the band live a couple of times and really got a feel for what they're all about; having fun and partying and not taking yourself too seriously. Then it all clicked and the senseless made sense all of a sudden.

That being said, when the opportunity to review "Knows Your Sins" came along, I jumped, much like their backup singer, Jack Blast, does during the band's live performance.

Jason's review, after the jump.

Thumbnail image for emily.jpgHave you heeeaaard the neeews?

You should have. It was in The Courier-News today: Self-proclaimed "rockstar nutritionist" Jill Jayne recently released her second of two planned videos about Carpentersville-based Community Unit School District 300. You can read all about the video, "The Jill Jayne Chronicles: Uncovering the Case of the HealthierUS Challenge in D300 Schools," in today's "Our Schools" section or on our website,

Or you can just watch it:

Jayne also emailed us several discussion questions you can ask your children after watching the video together. District 300 also has reproduced those questions on its website.

Or you can find them below:

Discussion Questions

Watch the new video (and pay close attention!) It's your turn to be a detective! Can you answer all of these questions about the video?

  • Why did Jill go undercover?

  • What city did Jill travel from to get to D300?

  • What orange vegetable did Jill have on her lunch tray in the cafeteria?

  • What other healthy foods were on the lunch tray? How many can you name?

  • What is your favorite healthy food item on your school's menu?

  • What is your favorite healthy food to eat at home?

  • What did Jill need to find her way to the gymnasium?

  • What is your favorite thing to do in PE class?

  • What is your favorite way to get exercise at home?

  • Who did Jill find were the main players on the school wellness team? Who in the school helped to bring about healthy changes for the students?

  • What were some of the healthy changes that D300 made? How many can you name?

  • What can you and your family do to help support the changes your school is making?

-- Emily McFarlan, Readers' Reporter

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