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Sears EDA legislation, from start to finish

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Thumbnail image for emily.jpgThis was my pick for the Courier's year-end "Faces of 2011" series. Certainly the biggest story I covered this past year was the teacher layoffs (363 in one meeting!) and battle against legislation to extend the Sears EDA in Community Unit School District 300 -- all part of Superintendent Michael Bregy's first year at the head of the suburban Chicago school district.

Here's a look back at how that story unfolded in a long list of articles, dating from this spring, when the school district first began organizing against that legislation, to the vote last month to this week's restrospective on Bregy's first year...

D300 Protests Sears EDA.jpg

D300: Sears talks ignore student needs
D300 won't give up Sears tax dollars without a fight
D300 to Hoffman Estates: 'You haven't seen anything yet'
D300 resolution 'adamantly opposes' tax break for Sears
How tax breaks for Sears EDA would affect Sears, D300, U46, ECC and Hoffman Estates
Rally emboldens D300 in battle over Sears EDA
D300 goes to Springfield
D300, senator propose compromises on Sears tax break
Dist. 300 eyes next steps in Sears tax break battle

D300 to fight against latest, 'horrible' Sears tax break bill

School tax limit nixed; D300 keeps eye on Sears proposals
District 300's still in the game over fate of Sears EDA
Votes on Sears EDA bills delayed again
D300 superintendent recounts week in Springfield
ECC weighs in on EDA bills; D300, HE, Sears finally meet
D300 still at the table with Sears, HE over EDA bill

D300 sees key points in EDA bill

D300 satisfied with Sears incentive bill changes

D300 deal with Sears, Hoffman Estates remains 'resolved'

D300, Sears, Hoffman Estates react to impasse in over competing legislation
D300 'actively monitoring' expected vote on Sears EDA legislation Monday
Sears EDA bill passes House
D300 reacts to House vote, recognizes community support

Sears EDA bill passes, heads to Quinn to sign

Your reax to Sears EDA passing both House and Senate (Between the Bylines)
New Dist. 300 superintendent has trial by teacher layoffs, Sears deal

The Sears EDA story in video, after the jump.

And here it is in MORE THAN 90 MINUTES of video from myself, District 300 and Hoffman Estates...

-- Emily McFarlan, Readers' Reporter

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