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Favre a Bear? Get real

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By Chris Pummer
Staff Writer

As the Favre-Packers saga continued to unfold, someone asked me if I thought the Bears should make a play for the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

I said no. Not only is it a moot point, but how certain can we be that Brett Favre would be an upgrade? I know that sounds laughable considering the cast of clowns the Bears are rotating under center, but here's my reasoning.

Favre was obviously great last year with a 95.7 passer rating and 28 TDs to only 15 interceptions. But that's not the version of Brett Favre that's likely to take the field in 2008. Don't forget that the previous two seasons Favre posted passer ratings of 70.9 and 72.7. That was while throwing 38 TDs against a whopping 47 picks.

Those numbers from 2005 and 2006 sound an awful lot like Rex Grossman's career totals (70.9 passer rating, 31 TDs, 33 INTs).

Add in the Bears' weakness on the offensive line, the garbage bag full of receivers the team's QB will have to throw to and another candle on Favre's birthday cake, and I think the odds would be stacked against seeing the 2007 version of Favre lining up behind Olin Kreutz.

So while the addition of Favre might be a panacea for some other teams, he probably wouldn't do much good for the Bears even if he were truly available.

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Whatever! The Bears WISH they could snag someone as good as my boy Brett! Sure, he throws a lot of interceptions--but at least someone is catching his throws, which is more than can be said for Rex Grossman.

Come back to Green Bay, Brett, and play for a worthy team--not the Choke-tastic Bears!

Brett Favre is better than anyone the Bears can put on the field at this time. He's only as good as his receivers which all have been middle-of-the-road average guys for many years. Favre makes his receivers great, not the other way around. If Favre had a combo like Montana, Young, Brady (with MOSS), etc. his records would be even more outstanding.

Driver plays with a big heart though...gotta give him that. I doubt there will be many Packer receivers in the hall of fame next to Brett Favre's name.

The Bears would never go after Favre and he's not stupid enough to even consider it.

The Bears are good with REX. This is his year.

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