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Blame it on Texas

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What's in the water down there in Austin, Texas?

First there was Ricky Williams going from stud running back in college to pot smoking has-been in the pros. Then Cedric Benson followed a somewhat similar path, going from standout running back to full-blown disaster here in Chicago. Now, Vince Young goes from being the hero of the Horns' national championship a few years back to being a mental mess with the Titans.

Off the top of my head I can't think of too many Texas products who have struck it big in the pros lately. So remind me to never let my future kid go play football for Mack Brown and the Longhorns. That is, unless I want that kid to some day get wrapped up in some bizarre episode off the field.

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Current Univ. of Texas players in the NFL:

Justin Blalock, Leonard Davis, Derrick Dockery, Quentin Jammer, Shaun Rogers, Nathan Vasher, Roy Williams (Det), Derrick Johnson


Jamaal Charles,
Tim Crowder,
Jermichael Finley,
Cedric Griffin,
Michael Griffin,
Ahmard Hall, Casey Hampton,
Tony Hills, Tarell Brown,
Michael Huff , D.D. Lewis, Cullen Loeffler, Frank Okam, Cory Redding, Brian Robison, Aaron Ross, Bo Scaife, Jonathan Scott, Lyle Sendlein, Chris Simms, Kasey Studdard, Limas Sweed, David Thomas, Rodrique Wright, Selvin Young

That's a nice list, but none of those guys are household names (with the exception of Roy Williams, who has been a relative bust so far). The bottom line is that the big studs who come out of Texas end up messed up more often than not. We'll see how Colt McCoy does when he hits the big time.

This is just typical "I hate a winner" Texas bashing. "Get a rise" writing. The three guys this fool attacks are winning. Ricky's got Miami back on the map, Vince is the only reason Tennessee didn't go 0-16 last year and Benson is a legitimate starting running back on a contender. 'nuff said.

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