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Someone asked me why I never write about the Bulls. This should sum it up:


With the Bulls now led by hot-shot rookie Derrick Rose and entering Tuesday's game with a decent 11-12 record against what has been a difficult schedule, it has been easy to be positive about what lies ahead for the team. That is, until Tuesday night.

By Andy Rohr
Staff Writer

As the Bulls continue to sit on their hands - not breaking up the 2-guard logjam that seems to make up a third of their roster - many other NBA teams are shuffling their decks.

On Tuesday, the LA Clippers - fresh off losing star forward Elton Brand - swung a deal to acquire Marcus Camby from the Nuggets for the option of swapping 2010 second-round draft picks. Upon hearing that, you might assume that Camby is worth about as much as a carton of milk but the man still has game. Last year, the former Defensive Player of the Year averaged 9.1 ppg, 13.6 rpg and 3.6 bpg while playing in 79 games, a high total for the notoriously flimsy big man. For Clippers fans, Camby should at least serve as a band aid for the departed Brand and will likely be the recipient of many no-look passes from new Clipper Baron Davis.

The Nuggets meanwhile, are looking to trim their bloated payroll but as long as George Karl is in charge, the finicky coach will always find a way to get his talented teams to bow out early in the playoffs. Of course it doesn't help when you have one of the league's "promsing" young stars getting yearly mugshots taken.

James Posey, the 2-time champion, who Bulls fans love to hate, just signed a four-year deal with the Hornets, a solid move by a promsing team.

Heads up, Illini Nation! Dee Brown is back in the States. A year after playing ball in Turkey, little Dee is back after signing an offer sheet with the Wizards.

Also of note, former Bradley Brave and NCAA Tournament star Patrick O'Bryant has found a new home, signing with Boston. O'Bryant + Boston = how fitting. On second thought, maybe they just want him to do tournament reenactments with Glenn "Big Baby" Davis.

And finally, the Bucks. After trading for the costly Richard Jefferson last month, Milwaukee gave a completely insane extension to Andrew Bogut. Yeah, I guess he's all right but raise your hands if you think this move will ruin the team for the next decade.

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