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The Bears are unlikely to make the playoffs, but the Packers are certain to miss them. It's been a rough season in Green Bay, and I don't know if this makes it better or worse.

By Chris Pummer
Staff Writer

Lots of things come around full circle, and maybe the Jets trading for Brett Favre is one of them.

To me, this seems too much like when the Jets traded their own legendary quarterback -- Joe Namath -- to the Rams. By that time Namath was bruised, battered and just plain worn out. Broadway Joe mananged only four games for L.A. before coach Chuck Knox had the good sense to pull the plug.

Make no mistake, Favre is in much better physical shape than Namath was at the time. But he's still going to turn 39 this year. And there's undoubtedly questions regarding Favre's mental reddiness to return to the gridiron.

For years the Packers have fostered an environment geared toward making Favre as comfortable as possible. They dealt with yearly flirtations with retirment. When head coach Mike McCarthy came aboard, they made efforts to keep the offense Favre friendly. And of course there are the adoring cheeseheads.

None of those things are going to follow Favre to New York.

Not only is Favre's level of comittment open to questions, but he'll have to fit in with a new team. He'll have to learn a new offense weeks into training camp. And there will be more boos than cheers emanating from the stands should Favre turn in a season like he did in 2005 or 2006.

So while this might not be as ugly as the end of Namath's career, it's hard to imagine it being better than if Favre had simply called it quits and meant it.

Favre a Bear? Get real

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By Chris Pummer
Staff Writer

As the Favre-Packers saga continued to unfold, someone asked me if I thought the Bears should make a play for the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

I said no. Not only is it a moot point, but how certain can we be that Brett Favre would be an upgrade? I know that sounds laughable considering the cast of clowns the Bears are rotating under center, but here's my reasoning.

Favre was obviously great last year with a 95.7 passer rating and 28 TDs to only 15 interceptions. But that's not the version of Brett Favre that's likely to take the field in 2008. Don't forget that the previous two seasons Favre posted passer ratings of 70.9 and 72.7. That was while throwing 38 TDs against a whopping 47 picks.

Those numbers from 2005 and 2006 sound an awful lot like Rex Grossman's career totals (70.9 passer rating, 31 TDs, 33 INTs).

Add in the Bears' weakness on the offensive line, the garbage bag full of receivers the team's QB will have to throw to and another candle on Favre's birthday cake, and I think the odds would be stacked against seeing the 2007 version of Favre lining up behind Olin Kreutz.

So while the addition of Favre might be a panacea for some other teams, he probably wouldn't do much good for the Bears even if he were truly available.

More Packer pondering

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By Chris Pummer
Staff Writer

If only there were so much news on the Bears quarterback front...

It's been mentioned that one of the reasons the Packers should cut their ties to Brett Favre is that Aaron Rodgers is ready and capable of taking over at quarterback. I'm not sure I believe that.

Considering the Packers drafted two QBs this year, I'm not sure they believe it either.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it. Rodgers is coming close to the end of his rookie contract (2 years left), so the team needs some protection there. But Packers fans have to be worried that Rodgers will turn out similar to the QB taken before him in the 2005 draft.

By Chris Pummer
Staff Writer

Apparently Brett Favre wants out of Green Bay. Should the Packers feel obligated to accommodate the legendary quarterback?

I'd say no. For years the Packers have put up with Favre's annual flirtation with retirement. Every year the team has had to go into the draft and free agency with a question mark at the most important position on the field. You can hardly blame the organization for saying enough is enough.

Favre's been treating the offseason like a game of musical chairs. Well, bad news Brett. This time you don't have a seat.

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