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The telemarketing gulf

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Poor telemarketer.
I tried to be nice. I gave him an easy out that didn't involve environmental mumbo-jumbo, but he didn't take it.
Maybe you've recently received information on your doorstep from various lawn care companies? They're getting their clients lined up now, and are following up with phone calls.
I think my neighborhood gets more than it's fair share of door-to-door action. I've lived two places in Plainfield. In my first place, I got one guy at the door in three years, and he was from the Census. In our new home, we get people every week. I think they run the census info and find out that our street is full of octogenarians who might not think twice about buying from a door-to-door salesman. Yuck.
(If you have a similar problem, check your village or city's solicitation policy. In Plainfield, you must have a license to sell door-to-door.)
Anyway, the completely legitimate lawn-care company was following up on info left on our door. I was home sick so I actually got the call.
It went something like this:

Me: Hello.
Him: Hi, I'm calling from (lawn care company X). I left information last week and was wondering who your current lawn care company was.
Me (being super-nice): Thanks, but we're those terrible environmental people who do all the organic crap, so we're not really interested.
Him (just doing his job): What is your specific concern? Maybe we can address it?
Me (honestly): Well, the giant dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico created by fertilizer and pesticide runoff coming down the Mississippi from the Midwest.
(dead silence)
Him: Have a great day. (click)

I don't hate telemarketers. They're just doing their jobs, and god bless 'em for having jobs in this market. I'm always nice. But if I politely decline without making them listen to a full-on explanation, and they persist, they're going to learn stuff they didn't want to know.
Who knows, maybe he'll learn about the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. In the mean time, I wish him luck with his would-be clients.

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Now THAT'S the way to handle it.

I'm a telemarketer and he is required (well maybe not required but very pushed by superiors) to ask that second question. Sometimes we can address concerns. If I did hear you say that whole gulf of mexico thing...well just reading it I go wooowww! I do the organic stuff to (I don't have a lawn but we use organic envirosafe cleaning products and such in my house). I still would have let you go if we couldn't help but I'd at least comment going "that sounds like a very legitimate problem" or something along those lines (I always make sure I'm sincere. I don't see a reason to fake if I care or not) then let you go. :) I'm actually at work right now and just got off of the phone with some poor lady who had two teeth pulled today. She asked if I could call back in a few days and I said "Sure, I hope you feel better." and she goes "yeah me too" and I go "well, talking wont help any so I'll let you go now. feel better soon!"

My point? You handled that well. Thank you!!!!!! From someone who deals with a lot of mean people all day, I commend you for treating a human like a human!

That kid on the other hand...didn't handle it to well haha.

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