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It's going to be a laid-back, bad-economy Christmas, but that often means that we waste less and consume less.
I'm all about the silver lining.
Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Cleaning my plate

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Picture 1.pngThanks to Amazon credit card rewards points, I'm a pleased subscriber of Clean Eating magazine.

I'm not the only Plainfield resident thrilled with the publication. The Jan./Feb. issue features a Plainfield woman inside. Needless to say, it's not me. I'm still a newbie.

But to give it a go, I decided to try the 14-day plan in the magazine. See, Clean Eating features articles, recipes, tips and more for eating in way that is better for you and the world. There's an emphasis on ditching the chemicals and whatnot, but not by tossing your McDonald's for an organic equivalent.

The 14-day meal plans in the magazines struck me as a good crash course in clean eating.

I'm one week in and, so far, so good. I'm not following it completely, because I despise fish and eggs - two clean-eating staples, but I can tell I'm eating better and that I'm enjoying what I eat a lot more.

My husband's eating by the menu plan for the meals he eats at home. The best thing I can say for it: My husband told me he didn't buy beer when we were at the grocery store because the new food had him feeling full. For a veggie-heavy, meat-light diet, that's pretty impressive.

sigg.jpgI've been livid since Sigg announced they were switching to Bisphenol A-free liners on their reusable water bottles.

Me livid at BPA-free bottles? What gives? You know BPA is my evil foe. It's a plastic additive that is thought to be harmful, possibly even causing cancer. And it's in tons of stuff you use every day, including the lining in some canned foods you buy.

I love Sigg. I hate BPA. But I'm ticked because I thought the linings already were BPA free. See, Sigg touted the fact that their bottles were good for the environment and you. One of the claims: Your liquids wouldn't be tainted with BPA, thanks to the safe liner.

Turns out that this meant that their studies showed the BPA wasn't leaching not that it was BPA-free. Pot-ay-to, Pah-tah-to? Not to me.

The finally developed a BPA-free liner. I could get one of the new bottles by thwacking down another $20. Oh, heck no. I was so mad. I didn't want to use the bad bottle, but I paid $20 for it, thinking I could use it for years. And I use it daily.

I angrily kept using it. Don't ask. I even brought it into Whole Foods with me last week while shopping so I could sip tea while strolling through.

At the checkout, the bagger asked me, "Did you get your new Sigg yet?" This is why I love Whole Foods. She knew what it was and didn't even have to explain why I would want a new one.

I explained that I wouldn't give the company another $20. She smiled and filled me in. Turns out Sigg is doing a free exchange. If you have a BPA-lined bottle, you can bring the clean one to Whole Foods and pick up a new BPA-free one to replace it.

This is exactly what I hoped the company would do. That's a stand-up thing to do. And god bless Whole Foods for hanging on to the old bottles to ship back to Sigg.

If you have a Sigg bottle, check the liner. If it's clear, it's got BPA. If it's peachy looking, it's BPA-free. Head to the nearest Whole Foods, likely the one on 75th Street, near Route 59, in Naperville.

I haven't been ignoring you, dear Webbers.

The Herald-News copy desk go hit -- nay, smacked down -- by the flu for about a month. We all took turns feeling like death warmed over. So in addition to being slowed by recovering or oncoming sickness, we had to fill in for whoever was currently feverish. Not conducive to blogging.

Then, I had a week of vacation. Woo-hoo, right?

Wrong. First my car broke down, followed by my iPod, my furnace and my space heater.

It's getting to where I don't want to touch anything.

The upside of the furnace is that we're finally letting our 20-year-old Heil furnace go toward the light. It's an inefficient beast. It began rumbling like it was going to explode on Friday night. My amazing heating & air-conditioning guy had the new one working at 1:30 p.m. Monday.

This is one of those cases were reusing wasn't the best option. The Heil is so inefficient, and involves long drives to get parts. We just jumped from 60 percent efficiency to 80 percent. Yay us, yay earth.

Why isn't green girl getting an Energy Star number?

  • I'm eco green, not made-of-money green. That's a HUGE investment that would never pay off in my hovel.

  • Hovel=small. Apparently the 90-percent plus efficiency guys are just too much for my tiny abode. It's like putting a hot-rod engine on your moped. Ain't gonna' be pretty.

So tonight, I won't freeze and I won't have to cringe every time the furnace comes on because the neighbors won't be able to hear the object of my shame anymore.

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