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Caught in the Web - The News Hound

Caught in the Web

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The Hound was somewhat of a prankster in days of old, but he never panicked a school like what two geeks did on Halloween. And for that, the geeks have been charged.

The Hound hopes they make these kids examples of what happens when you "joke" around on the World Wide Web and issue terrorist threats. While Jeremie Dalin, 17, of Fox River Grove didn't really specifiy which of the nation's four Stevenson High Schools where "many will die on 10/31", educators, police, students and parents were concerned enough at the Lincolnshire school. Parents flooded Buffalo Grove and Lincolnshire police departments with concerned calls.

Dalin was charged by Lincolnshire police with making a terrorist threat after federal officials took a pass. The charge carries up to 15 years in prison. The other brain trust is Dennis Oh, also 17, of Buffalo Grove and a Stevenson student who spread the alleged Internet threat. He's been charged with obstructing a peace officer.

While it's doubtful either will see any extended jail time, the real punishment should be keeping them away from computers for an extended period of time --- like a decade. For these guys, that would be like being in jail. Think about them not being able to access YouTube or MySpace or any number of sites they visit on a daily basis. The horror!

Wouldn't that truly be criminal? The Hound challenges a judge to do just that if they are found guilty. Talk about a chance at creative sentencing.

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