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What a maroon, you nimrod!

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The Hound got called into one of the suits' offices and dressed down for his use of "maroon" and "nimrod" for berating those who comment on what The Hound opines in cyberspace.

This suit knew little more than the bolo boys and girls who have complained about using the terms "maroon" and "nimrod". Obviously, the suit hasn't had his fill of Bugs Bunny cartoons.

While those complaining about The Hound's use of the word "maroon" are correct that these were free African Americans who fought on the side of the Seminoles in the Seminole War (that would not be a Florida vs. Florida State matchup in The Swamp --- Go 'Noles!) which made Andrew Jackson's presidential chops.

However, Bugs Bunny used the term "maroon" as an insult not to one's lineage, but to one's smarts, though that does not include the University of Chicago Maroons. For proof of that, watch "Baseball Bugs". The Hound will not give away the plot to say it does not have anything to do with the 2003 Cubs. According to Bugs, "maroon" was equal to a dummy or worse. Does "ignoramus" ring a bell here?

Now to "nimrod", which also was popularized by Bugs, yet was picked up by one of The Hound's favorite rock groups, Green Day, as the title of the trio's second album.

How nimrod went from being the great-grandson of Noah (revisit your Bible, you gomers), to a synonym for goofball, The Hound leaves to word scholars. The Hound just knows calling someone a nimrod also means they're a goober.

So for all you dingbats and suits out there: Lighten up and be thankful you're not being labeled a nincompoop, you bunch of losers.

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Nimrod is described as "a mighty hunter" in the bible.

The theory I heard was that Bugs bunny called Elmer Fudd a "Little Nimrod" as a reference to him being a hunter, and the word caught on as insult with the implication that Nimrod means hunter being left behind.

THE HOUND SAYS: Eh, how enlightening, Doc.

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