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Time to bite back - The News Hound

Time to bite back

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Isn't it about time the apologists for pit bulls in what is becoming Pit Bull County start to admit there's a problem with this breed. Oh, you can blame the owners, but these dogs are running wild in the streets and elected officials need to start biting back.

What has the hair on the The Hound's neck up is the latest mauling by members of the breed which took place the other day in Waukegan. A 19-year-old woman was attacked by three pit bulls which ripped off a part of her ear and chewed on her arms and legs. A relative described Kiara Lynn's arms as looking like "they were stuck in a meat grinder." She had gashes as wide as three and four inches to her skin and remains in stable condition in the hospital. She was attacked while walking past the dogs which broke free from their yard.

Officials must take action. Either banning the breed, as North Chicago has done, increasing fines for owners of the breed, making them register the dogs or keeping a bond on file. And, The Hound doesn't want to hear about how any dog could bite someone. They don't attack as viciously as the pit bull breed.

And, let's not forget the two Round Lake Beach residents who were arrested the other day after police discovered 27 pit bulls at their home. Guess they own a pet store, huh? Not! They were charged with animal cruelty for allegedly running a dog-fighting pound.

If these two mopes represent the pit bull owners of Lake County, it's time to put these folks away for along time and get tough on the breed. Sorry, pit bull owners, your friendly and lovable dogs are no longer wanted here.

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Yes, I agree lets get rid of all the Pit bulls and while where at it, lets get rid of guns, all guns and then people will really be safe walking the neighborhoods.

We have to hold the breeders responsible. I saw a guy walking a Pitbull the other day that had no business owning a Pit bull or any other dog.

We also have to make tougher laws against the people like the guy who had the 27 Pitbulls. I have friends who have Pitbulls and they are the greatest.

There is no reason to ban them,we just have to get to the heart of the source of these animals and it starts with the breeder.

THE HOUND SAYS: Linda, keep on telling yourself pit bulls are the greatest and you eventually believe it. There are numerous reasons to ban them, but the puppy mills don't want that to happen. Pit bulls are a vicious breed and banning them is a reasonable safety issue.

I agree with the Hound something needs to be done! When I took my dog to get a rabis shot at the reduced fee at the Waukegan animal health fair, I never saw so many pit bulls in one area. Every other dog was a pit bull. The poor girl that got attacked will have years of medical bills and also years of consueling. At least make the owners responsible for her medical bills. Now that the dogs have attacked a human they should be put down.

THE HOUND SAYS: You are correct, Carrie. Waukegan has a pit bull problem and city officials are handcuffed about what to do. It's simple: It's a health and safety issue. Ban the breed.

3 years ago my sister was attacked by a pitbull that jumped his fence down the road & attacked my sister in my parent's front yard causing numerous injuries to her back while she was protecting her small dogs.
On 7/27/08 the pitbull next door tried to get at me thru the fence as I was in my garden. 2 Days later she tried to get to me thru another fence as I was working in the driveway. At that time, I told my wife & mom that I feared something was going to happen with that dog....... On 8/6/08 this same dog crawled under his fence & attacked my dog in our yard causing numerous injuries including stitches. Police & Animal Control was called but only tickets were issued &, even then the neighbors did not adhere to the dog's restrictions. Since then, that same dog has been very agressive every time someone is in the yard... my dog is still afraid to go out to do his "business".
These dogs are dangerous & nobody should have to die (whether it human or animal) before city officials decide to ban these animals from our city. My family should have to fear to walk in our own back yard because of these vicious creatures.

THE HOUND SAYS: Perhaps Waukegan residents should start asking their aldermen where they stand and demanding the take action, which they haven't so far. Hey, maybe they're afraid of pit bulls!

The combination of the dog's inherent aggressiveness and the owners' irresponsible and uncivilized desire to threaten their neighbors makes these dogs so dangerous.

Pit Bulls have become weapons for dumb thugs.

It is inexcusable that city leaders would allow tax payers to feel threatened in their own yards. Pit Bulls should be banned. And any dog that enters a property and kills or injures a person or even a pet ought to be put down.

THE HOUND SAYS: Banning an entire breed seems harsh, but these dogs are vicious. Other cities --- Denver, for one --- has banned pit bulls. The same should happen here.

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