Bracket Challenge: Readers vs. Writers, pt. 2

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The Final Four is set and if you thought all of this year's top seeds were good enough to go all the way, you were right. Unfortunately, the illustrious sports staff here at The Sun thought otherwise. I was particularly high on Louisville but after watching the North Carolina game, this post only seems like I was actually high when I wrote it.

Take a look at some of our Final Four picks and laugh, especially if you're Danny P or Patrick O and leading the Sun Bracket Challenge Standings with 259 and 255 points, respectively.

Pat Mooney: He currently leads the office pool with 212 points and is in second place with North Carolina, Texas, Georgetown and UCLA. He's got UCLA to win it all.

Myself: As the college basketball writer, I'm happy to be two spots behind our movie critic (fifth) with 204 points. I had Louisville, Kansas, Texas and UCLA with UCLA to win it all in a non-existant fight to the death against Louisville.

DJ Wanberg (196): Tennesee, Wisconsin, Memphis and UCLA with UCLA to win it all.

Paul LaTour (183): North Carolina, Georgetown, Stanford, UCLA with UCLA to win it all.

Sean Fuchs (183): Lousiville, Kansas, Texas and UCLA, with UCLA to win the championship.

Brad Nolan (182): North Carolina, Wisconsin, Texas and UCLA, with UCLA to win it all.

Chris Sosa (162): North Carolina, Georgetown, Texas and UCLA, with UCLA to win it all.

On behalf of The Sun sports staff, I'd like to offer my apologies to Kevin Love and UCLA. By unanimously picking the Bruins to win it all, we have surely secured your utter demise.

Leading the pool of 18 office participants is Sean's girlfriend Celeste, who has 249 points, all of her Final Four teams alive and who doesn't even work here. Her pick is Memphis, probably a safe bet since none of us picked them to win.

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Brad Engel

Brad Engel is the longest-tenured member of The Sun sports staff and has won several national and state awards in his coverage of preps as well as the Chicago Bears, Chicago Fire and general sports.

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Patrick Mooney covered politics, prep sports and professional baseball for several print and online media outlets before joining The Sun in August 2007. He concentrates on prep sports, writing features, profiles and breaking recruiting news.

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