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*Zach Miller, Glenbard East junior
*Johnny Hill, Glenbard East junior
*Lee Skinner, Glenbard East senior
Jack Merrithey, Glenbard East senior
*James Fleming, Glenbard North senior
*Matt Neufeld, Naperville Central senior
Bobby Czarnowski, Naperville Central senior
*Joe McNicholas, Naperville North senior

*Reilly O'Toole, Wheaton Warrenville South junior
Will Dolatowaski, Wheaton Warrenville South senior
Juwan Starks, West Aurora sophomore

Reggie Davis, Glenbard North senior
Charles Jacques, West Chicago senior
Mike Small, Wheaton North senior
Jeff Schalk, Wheaton North junior

Shawn Havenga, Glenbard East senior
Brandon Clark, Glenbard North junior
David Niggins, Naperville Central junior
Matt LaCosse, Naperville North junior
James O'Shaughnessy, Naperville North senior

Greg McAndrew, Wheaton Warrenville South senior
DJ Vaughn, West Aurora senior

*unanimous decision

Zach Miller, Glenbard East junior

Scott Miller, Glenbard East

The Starting Five

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Jason Ivanitz's observations from this weekend's events:

No. 1: Basketball is more than a game to some

Apparently I picked a bad seat for the Bolingbrook-Vincent (Milwaukee,
Wis.) girls basketball game. From practically the opening tip-off, shouts, complaints and even harassing remarks were made from the Vincent parents who were primarily situated behind the scorer's table in their team's 49-48 loss on Sunday. On three separate occasions, I was stepped on or over during the game by an out of control parent yelling at the referees. Everything boiled over with less than a minute to go where words were exchanged between coaches and people started moving to the floor. I was physically pushed aside by a screaming parent during the event as I was trying to listen to what was being said.

No. 2: Joliet Township needs a new mascot

The name Steelmen (or Steelwomen) is unique and fits in with the history of the city. The mascot however could use some work. Joliet's "Steelman" looks like the Michelin Man, only gray and more of a walking block than a puffy one. When a parent a toddler approached the mascot, the little girl cried in horror and wanted to be taken away. If your mascot is making little kids cry, it is probably time to go back to the drawing board.



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Sun staff writers take the temperature of sports in Naperville, Chicago and beyond.