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The petty sandbox fight is over, and the haves have figured out how to slice up our money between them thusly. Now we can go back to watching Big Ten football on television the way it was intended: on the couch at your own house.

No longer will we be forced to suck up to friends with digital satellite or spend a grip of money at a sports bar. The nightmare is over friends.

The Big Ten Network and Comcast ended their prolonged negotiations on Thursday and announced that the BTN will be available on all Comcast cable systems in time for football season.

Under the terms of the agreement, Comcast will initially launch the network as part of its expanded basic level of service to promote it to the majority of its customers residing in states with Big Ten universities (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, with the exception of the Philadelphia region which will launch on a broadly distributed digital level of service) starting August 15th. (Comcast does not have systems in Iowa, the eighth Big Ten state.)



Brad Engel

Brad Engel is the longest-tenured member of The Sun sports staff and has won several national and state awards in his coverage of preps as well as the Chicago Bears, Chicago Fire and general sports.

Patrick Mooney

Patrick Mooney covered politics, prep sports and professional baseball for several print and online media outlets before joining The Sun in August 2007. He concentrates on prep sports, writing features, profiles and breaking recruiting news.

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