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People magazine included Naperville Central alumna Candace Parker in this year's 100 Most Beautiful People list. But that's not the really big news.

A former Neuqua Valley High School teacher was found guilty on Friday in connection with an incident in which she was caught on tape slapping a student.

Akela Dillon, 26, of Lisle, was convicted of battery and sentenced to 12 months probation.

Some Naperville Plan Commissioners begrudgingly denied a proposal for a strip mall on the southwest corner of 75th Street and Wehrli Road.

East Naperville Commons would have brought a Walgreens and Starbucks to a 20,000-square-foot multi-tenant shopping center on the 3-acre parcel in unincorporated DuPage County.

City leaders traveled to Springfield this week to show lawmakers how important a few legislative proposals are to them. Among the topics discussed: urging legislators to approve a law that would allow Naperville to levy a food and beverage tax on downtown businesses to pay for parking garage improvements.

Local clergy announced Wednesday they will host a panel discussion: "In the Image of God: Religious Perspectives on Homosexuality, Politics and the Bible." The panel discussion will take place May 20 at 7 p.m. at First Congregational United Church of Christ, 25 E. Benton St., Naperville.

The big story in Wednesday's paper is a report that says children in affluent communities like Naperville are particularly stressed. While kids everywhere can be stressed, the report identifies three factors specific to Naperville: “too much academic, sports and materialistic competition; over involvement in community/school activities and trying to live up to an image of ‘the perfect Naperville.’”

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The school board is considering changing the wording of a policy that gives principals the discretion to decide whether a school will allow kids to take part in Halloween celebrations during the school day. One thing is clear: board members are finally understanding that a great number of parents care very much about this issue.

The Taxpayers Ticket made it in interesting election, raising concerns over contract extensions negotiated mere weeks before the election. But in the end, voters picked their opponents. What does that say?

With Gina Glocksen voted off "American Idol" and Nicole D'Ambrosio fired from "The Apprentice," we can start thinking about getting back to the days when Naperville didn't have a resident -- let alone two -- competing in a popular television show viewed by millions each week.

The study commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce finds a lot of holes in the proposal to spend $35 million on the Frontier Park Recreation Center, as reported in the Sunday, April 22 issue.

It's hard to imagine that come Jan. 1 it will be illegal to light up in a bar in Naperville. But that's what the City Council decided April 18. Have we really heard the last of the smoking ordinance?

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