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There are bound to be repercussions from a tragedy like a fatal drunken driving crash. Personal, political, professional, perhaps even legislative repercussions.

By Ted Slowik

A year ago, much ado was made of Naperville School District 203's decision to abolish class ranks. Now we learn that high school principals are still calculating "unofficial" class rankings.

All good things must come to an end ...

A shorter day, but still plenty to report, as the convention starts to wind down.

Some observations before I hit the convention center for day three.

Day Two of the Convention. Highlights? Seth Green and Carrie Fisher's true confessions.

More pictures from Friday's Celebration in Los Angeles

The first day of Celebration IV starts with a long line and ends with a fizzle.

I'm in Los Angeles for Star Wars Celebration IV, and ready to go!

By Ted Slowik

I love what Kirk Dillard, a Republican who represents about half of Naperville in the state Senate, had to say about our illustrious governor, Rod Blagojevich:

“When the governor ran for office five years ago, he had two press conferences at gas stations when gas was less than $2 a gallon, ripping the (then-) incumbent governor for not doing anything on gas prices even though they were half of what they are today under Blagojevich’s watch,” Dillard said.

By Ted Slowik

It's hard to comprehend the strategy of Craig Stebic's attorney, Dion Davi. First, he files a motion asking a court to grant Craig sole custody of the two children while their mother remains missing. Then, when the motion is tossed, he proceeds to depict Lisa as a bad mother.

By Ted Slowik

God bless the U.S. Census Bureau, for providing us with an endless stream of information that we media types love to turn into news stories. Especially here in Naperville, considering this town's fascination with lists.

By Ted Slowik

Craig Stebic says that as a hunter of deer and rabbits, he's not surprised that investigators found blood in his pickup truck. There's one big problem with his response: he doesn't explain how the blood recovered from a tarp in his vehicle tested positive for his wife's DNA.

Stuart Meyer, who moved to Naperville in 2003, writes in his World of Naperville blog about life in what he calls the perfect suburb.

By Ted Slowik

Depending how you look at it, traffic along Route 59 through Naperville is either not so bad or it's so bad you could practically make it from I-88 to 75th Street faster on a bicycle than in a car.

By Ted Slowik

Some clever guys in the towing industry have hit upon a scheme to offer inebriated patrons of downtown Naperville watering holes the ability to hitch a ride home for themselves and their vehicles, thus avoiding the possibility of being arrested for DUI, or worse, causing a crash that might injure or kill innocent people.

By Ted Slowik
Managing editor

Naperville Sun readers may be wondering why The Sun has devoted so much attention to the story of Lisa Stebic, a mother of two who was reported missing on May 1. Lisa, after all, is a resident of Plainfield, not Naperville.

Authorities late Monday served a search warrant at the home of missing Plainfield woman Lisa Stebic, seizing two vehicles registered to her husband, Craig, while the couple's two children watched from the back seat of a police cruiser.

Five years and counting. That's how long the Naperville Police Department has topped the list of drunken driving arrests by Illinois towns other than Chicago, according to the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists.

Tuesday night George Pradel will be sworn in to begin his fourth term as Naperville's mayor. Doing the honors before the council meeting will be U.S. magistrate Judge Arlander Keys, whom Pradel met at a gathering of Marines about a decade ago.

Authorities are asking volunteers on Saturday to join in a massive search for the missing mother of two from Plainfield.

Meanwhile, investigators are pondering some key questions.

A trusted coach of young soccer players in Naperville is in jail on charges that he sexually abused two girls, and authorities say there may be additional victims.

Gustavo Nicosia, 36, of Oswego, was charged Tuesday with 14 felony counts, including five counts of criminal sexual assault, seven counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, and two counts of obstruction of justice.

Mike Myers was watching TV at home when he heard a crash, looked outside and discovered a car was sinking in the pond behind his home. He swam out to the car and pulled the 16-year-old driver to safety.

David Sladkey, a math teacher at Naperville Central High School, will be honored at an awards ceremony Tuesday night as Naperville School District 203's Teacher of the Year.

In the old days, DuPage County was purely Republican - providing statewide balance to the Democratic stronghold in Cook County. To this day, the DuPage County Board is 100 percent Republican. But some Democratic candidates of late have carried DuPage in state and federal races, and the blue party is hoping to make even more gains in 2008.

Naperville relatives of Lisa Stebic, a 37-year-old mother of two who has been missing since Monday, held a press conference Friday to announce a new Web site, www.findlisastebic.com. At the site, visitors are invited to leave prayers and messages.

A man armed with a gun threatened a Lisle woman with the weapon and stole her car Thursday afternoon in Naperville, police said.

The incident occurred at 2:25 p.m. in the parking lot of Homestead Village Hotel, 1827 Centre Point Circle. The 47-year-old woman said the offender threatened her with a black semi-automatic handgun, demanded her rental car and drove off.

When faced with a decision about improving bathroom facilities at Central Park, the council struck a decent compromise. Naperville won't spend upwards of $400,000 on permanent toilets at the park this year, but the temporary potties will be nicer than your typical Port-A-John.

Illinois lawmakers have voted to ban smoking in bars, restaurants and other public workplaces. Naperville recently passed a law that mirrors the statewide ban, which the governor is expected to sign into law.

Naperville is changing the rules affecting taxi cabs to address several complaints from residents.

Naperville Potluck

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