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By Ted Slowik

Several residents of the High Meadows subdivision in south Naperville are irate that the city plans to extend Book Road south of 111th Street, virtually through their back yards. The city says it's been planning this along.

Bombs away

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Authorities shut down a large part of downtown Tuesday night because a couple of suspicious packages were left along the Riverwalk. The bomb squad was called in, and the items turned out to contain pennies and possibly pieces of parlor games. Was it a prank, or some gifts accidentally left behind?

Tuesday's Sun features a good read about a coyote making the rounds in the Saybrook neighborhood, and how this is not as uncommon as you might think.

Today we introduce a new primary category on Potluck: Environment. That's because we're going to talk about the massive $74 milliion cleanup of a Naperville Superfund site.

By Ted Slowik

Who's to say why a Naperville woman on Thursday failed to see the big fire truck with the flashing lights are loud siren? Who's to say why she was failed by the wonderful technology that turns lights green for oncoming emergency vehicles and thus red for the cross traffic? Somehow, she collided with a Naperville fire engine on Route 59 and Liberty Street, and it's a sign that drivers aren't paying enough attention to what they're doing.

By Ted Slowik

I think it's great that Illinois is going to be a major player in the 2008 presidential election, now that the governor has signed a law that moves the primary to Feb. 5. But I'm not sure everyone realizes the ramifications of moving up the election six weeks, which include heavy campaigning during the holidays.

What would you do if a police officer clocked you going 127 mph in a 35 mph zone? You'd run, of course.

We could use some rain. It's not even officially summer yet, and yet lawns look like it's late August. Are you the lawn-watering type?

Naperville is home to the highest gas prices in the state, according to the Web site illinoisgasprices.com. We're paying 80 cents more per gallon here than they're paying in Peoria, 150 miles away.

By Ted Slowik

The discovery of bones in a state park may not reveal evidence of a crime, but it does confirm one thing: Lisa Stebic's family and friends are expecting the worst.

On Tuesday Naperville breaks ground on a $25 million, 200,000-square-foot Multi-Purpose Public Works Service Center at the northeast corner of Fort Hill Drive and Jefferson Avenue. The best part about it? It's going to be green.

Hold onto your hats, and not just because the forecast calls for 50 mph winds today. It looks like GOP hopeful and former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani will set up the Illinois headquarters for his 2008 presidential campaign in either Naperville or Lisle.

By Ted Slowik

I understand the math, but still I question the data. According to a study, Naperville ranks 13th on a list of U.S. cities of 100,000 or more likely to be struck by a tornado during the month of June.

By Ted Slowik

It's the worst possible label to pin on an innocent person. Better to be called a thief, a liar, maybe even murderer, anything but child molester. Once you've been accused -- even if the claim turns out to be completely fabricated -- some people will never look at you the same way again.

How cool is it to think that your son-in-law might become president, that your young grandchildren might be raised in the White House and that your daughter is being compared to Jackie O? For the Kellers of Naperville, that's gotta be pretty cool.

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