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Naperville's got a wealth of spring, summer and fall festivals. Naper Days....Ribfest....Last Fling....Oktoberfest to name the major ones. And while everyone seems to like Naper Days' tasty samplings from city restaurants, and the ribs at Ribfest are mouthwatering mounds of gastronomic pleasure, isn't there something about Last Fling that kind of outweighs them all? What could be more joyous than all those kids, kids and more kids (and parents) enjoying the carnival rides, music and all the rest of the events that transform downtown Naperville into one big Labor Day carnival? Plus, it's the last big blast of summer as the kids head back to school and everybody gets ready for the chilly onset of fall and winter. Any ideas out there on what your favorite Naperville festival is? We're listening and we're sure a lot of Napervillians are, too.

Is there something more sinister at work underlying the whole affair involving Naperville's Holiday Inn Select denying an ultra-conservative (if not extremist) Christian group from using a banquet room? Something might be fishy here. It's interesting that Peter LaBarbera, head of the Naperville-based national group, was quoted as being "naive enough" to alert the hotel that pro-gay protesters might turn up at the group's annual fundraiser. And that's when the hotel pulled the plug on the group's dinner plans. But was LaBarbera being "naive" or "alarmist" or even "calculating" in warning the hotel, knowing full well the reaction he'd get. In the end it seems LaBarbera gets his cake and is able to eat it, too. He holds the group's dinner at another locale, backs the Naperville hotel into a corner and gets a lot of publicity for his group's publicly-stated "confronting the homosexual activist agenda."
Sadly - if not cynically - this could be the real story behind this whole situation.

Should elementary schools in Indian Prairie School District 204 have air conditioning, and why weren't they built that way in the first place?

By Ted Slowik

A group of parents is asking the Indian Prairie School District 204 board to close schools on Election Day. Is this an idea whose time has come?

Democrat Scott Harper of Naperville will challenge five-term incumbent Republican Judy Biggert of Hinsdale for the 13th Congressional seat next year.

For nearly two weeks Kate and I have been asking Naperville Sun readers to participate in our 5k training, and fundraising if they feel so inclined.

But no one has.

It seems people in Naperville, or at least the readers of The Sun’s Potluck blog, have a lot to say about dogs.

It's probably pretty obvious that lots of Naperville residents are breathing a sigh of relief today that a quarter cent citywide sales tax is off the table as a means of funding the building of the new parking decks. Whew? But there's a wrinkle here. Given that one of the possible solutions to find this sorely-needed money to alleviate the parking situation is to tack on a one percent food and beverage tax in the downtown (on top of the one percent food and beverage tax that already exists), isn't the end result the same - just more taxes? And if this is the way it is ultimately done, won't there be a trickle-down effect from the restaurants that are forced to impose the tax? In other words, Naperville diners and beverage consumers may be faced with higher prices on their menus and bar tabs. Any way you look at it, a tax is a tax - with more money going out of the already heavily taxed taxpayer's wallet.

This is appropriate for the dog days of August - and it's all to do with dogs. If the "doggy dip" at Centennial Beach has been cancelled for health reasons, does it make any sense to have dogs on outdoor patios where people are consuming food. Something doesn't track here. Any valid reasons for not allowing dogs to swim , surely are outweighed by dogs being right next to restaurant patrons as they consume their favorite meals. Don't get us wrong - we love dogs but since we're on the subject of animals, isn't what's good for the goose as equally good for the gander. If dogs can't go for a dip should they be in a position to go for the French dip? Do dogs really belong in restaurants whether they're outside or inside?

As it stands, no woman could legally get an abortion within 20 miles of Naperville. But that's about to change, as Planned Parenthood gets ready to open a full-service health center Sept. 18 at East New York Street and Oakhurst Drive in the DuPage County section of Aurora.

One of the hardest parts about running is treating it like the recreational activity it is. This is especially true when grade school memories about running that dreaded mile each week in gym class keep rearing up. What's your worst - or best - memory about running during your youth?

On Sunday The Sun chronicled - hour by hour - the downtown Naperville party scene as evidenced by a recent Friday night when a reporter and photographer rode along with the police and observed things firsthand. All in all, the bar scene seemed to be pretty raucous but not too out of control. And, it seemed there were plenty of Naperville's Finest on hand to make sure people had a good time and got home safely. Just wondering - was this a typical weekend night in downtown Naperville or was it pretty quiet, comparatively speaking, given that August is a big vacation month. We'd like to know if anybody out there has an opinion or any first-hand knowledge on how the "night" described in the paper compares with other weekend nights when the party-hearty crowd comes out to play downtown.

And that reward arrived on my doorstep today in the form a shiny blue, itsy, bitsy iPod shuffle.
Yes, I may not have run this race yet, but I registered and that’s worth something – right?

The Naperville Park District is cancelling this year's Doggie Dip at Centennial Beach, saying state health officials threatened to revoke its swimming permit for next year if it didn't pull the plug on the pooch plunge. Is this a case of erring on the side of safety, or bureacracy run amok?

So far it's been easy to start the process of fundraising for the Komen Race for the Cure. It's also really fun to print out suggested training schedules and post them on the fridge. But actually getting up the oomph to run, especially in this heat and humidity, is a different story. How can we get motivated to turn off the TV and pound the pavement - or at least rev up the treadmill?

Co-reporters at The Naperville Sun, Jennifer Golz and Kate Houlihan, are racing for the cure.

We are training to run the 11th annual Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s 5k race that will take place at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 29 on Chicago’s lakefront.

If you know either one of us, you probably know that we are not the most athletically inclined – often choosing chocolate over exercise – but we are putting down the candy for this very important cause.

The Naperville School District 203 board unanimously chose Jackie Romberg to fill its vacant seat after narrowing the field from 24 to eight applicants.

Among the final eight were Romberg, Jeff Couch, Nancy Drapalik and Karl Fry.

That’s not the first time those names have appeared in print together. All four were listed in half-page Friends For Suzyn Price advertisements endorsing current board president Suzyn Price for re-election earlier this year in The Sun. Friends for Suzyn Price raised $6,868 for her successful campaign.

Romberg was also involved with QualityEducation203.org leading up to the April 17 election, which endorsed Terry Fielden and Mike Jaensch, now board members.

Price said the board chose Romberg after 96 hours of interviews with a wide variety of qualified applicants who were longtime district volunteers, people with a knack for finance and local business leaders, The Sun reported today.

Coincidence – or cronyism?

Open House

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Both of Naperville’s seats in the Illinois House will be up for grabs in the 2008 election. State Rep. Jim Meyer announced Wednesday that he will not seek re-election when his term ends in 2009, and Rep. Joe Dunn previously announced his decision not to run again.

City Councilman Doug Krause told The Sun today he’s one of several political figures mulling a run for state representative in 2008. An official announcement from Krause is expected next week, and DuPage County Republican Central Committee Executive Director David Carlin is also considering a run for one of the two seats, The Sun reported today.

“To say that my foot is in the water would be an understatement,” Carlin said. “My whole body is hovering above the water.”

As the rumors heat up, who would you like to see jump into the campaign pool to represent Naperville in next year’s election?


Someone has made T-shirts supporting Naperville nightlife in the wake of a controversy over a downtown resident's complaints about noise.

By Ted Slowik

DuPage County Board Chairman Robert Schillerstrom is pushing legislators to approve a half-cent increase in sales tax in order to generate a local revenue source to pay for public transportation improvements. Do you buy it?

DuPage County and Naperville officials are weighing in on BP's plans to increase production at its Indiana refinery, which would mean increasing the amounts of ammonia and other pollutants discharged into Lake Michigan--our drinking water source. Should we worry?

Naperville Potluck

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