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With less than 24 hours to go until the Susan Komen Race for the Cure in Grant Park, Jen and Kate are feeling ready . . . at least, we think so!

Now what?

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It's back to the drawing board in Indian Prairie School District 204, now that a jury has decided the district would have to pay $31 million for 55 acres on which Matea Valley High School would be built. What's next?

Let's just throw this one out there. Seems like a no-brainer, yet inexplicably the previous park director never moved to Naperville...

Won't someone please think of the chickens?! Week 2 featured a warning that the poultry-butchering scene might be too graphic for younger viewers. And the gold star went to ...

The Sierra Club says Naperville is contributing to something it says will be the largest new source of global warming pollution to be built in the U.S. in the past 20 years.

Naperville is at the forefront in yet another category: free, wireless Internet access. At least for a 60-day trial period in the immediate downtown area. But before you grab your laptop and head to Starbucks, there's something you need to know about security.

The latest revenue-generating craze among police jurisdictions is red-light cameras. Authorities say they're improving safety by reducing accidents. They also acknowledge they're raking in the dough. Is it fair?

It's "Kid Nation"!

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Jared rules! Eleven-year-old Jared has captivated the cameramen for sure -- getting a lot of screen time on the premiere.

Organizers are planning the first Naperville Independent Film Festival for September 2008. Do you think it will fly?

Naperville City Council member Dick Furstenau says the city owes him $129,000 for his troubles, and he's threatening to sue to get his money. Guess who ends up paying, either way?

As promised, here's your chance to sound off on what aspects of life in Naperville you'd like to see improved.

Here's an open-ended opportunity to tell us what you like most about Naperville.

Training goes on

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Although we (Kate and Jennifer) haven't been posting much lately, rest assured we're still running for the cause. In fact, that's partly why we haven't been posting - we've been too busy running.

Today's thought is all about time. You may be a morning runner or a night runner. Is one time of the day better than the other to work out?

Guest columnist Mohammed Sagha writes in Sunday's Sun that downtown Naperville nightlife is in danger of becoming a victim of its own success.

According to last night's City Council meeting, it looks like we soon may be seeing the first tax increment financing district (TIF) for the Water Street area in downtown Naperville. TIF areas are usually seen as "blighted" portions of a city. This is ultimately good news, I suppose, for downtown but the question comes up: Why are Naperville officials always so fixated on the downtown area? There are a lot of sections along Ogden Ave., both West, East and Central that would seem a lot more "blighted" and need all the help they could get in terms of renovation, landscaping, the attraction of retail stores etc. I know the city has invited Naperville residents to a series of "coffees" to discuss and comment on the recommended framework and concept plans along with the implementation strategies for the Ogden Ave. Corridor. Sure, "coffees" and comments are great but they seem to indicate that any real concrete action will be in the distant future. If there is a priority here, why not Ogden Ave. parts of which are pretty ugly, instead of constantly moving ahead with issues that seem to apply to downtown to the exclusion of other areas?

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