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Is Naperville anti-green?

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The Sierra Club says Naperville is contributing to something it says will be the largest new source of global warming pollution to be built in the U.S. in the past 20 years.

Naperville is one of about 30 municipalities planning to buy electricity from a coal-fired power plant under construction in southern Illinois. The city says this plant will be state-of-the-art, have low emissions, and that the nation's energy needs must be served by coal, though it'd be great if we could use more solar, wind, nuclear, etc.

The Sierra Club is asking towns to pull out of the project. Its next step might be to appeal directly to citizens, asking them to call on their elected officials to pull the plug.

Who's blowing hot air here? Do you beleive the Sierra Club, or the city? Should Naperville remain a part of this project?

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We need more Nukes and fast. Spiraling energy costs should finally help rational Americans roll over left wing nut job groups like the SC.

By the way, who's bright idea was it on the city council to have taxpayers voluntarily pay extra for Wind Energy? Stupidest idea I have seen in along time. If the market can't make Wind Power cheaper than Coal, Nukes, or Natural Gas then let it flop.

Sierra Club can scream all they want but if electric, natural gas, and gasoline prices continue their spiraling hike consumers will become very fed up with the left wing nut jobs like Sierra Club. I say build Nukes as fast as you can. We need cheap electric power now.

Maybe we should buy carbon credits from Climate Care. They can use the money to pay kids in poor countries to do manual labor instead of machines, thereby balancing out our "carbon footprint". Better yet, that would let us all feel noble because we are "saving the planet"!!! Making people feel good about themselves, giving them a meaningful purpose to life (particularly those who are not religious) seems to be the main goal of groups like the Sierra Club on this subject. (Climate Care has another goal, but that is another story . . . $$$$$$)

SC needs to lose its 'absolutism' and recognize that a low-emission plant is the step in the right direction. In fact, if they were smart (I know, such a tall order...but one can hope) they would get behind building new plants with the cleaner technologies so that the old ones could be phased out of operation.

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