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Training goes on

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Although we (Kate and Jennifer) haven't been posting much lately, rest assured we're still running for the cause. In fact, that's partly why we haven't been posting - we've been too busy running.

Today's thought is all about time. You may be a morning runner or a night runner. Is one time of the day better than the other to work out?

I'm fairly torn on the issue. Recently I've been trying both. Sometimes a run in the morning is just what I need to start the day. Other times I find if I run at the end of the day, I have excess energy to burn that's been building up throughout the daytime hours.

Many of my friends have mixed views on the topic. Some prefer a good jaunt on the treadmill before their morning Starbucks run, and others prefer hitting the gym when their favorite TV shows are on in the evening.

So, Naperville, your turn: When do you like to work out?

Posted by Kate Houlihan

Visit Kate and Jennifer's online fundraising Web site and help find a Cure.

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Hi, Kate! I am so proud of you! Your dedication to this cause is inspiring. This is such a fabulous way to honor your mom who was such a fabulous lady! My donation will be in the mail soon! Keep up the training!


Hey Kate - You go, girl!! I'm on vacation with my wife, Mary Ellen, cruisin' in Alaska (I'll miss next week's Council mtg). Back in Nville next FRI 9/21. I'll make a donation then. The Susan Komen foundation is having an "On Deck for the Cure" event tomorrow on the ship while we're @ sea - 5K around the deck (it's a big ship so maybe 20 times around). Keep the faith, ~BobF.

PS: Shout out to Jennifer too!!

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