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What about Ogden Ave.?

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According to last night's City Council meeting, it looks like we soon may be seeing the first tax increment financing district (TIF) for the Water Street area in downtown Naperville. TIF areas are usually seen as "blighted" portions of a city. This is ultimately good news, I suppose, for downtown but the question comes up: Why are Naperville officials always so fixated on the downtown area? There are a lot of sections along Ogden Ave., both West, East and Central that would seem a lot more "blighted" and need all the help they could get in terms of renovation, landscaping, the attraction of retail stores etc. I know the city has invited Naperville residents to a series of "coffees" to discuss and comment on the recommended framework and concept plans along with the implementation strategies for the Ogden Ave. Corridor. Sure, "coffees" and comments are great but they seem to indicate that any real concrete action will be in the distant future. If there is a priority here, why not Ogden Ave. parts of which are pretty ugly, instead of constantly moving ahead with issues that seem to apply to downtown to the exclusion of other areas?

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I just love the "Naperville attitude", just a little pretentious don't you think. If the citizens of Naperville are unhappy with the Ogden Avenue corridor, why not just rebuild it to extend their exalted image. They have already built a carillon so that's out. Hey, how about an amusement park? Don't like that, how about an observatory or aquarium? Maybe all three? Napervillians don't need no stinkin' TIF, just a small tax increase of say $500 per person should do it. Hey, this just might help rid the area of some of those flophouse dwellers (and the flophouses) that habituate those houses of disrepute like George's or White's Tavern. Apparently developers don't understand that if they do not accommodate the needs and demands of the local residents, the residents will be forced do it. After all, this is Naperville!

I'd like to see redevelopment on Ogden. It's not looking good and hasn't been for a long time. I think it detracts from the whole city of Naperville. The first thing I would do is make that gas station on Wright and Ogden get rid of those garish colors. I know people who have looked at Naperville by riding up Ogden only and they couldn't understand how Naperville made such high ratings on Best Places to Live. It's very unlike the rest of Naperville. Very bedraggled.

I think the TIF for that area at this time is a good idea.
I also think working outward from the epicenter is a sound idea. The city needs to keep the momentum going on the redevelopment.

Ogden Ave. between Naper and Washington could look a lot better, but it's not terrible. Go east on Ogden pass 355. Now that long stretch is pretty ugly. I totally agree that more than a few establishments are pretty bad. I'm surprized that developers are not willing to take over properties on Ogden and redevelop it.

Amlings did a very nice job with their location on Ogden.
The city should have some architectural requirements for all redevelopments so that it is asthetically pleasing and creates a cohesive look for Ogden. There are plenty of examples of that. That new 99c cleaners on the northside of Ogden isn't what I would have approved. I for one can't understand why Texas Roadhouse chose that location instead of some place on Ogden! Enough with
Rt 59...

Naperville has an exquisite downtown core that it should be proud of, but the same pride has not been extended to the outlying areas surrounding that. When property sells downtown for $700,000, surely the city could direct some of the same interest of property developers along Ogden. The entire corridor lacks the same polish as the downtown, which is ridiculous given the accessibility of the commercially zoned areas, the available land, and the businesses that would probably be very glad to open up if someone put some attention into the area. The Ogden Mall is in a shambles at points, though the addition of the Super H supermarket where Dominick's used to be should hopefully help anchor revitalization to the eastern end of Ogden.

We could certainly stand to see tearing down some of the older vacant properties and rebuilding newer, more attractive shopping developments that mix in low density lofts/apartments with offices and shops. There is no reason to evict the lower income residents or push them completely out of Naperville, but revitalizing the area would potentially offer them benefits as well.

In saying ugly hotel on Ogden are you refering to Days Inn or Stardust. Both are Naperville's very own North Eastside flophouses and for the most part cater to the economically challenged as well as the drug dependent who are at the end of the road. Oh, Naperville may be be the best place to raise a kid or even the 2nd best place to live but we are for sure one best at hiding the populations no one wants to deal with. Tear 'em down and give the residences tickets to somewhere else. Please keep going though and clean up the rest of the blight as well, the old China Buffet with the forest of mold inside. Oh, and let's not forget White's Tavern or Miss Kitty's saloon. Take a good look, we have some wonderful spots here in Naperville's transient corridor. I am with you all the way. Clean it up!

I lived in Naperville from 1949 til 1973 and call it my hometown. My Dad had a gas station on the corner of Columbia and Ogden way back when...That corner has always been a dangerous one and Ogden Ave itself certainly could use improvements. The turn lanes don't seem to be much help when the traffic is heavy and when i visit it seems the traffic is always heavy.. I think some of the businesses on Ogden belong out in the mall or somewhere less congested. Naperville sure isn't the quiet hometown i remember...Sad to see the farms go and the growth, but that's life.

What's with that ugly hotel on Ogden? Why is that still there? It has to be the biggest eyesore in Naperville. Why don't they just tear it down and build a nice Starbucks or Chipotle?

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