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What do you like most about Naperville?

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Here's an open-ended opportunity to tell us what you like most about Naperville.

Is it the schools? Parks? Housing? People/neighbors? Downtown? Cultural amenities? Political leadership? What, in your opinion, is the best part about living in Naperville?

In a few days, we'll ask the flipside question: What do you like least about living in Naperville?

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Easy Q to answer. It's the multitude of family activities that
I can safely enjoy around the area. Areas include downtown
Naperville, Lisle (Morton Arboretum), Winfield (Cantigny),
Wheaton (Danada forest preserve) and Aurora (Blackberry Farm).
Also entertainment for parents such as nice bars in Naperville.
I hope Quigleys will be here forever. Other bars can come and go,
I wouldn't care as much. Restaurants are nice too in downtown
Naperville. I love high density downtown.... Walking is good.

I like the civic pride. It probably shows up on the "what I like least" list as well, however, I think it's a good thing that people are proud of their city and involved in making it a great place to live.

I like the fact that an average citizen can bring concerns about violations of city ordinances to the attention of the city and actually get results.

I like the cleanliness, good repair of the streets, sidewalks, River Walk and other public spaces of downtown Naperville. I also like the feeling of safety no matter what time I am visiting the downtown and River Walk areas. Having resided in and traveled to a number of towns/cities across the nation, Naperville's cleanliness & infrastructure maintenance are excellent when compared to many others. The general feeling of well-being when shopping/recreating is a significant factor in the City's success as a local & regional gathering place.

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