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This one it looks like you can thank Chicago for. In a move that went relatively under the radar - until uncovered by today's Sun - the DuPage Water Commission gave preliminary approval a few days ago to a series of water bill increases over the next three years that will raise customers' bills by 54 percent or back to the level they were at in 1992. Thoughts anyone?

Think of it as an entrance poll not an exit poll as Feb. 5th draws closer. As a means of broadening the community participation in the upcoming District 203 referendum The Sun today introduces a very simple poll. No need to comment on this blog....unless you just can't resist. The question is very simple - a lot simpler than all the back and forth that's been taking place between a few interested parties as of late. So let's widen the community participation and see where everybody stands before they go into the polling booth. The question, as I said, is very simple: Will you vote for the Dist. 203 referendum? The answers are simply Yes and No. Happy voting.

On Monday Mayor George Pradel gave his annual state of the city address, calling Naperville a "world-class city" and a wonderful place to live. Of course, his speech emphasized the positive -- he's the mayor! Now, here with a rebuttal, is [YOUR NAME HERE].

Today's Sun reports that Indian Praire School District 204 is working on a traffic impact study to determine how Metea Valley High School will affect congestion along Eola Road.

OK, Naperville, Illinois' Feb. 5 presidential primary is right around the corner. What one issue will determine your vote more than any other?

Canadian National wants to buy the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern railway that operates a line along the Naperville/Aurora border. Some residents and commuters are concerned about increased freight train traffic, and some critics warn that hazardous materials will be transported through neighborhoods. What are your thoughts of the proposal?

The talk of the town in late 2007 was an ambitious plan to rethink land uses for more than 200 acres smack dab in the middle of One of the Most Desirable Places to Live on Earth. It was bounced around like a political hot potato between Naperville School District 203, the Park District and City Council before being unceremoniously dropped. What happened?

In Sunday's Sun we feature - or revisit - the case of the Napergate Man. A liquor store owner who believed he was unfairly targeted by Naperville government officials back in the early '90s, he battled long and hard against City Hall and won. He became such a thorn in the side of city officials they eventually setlled with him after a lengthy court battle.

Although the Napergate man was a local businessman, his case does have some parallels with the current federal civil rights lawsuit brought by Councilman Dick Furstenau against the City of Naperville and several of its officials. We thought this was the right time to go back and take a look at the Napergate man and you can read all about him ONLY in this Sunday's (1.20) Sun. Be sure to tell us what you think - or, if you want to get the party started now, fire away you bloggers. And, try to stay warm this weekend. It's hard to type with frostbitten fingers.

Indian Prairie School District 204 today announced that it is recommending Metea Valley High School be built on 87 acres east of Eola Road, south of Interstate 88 in the far northwest corner of the district. What's your reaction to this development?

Tonight, Naperville's City Council is set to consider a plan to finance the $32 million public portion of three new parking decks that will add 1,000 spaces downtown within two years. Do you support the plan to pay for construction?

Battles could be brewing over future uses of land along 75th Street. Some residents are absolutely against anything commercial, while others would be willing to tolerate a little retail. For residents of that area, now is the time to speak up.

Here we go again. In 10 days, the money dries up and huge numbers of buses and trains will stop running. Unbelievably, we were just in this situation two months ago, when the governor and legislators passed a temporary funding fix and assured us they'd hash out an agreement to fund Chicago area mass transit. Will a new funding measure be signed into law by Jan. 20? How would a public transit shutdown affect you?

Another court decision went against District 204 when a DuPage County judge denied a motion for a new trial of the district's condemnation lawsuit. The ruling follows a September verdict when a jury rulled that the 55-acre tract along 75th St. - where the new high scholl would be built - would cost taxpayers $31 million, more than double what the district wanted to pay. So, what are the options now? 1) Appeal the judge's motion; 2) Swallow the massive cost for Brach-Brodie; 3) Bail out of Brach-Brodie to the tune of $5 million in legal fees; 4) Build the third high school on one of three additional sites the district is looking at. Limited options to say the least, one of which potentially raises the irritatinbg possibility of redistricting. Anyway, although some Napervillians question whether District 204 even needs a third high school, that's what the voters opted for in the referendum. Is there a moral to this story....like be careful what you vote for? Or, are Napervillians confident their school board members will do the right thing, whatever it may be?

We've got a host of personalities populating this corner of cyberspace. Who do you like, and why?

An attorney for Neuqua Valley High School sophomore Alexander Nuxoll says the Alliance Defense Fund will appeal a judge's ruling that Indian Prairie School District 204 officials were correct in banning a student from wearing a T-shirt that says, "Be Happy, Not Gay."

What do you think of the controversy?

The results are in from Iowa, and now that the preliminaries are over and the 2008 presidential campaign votes actually mean something, how will all you Potluck bloggers be voting on Feb. 5?

Time's up: A year has passed since the Naperville City Council imposed a one-year no-build restriction on 6 acres near Plainfield-Naperville Road and West Street, between two bodies of water owned by the Naperville Park District. Unless the City Council takes further action, a developer could move forward with plans to build homes on the land. What should happen with the Ponds of Hobson West?

Happy New Year! Now that Jan. 1 is here, we can all breathe a little easier, literally. And there's no chance that Illinois towns will rescind their disastrous smoking bans this year because 1.) the Bears are not in the playoffs and 2.) the statewide smoking ban is in effect. How will it affect you, and what do you think will happen?

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