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Mayor Pradel ticketed after crash

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Naperville Mayor George Pradel has received a ticket after a snowplow he was driving collided with a vehicle driven by a 20-year-old woman. No injuries were reported.

Here's the report by The Sun's Bill Bird:

It really is true what they say: no good deed goes unpunished.

In addition to running Illinois’ fourth-largest city and attending countless business, civic and private functions, Naperville Mayor George Pradel has voluntarily spent decades behind the blades of municipal snowplows, doing his part to clear city streets following winter storms.

But that devotion to duty might cost Pradel a bit of his mayoral salary, after he allegedly struck a passing car with his snowplow Monday on a street near North Central College.

Pradel, 70, was unavailable for comment Tuesday on the incident, but City Manager Pro Tem Bob Marshall and police Cmdr. Dave Hoffman confirmed the crash happened shortly after noon Monday near the intersection of School Avenue and Ellsworth Street north of downtown Naperville.

Marshall said Pradel was at the wheel of a city snowplow and backed the vehicle onto the street. Hoffman said the plow struck a blue Honda being driven by a 20-year-old woman.

Damage to the vehicles appeared to be minor, and neither the mayor nor the woman was injured. Police issued Pradel a ticket, citing him for improper backing of a vehicle.

“The mayor was treated like every other citizen who is involved in a traffic accident,” Marshall said.

Pradel “has been doing this for many years,” Marshall said of the mayor’s snowplowing volunteerism. “He enjoys helping clear the streets for our residents.”

No date had been set as of Tuesday for Pradel’s appearance in the city of Naperville municipal courtroom in Wheaton. Marshall said he will most likely be fined if found guilty of causing the crash.

This is my favorite line in the story:

“The mayor was treated like every other citizen who is involved in a traffic accident.”

Talk amongst yourselves.

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We heard the mayor on local am radio,he mentioned his accident,so I guess it is public information. Will any person answer the question;did pradel hold a CDL at the time of the accident?? Also was the lady's car TOWED or did she drive away? Will we have to file a FOIA REQUEST,or will someone comeforth with the answer? Thanks in advance for the answers.

What is a CDL!

Note from host:

Commercial Drivers License

Was the auto towed away? If it was towed then post- accident testing should have occured. Does anyone know if the girl's car was towed. Often the ticket will have a box for check-off to answer. I think it is a major point that mr. pradel was being paid $25@hr. As to the question was he holding a CDL at the time,does anyone know that answer. I tried a couple times to get answers,but have thus far failed. Anyone know the answer?

Oh Marybeth...you are quite a piece of work. Why dont you get your facts straight before opening your big trap. Everyone, I repeat EVERYONE, that is arrested by NPD is HANDCUFFED. Furthermore, the NPD jail does not keep inmates overnight. Where do you get your information from, the Cartoon Network? MOVE TO BOLINGBROOK!!!! P.S. Go back and finish high school, or get your GED... Scott Huber for Mayor/2010


I hope you are not making the mistake of threatening another person on a public website.

You want to be such a perfectionist and hold the Napergate Man to standards of perfection. If his daughters only use the toll booth every few months it may not make economic sense to buy them a transponder.

And just because someone mails something, does not mean someone else's gets it in time. I doubt the ID of Revenue or Tollway mailed their notices certified which is something they should do if they want to start arresting people. Why don't you look into that aspect of this case?

And Joe since you are such a perfectionist, why don't you find our why the NPD did not treat the Napergate Man equal to all other citizens after he was stopped. Most citizens are not handcuffed and jailed overnight. That is discrimination! How do you explain that?

We all know the Napergate Man had a very busy life. So if he mangaged to be on time with 9997 out of 10,000 issues and not on time on say 3 issues does that really make him irresposible in any way. It just shows that he is not perfect as no one is not perfect. He has limited time in the day as you have limited time in the day.

But his record indicates he did a darn good job for himself and for us residents. While you continue your attack on the Napergage Man in an almost laughable manner, you refuse to give Marilyn your real name so we can check on you and see what kind of a person you are.

You are throwing stones but don't want stones thrown at you. I suspect you have a police record the length of my arm and are one of the hypocrites of all times. You really do seem to have small man's syndrome combined with an inferior complex to try to be putting a guy like Mr. Napergate down who appears to be 99% on the ball.

Think about that Joe and try to shape up a little and focus on the issues unless you are willing to put your laundry out so we can check it out as closely as you want to check out the Napergate Man's laundry.

This tax case was being handled by an attorney. Not him! So if the attorney had a miscommunication with the states attorney what does it have to do with him. Plus you don't read what you post. It had nothing to do with being late. He posted a cashier's bond and the state wanted a surety bond. I doubled checked google and that is what this case is about and it is still on appeal according to google. That means it went to the Supreme Court after he lost 2-1 at the Appellnat Level. As someone said, why don't you hold your horses Joe and wait until the Supreme Court rules. They may find a 100,000 Cashiers Check that he posted better than a $72,000 surety bond the state wanted. This case is about nothing more than a simple technicality if you review it carefully. You originally tried to paint it something other than that which goes to your credibility and willingness to smear others that you dislike for some odd reason.

You seem to be the low life of all low lifes on earth who chooses to attack a messenger instead of his message. Try attacking Host Ted or Moderator Jim personally for an opinion they express in an editorial. You will get nowhere.

Therefore, I think Host Ted and Moderator Jim should show some fairness and muzzle this idiot, low life and scum bag named Joe!

Keep up these attacks and I will ask your best friend Ameena to declare you a SCUM BAG right in the category of d. bone. And I promise you, hundreds will start calling you a SCUM BAG!

It is your choice! Either back down or accept the consequences. Ameena has a lot of influnece with bloggers. If she declares you a scum bag you will be one. She most probably already dislikes you because of your previous attacks on her. So it would not be hard to sway her.

Everyone will write to you and start addressing you in this manner.

Scum Bag Joe,
What are you up to today!



Is this where you want us to take it Joe? Will you be ready for what will be coming. Most probably if Ameena or even Maryann ask for it to happen it will happen. Consider this a final warning to you Joe!

Marilyn, anyone can get the tax appeal verdict with a free google search. There is no mystery there. There is nothing private about it. It's a public case and it is part of the public record.

I bring the matter in because the exact same reasoning was used in both the tax case and the license suspension (according to Bob); that he was not aware of his license being suspended... and he prior claimed in the tax case that he was not aware he had to post a bond amount when he filed his appeal. In the tax case, the denial ruling said that claiming you did not receive the notice is not sufficient enough defense because they (the department of rev) proved they mailed the notice. I would imagine the tollway authority also could prove they mailed the notice of license suspension if the tolls and fines were not paid by a certain date.

Yes, they have cameras to take your picture, but the police to not have access to those pictures while they are running your plate and it comes back that the registered owner of the vehicle has a driver's license that has been suspended. It doesn't matter who or why. By everyone's (including yours) account, he is legally responsible for what happens after that regardless if it was his daughter driving the vehicle that was registered in his name or anyone else. The law is set up that the registered owner is responsible. period.

This is not a character assassination, it is showing that repetitive behaviors are being followed that land someone into trouble with the law.

Check your US mail, get your daughter's name on the vehicle and yours off of it and get her an ipass.

Any one of those corrective measures would have prevented what happened and all could have been done by the law abiding NG man. I'm quite sure he knows this information already. Why he did not take those preventative measures in the first place is something you will have to ask him because I honestly don't know why someone would let those multiple things happen that ends up getting their license suspended. Correcting ANY point along the chain of events would have made the arrest not happen because his license would not have been suspended. It's called personal responsibility. I hope one day you can actually understand what that means in the real world.

The tollway violation only suspends licenses for toll violations. So the police knew it was related to tolls for no other reason than that! The tollway takes pictures of the vehicles that run the tolls! They put the license plate that ran the toll on police computers. So the police knew this was a tollway suspension! They also knew with 100% certainty he did not know about it since he parked right next to 12 cops and we know he is an intelligent man.

Regarding that tax case, if you read what you posted carefully, his attorney says he did not get the letter the ID of Revenue sent. Not him! The ruling was 2-1 against him and most probably knowing the Napergate Man's history, he probably appealed it to the Supreme Court. So we will see what happens. With one of the 3 Judges ruling in his favor it is not as clear cut as you may want to believe. If I were you I would keep my mouth shut until this case is over, or you may get egg on your face.

Another thing, Joe! Why are you bringing this matter onto the blogs. It is a civil matter involving a simple tax dispute that is being handled in a civil court. The man owned several businesses over a 30 year period. If all he had is one dispute for one business in 30 years that is quite a remarkable record. Since you spent 50 bucks on the man researching him and we know you went back at least 22 years since you claim you found a suspension that was dismissed against him that far back, I would say the man has quite a clean record and does his best to stay on top of things. Millions and millions of taxpayers dispute their taxes each year. Is he not allowed to dispute his tax for one business once every 30 years? Get real, Joe! You are engaging in some kind of character assassination and I am disappointed that Host Ted lets you go as far as he lets you go since you are completely off relevant issues and focusing your attacks on a PRIVATE CITIZEN who is not even bloggin or making statements to the press!

Why don't you give me your real name so I can dig mud on you for 50 bucks? I challenge you Joe to put your name out for us bloggers to see how clean you are. I doubt you could measure up to the Napergate Man or even to the average "JOE" Citizen!


Please document how you know the officers that night knew the details of the license suspension.

You said "The bottom line is the cops knew his violation was a tollway violation. They knew it was not his vehicle that he drives that was involved! They knew it was his daughter's violation! They knew he did not know he was suspended"

I admit, I have heard over a radio something to the effect of: "{Tag#} comes back to a {vehicle make/model/color} registered to a {name of registered owner} out of {city}, {License status}"

The Illinois Toll Authority is a separate entity than the police departments and the department of motor vehicles. They don't, to my knowledge, share the details of why they suspend someone's license to the DMV other than the simplistic "Toll Violation" reasoning.

So, what new communications interface is Naperville PD operating with that gives them the level of details you are claiming the police KNEW about on that night? I want to know how they would know it was his daughter who blew through the toll booths and not him.

Plenty of people getting arrested claim they "Didn't do it" or "Have no idea" and no one has to take any of that as fact because, amazingly enough, most people getting arrested make the very same claims even if an officer witnesses them making the offense.

NG's claim of not being informed about the suspension was the very same reasoning he tried to use to appeal a Department of Revenue business tax penalty.. claiming he did not receive notice that he needed to post the bond amount, when in fact the department showed that they did indeed mail the notice. The court explicitly struck down that claim of "I didn't get the letter" and his appeal was DENIED but that is what again is being used in this case: "I didn't know the license was suspended", is it not?

That being what it is, please, inform us just how NPD knew all the things you claim they knew on that night.

Perhaps Esmail's attempt to convince the officer not to arrest him to take his dog home was perceived as resisting arrest. Perhaps using Chief Dial's name was perceived as an attempt to get preferential treatment, or again resist arrest. The reason for the driver's license suspension doesn't really matter at that point.
Posted by: Southwest Naperville Taxpayer | February 17, 2008 12:44 PM

I think your logic is a bit extreme. Convincing the officer to let him take his dog home and then turning himself in is now considered a form of resisting arrest. Sorry, I don't buy that!

Mr. Esmail obviously knew that others in similar situations are not handcuffed and jailed. Bloggers came on and told us so! So he was not asking for preferential treatment. He was simply asking for EQUAL TREATMENT which had been denied to him in the past as had been proven by multiple court rulings and was denied to him in this specific incident again.

Mr. Esmail is notorious for not wanting confrontation with police officers. When he was distributing Napergate ads at City Hall, a public building, he had every right to do that. The police asked him to leave and he left. He did not appear to want to confront them according to Napergatians who were there on the scene and witnessed the event.

If you read what Randy had written and the police case numbers he detailed, you could see he was always treated unequally in the past. Never equally! It is one thing to say what you will on these blogs. But he has court rulings to show that the City of Naperville abused it discretion in dealing with him on more than 2 occassions.

Trying to ask a cop not to handcuff you and allow you to turn yourself in voluntarily is now considered "verbal resistance." That is a new one. I guess we have no right to our First Amendment to free speech when dealing with cops. I am not surprised the IABTF called many of our city officials and some of our cops FASCISTS. If they are not they certainly behave like FASCISTS.

The bottom line is the cops knew his violation was a tollway violation. They knew it was not his vehicle that he drives that was involved! They knew it was his daughter's violation! They knew he did not know he was suspended or he would never have parked next to a dozen police officers on Chicago Ave right by Jimmy's. They knew all this and those specific cops that night chose to act like VIGILANTE FASCISTS.

The issue has always been the suspended license. Esmail was driving on a suspended license. He had driven on a suspended license previously, as his record has been reported here. I'll bet THAT fact would add some weight to the situation. Perhaps Esmail's attempt to convince the officer not to arrest him to take his dog home was perceived as resisting arrest. Perhaps using Chief Dial's name was perceived as an attempt to get preferential treatment, or again resist arrest. The reason for the driver's license suspension doesn't really matter at that point. Isn't it illegal to drive on a suspended license? Isn't it normal to handcuff people resisting arrest? Perhaps Esmail's prior record, and his behavior at the scene, as reported by Bob, were the reasons for the Sergeant's actions. Officer's can use descretion, when appropriate. Apparently, this situation might not have been deemed appropriate with Esmail's prior violation, and verbal resistance against the Sergeant on the scene. These are just some possibilities to consider in answer to your "why" question. As others have said, though, the NPD has the facts.

Marybeth.....I have a great idea....MOVE TO BOLINGBROOK!!!!! Joe is not Dumb, YOU ARE!!! You can probably get a nice double wide trailer in B-Brook, and live a real good life down there. ADIOS!! SCOTT HUBER FOR MAYOR 2010!!


You are the one seeking the answer to the question "WHY?". I don't really care about the WHY, only the WHAT. I searched for my WHAT and got it. If you want your WHY, do your own homework or pay someone else to do it for you. I am not your secretary.


Those are your good friends at the NPD you are constantly defending day and night. You paid 50 bucks to check on the Napergate Man's 22 year old traffic violations that seem irrelevant to anyone but you. You have traveled to the courthouse to check on him.

None of us feel comfortable confronting this high strung Sergeant. Why don't you go ask him why he treated the Napergate Man the way he did? The NPD is much closer than the Dupage Courthouse and since you defend them consistently they probably will not charge you 50 bucks for any information you would like. I am sure for you everything in that building is on the house.

Looking forward to your report why he had to be treated that way. Hopefully, Ted did not forget us on the police report that he got or will be getting from his FOIA request and will publish it for us.

Thanks for your help in advance Joe,


Speaking of as dumb as they come...

If the 'issue' is really about why the sergeant did this or why the sergeant did that, then why don't you go take a trip down Aurora Ave and ask him.

What on earth makes you think you will find out your 'Why' on the Sun Blog?

You are as dumb as they come. The issue has never been about his suspended licence. The issue has been how he was treated after he was stopped. Numerous people have posted they were not handcuffed or jailed when stopped for a driver's license suspension! Just allowed to come in voluntarily to be booked.

One person was allowed to drive the car to the mechanic on a suspended license.

So what we are complaining about and what you are trying to ignore is why the SERGEANT abused his discretion in dealing with the Napergate Man.

Try to focus and answer the question as to why the SERGEANT felt the need to handcuff him and jail him overnight for such a petty offense he knew nothing about. The SERGEANT was working downtown and knew the Napergate Man parked his vehhilce next to a dozen cops. No dumb person would park next to a dozen cops if he knew he had a suspended license. We all seem to agree the Napergate Man is brilliant. So he would never do that knowing he had a suspended license. That should be an absolute no-brainer as the saying goes!

The cops on the scene knew he did not know. And yet chose to man handle him just to be a bunch of FASCISTS. It is plain and simple.

You are ruining the good name of our fine Naperville Police Dept. by standing up for this one FASCIST SERGEANT. Every supporter of the police dept. should be separating themselves from this one FASCIST SERGEANT.

I commend Chief Ray McGury, a former distinguished Naperville Captain or Commander, for disassociating himself from alleged murderor Drew Peterson. By doing that he did not bring shame to his department. He brought respect to himself and his Bolingbrook Police Dept.

Chief Dial needs to learn a leseson from his former Captain or Commander. And that is to get rid of bad apples and before they spread like cancer!

I think it is time that Chief Dial resigns and we bring Chief Ray McGury back, a very honroable police officer who knows and proved he can handle adversity to run and clean up our NPD. It is time for some action! Enough is enough of Chief Dial who never does anything but write a soft article in the Naperville Sun praising himself and his officers. Very self-centered if you ask me...just like this d.bone guy does!


I wasn't 'nailed'.

Bob brought what appears to be another 'dim/failure to dim headlight' case into being in Cook county if he actually 'won' that because what I found said there was a ticket in sep 88 and guilty plea entered in 11/88 agency: npd

Obviously we are talking about 2 entirely different incidents because I am not aware of anyone being able to change venue from dupage to cook county for a traffic violation. I admit, I could be mistaken on that. But I don't think one can take the case out of the county territory. That is why I believe we are talking about 2 entirely different incidents. Sometimes records are incorrect in court systems. Rare, but it happens. Since this obviously sounds like someone who likes to set records straight, it might be worth his time to pull his own reports and get expunged whatever is in error if that is indeed what happened and Bob's recollection is right about cook county and the court records in dupage county are wrong.

As for the rumor or Arizona, here's the order of events found here:



On a hunch, tonight I asked my neighbor who has been here for 20 years about "Napergate" and he said he knew the individual and that they have since moved to Arizona. He seemed to know a lot more than I obviously have known about the whole thing so I have to take his version of things for what it is.

Posted by: Joe | January 1, 2008 01:25 AM
...I know for a fact that he never moved to Arizona. He does not live in my subdivision but an adjoining subdivision. I saw him at the pool almost every day this summer diving. He is by far the best diver at our subdivision pool so it is hard not to notice him....
Posted by: Huntington Estates Lady | January 1, 2008 03:48 PM


Thank you for setting the record straight with regards to Napergate Man. My neighbor seems to be right only half the time. If you say they are here, then I'll trust you on that part. ....
...Good information is hard to come by sometimes, I appreciate you setting the record straight.

Posted by: Joe | January 1, 2008 04:29 PM

If you call that trying to smear or spread rumors, then that's your problem. I relayed what I was told from someone after asking them, found out it was incorrect, and thanked the person for setting the record straight. If it was a rumor I was trying to 'spread' then I would have repeated it over and over here. Please find ANYWHERE else where I said he moved to AZ beyond the above where someone corrected the facts.

Now, as to why I care.. I don't. However, even after almost a month of not posting certain people still feel the need to bring my name up and set up straw-man bullsh!t false arguments with my name attached (8 times in the other napergate thread that fell off the main page) and use it like a punching bag to portray some big elaborate conspiracy that exists in the city and throughout the court systems. Ryan decided to bring up the suspended license again in this Mayor Pradel thread and here we are. To set the record straight one needs facts. Facts come from research, do they not? Maybe the big elaborate conspiracy is simply explained away that someone who was legally responsible for a vehicle had something happen to their driver's license because someone else they allowed to operate that vehicle did something bad and there were consequences for those actions. Had the proper procedure been followed and someone called the tollway authority like they are supposed to, the $1.60 in fines would have been paid and settled without all of the extra stuff. They (the driver or owner of the vehicle, doesn't matter at this point) did not take corrective action and an arrest followed as legally prescribed by law when they attempted to operate a motor vehicle with a suspended license. It's really just that simple. Occam's razor.

I guess you never changed your stripes as we all thought. Your back at your old game of slicing and dicing. Bob responded to your allegations in detail. Instead of admitting you were wrong, you just change the subject and bring in new allegations.

I personally don't believe you paid $50 bucks to check on the Napergte Man, somebody you once claimed you don't even recall reading or seeing his Napergate ads. And you want us to believe you are the new Ameena driving to court houses in below negative 5 degree weather and chill factors of negative 25 degrees to suddenly check on the Napergate Man.

Why this concern about him if you are simply a NOBODY as you want us to believe? I simply refuse to believe you are a NOBODY! I have a feeling you are someone doing this on behalf of the City of Naperville and paid by the City of Naperville to tarnish his name since he destroyed any credibility our town had for a good part of 20 years. Just like the Naperville Police Dept. tries to harass him for any minimum traffic violation and give him a nice "criminal record," you are trying to do the same by exposing the "criminal record" given to him by the Naperville Police.

Let us not forget how all these courts felt about writing up the Napergate Man because his manager went to the bank to get some coin and left I assume a TIPPS/BASSETT qualified clerk in the store to handle affairs.(I work as a "lowly" bartender part time in downtown Naperville so I am aware of what is required in Naperville) Even though the Napergate Man pled guilty(as the MAN he has proven to be over and over again) no court felt this petty violation was worthy of any fine, penalty, or even consideration. While I am no expert in law, I think this amounted to someone driving 57 miles in a 55 mile highway speed zone. If this happens, I think the Judge looks at the State Trooper as lacking some screws in his head. I believe the Appellant Judges don't like to rub it in as us bloggers do, but I am sure they felt that the Naperville Police Officer who charged the Napergate Man for this very petty and technical violation had many loose screws.

A qualified clerk who has training from NPD classes knows how to card and sell alcohol. This is not a Walgreen's Pharmacy where if the wrong drug is given, someone can die instantly. It is simply a liquor store. Sometimes I feel the City of Naperville makes so many crazy ordinances just so they can hang the people they don't like when they decide to. It does remind me of Selective Enforcement as blogger Cindy mentioned on some thread somewhere.

Sorry to get off the subject Joe! But you need to stay on the subject and when you are nailed you need to apologize. And if your neighbor tells you something and you decided to put it on Ted's Threads so thousands can read it, IT is you who is spreading the rumor and not your neighbor. Your neighbor only told you. He/she was not sure! You decided to spread the rumor, Joe! I am calling you on it as you love to call everyone else but yourself! . The puck has to stop at you at some point and at some time!. You remind me so much of Police Chief David Dial who never lets the puck stop at him. His supporters are always passing the puck to DEAD MAYOR MACRANE's COFFIN! Are you by any chance Chief Dial, Joe! There are a lot of similarities that are becoming extremely OBVIOUS!

Bob, you seem to have your facts in error.

I did not start a rumor that NG man moved to AZ. In a prior thread I only mentioned what my neighbor had said and asked the bloggers for a confirm/denial. It was denied by Huntington Estates lady and that was that. I even thanked her for her eyewitness correction.

As also previously stated, I am not a police officer nor did this come from one. It's amazing what you can find with a trip to the court house and also paying $50 to a background search firm on the internet. Last time I looked, that was a legitimate business transaction (background searches) and public record (court house), not a class 3 felony.

So please, track all of the police computers you want. File a FOIA on them and waste their time.

You did not seem to have a problem when Melissa apparently did the same thing to claim that she checked his records too and found not DUI arrests/convictions. Did she supposedly use a police computer too?

You can also find this case on google for a denied appeal for a nearly $72K tax penalty: http://caselaw.findlaw.com/data2/illinoisstatecases/app/2007/2060277.pdf

This is the same person, right? Thank the bloggers for revealing his name. I merely took them up on their constant and ongoing insistence that we investigate things and even spend our own money if we have to and do the research. I'm sorry I took their advice. Won't happen again.

Don't worry though. The Sun also has my first and last name too as they have previously published some of my LTEs.

Joe, Ryan, Police Officer and Host Ted, Moderator Jim,

The reason I am writing for a second time is because Joe appears to have access to information that no one else has access to. I read these blogs daily but try not to respond to most of the nonsense about my friend, Basim.

I noticed Joe has been trying to get someone to mention this second suspension by hinting at it. It did not work. So Joe finally spills it out. Most probably Joe is a police officer or has a police officer friend who is providing him with information that is not public. Blogger Police Officer obviously is an honest man who chose not to use his police computer. He used records available on a Dupage internet site. It sadly appears some police officer somewhere is using the police computers in a Class 3 Felonious manner to check on Mr. Esmail. I urge Chief Dial to make sure it is not someone in his department by reviewing all computer checks made in the last week.

Since Joe, brought up this suspension of 2002, which is true, I feel an obligation to explain and defend my friend again. I WAS NOT WITH HIM THAT DAY!. So my information is second hand but directly from Basim.

He had a vehicle known as a 1983 Zimmer Golden Spirit(similar to an Excalibur.) It was 19 years old and he had driven it thru 19 brutal Chicago Winters. Make a long story short it suddenly could not pass Emission tests. It had failed 3 tests that year. He had been getting letters from emission that his license MAY/WOULD be suspended if he could not get REMEDY THE SITUATION SOON.

He was attached to this car and did not want to give up yet. He was taking it to Dave's Auto Shop on Ogden Ave.. in Naperville for a final attempt to see if it could be repaired to pass Emissions. It was working great but apparently emitting gases in quantities not allowed by the State of Illinios. He was arrested on his way to have his car repaired. I doubt he knew his LICENSE PLATE was suspended(not his driver's license as he had more than one vehicle so he would be allowed to drive one of his other vehicles that passed emission testing.)

I do not recall all the details of his arrest in 2002 as I was not with him. But he was booked for sure! I did not give him any rides or see him that day. But I believe his car was towed to Dave's auto shop on Ogden in Naperville. I drove him when he went to pick it up. Either the Manager or Owner told him it could NOT be repaired. They gave him a list of 5 places he could donate the car to. They already had this list that they give to people in hopeless situations! Basim chose not to donate it. He called a Texas Dealer he knew and he agreed to buy it because he was in desperate need of parts for Zimmers since the company went out of business and parts no longer existed. He offered Basim $8000 dollar for the car. I did see the check and was shocked especially after Mr. Davis said the car was WORTHLESS!

The Texas Dealer sent a trailer and picked it up from a lot near the Davis Auto Repair Shop. The check was mailed to Basim a few days before the pick-up was arranged. That is the story, Joe! Sometimes an individual can only do the best he can do. Your attempt to dig mud on Basim will be fruitless.

I don't recall any suspension 22 years ago. Have no memory and I believe Basim never mentioned that one to me if it even occurred. The fact that you say it was dismissed(assuming it even happened) is a good reason it should not even be mentioned.

As far as that "failure to dim headlights" charge I am aware of that. I was with him in his Zimmer Golden Spirit in downtown Chicago. He had some Cowl Lights on the car that a Chicago Police Officer decided were illegal even though the car was made in the USA by an American company in Pompano Beach, Florida. I was with Basim when he purchased that car.

Basim did fight that "headlight" charge in a Cook County Court and won. I remember that it was before Judge Anderson. The cop and prosecutor could not cite any law or ordinance that Basim violated by City of Chicago or State of Illinois. He found Basim "not guilty" and even wrote Basim a letter declaring the "cowl light" legal in case he gets stopped again. These lights were deemed not "bright" and were not even dimmable! The Judge was unusually nice and chatted with Basim and I after his ruling. It was a very short bench trial that lasted less then 30 minutes. No jury was involved! Basim did not even use an attorney. He defended himself and decided to be his own attorney and grilled the cop while he was in the witness box.

Anyway, that really is the whole story. Nothing much more to say! I just feel you have an ax to grind against Basim, Joe! No one can be perfect in this world. He tries his best to stay out of trouble. If all people can find on this man while having him under the microscope, are a few speeding tickets, a suspension for emissions, another suspension he certainly did not know about for a daughter's tollway violations, and the purchase of a "glass of beer" inside of a nightclub he did not even own and was not responsible for, I actually think he has done pretty well in his life.

Unlike others, I do not see Basim as irresponsible. I see him as very responsible. I see his problems with cops related to possible jealously, of a vendetta nature, or curiosity of him more than serious criminal violations. Apparently cops don't like giving a successful man driving nice and unusual cars a break. They seem to want to nail him for any reason probable at any possible opportunity.

He is very well known by Naperville Cops in particular. They know him because he handed them 500-1000 Fake IDs most of the time personally. So it is very ironic that they would treat him in the manner they treat him especially since he is doing what amounts to police work for them and making their jobs much much easier by taking so many minors off the street. Something that is heavily documented in courts, in his Napergate ads, in police files, in liquor organizations and finally with the 12 Judge Panel that chose him as the 1991 National Winner for his "Most Responsible Drinking Sales Campaign" in the nation and awarded him the Kylix Trophy.

If you want to investigate Joe, I suggest you investigate that infamous 1993 Kangaroo Trial that took place in City Hall. As Realtor Ryan said he was framed and lynched at that trial. Very well known! The number of City and Police officials involved in that lynching were about 20. They reviewed video tape evidence that proved he was innocent beyond a reasonable doubt. They convicted him instead beyond a reasonable doubt. After that the IABTF organization got involved and accused our City Officials of being fascists and certain members of our police department but not ALL of them. They were very careful in their choice of words as they did not want to be subject to a defamation or libel suit considering they were a billion dollar organization.

And finally since Liquor Man Rich wrote his letter Basim confiscated another fake ID. He now has 9 instead of 8 that he will give to Mayor George Pradel the next time they meet. He also passed 7 "stings" run by the NPD and has small medals(pins) to show for passing the "stings" given to him by the Mayor's Office.

PS. Joe, if my memory serves me correct, you are the one that started the rumor that Basim moved to Arizona and is living there. Now you lie and say he was found guilty on some "headlight" charge that in fact he was found "not guilty" of. Apparently your police computers only tell you what he was charged with but not the outcome of each charge. If I were you or one of your friends, I would advise you to stop committing these Class 3 Felonies using police computers. They are much more serious than Basim's car "lights." Much more serious....you will be jailed if caught! And computers can be tracked! I have given the Naperville Sun my real e-mail address and they can find or reach me anytime. I doubt you have revealed your true identity to the Naperville Sun. I have also given them my full name...first and last!


Re-read the posts on this and the other blogs and ask yourself who is the one really making a big deal out of nothing.

You: "Police Officer checked on him. He stated he had 3 speeding tickets in his life, this suspension, and buying a girl a beer inside of a night club where he was not the owner and did not have responsibilty for carding. He got one second of supervision for that incident and no fine. That should tell you how serious the Judge and prosecutor thought the charge was."

I think you are still missing the fact that there was a 'prior' DRIVING WHILE LICENSE SUSPENDED w/ a guilty plea from Summer 2002. At least that's what my crystal ball told me when I was at the courthouse doing 'research' like someone else was doing when they were checking to see if DUIs were ever present. Throw in another guilty for failure to dim headlights and another suspension 22 years ago that was charged but not prosecuted.

That was just this county (dupage). I'm not going to bother going around to the other ones because frankly it's not worth my time.

If you're going to throw out facts, at least put them all out there without holding back the inconvenient ones.

Policemen doing their job (enforcing the law) is not fascism. I think you need to go look up the real definition of the word because you are using it in a way that is incorrect. Had these all been proven innocent in a court of law and there's a history of wrongful prosecution then maybe, just maybe, there might be some leg to stand on about being singled out. The fact is he broke the law on multiple occasions and he got caught and prosecuted. That's how life works when you break the law and get caught. Welcome to society.

Eli, yes, it's me, Scott Huber. Remember, in 2010, vote SCOTT HUBER for mayor. All right, I need to hit the campaign trail. Good night all!!!

RJ and Joe,
You guys are making a big deal out of nothing. This story is so simple. He was drivng on a suspended license. His daughter ran thru some tolls. He did not know his drivers license was suspended. None of that is in dispute. He even parked next to 12 cops downtown. What more proof do you need that he did not know his license was suspended?

What is in dispute is that the officer abused his discretion in the reverse manner it was intended for. Mr. Esmail was the perfect example of a person who should have been allowed to go home and turn himself in volunatarily.

The man is an outstanding citizen. He owns businesses includng a shopping center fully paid for, a home fully paid for, has a family and 3 kids, has nice cars, is a National Champion, is non-violent and it goes on and on. The cops let many people turn themselves in or move along even when they knew they were suspended.

This particular cops for some odd reason just decided to abuse his discretion. His discretion should have been to go easy on a guy like the Napergate Man who it seems is loved in this town and is an outstanding citizen. He almost has a cult like following on these threads and he has never said a word.

Instead the SERGEANT throws the book at him including handcuffing, making him come up with cash to bond out, jailing him for the full night and separating him from his dog.

The bottom line is this cop is an idiot! He is stupid! He is a fascist! There is no sense in defending his irrational behavior.
You will never win! All you guys will do by taking the cops side on this one is look ignornant just like the cop.

You guys have to learn when a cop screws up not to side with him.
If you a cop screws up like this guy did he brings a very bad name to the NPD. And he did! And the NPD's name gets even worse because they apparently chose no to disipline him. Just for the record my Uncle is a cop in Lake Forest so I have nothing against fine cops.

And it gets even worse because the NPD can't even make a simple statement rebutting 2 eyewitnesses who verified what happened. One the early sequence of events. One the late sequence of events. Mr. Esmail did not even have to say a word and the evidence is overwhelming against the police dept. This guy has got so much credibility from the last 20 years no judge is going to believe a cop over him. He is not an ordinary individual. He has knocked out City Hall 3 times in the court system at high levels. He knocked out City Hall at least 4 times right in chambers by forcing them to reverse themselves. These are highly unusual accomplishments. Beating City Hall is suppose to be impossible. This guy beats them 7 times I can count or remember and I suspect many more times.

He has a history of non violence. Police Officer checked on him. He stated he had 3 speeding tickets in his life, this suspension, and buying a girl a beer inside of a night club where he was not the owner and did not have responsibilty for carding. He got one second of supervision for that incident and no fine. That should tell you how serious the Judge and prosecutor thought the charge was. You don't charge people for buying minors beer once you pass the security check. You charge the God Damn security guards that let her in and not Mr.Esmail who bought her a drink along with his buddies inside the establishment where everyone is suppose to be of age. Some cops are just stupid! Just like some civilians are stupid! Why do you guys have a hard time accepting that there are a few dumb cops in each dept. I am sure the Naperville Police even know they have a few dumb cops.

This Sergeant is a dumb stupid idiotic cop who brought shame to his dept for the way he treated Mr. Esmail. He must have gotten a RISE out of handcuffing and jailing a powerful, successful and brilliant guy. He had an ego and excercised it in the wrong way using his discretion inappropriately. That is called an abuse of discretion and can be used in a CIVIL RIGHTS ACTION case. Mr.Esmail already had a Supreme Court ruling for him against Naperville. And they accused the City Of Naperville of abusing its discretion in 1988. It is a well known case!

I really don't see why you guys don't get it. It is my first time bloggin on this issue but I have been reading about it for 2 month. It frustrates me when people want to defend a cop of this nature. If I was the Chief, I would termintat the b*st*ard for bringing so much shame to my dept. and my personal reputation.

At least a 100 different people called him a fascist on these blogs. Ted, who is very kind, said he mistreated Mr. Esmail.

When the police dept. takes no action against a Fascist Sergeant the persception becomes they are all fascists because they are defending him and tolerating this kind of behavior.

So I think the NPD screwed up really bad on this one. They also framed and lynched this guy in 1993 and he had the proof on video tape from 4 angles. If anything they should give a guy who they abused in the past, not based on his word, but high courts, a break. Instead they treat him in the worse possible way.

I am going to end it there and say that Chief Dial should resign for his lack of action against this cop. His silence is deafening whether he is in town and or out of town. He is lucky the Naperville Sun likes him. If he was dealing with Eric Zorn of the Tribune, Eric would have laid the nails in Chief Dial's coffin by now. He is very lucky he has a soft newspaper that lets him do as he pleases. Need I say more!

Note from Ted:

It's true I have said that if the accounts are taken as true, then it sounds like Basim Esmail was mistreated. Still, I can't help but wonder why he didn't file a complaint or lawsuit if he felt he really was horribly abused. I can only conclude that he A.) Didn't feel he had a case worth pursuing or B.) Opted to put the matter behind him. Either way, we continue to agonize over this case a good 18 months after Mr. Esmail has moved on with his life.

Thanks Joe, I didn't think driving on a suspended was a minor offense, but around here it seems to be.

Suspended is suspended, it isn't up to the officer to determine why it is suspended,it is his job to arrest the offender. The best way to avoid getting cuffed and stuffed is to make sure you keep your license in good standing.

Driving with a suspended license is not a minor traffic violation.

Was 2006 the only time he was driving with a suspended license or was there a 'prior' that may have played a part in how things unfolded that night?

Someone said they went to the court house to look up his driving record to confirm whether or not he had any DUIs and said that he did not... so Whomever that person was should be able to answer that simple question above.

Diving on a suspended license is a minor traffic violation?

If you read the transcripts of the Kangaroo Hearings held for the Napergate Man in 1993 you will understand all the bitterness that many of these bloggers hold towards the NPD.

The NPD particapted in an orchestrated framing and lynching of an innocent man and never were held accountable by our City Officials. The case is very well documented in case law of both the Federal and State Judicial systems.

It is really as simple as that. And then they arrest this same guy and mistreat him over a minor traffic violation he knew nothing about, it just makes things a little worse!

Just read the Napergate threads and the whole story was told. No need to keep repeating it.

No way that's the real Scott Huber. Clever name to post under though. ;)

Oh my god....FASCISTS??? The Naperville Police Department is one of the finest departments in the entire country. Do you tree huggers know why crime is so low in Naperville? Because of Chief Dial and his outstanding force. NPD bashers like Virginia and Ammena or Amnesia of whatever her name is will continue to bash, until the day they need to call 911, and one of those fine officers they continue to bash saves their bacon!! Why dont those two DRAMA QUEENS do a ride-along some night w/NPD, it might change their opinions...ah, wishful thinking, they are too narrow minded!!

Hey Scott,
The fascists should leave town. Not Virginia! She is only the messenger! She seems to be a very concerneed citizen from her posts.

Hey Virginia...if you think it is SOOOOOO bad in Naperville, get on www.remax.com, list your house (if you own one), pack your bags, AND MOVE!!!! You Drama Queen!!! p.s., take big DICK furstenau with you!!!

Would you all feel the same way if he backed into you or your daughter? I doubt it. He was behing the wheel of a vehicle, by law he is responsible to control that vehicle safely. It shouldn't matter if he were a ordinary citizen,mayor or the President. He should not be above the law because he holds public office.

There are many drama queens around here that would have you believe it was some great conspiracy, but I think we will find it only exists in their minds.



We are not drama queens. That is an insult. If you followed the story closely you would understand why people were outraged about the Napergate Man Case.

No one is denying his license was suspended. He obviously did not!
All he wanted to do is get his dog home and turn himself in voluntarily.

What this story is about is they would not let him do that! Causing immense suffering to his dog and even friend who were left downtown with no cab willing to give them a ride. The police even took the H2 Keys away. That is mean! They could have let Bob drive Abby home. No, they wanted to act like a bunch of fascists.
That is what everyone is saying and I agree.

This story will not end until someone is held accountable. I guarantee you that!

Did you not read all the stories about how people are allowed to come in voluntarily for these kinds of cases. One guy was allow to continue driving to his mechanic.

The Napergate Man was hand cuffed and jailed over night while his dog Abby suffered. The other people did not have a dog or kids with them. They were just let go.

This is discrimination by a fascist Sergreant. Plain and simple!

As residents we can never let our police men get away with such behavior.

Not only is this Napergate Man an outstanding citizen but he is an
American Hero who won a National Contest for best liquor retailer against minors.

I was going to post in the Napergate thread but when I saw your outrageous comment accusing me and other ladies of being drama queens I was very insulted.

Were all the courts who ruled in his favor Drama Kings?

You are a little off with your derogatory comment.

If you review the Napergate thread we now have have accumalated 3 incidents of inappropriate behavior by the police against the Napergate Man.

I want to add my name to all those who are calling for Chief Dial to resign.

And I hope our Mayor takes some action before he loses his credibilty in town as this Napergate Man story spreads to all of our homes.

The fascist Sergeant overstepped all boundaries and abused his authority and discretion. As some lady or man said this Sergeant needs to be taken off our streets and given a desk job until this incident is investigated by the Mayor personally who every trusts.

The police dept. can not investigate itself and keep telling us everything is shiny and rosy in our now beautiful town.

We know better than to believe our NPD. They lost credibility ever since that Liquor Commission report labled them fascist and have never restored it.

"They are shameful! First they handcuff, arrest and imprison the Napergate Man for a $1.60 toll violations his daughters committed and he was not aware of."

Does every topic on this blog site have to become a Napergate discussion?
Napergate Man was arrested for driving on a suspended license, just like anyone else would have been. Period. There are many drama queens around here that would have you believe it was some great conspiracy, but I think we will find it only exists in their minds.

Whats happen to Naperville when the city gives a ticket to Santa Claus

did george have a cdl and was he getting paid 25.00 per hour

Response from Ted:

Good question. I understand the mayor was paid--contrary to our earlier report that he did it for free--and while I don't know for certain whether he has a commercial drivers license I can't imagine the mayor not being in compliance with whatever the requirements are to drive a plow.

Dont worry Rachel, Elizabeth and a few others have alot of time on their hands complaining about everything and appear to have nothing but blog all day long. I feel sorry for them, as they hide behind their silly comments all day long.

Keep up the great job NPD, City Council, and Mayor, the vast majority appreciate the great job you do.

Funny. NPD didn't even have to cite the mayor. He's listed as the at fault driver in a property damage accident. Insurance companies would deal with the accident. A citation to the "at fault" driver does nothing for the insurance companies. All this shows is the Police Department fails to recognize, people make mistakes, it was an accident. Shame on them for their financial producing ticket campeign. Thats why they have a bad reputation in the law enforcement community.


Excellent remark!

They are shameful! First they handcuff, arrest and imprison the Napergate Man for a $1.60 toll violations his daughters committed and he was not aware of.

Next they go after another Naperville Hero. Our Mayor!
Does this police dept have a conscience? This Mayor took us to the second best town ranking in the USA. And they do this to him!

The Napergate Man brought us a National Championship in the war against minors. And look at what a Sergeant did to his dog, his friend and himself.

Did it ever occur to anyone maybe the same police officer, possibly MR. SERGEANT got them both? How many police officers are stupid enough to use their discretion in a REVERSE manner!

The Mayor is one of the most civic minded people in Naperville, It would be nice if more of the City's department heads were out there plowing the streets. Where is Bob Marshall when it's snowing? Warm in his house on the hill counting his retirement and his City salery?


Bob Marshall has been hiding ever since he told the Naperville Sun that the Naperate Trial that lasted 5 years and utilized 7 attorneys only cost us taxpayes $5000-$10,000 dollars.

Some chick named Ameena found out the court reporter alone in that entire trial cost nearly $50,000 thru all the appeals processes. Go figure! You ain't going to find this guy out plowing where the Naperville Sun may run into him accidentally. He is in hiding until they replace him. He could never explain his lie.

Are the City snow plow drivers union members? If they are in fact union, is George a member of that union? If George is not a member of that union then should he have even been driving that plow? Just asking.

There is just something cool about a mayor jumping into a snow plow to lend a hand. In my old city, the mayor just oversaw late night demolitions of small airports by the lake :)

Funny. NPD didn't even have to cite the mayor. He's listed as the at fault driver in a property damage accident. Insurance companies would deal with the accident. A citation to the "at fault" driver does nothing for the insurance companies. All this shows is the Police Department fails to recognize, people make mistakes, it was an accident. Shame on them for their financial producing ticket campeign. Thats why they have a bad reputation in the law enforcement community.

Response from host:

Right, and probably thanks in part to this blog, if police hadn't issued a ticket, there would an outcry about special treatment.

Did they give the mayor a breathalyzer test?
Just asking.

Response from host:

A fair enough question, one that many are probably thinking even if few would actually ask. There is NO indication that alcohol was a factor in the incident in any way, shape or form. No need to administer a field sobriety test if there is no suspicion of alcohol consumption. Further, I think the mayor would never, ever get behind the wheel of a snowplow with the slightest trace of alcohol in his system.

Why is the Mayor driving a snow plow?

Are we short of city employees?

Because if we are we should hire some and give someone a chance to earn a living.

Maybe the Mayor needs to spend some time out on the TEST TRACK refining his defensive driving skills. Or maybe he should just sit back and let someone else get the overtime.
Actually the TEST TRACK is a great idea. It reduced some of the excess tax money that the City could not find a use for. Of course as we paid for it, shouldn't we as taxpayers get a chance to try it.
How about a Naperville Road Rally or The 24 Hours Of Naperville? Would it be possible for those of us with American Cars to use it?

Sorry to post in again, but I agree with some of the other posters.

Man up to what happened like a regular citizen, but also, THANK YOU for being a HANDS ON mayor.

I may not always agree with what you decide, but I know that it is always what you think is RIGHT in your HEART. For that, I am ever grateful for your service to the community.

The Mayor is one of the most civic minded people in Naperville, It would be nice if more of the City's department heads were out there plowing the streets. Where is Bob Marshall when it's snowing? Warm in his house on the hill counting his retirement and his City salery?

Getting paid to plow? No, I'm quite sure he does it as a civic duty with no pay involved. That's George. I've known him my entire life. I am equally sure he "mans up" to receiving a ticket and would want it no other way if he was at fault, regardless of his position. Mr. Mayor, you do WAY too much for the City and are sooo loved and respected. But maybe you should retire from snowplowing. Stick with being Mayor, hopefully for many years to come.

"I bet if the same thing happened to Mayor Daley he wouldn't get a ticket."

How is that a good thing? Politicians in this state could do with a whole lot less preferential treatment, not MORE.

He is too old to be doing snow plowing. I bet he is getting paid like all the other drivers. He is just sticking his nose into to much.

Note from host:

The story clearly says the mayor volunteers to plow, meaning he is not paid.

I think they should have given the mayor a break - after all, he was doing a good deed plowing the streets and it's not like he's making money doing it. Plus, nobody got hurt. If the mayor can't get a little preferential treatment, it's a sad state of affairs. I bet if the same thing happened to Mayor Daley he wouldn't get a ticket.

Mayor Pradel,

Thank you for all the fine work you perform for us here in Naperville. You really help make this a great city to live in. Talk about a hands-on Mayor! I'm glad it was only a minor accident, but sorry it happened.

Several years ago a DuPage County snow plow backed into my car in Wheaton when he couldn't see me in his side mirrors, so you are not alone.

Note from Ted:

Nice comment in support of the mayor.

Unfortunate accident, Luckily no one was hurt. Treat is as if any Joe Schmoe did it.. no preferential treatment.

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