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Napergate continues

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Was Basim Esmail, the liquor store owner who orchestrated the Napergate series of newspaper ads in the 1990s, unfairly targeted for arrest and harassment by Naperville police in 2006?

By Ted Slowik

Accounts by his friends who were with him the night he was arrested were posted on a previous thread. Now, because that thread was getting clogged with comments and because bloggers want Napergate on Potluck's home page, we continue the discussion here.

I'm offering this opinion, which I posted on the previous thread, so we know exactly where to pick up the dialogue:


I've been re-reading Bob's incredible post from Friday and I've had a breakthrough. I believe the reason Basim was mistreated that night can be found here in Bob's own words:

13. Basim then made a comment. His exact words were, "I believe that Chief David Dial would allow discretion in this kind of case."

My theory is that these words enraged the sergeant, who probably thought Basim was threatening him in a way, by invoking the name of the chief. Even if that wasn't Basim's intention, I believe that's probably how the sergeant interpreted the remark. And the sergeant figured something like, "I'll show this guy who's in charge of this situation."

And because police officers are within their rights to exercise discretion in such situations, that's probably why Basim was mistreated the way he was. And why Debbie, in her post from 3:36 p.m. today, was treated in an entirely different fashion even though she was in a nearly identical situation. She didn't invoke the name of the chief during a traffic stop, a big no-no, in my opinion.

That's what I think is the reason Basim was treated the way he was that fateful night. The sergeant thought he was mouthing off to him.

What do you think?

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Thank you for your response to my question. You made a particularly good point to say perhaps some of the police officers involved back then were victims too. I agree, who knows?

Nobody needs to pressure anybody into letting the Napergate thread drop off the main page sequence. That happens to every thread as new threads are added. On the contrary, Ted has been pressured by you, and others to keep this thread on the main page sequence longer than it would have under normal circumstances. He even added this "Napergate Continues" thread to prolong it. As Ted has tried to explain many times, you can access this thread, or other threads from the main page. On the right side of the main page it shows catagories. Ted also made a "Napergate" catagory, so people can easily access all the various Napergate threads from the main page. You can even access this thread by clicking on the month of January, where you can access all January threads. Please stop beating up on everybody with different viewpoints, by making false statements, and accusations to advance your conspiracy theories. You'll never win.

Also Maryann,
It's good Ted killed the Missouri City Hall massacre thread before its time, but unfortunately there is a regional angle to the story. One of the Councilwomen shot and killed there grew up in Park Forest. Such a tragic loss. That story makes us realize the lengths some people will go to fight city hall when they think they have been wronged in some way, real or imagined. Everyone has their own stories to tell, whether it's the Napergate Man, the guy in MO, Furstenau, or others who feel unfairly treated at some time or another. I think there is a lesson to be learned, though. People need to just let it go, get over it, and move on with their lives.

Maryann –

Thanks for the compliment, though I hated to see that I was lumped in with the Establishment just because I question the Napergatians. Again, no middle ground seems to be allowed. Us vs Them all the time.

I think I made it clear that I do not agree with everything that d.bone posts, but I hate the personal attacks that were flying in this thread and thought they were unjust in this instance. I hate to see everyone gang up on one person. It’s childish and uncivil.

But I guess I get “guilt by association” in their eyes, huh? Oh well.

Thanks again and keep the thread going. It’s not that hard to find off the main page.


I would hope that the Sun does not start preventing people from posting just because someone else asked. If there is a specific problem with something they post, that's one thing (The editing has worked well so far by the mods). Blanket censorship is rarely a solution for anything. Certain citizens seem to get up in arms when the City tries to censor things from the public's eye, why would they want the Sun to start down that slippery slope too? If there's a problem with what someone posts, that's what moderators are for. If one doesn't happen to like or agree with the content, prove the poster wrong or simply ignore them.

Response from host:

We're not blanketly censoring anything. The same rules apply since Day One: no personal attacks, nothing libelous, be courteous.

OK Ted,
It is only you and I left. I have been telling you if you take a thread off the Main Page, you kill it. I hope you believe me.
I am trying to post here to get this thing going but it seems hopeless. So I hope you believe my advice in the future.

I did suggest that library thread for you. I believe I told you because the Napergate Man threw a hint it would take off. You got to admit, I was right, Ted!

But you are really making yourself look bad with those 0 posted blogs on that Main Page. As I told you long ago you will know in 24 hours if you got yourself a hit.

When you make so many posts so quickly just to dump the Napergate Post, you obviously make so many wrong decisions. You need to take your time before you put up a thread. Can't you get a second opinion from some one at the Naperville Sun so some one can stop you when you select a loser topic?

In some way I am glad you cooled down this Napergate thread for now. I hope you put it up in the future and have some ground rules. The first ground rule would not to allow that d.bone to blog.

Let us face it. He incited everyone! You and Jim have to take responsibility for all the incitement. It all happened after you reversed your decision based on Ameena asking you to delete that d. bone thread. You make the right decision.It is when you reversed yourself and Jim backed you that all the chaos developed. At some point I wish you would take responsibility for your fatal error.

Anyway, I hope you continue posting my comments.

Don't worry no one is going to see them here. I did not come to the library thread because I just want to communicate with you and I not interested in criticizing you where the site is very active. I would just rather do it on a slow site like this. I can't think of any more good threads besides that library thread. It seems everyone is on the same side.

People like the Napergate Man. If you don't put idiots like d. bone to bash him and his friend Bob and call them names there would be no hostility on any thread.

You allowed him to get the RISE he wanted and in the end he took your best thread ever down for you..

Well, I hope you learned something from the experience.

If d. bone rears his head on that library thread, don't let him post. You know the Napergatians all hate him. So if you let him post, I will advise you that another WAR will ensue and even the library thread I recommended will join the Napergate Thread in the graveyards.'

Have a good day Ted!

Where is Jim by the way? He has not posted for a long time.

And by the way I noticed all those Napergatians like you and respect you Ted. But try to remain neutral and let them finish off the city when they can. These bloggers are intellectual and know how to use their pens just like their Master taught them. Let them rip the city. Don't stop them, Ted! That is the only way we are going to get them to change and read the material they are given the night before they votes on issues. They just don't want to do their homework. Just simply lazy! We all know that! Ask Eli about them. He will agree with the Napergate Man about our council.

I just wanted to step in and tell you something. The anti-Napergate people stepped in and pressured Ted to remove this thread off the Main Page.

You guys got what you wanted!

The debate is over when a thread is taken off the Main Page in almost all cases.

This is what you guys wanted so enjoy talking to yourselves.

I was actually enjoying the debate and you were by far the best debater for the establishment. By far the best T.B.!

The only issue that hurts you is associating with the worse debater. That being d. bone!

I feel bad for you because you really do a great job. But the Napergatians lumped you with d.bone and were really attacking d.bone and not you. But you decided to be an accomplice and the attacks spread to you.

I do not think it was right for anyone to attack you. That was not fair. But you made the crucial mistakes of trying to defend d. bone and you still are.

Anyway Ted knows I like analyzing these threads. He has really been doing a great job most of the times with a few small mistakes here and there when he allows himself to be subjected to pressure from either or both sides! I suggested this library thread because the Napergate Man has come out strongly against it. The thread is going to be hot as evidenced by its early debut.

So just forget about this one and head to the library thread where so far there has not been one person going against the Napergate Man. But if you are against the library and with the Napegate Man there will be no debate there either. So you may have to wait for Ted to post another controversial issue to debate again.

Just came to tip you off T. B. since I really think you are a very nice guy, intelligent but just hung around one wrong person who finally did you in and successfully ended the debate by recommending this thread be taking off the Main Page. It happened just as he wished! The debate is over! I suggest you move on and let Ted archive it.
I doubt you will see Ameena spending hours and hour of work at the library researching to post to an archived post. She probably would rather write her book than post where no on will read her work. She is a true Citizen Journalist. I believe she works for the recognition the bloggers gave her. She deserves it. But with no recognition for her hard work there will be no more reports from here. Just a prediction by the Road Warrior Gal as Ted and Jim know me. She also had a huge following that will follow her to the next thread she may take on. Every time she made a post people stopped reading Ted's blogs but actually started writing and posting. I noticed that pattern. She is popular and people love to commnet on what she does. I am sure Ted may agree with me!

I am always wishing them well but always trying to give them constructive criticism as I love these blogs and the debate they create. To bad this Napergate is over!
It was by far the best. But both sides lost their cool and both sides have to take responsibility for its sudden death. That is the reality. T.B.! I would not waste your time trying to get answers that will now unfortunately never come!


PS. No matter what happens on these threads they are a 1000 times better then Gretawire.com where people talk about the color of their pajamas and how many strips of bacon they had with their eggs. Greta really let her thread go to the gutter. I suspect she only cares about her TV show.. Ted and Jim really care about their threads but are in a learning process and doing better but have a long way to go before they can control the out of control bloggers from both sides of the Napergate issue.
They need to rest this hot Napergate thread until they get a little more experience. NAPERGATE has been too hot to handle just like when it took place in REAL LIVE TIME in the NAPERGATE ERA! It will always be a hot issue and people have to find a way to handle it. The name of NAPERGATE is probably the catalyst that drives people in 2 separate directions. The nomenclature is accusatory towards the City of Naperville. So we are already starting with an attack before a word is uttered.
That Napergate Man must have really given it some serious thought when he coined that term, "NAPERGATE". Obviously, as everyone is saying from both sides this guy was brilliant and could manipulate. He is still manipulating after being retired for 7 years.! Think about that one! But I find it ironic that he is driving his nice cars, teaching kids to dive, putting his daughter thru medical school, running his businesses, and walking his dog while probably clueless this debate is even going on. I think if it was summer time where people run into him walking his dog they would have told him much more. But he does not walk his dog in the winter so he probably is clueless to what is going on!

I just wanted to step in and tell you something. The anti-Napergate people stepped in and pressured Ted to remove this thread off the Main Page.

You guys got what you wanted!

The debate is over when a thread is taken off the Main Page in almost all cases.

This is what you guys wanted so enjoy talking to yourselves.

I was actually enjoying the debate and you were by far the best debater for the establishment. By far the best T.B.!

The only issue that hurts you is associating with the worse debater. That being d. bone!

I feel bad for you because you really do a great job. But the Napergatians lumped you with d.bone and were really attacking d.bone and not you. But you decided to be an accomplice and the attacks spread to you.

I do not think it was right for anyone to attack you. That was not fair. But you made the crucial mistakes of trying to defend d. bone and you still are.

Anyway Ted knows I like analyzing these threads. He has really been doing a great job most of the times with a few small mistakes here and there when he allows himself to be subjected to pressure from either or both sides! I suggested this library thread because the Napergate Man has come out strongly against it. The thread is going to be hot as evidenced by its early debut.

So just forget about this one and head to the library thread where so far there has not been one person going against the Napergate Man. But if you are against the library and with the Napegate Man there will be no debate there either. So you may have to wait for Ted to post another controversial issue to debate again.

Just came to tip you off T. B. since I really think you are a very nice guy, intelligent but just hung around one wrong person who finally did you in and successfully ended the debate by recommending this thread be taking off the Main Page. It happened just as he wished! The debate is over! I suggest you move on and let Ted archive it.
I doubt you will see Ameena spending hours and hour of work at the library researching to post to an archived post. She probably would rather write her book than post where no on will read her work. She is a true Citizen Journalist. I believe she works for the recognition the bloggers gave her. She deserves it. But with no recognition for her hard work there will be no more reports from here. Just a prediction by the Road Warrior Gal as Ted and Jim know me. She also had a huge following that will follow her to the next thread she may take on. Every time she made a post people stopped reading Ted's blogs but actually started writing and posting. I noticed that pattern. She is popular and people love to commnet on what she does. I am sure Ted may agree with me!

I am always wishing them well but always trying to give them constructive criticism as I love these blogs and the debate they create. To bad this Napergate is over!
It was by far the best. But both sides lost their cool and both sides have to take responsibility for its sudden death. That is the reality. T.B.! I would not waste your time trying to get answers that will now unfortunately never come!


PS. No matter what happens on these threads they are a 1000 times better then Gretawire.com where people talk about the color of their pajamas and how many strips of bacon they had with their eggs. Greta really let her thread go to the gutter. I suspect she only cares about her TV show.. Ted and Jim really care about their threads but are in a learning process and doing better but have a long way to go before they can control the out of control bloggers from both sides of the Napergate issue.
They need to rest this hot Napergate thread until they get a little more experience. NAPERGATE has been too hot to handle just like when it took place in REAL LIVE TIME in the NAPERGATE ERA! It will always be a hot issue and people have to find a way to handle it. The name of NAPERGATE is probably the catalyst that drives people in 2 separate directions. The nomenclature is accusatory towards the City of Naperville. So we are already starting with an attack before a word is uttered.
That Napergate Man must have really given it some serious thought when he coined that term, "NAPERGATE". Obviously, as everyone is saying from both sides this guy was brilliant and could manipulate. He is still manipulating after being retired for 7 years.! Think about that one! But I find it ironic that he is driving his nice cars, teaching kids to dive, putting his daughter thru medical school, running his businesses, and walking his dog while probably clueless this debate is even going on. I think if it was summer time where people run into him walking his dog they would have told him much more. But he does not walk his dog in the winter so he probably is clueless to what is going on!

Randy –

I think there’s a disconnect between my posts and your understanding. Here’s the simple version:

A) Long ago, d.bone said he used to buy beer at Mr Esmail’s store all the time.

B) Everybody jumped on d.bone, called him a liar, and asked that he be banned from this site. As “evidence” of his lies, people pointed out the great system Mr Esmail had in place, his past record and awards for stopping sales to minors, and overall just how great Mr Esmail is. They said this would never have happened.

C) I posted part of a court finding that the famous champagne bottle sting (which was actually a beer sting and the “under cover” shopper stole the champagne) was done because Mr Esmail thought he had an employee that was selling to minors. He suspected he had a problem and his suspicions were proven correct when a 19 year old girl bought beer from his store.

I commended Mr Esmail for his efforts, but I did not disparage him. I merely said nobody is perfect. Perhaps I was disparaging those who blindly defended him with blanket statements which the court case prove were false.

Lastly, despite what you think of d.bone, what he said (see part A above) could possibly have been true given what we now know (see part C above). That would mean d.bone was unjustifiably attacked.

Is that clear enough for you?


P.S. Randy, based on your apparent vast knowledge of the court system, maybe you’ll answer this for me. How often do you think a prosecutor or defense attorney would win a case in which they said they “assumed” the motive for an action, that it “probably” happened the way they described it, or that we all “know” what really happened without providing any proof? That’s my issue with this topic. The facts are fairly well defined; but the reasoning is all speculation, assumption, and sometimes outright hatred for the NPD.

Marilyn & Randy –

No, I am not dense and don’t think either of your are, either, so it boggles my mind that you can’t have a civil disagreement with someone without insulting them.

Randy –

I have more courtroom experience than you, I suspect, and know full well how our legal system works. I am not a cop and do not work in or for the city of Naperville, so stop insinuating that I do.

No, I don’t think Mr Esmail needs to fight every court case to the highest court, but you can’ have it both ways. You can’t concede in court and later claim innocence because you were guilty. As a man a principles, which we’re told Mr Esmail is, I’m sure he would never do such a thing. Maybe you should stop doing it on his behalf?

Have you actually read what I wrote about the court opinion? I stated that Mr Esmail was successful in his appeal and only pointed out it was a 2-1 appellate decision so as to not leave out any pertinent facts as Anonymous had done early. Full disclosure was all I was going for. I KNOW he won this case, I was just using the case for the underlying FACTS as found by the court.

Also in this court case you will notice Mr Esmail sued for his court costs of $75,000 to fight the city. I think your $2.4MM figure is somewhat inflated. Please recheck your math.

The mere fact that he suspected his employees were breaking the law and needed to test them is evidence that he had a problem at his store. I commend him for dealing with the problem, but the problem was there nonetheless. You can’t ignore the problem just because Mr Esmail dealt with it in the appropriate way.

All I did was merely point out that blanket statements about how he would never have had such an issue are insulting to everyone’s intelligence.

I have no hidden agenda, I just refuse to be blindly led along by assumptions and fairly tales. Mr Esmail is, I am sure, a truly honorable man. But he is not infallible and could/did make mistakes in his life. We all have. Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean they have a hidden agenda. It’s actually sad that you would think so.

You said it yourself “In essence you are arguing with their UNANIMOUS OPINION and VERDICT.” The Napergatians can’t open their minds’ to anything contrary to the accepted view of what happened and, more importantly, why it happened. It’s a shame you would be as close-minded as the people Mr Esmail fought for so many years.

Heaven forbid anyone should have a dissenting view. If they do, they are dense, right?


P.S. It’s high time that Mr Esmail speak for himself if he has something to say. The self-appointed mouthpieces are doing Mr Esmail a disservice with their insults and faulty logic.

Hi, folks. Lot of vitriol flying around lately. In an effort to return an air of civility to this board I junked about half the comments today, many from people who have posted previously. Supporters of Basim Esmail and those at the other end of the spectrum--I'm reading a lot of nastiness from both sides. Let's try to refrain from personal attacks and BE CIVIL.

So, did anyone go to the courthouse to see if this person was ever charged prior to the 2006 incident for driving with a suspended license? Anyone look back as far as 2002 or 1986 to check? If you have, please post what you find.

"Bob also knows what happened that night as he was a live witness and watched the whole incident. You must have missed incredible his 50 point report documenting the incident by the minute."

I read the whole 50 point recollection of the night by BOB.

I also know how facts tend to get twisted when a friend gets arrested especially after some time has passed. It is always the Cops fault. If it went down as badly as Bob recounts, I am sure Napergate Dude would have followed up with litigation, not just roll over for this alleged police brutality.

Why Bob couldn't call someone for a ride, we will never know. As popular as this Napergate Dude is, I am sure someone would have picked Bob and Abby up.


Bob also knows what happened that night as he was a live witness and watched the whole incident. You must have missed incredible his 50 point report documenting the incident by the minute.

If this SERGEANT arrested Mayor Pradel and treated him like the Napergagte Man would you call this a minor incident.

The Napergate was well known in Naperville before Mayor Pradel became a Mayor. It is not a minor incident when you are dealing with a National Hero who won a National Award and was sbused by a police officer using his discretion.

Dissappointed with the swift speed you blew this Napergate thread off the Main page. I hope you can make room for it again as I believe it will die soon. Unless of course it was your intent for it to die. If so you will succeed! No one wants to blog on a site that is in storage in the archives.

"I'm tired explaining why we will not be checking out events from months and years ago. Basim Esmail won't talk to the media, no story, period."

Very well put Ted.
The facts have been reported, the rest is nothing more than convoluted speculation and he said she said rhetoric. Only Esmail and the Sgt know what went on that night.

"Causing immense suffering"

"That is mean!"

"they wanted to act like a bunch of fascists"

"his is discrimination by a fascist Sergreant(sic)"

"fascist Sergeant"

Nope, no drama here.

Response from Ted:

I'm tired explaining the difference between a newspaper and a history book. I'm tired explaining why we will not be checking out events from months and years ago. Basim Esmail won't talk to the media, no story, period. This has been fun, but I've got to move on.

Posted by: Cynthia | February 9, 2008 08:54 AM


I think we know by now this Ameena girl is going to handle the history book.

What we are asking Ted is for the Naperville Sun to look into harrassing stops and incidents by the NPD against the Napergate Man that are relatively recent.

We have heard of 3 already with the latest being only a month or two ago. Wanting to talk to the Napergate Man is a way out for you. Many have said his lawyers don't allow him to talk to the media for obvious possibly historical reasons.

But you are getting live witnesses popping out of all places thanks to your Napergate thread. Combine those with police reports obtained thru your FOIA and you have the story if you want one! That simple!

It would seem that you would use your threads to gauge the interest of residents and what they want to read. They don't seem to want to read about potholes and massacre across the country. They are intereseted in Naperville. And they want to learn about the Napergate Man since the old Sun never said much about him.

Here is a question for you Ted;

If the Napergate Man files suit regarding these latest 3 incidents that took place in the last 18 months does that now bring these incidents suddenly out of the history books and into the current press! Just wondering what constitutes recent from historical?

Also what is so historical about a City Manager lying to us about the cost of the Napergate trial only 2 weeks ago. This is a big story since we have a current city manager currently lying to us and we are paying him with our hard earned tax payer dollars

Response from Ted:

Hey, we put it out there, we already asked the city manager how much Napergate costs. If he's so way off on his knowledge and information do Naperville citizens really want him in the top administrative post iin the city?

And the "relatively recent" incidents you are talking about are about as important as to warrant a mention in our police blotter, but unfortunately it would look ridiculous reporting on minor incidents that occurred 18 months ago.

Response from Ted:

Don't stop there, Marilyn. You're thinking too small. Don't you get it? This is bigger than all of us. Here's what I think happened: the Russians and the Cubans were working with the Saudis and the Iranians to covertly apply pressure to not run Napergate ads for two weeks. I'm sure it was not something as mundane as the lawyer in charge of reviewing them going on vacation or anything like that.



I read Mariyln's post. It seems very probable. It does not insult the Naperville Sun. I think nations are pressured sometimes.
We all know that. I think you take it personal that the Naperville Sun was pressured.

The city can pressure. And we know the Napergate Man reveresed Spring Green, SW. Gate, and the ATT situation using pressure tactics.

I think your bringing in the Russians, Cubans, Saudis, and Iranians to make fun of Marilyn was inappropriate. She was just expressing an opinon that seems logical. Maybe it did not happen that way. I agree that we should get the story straight from Tim West. Is he hiding in the Napergate Man's home drinking hot tea with the Napergate Man by his fireplace while our Mayor plows for 25 bucks an hour after we have been told by the Sun for 13 years it was all on the house?

Everything we are learning here seems mingboggling but truthful.

I use to read the Sun for the latest news. Now I just get my news from Ted's threads and his Citizen Jouranlist Bloggers.

These Citizens journalists seem loaded with credibility.

Note from Ted:

Marshall, it's called satire, and without it we wouldn't have Steven Colbert, Jon Stewart and others who shape the political landscape.

and no offense ted, when i suggested none of the higher up's or even the proletariat read this blog. i may indeed be wrong. i hope they are reading it, but i hope they have enough sense to not participate in it. at least not with this cult.

and one last thought, it seems to me that most of you have rallied around this ameena as your prophet and savior, but none of you have even noted that this person has just 500 bucks to her name, if we are are to believe her ? is there not the same compassion for her as the dali yoda ? i would hope that you kind, caring people would suggest she move on with her life, and leave the good fight for mr. esmail dali yoda himself. also, may i suggest a few ayn rand books.

Randy –

You obviously feel very strongly that your friend was wronged in Lombard. That is your opinion. Obviously your friend, Mr. Esmail, has the means to fight any legal action to the highest court in the land. He chose not to fight this one



You are being ridiculous! He was charged with 12 different serious and petty offenses. Do you expect him to take them all to the Supreme Court? He does not have that kind of money! $200,000 x 12 is 2,400,000 dollars. And even if he did do you think he sees every case more important than putting his daughter thru medical school which is a very huge expense! The City is fighting one petty case against DF and they are budgeting $1,000,000 unofficially and $400,000 officially. At least the Napergate Man can get legal help for one fifth of what the city can. Of course if you believe this temporary City Manager Bob Marshall character than the city can do things for 1/40 of the cost of this brilliant Napergate Man. 200k/5k is 40. I guess our City Manager just declared himself 40 times smarter than the Napergate Man. I wonder why we are looking for another City Manager if he is so brilliant! Really laughable! (For the newcomers the Napegate Man won this bottle of Korble case surrounded by 11 charges for a cost of $200,000. He used 4 attorneys one of which was on contingency or basically free. The case lasted 5 years!) The city claims their entire expense was about $5,000 to $10,000. When we heard that my wife and I simply could not stop laughing? This is the yoyo running our City! Can't we do a little better than this guy! D. bone could do a better job than Mr. Marshall..no doubt about it even though d. bone is high on something.

Plus he was offered a deal that involved no fine and in essence no supervision. He took the deal so he can concentrate on the "Big Naperville Case" and not be distracted.

The Lombard prosecutor felt the cop overstepped all his boundaries so he pretty much dismissed the case with a little face saving allowed for Lombard, the village he was paid to represent. The Napergate Man's highly respected attorney, Mr. Brian Telander, recommended he take the deal and he took it.

Now remember with the bottle of Korbel Fiasco this same attorney handled that case. They both had to take time out of their days to go there 7-9 times while Prosecutor Francis Cuneo tried to wear them down. By disposing the other case, Cuneo was not able to wear them down by wasting all their time in two battles instead of one.

T.B., you are so DENSE you have no clue how our legal system works and what a defendant must do to navigate it properly. Apparently, the Napergate Man knew how to navigate it. The court records show he came out victorious in all his legal battles!

Thanks for the post verifying that the United States 7th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the Federal District Court in the Napergate Man's Civil Rights Case! It is nice to see you corroborate Ameena even though your intention is always to smear her.

Why do you have all these evil intentions against the Napergate Man? You probably don't know him and never met him. I think you should go blog on another site where you have knowledge instead of trying to rip apart ruling over Federal and State Appellant Judges. Those Judges are so smart T.B. that can do circles around you. In essence you are arguing with their UNANIMOUS OPINION and VERDICT. They did not have one dissenter. You now want to be the one lone dissenter and you are not even on the Court or qualified for that matter to be on any court.

Give me a break T.B.! What is exactly your agenda on this thread?

You have a hidden agenda and you probably work for the city or the police dept. Nothing else makes sense!

Now we have the "Huntington Estates Lady " whoaaa, complaining after the cops found the people who damaged her subdivisions pool??? Ya, we know, the cops blamed your hero, RIGHT. You don't have an bias so I believe that one too. PS, if that redhead dude is in your pool with a speedo, I wont be coming to your party.

Posted by: Anonymous | February 8, 2008 07:47 PM

Hey Mr. Anonymous,

The Huntington Estates woman is being very truthful. I was there and I think I even know her name which I will give to Ted privately. Plus this story can be verified from police records as a police report was filed by the Huntington Subdivision!

I was a little further away from her(HEL) but this police man was being rude to the Napergate Man and accusing him of somehow coming at night and dumping a dozen patio tables, 40 chairs, numerous umbrellas, dumping all the garbage in the pool and causing much other destruction. The whole thing seemed bizarre. The
cop seemed irate and told the Napergate Man "I know who you are, Basim." The Napergate Man kept telling him he did not do it over and over again.

After some phone calls were made, the police officer ordered the Napergate Man off the premises immediately. That was hard to believe since he has been a member of our pool for 19 years. Not 20 as the HEL stated. I actually checked the records of our subdivision.

And he also pays 3 times what anyone else pays since he is not from Huntington Estates but Pembroke Commons. PC does not have a pool so he asked if he could join ours and we welcomed him. We had to charge him more because the rest of us pay special taxes for the pool that he does not pay as he does not live in Huntington Estates who owns the pool.

Plus not only does he like diving, but he has volunteered to teach our children how to dive for 19 years straight. Never charged us a penny. I was able to verify that. I know it has been discovered that Mayor George Pradel was charging us 25 dollars an hour to snow plow when the Naperville Sun was praising him for his volunteer and civic duties for the last decade or two. I did get worried and double checked with everyone in my subdivision. The Napergate Man never charged us a penny for teaching all our kids plus his own 3 kids how to dive for 19 summers straight.

Every time he comes to the pool he dives for an hour and teaches for an hour. Our subdivision is tops in swimming. Usually top 3 to 4 each year in competition. If we competed in diving, our subdivision would be No. 1 in diving each year in Naperville without a doubt. He can take any kid and within 3 to 4 days having him or her doing perfect dives with perpendicular entrances, toes pointed, knees straight, and no splash! He trains all age groups from 6 to 18 years old. Even gives the life guards tip as to how to do the PERFECT DIVE!

He is so much fun. After every dive every kid is given a rating of 1 to 10. He just puts up the appropriate fingers and the kids get their rating. All our kids love this Napergate Man some people on this blog are bashing. And no kid dares argue with his rating as he is always fair. He does not give any kid under 5 as he is sensitive to their self-esteem. But 6-10. On occasion he has given 11 or 12 when the dive was spectacular and the pool members applauded!

It is beyond me why his name has been coming up like this. He is trying to live a peaceful life. Pay attention to his kids and our kids. And of course he and everyone loves his little white dog, Abby. I once asked him what kind of dog she is. He said she is half cocker spaniel and half bishon frisse. His dog is a real kisser. She will French Kiss anyone to death. She would never bite anyone leash or no leash. He does let her off the leash in our subdivision by the park because the kids love chasing her and she loves chasing the kids.

This is my first time bloggin. I just had to come on and ask why the Naperville Sun is allowing so many people to spread rumors about the Napergate Man. Especially because he is retired and minding his own business. Finally if the Naperville Sun could keep the Naperville Police away from him we would not have all these sudden and consistent eruptions that he and us tried to put behind us 6 or 7 years ago after he took care of Spring Green for us. We have a beautiful view from our pool which is at that famous Spring Green intersection(NE corner) and Mr. Brestal was going to give us the eyesore of all eyesores. It is very well know both in our pool and subdivision who prevented this commercial encroachment towards our subdivision pool....The Napergate Man! Now leave him alone please everyone! He is a true Naperville Hero if people would ever tell his true story and stop lying about him all the time. I just don't understand why people lie about this man especially when everything he seems to do is good.

Please Ted and Jim try to check out some of these sources that are bad mouthing the Napergate Man and try to muzzle if anyway possible! Thank You!

Response from Ted:

I'm tired explaining the difference between a newspaper and a history book. I'm tired explaining why we will not be checking out events from months and years ago. Basim Esmail won't talk to the media, no story, period. This has been fun, but I've got to move on.

D bone, I love your post and how you slam dunk the (napergate colt) everytime. I love waiting to read your post, they make the most sense and you ever notice how Marilyn and Ameena seem to disappear after you nail them on every point.

Keep up the good work, you too SWT.

.You failed to address my point that Mr. Esmail had to believe he had a problem at his store to even attempt a sting. In fact, the sting showed he did have a problem as a sale was made to a minor. I applaud Mr Esmail for his diligence, but there’s no other way to explain the sting except that he had a problem that leaves d.bone an opening.


I think Randy addressed your points very well. You seem to be dense as he is indicating or just have a vendetta against the Napergate Man.

Do you realize the Naperville Police Dept. runs frequent stings against all retail establishments who sell cigarettes? Do you realize that the Roselle Police Dept. where the Napergate Man owned another liquor store ran liquor stings every month?

Does that mean the NPD and RPD feel they have very serious problems? I think not! They are just being diligent and providing a deterrence effect.

So now you want to criticize the Napergate Man for doing what Police Departments across the nation do and is considered commendable? The Newspapers of America and the National Liquor Organization felt that the Napergate Man's efforts were worthy of the National Title for the WAR AGAINST MINORS and awarded him the 1991 Kylix Award. As has been cited by Liquor Man Rick on these blogs he is the only one ever in the history of the United States to win this award as it was only held once after a 2 year selection process. The process appears to have taken so long he was awarded his Trophy either in 1992 or 1993 depending on which newspaper has the story straight.

Stings are not run necessarily because you have a problem. They are run to see if you are having a problem. It you have been following these threads Mr. Densehead you would have known that the RPD ran 11 years of monthly stings against the Napergate Man's store in Roselle before an employee eventually sold to an older looking bearded minor. And it was well known by all that the Napergate Series of Ads were so powerful and revealing that they had to be vetted by everyone.

I will bet you any amount of money that Editor Tim West was vetting them in addition to many others. It would be nice if Jim and Ted would ask him so we know for sure. There is no way some young display girl in advertising would know how to vet those ads. You would need someone like Jim or Ted to make phone calls to the right people to verify. And we all know after Mr. West and his crew were done vetting they were forwarded to some Headquarters of the Naperville Sun in California where they were vetted againand checked for libel and slander. This was after 3 attorneys for the Napergate Man who were obviously familiar with the facts of the case did their own vetting.

I suspect these very unusual procedures were being taken to let City Officials know that the Napergate Man was telling the truth. I think even thought Ted may not know, the rest of us know and feel there was a massive amount of pressure on the Naperville Sun by City Officials to stop those ads. And they succeeded for 2 weeks.

But in the end with Napergate Man surprising them with this printer friend of his(can't remember name but someone mentioned it) able to print 20,000 copies for a penny a piece and his 3500 Napergatian friends helping him with distribution, the pressure was released off the Naperville Sun.

I am no Ameena but this is what I suspect happened. The Naperville Sun and City Officials had a meeting after Napergate V and VI were distributed hand to hand. The Naperville Sun told City Officials we obeyed you but look at what you did to us. Look at the dilemna you put us in!

1. We lost tons of revenue from our No. 1 advertiser and his non-stop Naperate ads that were repeated 2 and 3 times each.

2. You made us look like we censor.

3.You made us look like we don't allow free expression in our newspaper.

4. You provided this perception that we are controlled by City Hall.

5. You made the situation worse as you know the Napergate Man and his supporters stood outside of City Hall and made sure every employee got his ad handed to him or her personally by a friendly smiling Napergatian. Before maybe only the half of the city employees that were subscribers saw his ad. Now you made all your employees aware of his ad while trying to suppress us.

6.Besides costing us the revenue of his Napergate ads he also stopped his liquor ads to put more pressure on us.

7.Do you expect us to start laying employees off now because of what you are doing to us with your tactical uncalled for pressure?

8.Our circulation is tumbling without these Napergate ads as they are distributed free door to door and people no longer need to buy our paper.

9.You are depriving us of making .50 cents per paper as the best part of the papers that are readers love was censored and deleted. I guess deleted is worse than censored when you think about it!

10.Finally Sun officials showed City Officials where the door was and asked them not to let it hit them on the way out.

That is what I think happened! The Napergate Man and the Naperville Sun resumed their excellent relationship like nothing happened until the Napergate Man sold his store and mothballed his series

PS. This is pure speculation and opinion. However I think one person really knows the truth of what happened. It is not the Napergate Man this time. It is Sun Editor Tim West who has to know the whole truth. I just wonder why Jim and Ted don't interview him instead of spending all this money on chasing this mysterious Napergate Man who obviously does not want to be found. The Napergate Man was not in the Naperville Sun building or City Hall when this meeting took place. But Tim West was the Big Honcho at the Sun in that Napergate Era and had to have attended these meetings. Stopping the Press is not something any newspaper does lightly! There had to be some very high ranking officials from both the Sun and City that started this mess and also ended this mess. I am sure most of us would like to know what really happened so this beyond belief Napergate Story can be uncovered fully and we can all move on to the next important story. It seems like the Cover-Up is still in full gear 15 years later with no answers to be found anywhere from anyone.

Again, I do not feel the Napergate Man has all the answers as we all want to believe. While he is undoubtedly intelligent and brilliant, I don't believe he had psychotic powers. Why would the City and Sun invite him to this meeting...makes no sense!!! And I don't think he had the Police dept bugged as Patricia or someone mentioned....that is pure folly!!!

Response from Ted:

Don't stop there, Marilyn. You're thinking too small. Don't you get it? This is bigger than all of us. Here's what I think happened: the Russians and the Cubans were working with the Saudis and the Iranians to covertly apply pressure to not run Napergate ads for two weeks. I'm sure it was not something as mundane as the lawyer in charge of reviewing them going on vacation or anything like that.

R. J.
Since you are posting your negative comments on 2 threads about Drama Queens I thought I would post twice too.

There are many drama queens around here that would have you believe it was some great conspiracy, but I think we will find it only exists in their minds.



We are not drama queens. That is an insult. If you followed the story closely you would understand why people were outraged about the Napergate Man Case.

No one is denying his license was suspended. He obviously did not!
All he wanted to do is get his dog home and turn himself in voluntarily.

What this story is about is they would not let him do that! Causing immense suffering to his dog and even friend who were left downtown with no cab willing to give them a ride. The police even took the H2 Keys away. That is mean! They could have let Bob drive Abby home. No, they wanted to act like a bunch of fascists.
That is what everyone is saying and I agree.

This story will not end until someone is held accountable. I guarantee you that!

Did you not read all the stories about how people are allowed to come in voluntarily for these kinds of cases. One guy was allow to continue driving to his mechanic.

The Napergate Man was hand cuffed and jailed over night while his dog Abby suffered. The other people did not have a dog or kids with them. They were just let go.

This is discrimination by a fascist Sergreant. Plain and simple!

As residents we can never let our police men get away with such behavior.

Not only is this Napergate Man an outstanding citizen but he is an
American Hero who won a National Contest for best liquor retailer against minors.

I was going to post in the Napergate thread but when I saw your outrageous comment accusing me and other ladies of being drama queens I was very insulted.

Were all the courts who ruled in his favor Drama Kings?

You are a little off with your derogatory comment.

If you review the Napergate thread we now have have accumalated 3 incidents of inappropriate behavior by the police against the Napergate Man.

I want to add my name to all those who are calling for Chief Dial to resign.

And I hope our Mayor takes some action before he loses his credibilty in town as this Napergate Man story spreads to all of our homes.

The fascist Sergeant overstepped all boundaries and abused his authority and discretion. As some lady or man said this Sergeant needs to be taken off our streets and given a desk job until this incident is investigated by the Mayor personally who every trusts.

The police dept. can not investigate itself and keep telling us everything is shiny and rosy in our now beautiful town.

We know better than to believe our NPD. They lost credibility ever since that Liquor Commission report labled them fascist and have never restored it.

Posted by: Virginia | February 9, 2008 04:53 AM

I doubt we will be seeing much of Police Officer and his constant defense of Chief Dial. I am almost beginning to think this Police Officer guy is in fact Chief Dial. Has that entered anyone's mind or is it just me?

Posted by: Caroline | February 8, 2008 05:01 PM

I just goot home from drinking. Soo I am nott gooinng to writte
much sincceee I am intsdoxicated.

but yes it entttereed myy mind that thie Polce Oficer character is Chieef Daiol?

OKaayu, I am sottry about my spelllintg but I haver to go sleerp offf my buzzzzzzzzz!

try to write morrre when i cna control my finggetrs a little betttet.

but theis Napegate man story is unbelievabe. people were evn taokin about him in the bars in downtowwwwn Naperviile tongight.

WEEe were all lookinn out the winndow hopin his yellloww H2 woulld pass by...he must havve stayyed home tongiht. no sightghings at alll!!!!!!

Signning off to go sleeep..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,,,,,,,

i am counting the days for this thread to end. it is the most insane, bizarre, psychotic group hug i have ever read. with each new blog from the cult of yoda people aka napergatians, i think for sure it is a joke and there will be a punch line at the end, but no punch line ! now on top of all his other superhuman, amazing, brilliant, awesome, etc... achievements, we now learn he loves diving. he just dives and dives until he can't dive any more. then i guess speedo bob carries him home, and cooks him a nice low-cal dinner before heading out on one of their famous late night walks. now, which car should we take tonight speedo bob ? you get to choose, yellow or black ?

Ted, you might as well get rid of the Perv alert thread now before Maryann sees it and comes unglued. :)

Randy –

You obviously feel very strongly that your friend was wronged in Lombard. That is your opinion. Obviously your friend, Mr Esmail, has the means to fight any legal action to the highest court in the land. He chose not to fight this one.

But I digress.

The real point of my post, Randy, was that Mr Esmail is not infallible and has made mistakes. We all have. Though you give a logical explanation for Mr Esmail’s purchase of beer for a minor, you could have given your side of the story without accusing me of anything. This is common courtesy, isn’t it? But that is not the way of the Napergatians. If anyone dares to question the Napergatians, their modus operandi is attack, attack, attack.

You failed to address my point that Mr Esmail had to believe he had a problem at his store to even attempt a sting. In fact, the sting showed he did have a problem as a sale was made to a minor. I applaud Mr Esmail for his diligence, but there’s no other way to explain the sting except that he had a problem that leaves d.bone an opening.

All I ask is that you wake up and realize that no matter how well-intentioned, mistakes happened and nobody is perfect. I never said anything derogatory against Mr Esmail. I never said the city or mayor did not abuse their authority. All I said was that blanket statements such as “that would never happen at his store” are inherently false.

I do “get it" and am not “dense”. Thanks for the insult, but I refuse to follow along like another lemming.

Caroline –

The CIA is prohibited by law from operating on our shores against US citizens. Just FYI.

But seriously, the word “fascist” has a strong connotation to people around the world. I think those against the NPD are throwing this word around rather carelessly. Please think twice before using this word again.


P.S. Dear God, Maryann, not ANOTHER post asking that this thread not fall off the main page?!? Ted, let this fall off the main page. It’s time to let it go. The handful of Napergate loyalists will follow the thread and continue the conspiracy theory convention no matter where you put it. Besides, all they do is insult you, why should it stay?

Note from Ted:

Like the pictures, T.B.?


Hopefully whomever checked to make sure this person had no DUIs would also let us know if they had any prior arrests for driving with a suspended license.

I hate to clog up this thread with anything unrelated. But I sure was not going to be the first and only fool posting on Massacre at the City Council Meeting.

That is undoubtedly an important and disastrous story. But Ted you can't be the Naperville Sun and Chicago Tribune all wrapped up in one. You are either one or the other. Make up your mind what you want to be?

That story does not belong on these threads. Besides being a national story and not a local, it is very sad and I don't want to see it on the Main Page daily. Please give us a break! It has 0 blogs all day forcing me to come on this Napergate Thread for fear of people thinking I am a lone crazy person for being there alone. Just please delete that thread, Ted!

Everyone seems to have blamed the decline in the Naperville Sun from 22,000 to 15,200 because the Napergate Man stopped running his ads.

I know everyone said that but I disagree with all the bloggers and think it is not because Napergate. It is because the Sun is trying ot be a mut between a local and area newspaper. The Sun needs to be local! I believe a donkey is a mut too. Now why is the Sun trying to be a donkey? Donkeys can't reproduce and if the Sun wants to be a donkey it can't produce.

Let us just be a local paper, Ted. Look it how the School District and the Napergate Threads do so well on your sites. Look it how interesting they are!

I would have thought this Napergate Man is a lone ranger. Every day a new friend of his pops up.How many friends does this guy have? How can one human being have so many friends. How could he get all his mighty accomplishments done with all these friends surrounding him. How could he have possibly had the time and now we learn he has 3 children and a dog!

This mystery is mind boggling, Ted. So many questions and not oen person in the Sun is helping Ameena find any answers.

Is this being done deliberately Ted to keep this thread hot for a long time so you could show your bosses how many hits it has and get some brownie points towards a promotion? I will admit you have done great with Napergate but I believe you are now exploiting this hot thread for your own purposes....for personal recogniton and attention if you will!

I like Napergate but I want the answers now! I just don't want to stay on this thread for a year while Ameena piece feeds us a section every other day.

It just seems unfair!

By the way. I almost forgot to commend Huntington Estates Lady and Randy for both having great posts. Sorry about the delayed commendation but Ted always has me spinning and dizzy with his decision making.

Response from Ted:

You got it, Maryann, council massacre thread is gone.

Joe, it is amazing how the drama queens have turned this into some great conspiracy. Even more amazing how this Napergrate guy seemed to have put this behind him and got on with life, yet many here think they are his appointed protectors and insist on righting something that isn't any of their business.

Drama queens, if you drive with a suspended license, you will get arrested when you get caught. It doesn't matter whether you are suspended for raising a toll scofflaw or suspended for a DUI, suspended is suspended, period. You get caught driving on a suspended license, you will be arrested.

As far as why he was stopped, it is all speculation, with a dose of agenda based rhetoric thrown in for added drama.

What exactly is the purpose of this blog? Its the same nuts posting the same thing over and over, with a new version of the same old story? I would hate to think you people actually have lives but it appears you dont.

Now we have the "Huntington Estates Lady " whoaaa, complaining after the cops found the people who damaged her subdivisions pool??? Ya, we know, the cops blamed your hero, RIGHT. You dont have an bias so I believe that one too. PS, if that redhead dude is in your pool with a speedo, I wont be coming to your party.

HEL and Randy,

I can't beleive what you are both saying. It seems like the whole world has it in for this guy.

He can't go to Lombard for a drink with his friend Randy without being accused of buying a minor a drink when he is off duty!

He can't go the the pool with hie friend Bob to swim without being accused of wreaking havoc with the pool furniture and have a parking lot party.

Do these cops have high school degrees? Have they ever been to Police Academy? They can't tell something kids would do from something grown ups would do. I have never heard of grown men taking patio tables and chairs, throwing them over fence and having a wild party in the middle of the night!!! My husband just told me no older men would ever do such a thing. So how could the cop be accusing the Napergate Man!! And even yelling at him!!!

This defies logic sine we just found out when the Napergate Man wants a drink, he goes to a nice nite club. How can you reconcile these 2 incidents? Either he does one or the other! No body both drinks in a parking and in a niteclub. Usually minors have parties in parking lots and adult go to bars.

I am just wondering if this latest cop has any common sense. I am hoping it is the same cop from the downtown toll incident.I would hate to think we got 2 guys dumber than each other in the same police dept although it is possible!

Huntington Estates Lady,
Thanks for sharing your story about the Napergate Man's harrassment at the pool.

Again this story defies logic. Here is this man that ran a mutli-billion dollar portfolio for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, owns 6 businesses, has a family, runs Napergate Ads, has grass root movements everywhere and some idiotic cop is accusing him and his friend of throwing the patio furniture out in the parking lot. How insane can this cop me? This guy drives a Rolls Royce and a Hummer H2! Those are his toys not the patio chairs and the barbie doll umbrellas...lol....unbelievable what I am hearing here!!!

How do you know HEL if he was not the same cop that arrested him that same summer? Could it be the same guy?

He should be thankful that he has a brilliant guy that can look at a scene and solve the crime. He is not even a trained police officer and he knew what happened.

Why was the Napergate Man even a suspect? He has been at the pool for 20 years. He obviously loves the pool and pays a membership fee. Why would he destroy the pool he loves to dive at?

Nothing makes sense. I hope Ted and Jim do something to help this Napergate Man. Put heat on the police department for one.

I am sure they can verify this incident at your pool because a police report had to be filed once the pool called for help in sovling the crime.

You had an awesome post too, Randy! I was just about to write you and then the HEL comes out with more breaking news.

It just seems the Napergate Man is quietly building a case against the NPD. This is not a guy who does nothing. He lets the cops have fun on the street, documents everying and then nails them in court. That has been his history! I guess history will continue repeating itself.

I disagree with Ted that this is on old story. This seems to be an ongoing story. Now we know of 3 incidents in the last 18 months and the Napergate Man has not even spoken. I wonder how many incidents he has had with these fascist cops that we don't know about.

And yes I feel comfortable calling them fascist because the IABTF said they were and they have taken no remedy to make any improvements. It is simply business as usual with the Big Boys as they think of themselves.

Caroline, I just got off the phone with the CIA and FBI and President Bush has me on hold. I will report back soon, they cant believe the cover ups going on and they are waiting for the next great blog from Ameena before they raid city hall and the police department.

Ill report back soon...

Robert, Melissa, Maryann, Rachael...

No, Ameena did not 'drive me off'. I just got tired of the tin-foil hat conspiracy theories being tossed around and the lack of ability for someone to own up to themselves (or their daughters) doing something wrong that sets forth a chain of events.

Arguing with an officer, parking in a tow away zone, and driving on a suspended license, blowing through toll booths and not paying them... but no, the cops are all guys. Sorry, I outgrew that point of view back in college when I grew a sense of personal responsibility.

Maybe someone will register their vehicle that they no longer drive into their daughter's names so the proper people get their license suspended next time for blowing through toll booths and not doing what it says on the signs about calling the Tollway authority to correct the wrong if they failed to pay their toll.

Reynold's Heavy Duty works great and Costco has a good price for a 2-pack.

That was a great post Randy.

Keep telling us the story of the Napergatian Hero we only knew him as a Zoning Expert.

That is a remarkable story you are telling us.

Those who attempt to tarnish his reputation are embarrassed almost instantly.

You bloggers are doing a great job!

One day we need to get all his subdivision supporters with all his liquor supporters and have one Big Party.

If you guys want I can rent the pool at Huntington Estates for the party. In case you guys don't know the Napergate Man is by far the best diver at our pool. He can do a perpendicular entrance no matter what dive he does.

He is very well known at our pool! Comes almost every day!

One time some kids took all the patio out of the pool and had a party in the parking lot outside the pool after the pool closed. Some damage was done to the pool.

Guess who the Naperville Police accused of this crime before they knew who did it.

Yes, the NAPERGATE MAN was being accused of the crime along with his famous friend Bob that wrote that amazing post!

A Sergeant/Officer was yelling at Basim. All he was telling him is that he did not do such a thing and he would never do such a thing.

The Napergate Man looked at the mess and told the Sergeant/Officer it looks to him like some kids were having a party.

The Sergeant/Officer yelled at Basim at the top of his voice and told him, "It is my job to investigate and not your job" all because he was trying to help the S/0 solve the crime.

But the Sergeant/Officer insisted it was him and his friend Bob that committed this crime. He demanded he get Bob on the phone. Basim complied and got Bob on the phone at which time he was yelling at Bob too.

Make a long story short, the Naperville Police solved the "crime" a few days later.

And it was kids in the neighborhood just as Basim predicted.

They had removed all the patio tables and chairs and had a big party.

It is insane that they would suspect Basim and his friend and demand that Basim come meet with them immediately which he did!

Basim has been a member of our pool for nearly 20 years and has never caused any trouble. All he does is dives, dives dives!

Ask anyone from Huntington Estates or Pembroke Commons! They will tell you the same story..

When did this incident happen? Summer of 2006! I am positive.

This police dept. appears to still be out of control and wants Basim out of town.

My suspicion is Basim is documenting everything and he will take the City to court again and this time knock them out for good.

Don't underestimate this Napergate Man!

I watched the incident while I was helping clean up the mess. The Sergeant/Officer was doing all the yelling. Basim never yelled!

He was called by the police and came immediately to explain he had nothing to do with it and just simply gave a guess as to who may have done it.

As usual he guesses right.

Yes, we have some very very stupid police on our force. If they are not stupid, they are fascists! The bloggers can make up their minds!

All the numerous staff who run the Huntington Estates pool would be familiar with this incident as they were all cleaning the mess.

Nobody interfered to help Basim as the Sergeant/Officer was completely out of control.

He was about 50 years old, about 170 pounds, in good shape and had some gray hair. He was so rude to Basim and all the Napergate Man was doing is cooperating.

He flipped when Basim dared offer his theory as to "who done it."

Yes, he flipped and demanded Basim get off the premises immediately. Basim complied! As everyone says he is not a trouble maker. The Naperville Police are the trouble makers.

The more we blog together we are going to have a great case for Basim to take them to court. This time I hope he cleans out the entire budget of the police dept. I world rather have no police than fascist police. I am sure the State Police can protect us until we can build a new police dept. I think Mayor George Pradel should fire Chief Dial and double up as the Police Chief until we find a new Chief who knows how to train police.

And yes I have heard Basim Esmail speaking very highly of Mayor Pradel to all the hundreds who swim at our pool. He always tell everyone how he hugs his son Adam every time they run into the Mayor downtown during events. I am really surprised Mayor Pradel has not come out to defend someone who is constantly speaking so highly of him day and night.

This whole story is just beyond comprehension. Especially because Officer Friendly will not do anything to help stop the harassment of Basim Esmail. A citizen who dozens of blogger noted respects and admires the Mayor.

I wish the Naperville Sun would put in a call to the Mayor. Basim would never call the Mayor and ask him to interfere. He is just not that kind of a guy. But is the Mayor blind to what is happening in the police dept and to Basim. Does he care? It is beginning to appear to me that this friendship between Basim and the Mayor is a one way relationship and not a two way relationship as we all thought. I am still hopeful that the Mayor will do something before this thing really gets out of control all over again.

And he did tell me about the stop by the female officer just because he went from one shopping center to another. I did not see that stop but Basim told me about it first hand. But I did witness the incident at the pool from about 20-25 feet away as I was volunteering to help clean it before we opened the Huntington Estates Pool for the day at 11am. And there were at least a dozen or more witnesses besides me. The Naperville Sun can call the President and Manager of the pool. They all know about it!

I plan on e-mailing Ameena and Mike as soon as I post this message on this blog!.


Your post is unbelievable! I can't wait until Ameena posts that entire section. But you sure gave us a taste.

I can't believe the FBI and CIA were not called into this case.

He should have at least called his former Commander at the Pentagon to get some help in fighting all these fascists picking on him.

I don't care what anyone says, but after reading Randy's post I believe their was rampant fascim both in City Hall and our police dept.

The fact that Mrs. of Police Dept. disappeared completely is a good sign there is no defense to what happened to the Napergate Man.

If there was she would have popped in the last week or two. She use to be a regular until the Napergate was REVISTED. That was just way too much for her.

I doubt we will be seeing much of Police Officer and his constant defense of Chief Dial. I am almost beginning to think this Police Officer guy is in fact Chief Dial. Has that entered anyone's mind or is it just me?

6."Another licensee served alcohol 2 two minors, an intoxicated person, stayed open after hours, allowed the employees to drink after hours, and did not have a manager on duty. He also called the Naperville Police the "F" word the "A" word and other obscenities all in one day. He only received a 7 day suspension.
(Naperville Police Report #90-11881 and Naperville Commission Report #90-04)


I know your post was serious but honestly I could not stop laughing at our police and T.B and bone head who support them.

These people running are town are jokesters. I wonder if Jim or Ted can kindly let us know if Chief Dial was in fact the Chief at this time. If he was, this really scares me this guy was running a town contolled by gangsters and felons and still is in charge.

Regarding the short post I reposted from Randy's wonderful ad, I think that answers all who don't believe Mr. Napergate was hassled, harassed, and discriminated.

I knew the IABTF had to have some solid evidence to make those strong statements about fascism within our Naperville Police Dept.
Now we find out the evidence was documented for them by Mr. Napergate right in his ads with police report numbers and court case #'s.

I am impressed with this Napergate Man. I can't believe one human being can uncover so much. It just blows my mind!!!???!!!

Marshall says this guy had penetrated every subdivision.

You are right Marshall! But you did forget to say he obviously had also penetrated City Hall and the Naperville Police Dept.

I honestly don't know how he did all this.

I think the Naperville Sun should cover this story both in print and on the interent so we can learn how to watch our governmnet.

Let us face it Everyone in town combined plus the Naperville Sun and Daily Herald can not do what this guy did alone. It is frightening how far behind we are the Napergate Man despite that it is 15 years later and the Internet Age.

I am convinced the only way he could do all this is by having spies working for him in every department in City Hall and the Police Dept. Otherwise he had City Hall and the Police Dept. both bugged. This Napergate Man is just truly amazing and beyond comprehension.

I will be spending a lot of time downtown just so I can him and give him a hug.

He is a real American Hero! I am so proud of him!

Note from Ted:

I believe David Dial was appointed police chief in 1990.

Lastly, the court’s opinion shows that everybody makes mistakes, even Mr. Esmail. How else can you explain the fact that his liquor license was suspended for 30 days because he bought a glass of beer for a minor?

I don’t bring this up to denigrate Mr. Esmail in any way, just to show that blanket statements that such things would “never” have occurred at his stores are inherently false.



Unfortunately your agenda is to denigrate Mr. Esmail while pretending you are a nice decent guy! Anyone can take things out of context.

Mr. Esmail owned only packaged liquor stores at the time. Both you and the Appellant Courts who ruled in favor of Basim noted correctly it was a "glass of beer" that was involved. Glasses of beer are not sold in liquor stores!!!

This glass of beer occurred while Basim and I were at place called Pacific Club in the Yorktown Shopping Center in Lombard. The place had a policy of only people over 23 being let in. We met the girl inside the place and she asked Mr. Esmail to buy her a drink. While he was buying drinks for us he bought her a drink. There were bouncers at the door carding. It was a huge place! About 15,000 s.f. It was the duty of the bouncers to check the IDs and make sure she was of age. Also the bartender should have been a back-up. Mr. Esmail was off duty and enjoying himself. This girl looked much older than her age and Basim had no clue she was a minor.

Making a long story short these minors when they get caught by police always blame someone other than themselves. Mr. Esmail got charged based on a technicality that he in fact bought a glass of beer for a minor unknowingly. Again, he was at a nightclub he did not own. Is he suppose to card minors 24 hours a day 365 days a year. He relied on the staff of Pacific Club to be carding. Apparently this minor may have had a good fake ID as there were 2 security guards up front carding everyone.

Mr. Esmail did have to go to court. He stipulated to what happened and he got instantor supervision and no fine. Basically he was given 1 second of supervision which was cancelled immediately. The Judge and Prosecutor obviously felt the Police Officer abused his discretion in charging Mr. Esmail for such a petty incident which he had no knowledge of or control of. This case is documented in Dupage and I just check it. Basim probably never found time to expunge it since it basically was "dismissed" with ONE SECOND of supervision. How many of us residents go to bar or lounges and began carding the patrons. Obviously, a lot of police officers not just in Naperville but elsewhere have no common sense or enjoy abusing their discretion.

An attorney named Brian Telander handled this case and suggested a quick stipulated agreement and disposal of this ludicrous case with a split second literally of supervision....I believe it was called "instantor supervision." We all know how easy it is to ring up 200,000 dollars in legal fees if you want to fight over every little matter in your life. Only the City of Naperville can find 7 lawyers who will work for $5000 for 5 years. (Don't forget that court reporter that made $25,000 writing the transcripts of the Kangaroo Proceedings by the way.) The rest of us can not!

This same attorney for Basim handled the Korbel bottle also in Dupage Court. But unfortunately unlike the Lombard prosecutor who quick realized he had a dumber than dumb cop on his City Force, Prosecutor Francis Cuneo of Naperville backed his cop for over 30 months of continuances before he surrendered and dismissed the case of the infamous bottle of Korbel. I don't believe anyone ever drank this bottle of Korbel Champagne as it was entered into evidence and traveled from courtroom to courtroom throughout Chicagoland.

It is the most famous or infamous bottle of "Korbel Champagne" in the nation whichever way you want to look at it. I believe it was finally returned to Mr. Esmail as it was his, maybe 5 years later, and I believe he is holding it as a Souvenir! It is probably sitting on a shelf by his 1991 Kylix Award for his National Championship in his war against Minors. Liquor Man Rick probably can check that detail out for us next time he meets with Basim.

The fact that his liquor license was suspended for 30 days as you state, T. B., I assume correctly over this glass of beer is why this case went to the Supreme Court. If you recall the Supreme Court stated that either Mayor Margaret Price or Mayor Macrane(who ever was Mayor and also Liquor Commissioner at the time) abused his/her discretion and authority in dealing with Mr. Esmail.

So by not telling the whole story and nothing but the truth, T.B., you are trying to denigrate Mr. Esmail. However I seriously doubt you will succeed?

Just make sure if you ever go drinking in Lombard you card all the patrons before you start socializing. That is the lesson Mr. Esmail and I learned. We never went back to that town and I recommend no one ever go to that town unless they plan on being cheap and not buying anyone any drinks. I guess Basim was just trying to be generous when a girl asked him to buy her a drink. It appears it is no longer beneficial to be generous in our society.


PS. Soon you will see what kind of penalties other licensees got compared to Mr. Esmail for felonies, DUIs and even battering Naperville cops. I did save that ad so if Ameena does not publish it I will. It will shows the unequal treatment. It is a very powerful and well documented ad. I am sure the Naperville Sun has it and may be puzzled why Basim was treated so harshly for such a petty offenses while others got slapped on the hand at most.

In case Ted or Jim are interested it is Napergate XVII dated Dec. 17, 1993. The third section is titled


Mr. Esmail documented 10 of the 32 cases he uncovered of unequal treatment and discrimination in this very large section. It would take 2 hours to type it but I would not put anything past Ameena.

But here are some tidbits.

1.K-mar received a 1000 dollar fine for 2 sales to a minor. (For less Basim receives revocation)

2.Walgreen's received $1704 fine and a 2 day suspension for 3 sales to a minor. (For much less Basim receives revocation)

3.One liquor establishment was run by 2 convicted felons. One spent 30 days in jail. The other spent 4 years in jail.(Basim can't even leave his store with a clerk while a manager gets coin at the bank for an hour and a half!)

4.One licensee had 3 DUIs in 10 years(Dupage Case # 93-8947) Nothing happens while Basim is charged for buying a girl a beer in a nightclub he does not own or is responsible for.

5.One pub Manager in Naperiville had 4 DUIs and a felony.

6."Another licensee served alcohol 2 two minors, an intoxicated person, stayed open after hours, allowed the employees to drink after hours, and did not have a manager on duty. He also called the Naperville Police the "F" word the "A" word and other obscenities all in one day. He only received a 7 day suspension.
(Naperville Police Report #90-11881 and Naperville Commission Report #90-04)

The first 5 were my tid bit summaries. The last one was actually verbatim Esmail words from his ads to give you a feel how this guy documents and uncovers. The others had Police and Commission numbers to. It was amazing how many felons Basim uncovered were holding liquor licensees in the town. Yes, our City Officials breaking the law and issue liquor licenses to felons? Why was our police department that you all love so much allowing felons to run our liquor establishments? This ad was vetted by Sun Staff and libel attorney for accuracy and slander as all his ads were. Also 3 of Basim's attorneys vetted each ad. Their names are Mr. Lawrence Seriln, Ms.Irene Bahr, and Mr. Timothy McLaughlin. According to Basim only his 4th attorney, Mr. Brian Telander(Korbel bottle case) did not review or vet his ads. I can only speculate he had no time as he was waiting for 30 months in a Dupage Courtroom for Naperville to present their "Crime of the Century" case and they ended not showing up,

Watch when Ameena publishes this one specific ad. No one will see a policeman for a week. They will all be sitting with City Manager Bob Marshall warming up by his fire place while Mayor George Pradel continues his civic duty of plowing our streets.

No wonder everyone loves Mayor George Pradel!

So T.B. to answer your first question;

"How else can you explain the fact that his liquor license was suspended for 30 days because he bought a glass of beer for a minor? "

There is only one way to explain it.....It is called DISCRIMINATION....DISCRIMINATION....DISCRIMINATION....and more DISCRIMINATION...!!!!

Your second question;

"I don’t bring this up to denigrate Mr. Esmail in any way, just to show that blanket statements that such things would “never” have occurred at his stores are inherently false.

Change the word "false" to "true" and you have the right answer...



The only issue we are all discussing is this council meeting.

Council meetings are the first and third Tuesdays of each month.

The council meeting was postponed.

Ameena did not know! Neither did I until Jim told us!

How does that effect her credibility Ted?

It does not!

It affects your reputation because you are bashing someone simply for not knowing something!

Do you know the capitals of Luemberg, Yemen, and Mongolia without looking?

Probably not! Does that mean you have no credibility!

No, it does not! So Ameena not knowing a council meeting was postponed does not go towards her credibility!

Does that make any sense, Ted?

I think I am the 4th person who feels you wronged Ammeena only on the Council meeting postponment.

So try to focus on what we are talking about instead of constantly talking in circles and trying to avoid the simple answer?

Maybe we should have all known the Napergate Man owned another liquor store in town. I did not know until Ammeena mentioned it.

Does that indicate lack of credibilty on my part?

It indicates lack of knowledge and it is not a crime and should
not be criticized.

I hope you see my point an apologize to Ameena on that one tiny point.

That girl really goes out of her way when the attacks become vicious against you and Jim and attempts to calm everyone down. And people listen to her and even stop writing for the night when that girl says something.

She is very highly respected and deserves an apology even though she is not asking for one!

Response from Ted:

I already addressed identical questions in an earlier post, not going to repeat myself.

Becky -

You're welcome to your opinion.

My view is that the word "fascist" is being thrown around here far too lightly. This is not only insulting to the NPD, but it dilutes the meaning of the word.

Kathleen -

Your version is Ameena ignored Ted's "attacks" and "negative comments" because she has class. Did you really mean to imply Ted lacked class?

An alternate version of this story is that Ameena did not see Ted's comments as insulting and the rest of you jumped all over him for nothing.

The lesson here should be to let Ameena defend herself. She appears to be pretty prolific and eloquent so I'm sure she can find a classy way to let Ted know if she somehow felt insulted.


Hi Ameena,

I was so tired from writing all my long letters to Ted the other day I was really worn out and did not log on last night.

But I just saw your new post that everyone is talking about and I want to tell you I love it too!

I don't know how you write so consistently. I just wrote 2 long letters yesterday and the day before and I need a month for my fingers to recover.

They are feeling arthritic. But I had to come on to congratulate you on your lastest research regardless of how my fingers feel.

You are adorable and amazing Ameena!


Did you notice Ameena's class? You attacked her pretty bad in your last post and she did nothing but defend you and praise you.

I think you should apologize to her about that sly comment of yours about her not knowing the time and date of the council meeting.

I noticed 2 other bloogers also mentioned that but you respond by ignoring this specific issue and say you are only ripping apart her opinion.

Her not knowing about a meeting is not opinion! No one knows everything maybe with the exception of this mighty Napergate Man! He seems to have it all and know it all and yet very humble!

Jim showed class by helping her!

Be a man Ted and apologize to her about that sly comment especially after she ignored your negative commnents and heaped praise on you. How many times has she come on and told her numerous supporters to take it easy on you and Jim. Numerous times!

And you treat her like this!

I hope Jim looks into this when he gets back from vacation, I assume, or some convention. But he has been missing and we miss his level headedness and fairness!

But Ted, you did become very fair yesterday after we bashed you so hard the day before. The day before all you did is defend the fascist elements of over police dept. No one said it is all fascist...but contains some very bad elements led by that infamous SERGEANT SICKO!

So I guess you can be pressured like City Hall...just having fun with you Ted. No hard feelings!

I noticed the Road Warrior Girl likes to have fun with you and you suddenly started ignoring her. Are you now going to lump me in with her and also ignore me!?

All we are doing is calling you out when you are inconsistent and being funny about it. I like the Road Warrior Girl's style. Sorry, I can not remember her name suddenly. But she seems obsesesed with bad threads that should not be on the Main Page. I must say she has always been write. I guess that is why you stopped liking her. She was just helping, Ted! That is all and because of her your MAIN PAGE is starting to look awesome. And always find a way to keep Napergate on. Just so you know that is the only reason I blog. Most of the other threads are OK but no one seems to know how to write worth a darn. Did you notice that, Ted? It is so obvious! Why do you think the Napergate thread has such good writers like Ameena, Police Officer, Randy, Bob, Mike, Beilen, Melissa, Marilyn, Mrs. of the Police Officer, Naperville Lawyer, Liquor Man Rick and the list just does not quit. Honestly, why do you think that is! Do intellectuals follow intellectuals on these threads. I guess no one is going to follow a d. bone so I may have answered my own question. No need to respond, Ted! I think I answered my own question while thinking outloud and writing!

Have a good day Ted and get ready for your scolding when Jim gets back. Hopefully, it won't be too bad..lol..

Response from Ted:


Still say I didn't attack Ameena, merely disagreed with some of her points. I did say I'm sorry for criticizing her in the first place so no additional apology forthcoming.

Here are a couple lessons about why getting little facts wrong ruins the credibility of an entire argument.

When I was in high school one of my first assignments for journalism class and the school paper was to write about a kidney transplant recipient who was the son of a faculty member. I interviewed him and wrote a great story that ran in the paper. When my grade came, I got an F. I had spelled his last name wrong. I thought the grade was unfair at the time but it taught me the importance of having your facts straight. Better to learn that in school.

Years later while investigating clergy sex abuse in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Joliet I heard gut-wrenching first-hand accounts from survivors and reported extensively about their experiences and how the church had sheltered sexual predators. In one story I reported how the bishop was turning 75, reaching the mandatory age of retirement. I had his birthday wrong by one day. But it got back to me that the bishop was telling people, "You can't believe anything that Slowik writes, he can't even get my birthday right."

So you see, I wasn't being mean to Ameena--just teaching her a hard lesson about credibility. If she wants to have it, she's got to earn it, like other journalists do. And she's got to be extraordinarily careful about everything she writes or she risks losing credibility. That's just the way journalism is.


You speak of Ameena exaggerrating just a touch.

Well you are exaggerating a lot.

I think Ameena has only posted 3 or 4 sections of 44 Napergate ads and 50 or 60 other political ads the Napergate Man wrote in the Naperville Sun.

The 3 or 4 sections total is less than one Napergate Ad.

She is just giving us a flavor or a taste.

I believe she will publish a large book one day with all his 100 ads and probably an equal amount of commentary.

It will probably be a 2000 page book. But if anyone can do it, we know that Ameena Chick can do it.

I can not wait to buy her book. Napergate Man or Mr. Napergate sound like good titles. Maybe something about a Cover-Up underneath the title and you got a book with a catch cover that will sell. Once she gets a few reviews about this man who keeps beating City Hall, it will be a best seller nationwide.

Everyone loves a small guy who can beat City Hall! Everyone in the USA wants to know how to beat City Hall. She really has got herself a winner! A big time winner!

This chick knows what she is doing!

Maybe she can not move mountains like the Naperagte Man could, but I guarantee you she can write a book and it will make the BEST SELLER list on the NEW YORK TIMES with no doubt in my mind.

Southwest Naperville Taxpayer,

I vividly recall the name of police officer Donald Bisch in both Napergate ads and news articles on these Napergates case.

He was the leader in the police dept. leading the charge to frame the Napergate Man for this bottle of Korbel.

Many police officers testified in that Kangaroo Trial against the Napergate Man under oath and obviously it was proven beyond any doubt they were lying for the 10 City Officials running the proceeding pointed out by name and title in Napergat V that we all know had to be delivered hand to hand by Napergatians. And yes I did get my copy but did not save it as Randy. I wish I would have but Ameena has shown us 2 sections of it. I am confident she will post that entire ad because it is the only one not to be published and in existence. Napergate VI appears to be lost. I got my copy but again never saved it not realizing how big this mess was at the time. Now I realize this was a huge Cover-Up as the Napergate Man told us. Yes, I did not believe him initially and my husband and I thought he was crazy. We just did not believe our Police Dept and City Officials would actually attempt to frame someone. After all it was the 90s and not 40s. But we were wrong and do have a soft spot in our hearts for the Napergate Man like everyone else in town. They really put him thru ordeal after ordeal. But history shows they picked on the wrong guy and miscalculated. Ironically he seemed to get tougher with each battle. I don't think he retired because he was tired. This guy does not tire. All he does is walk his dog miles and miles. Does not sound like a tired guy. I think he just decided it is time to stop beating a dead horse and have fun with his family and dog. Every time Ameena writes we hear more of his victories and reversals..

I can not believe our slime City Officials picked up the phone and called Roselle and Stone Park on this Napergate Man. It just does not end! But he was loaded with ammunition to reverse those decisions. Ironically, after they reviewed his Napergate Ads, they believed them over city proceedings obtained under oath. Obviously in that time the City had lost all credibility. As Ted said they just opened the door for this guy to finish them off and he finished them off every which way imaginable. I think as Ted said, they almost made it a little too easy for a guy known to move mountains. This story is almost hilarious! In some ways now that it is over my husband, Jack, and I can not stop laughing about the stupidity of our city officials! You would have thought they would have popped that bottle of Korbel Champagne and drank it after he agreed to give them 1500 dollar and plead guilty. You got to admit this has to be one of the greatest blunders in American History!

The 10 City Officials running the proceedings could not be the witnesses so they called the 10 cops to say how shameful the Napergate Man's carding was. This is what you call a Fascist Conspiracy.

There was a 500 page IABTF report by the liquor organization which backed the Napergate Man from beginning to end once they smelled the magnitude of the conspiracy.

Why, you may ask, were they so interested? Very simple! Either known or unknown to the City of Naperville he was selected a finalist to go compete for the National Crown by the State Liquor Organization. He was their highest rated candidate. To have him convicted in this way, pretty much indicated that they were sending a criminal to compete for the National Championship. It indicated that their selection process was incoherent and incompetent. It left an impression that maybe the Napergate Man bribed them to be a finalist since he sold so much liquor to minors! They must have been really outraged with this verdict more so than the Napergate Man.

Did the City of Naperville ever talk to the IABTF? My guess is no since they talk to on one as a way to keep covering up. Ted and Jim can verify how much the City Officials like to talk about Napergate. They probably all crept in their Cubby Holes after that front page edition of Napergate on Sunday. That was awesome! Who could not love that one. I bought 5 newspapers so I could save them. Sorry for all those who found the Sun sold out. But I wanted my copies. I would have bought 10 copies but I did want others to read about the Napergate Man. Those are very special copies. I will not throw them away ever like I threw away Napergate V and VI. Sorry Ameena no on has been able to get VI yet but someone has to have it in the attic somewhere. There has to one of those 20,000 copies somewhere. It will be found but most likely accidentally when someone is cleaning a garage or an attic. I just hope they remember Ammena wants it so she can completer her set and write a book. I am good for 10 books Ameena. Please write it! You are obviously the most qualified for that assignment. I hope it will be a National Best Seller so we can put some money in your heavily depleted bank accounts from all that gas you put in your tank to go to the library for the rest of us. You are awesome, Ameena!

The IABTF used the 3000 pages of proceedings obtained from that Kangaroo Court and compared them against those Napergate Ads and probably started some cross checking to uncover the truth. It probably was an easy job. They probably knew those ads had been vetted over and over again not only by the Napergate Man's attorneys and libel attorneys of the Sun. Knowing the old Sun at the time I guarantee you every Editor and Publisher in that paper including Tim West also vetted those ads.

Make a long story short the IABTF identified the 10 cops and Randy just gave you the name of the leader. Does Randy know the names of the other 10? I am sure he knew their names but may not remember them since it has been a while. Plus I do not think Randy and Ameena want to drag police officers in that were taking orders from higher ups. They could be victims of the conspiracy. Who knows? But this Detective Donald Bisch was an aggressive leader.
His name was all over the place.

I don't think this Napergate case is a case you can argue to help defend the NPD. They were beat up real bad and are still in hiding. Even Ted knows they lied about the 5000 dollars that Napergate cost them. Not to be sidetracked, but Ted, this BIG LIE is recent and it by our Top City Official. The Napervile Sun has got him cornered. Why not hold him accountable for the lie in an editorial?!?!? That will teach him not to lie to the taxpayers. And that lie is so blatant you don't have to worry about the City suing the Sun. It is a stupid lie! It is an incredible lie! It is an unconsioble lie! Call them out in the print edition. Obviously you know how successful the Napergate Man was in using your newspapser to call them out time and again!

Ameena nailed him from just the cost of the court reporter of $8.20 a page. What is the point of digging any further? She nailed his number by 5 times the amount that he claims the whole trial cost. She did not even have to investigate what the other 7 attorneys charged. Did you see all the people handling this Kangaroo Hearing in that section from Napergate XVI that Ameena posted. Do you think these 10 guys work for free in addition to the 7 attorneys???? Yeah sure they all were social volunteers recruited against the Napergate Man!!!!

This damn trial cost us way more than the 1.5 million being thrown around by bloggers. This Kangaroo Setting was one of many courtrooms to become involved at one level or another. I am willing to bet he visited at least 10 courtrooms as it was at least a 3 way split-trial of which 2 parts rose all the way to the Appellant Courts. We know his first major battle with the City ended up all the way in the Supreme Court before the highest court accused the City of Naperville of abusing its discretion and power in dealing with the Napergate Man.

Getting off topic again, I just want to point out to Ted from the 1st Supreme Court ruling cited above, it does indicate that police man have discretion. But notice what happens. They were accused of abusing their discretion and power againt the Napegate Man and his Bailey Rd. liquor store.

Which brings us back to this FASCIST SERGEANT. He abused his discretion in handling the Napergate Man. If you abuse your discretion the courts will find against you. The proof can be found in the Napergate Man's first ever victory which I believe took place sometime in 1988. Of course Ameena posted the exact date.
How that girl keeps track of dates is beyond me. If someone asked me for the exact date it would take me day to find it.

Ameena could write a book by the time I find a date.

OK, let me end. I think I made my points. Obviously no one can be as coherent as Ameena but I am trying.

As we all know, Mr Esmail took his case to State court to regain his liquor licenses (for both Naperville locations) and won. Esmail than went to federal court and filed suit to reclaim his $75,000 in legal expenses for fighting the city in State court and administrative hearings. Esmail’s suit “complain[ed] that he was being persecuted by the Mayor of Naperville in violation of Esmail's right to the equal protection of the laws.”

The district court (federal) judge dismissed the suit and Esmail appealed. The federal appellate court ruled that the district court judge erred when the suit was dismissed and sent the case back to the district court level to be heard.

The appellate case was argued on Feb 24, 1995 and was decided on April 19, 1995 (case No 94-3285).

The appellate judge summarized the reasons that Esmail’s liquor licenses had been denied as the following:

“He had given beer and champagne to a minor; one of his managers had failed to register as the manager of a liquor store, as required by the municipal code; and Esmail had omitted from his application form the fact, required to be disclosed on the form, that his license had been revoked.”

The appellate judge noted that Esmail won his State suit because “The true facts were these: Esmail, a leader in efforts to prevent the sale of liquor to minors, had used Stacey Hicks, a 19-year-old, to conduct a sting operation against his own store in order to discover whether a salesperson who he suspected of selling alcoholic beverages to minors was actually guilty. He had not bought Stacey Hicks beer or given her a bottle of champagne. She had bought the beer herself, had gotten drunk and fallen in the mud, had stolen the bottle of champagne…” and made unfounded allegations against Esmail of sexual assault.

The issue of the store manager not being registered for an hour and a half was found to be true, but was considered to be a very minor offense.

The judge also wrote, “As for the failure to disclose a revocation, it is true that back in 1985 Esmail 's license had been revoked because he had bought a glass of beer for an underage female. But the offense had not been committed in Naperville. And on appeal the state liquor control commission had reduced the revocation to a thirty-day suspension--and Esmail had disclosed the suspension on every application for renewal that he had filed after 1985.”

The case can be found at: http://www.projectposner.org/case/1995/53F3d176

Why bring this up now?

First of all, what kind of sting was he running when the girl not only was able to buy the beer but then drink it? I think a reasonable course of action would have been to have the girl hand over the ill-gotten beer immediately. Though, admittedly, Mr Esmail made a poor choice of under cover shoppers since she not only bought beer but also stole the infamous champagne bottle, drank the beer, and then accused Esmail of sexual assault (which was dismissed).

The fact that he felt the sting was necessary says two things--that he was serious about stopping sales to minors, and also that he thought he had a problem at his store.

Many people bristled at d.bone’s long-ago story of being able to purchase beer at Esmail’s store since Esmail’s methods and people were apparently infallible. They denounced him and called him a liar. They even called for d.bone to be banned from the site.

I’m not saying this was a daily occurrence and I’m not claiming this was rampant; however, and I hate to say it, but this opens up the possibility that d.bone was telling the truth. Mr Esmail’s need for a sting and the sting’s actual success showed there were minors who illegally bought alcohol at his store. I don’t know, but I assume Esmail fired the employee involved shortly after the sting proved the clerk was breaking the law.

Lastly, the court’s opinion shows that everybody makes mistakes, even Mr Esmail. How else can you explain the fact that his liquor license was suspended for 30 days because he bought a glass of beer for a minor?

I don’t bring this up to denigrate Mr Esmail in any way, just to show that blanket statements that such things would “never” have occurred at his stores are inherently false.

Before you jump on me, I admit the Mr Esmail made extreme attempts to stop such sales and was recognized for his efforts. I’m just pointing out that nobody is perfect.


Ameena –

Like your comment that the NPD was rampant with fascism, I think your comparison of the Sgt involved in Mr Esmail’s traffic stop to one who may have killed two people is exaggerated and meant only to inflame. Your normally under-control emotions may have gotten the best of you.

As interesting as the many ads may be, I think we all agree that Mr Esmail was wronged and won in court. The newer ads may provide new details, but not much that we didn’t already know. Isn’t the posting of the many long Napergate ads just “preaching to the choir”?


"There are about 10 bad policemen in the NPD and I urge Mayor George Pradel to begin purging us of them since Chief David Dial has done absolutely nothing to clean up his department." Posted by Ameena

To answer your question, I was never in denial about Napergate, but not wrapped up in it either.

By reading the above passage from Ameena it is apparent she knows there are about 10 bad police officers currently in the NPD, and she says the Mayor needs to purge us of them from the department. I thought her research already determined who they are, and exactly what they did (or what they are currently doing) to now justify their firing by the Mayor.

The answers I seek are not to embarrass the officers, but to understand the basis for Ameena's statement. I didn't realize more research was necessary. Her post leads, or misleads, me to believe her assertion is a substantiated fact.

You might consider this a challenge, but I'll bet I won't be able to find the names of those 10 current NPD officers, and exactly what they did that requires their current termination. No time.

I run a business, and almost never get up to Wheaton these days. Too lazy? Maybe. Too busy? For sure. I would like to know the answers to my questions, but I hope I won't be seeing the DuPage Courthouse any time soon.

If my memory services me right, there were two Glink brothers who were lawyers. In the 1970s and/or 1980s, one of them was the Naperville City Attorney. It is interesting that the Glink law firm is the one mentioned in the Napergate ad. Also, is it not the Glink lawfirm that the city has hired to defend them in the Furstenau lawsiut?

I just wanted to come on and say Kudos to Ameena for her insightful reporting on this UNBELIEVABLE NAPERGATE MAN.

And Ted without you this would not have been possible.

And thanks to all the bloggers who are contributing to this remarkable story!

You are the BEST OF the BEST AMEENA!


This Ameena gal just continues to outdo herself.

Have you guys ever thought of sending her to college to be a journalist? Sign her to a long term contract before someone discovers her. She is a treasure! She goes from a small towing incident to the biggest story in Naperville's 175 year history. If that is not a leap, I don't know what would be!

I almost think she could be a Napergate Woman but in reality no one can come close to this Napergate Man.

He just had it all..brains, money, common sense, talent, ethics, morals, dedication, credibility, reputation, stamina, steadfastness, humbleness, business acumen, education, great writer, great layout for his ads and last but not least he has that beautiful Abby that in his eyes beats everything. The guy is ONE OF A KIND. An unusual American Hero!

That Sergeant must have been out of mind messing with an ICON. I wonder if he was clueless or just vicious. Maybe both! But the Mayor should fire the Sergeant!

Response from Ted:

Whenever we have an opening for a reporter we consider applications from many qualified candidates who have already earned degrees in journalism, many of whom already have a couple years professional experience under their belts.

I have been busy lately so I have been limited to reading this great Napergate thread as opposed to posting.

I just came on to commend you Ameena on your reporting of the Napergate Man story. It is obvious how hard you work and how long it must take you just to type those reports let alone dig up all that raw data you needed..

I love your appeals to Mayor Pradel...I hope he is listening.

And many thanks to Host Ted and Moderator Jim for giving us this privilege of blogging 24 hours a day. As everyone is saying this is a really remarkable and amazing story of the guy next door.

And what is beyond comprehension is we have not even covered one full page Napergate Page about this Man.

Publish a book, Ameena! It will be a best seller nationwide and not just in the state. There is no one in the world like this Napergate Man. He seems able to do anything he sets his mind to! It is amazing what a powerful mind can do. The man never flinches!

I can't believe that despicable Sergeant showed him so much disrespect that "fateful evening" as Ted correctly coined it.

You remind us how Basim Esmail took on formidable political foes and spoke the truth. Today his actions of 10 years ago and more continue to be an inspiration to many Naperville residents.


You are speaking the truth! I wish the old Napervile Sun had one tenth of your strength. That old Sun was wimpish compared to you. You are doing a great job with allowing us to have freedom of expression. You are the best TED!

I think this forum feels so good because the old Sun really suppressed us from thinking. It seems only the Napergate Man could think in that old environment. But then that guy could do anything in any environment!

All the battles you mentioned in your last post were unbelievable. But you forget to mention that the Napergate Man wrote all these ads at the same time he was conducting all these battles. That must have been no easy task! Top that with the fact he had a 2 week war with the Naperville Sun and one's mind is blown with this Napergate guys accomplishments.

I can't believe those conspirators who held the Kangaroo Court for the Napergate Man thought they could beat him by disallowing the evidence.

Notice Ted, there is a law allowing our city to limit evidence so they can win. How unfair? Can you have someone look into this stupid law our City Officials made so they can win on an unlevel playing fired? Can't we try to get rid of it?

I believe it was on page 6 of the Kangaroo hearing and it was item 4. Check it out in that "We're Back" Session.

Just imagine Ted and Ameena! They handcuffed the Napergate Man in those Naperville and State Hearings and he still knocked them out.

That makes him a remarkable Naperville and American Hero. We need to build him a statue right behind City Hall next to his old manager Commander Dan Shanower.

What a coincidence that a Great Commnader was trained by a Great American Hero.

The Napergate Man was an expert in so many fields it is hard to describe him. He is just simply phenomenal!

Response from Ted:

It's not a stretch for me to say that, when you read over the old Napergate ads--which were vetted by attorneys from the company that owned The Sun at the time so they must be truthful, right?--that it was pure folly the way Naperville officials then tried to run Basim Esmail out of business and out of town. They lost, in the court of law, and in the court of public opinion. When we did the Napergate story in print recently and quoted the city manager as saying the legal battle only cost the city about $5,000, our hope was that everyone who read that would see what a joke that statement was. Those city people back then gave Basim so much ammo to fire back at them it wasn't even funny. And to this day it's like pulling teeth to get anyone in authority to talk about Napergate. To her credit, Darlene Senger is the only one who in a small way acknowledged the civic activism he displayed.

oh dear god, another novel to read ! what is it you are trying to say ? who are reaching out to ? the police chief dosen't read this blog, the city manager dosen't read this blog, hopefully the mayor does not read this blog, he might though,he is a little simple, god bless him, most of the people of this town do not read this blog. you are writing to your select group of the dali yoda followers over and over and over...
i think we all know this man was wrongly accused and fought city hall and won. he may be the smartest man in the world, he was a cigarette and liquor peddler, he drives fancy cars, he has 5'11" tall red haired friends, a fluffy white dog, he would almost kill for, he is a major player in the stock market, he likes to take late night walks, he likes his latte's and a donut hole now and then, he has esp, when he was 15 years old he ran the biggest hedge fund in north america, he once defeated a friend in scrabble 320 to 6 ! he is never caught without his altoid mints, and he prefers briefs, not boxers. now as for the 06' arrest incident, so far the only people complaining about it, is that of the loyal cult of the dali yoda. no word from the master ! and ameena i wish you would not tell us how much money you have, or don't have, it really takes the steam out of my rebuttal. i would hope you could worry less about his mans life and help you own. god bless you.

Response from Ted:

I have it on good authority that the current city manager is in fact aware of this blog and "tries to stay out of it."

I love your style Ameena!

I am glad you are back. Yesterday all people did is cuss on Ted all day. Nobody could get back on the subject of the Napergate Man.

It got so bad some guy named Todd was accused of being you. He had to unmask himself and admit he was a good friend of Basim just to prove he was not you. Even told us where we can find him if we want insurance.

I can't imagine why anyone would think you would not want to take credit for your hard work with you own name.

This d. bone guy borders on insane. I am glad Todd revealed himself just to make a fool out of d. bone who wanted it look like your bloggin under another name while we all knew you were at the library researching the Napergate Man.

Thanks Ameena! You are the best..

And Ted thanks for letting Ameena tell the story. But she really needs some help. This appears to be a very very long story since this Napergate Man never stopped working while fighting.

I can't believe he managed 6 business in 4 field while fight 5 Court Battles at the same time. If that is not remarable I don't know what is. Yes, we got ourselves an America Hero right in Naperville.

When I see that yellow Hummer downtown I am going to SALUTE HIM.
He deserves my SALUTE after what he has been thru.

May God bless the Napergate Man, Ameena and Ted for letting this story unfold and be told on his Napergate thread.

It is spectacular we have a guy like Ted working for the Sun instead of Tim West who was probably working in cohoots with Mayor Macrane to oust the Napergate Man out of town...

I am glad they all failed..

You are one of a kind Ameena...keep unmasking this Mr. Napergate....he is just too interesting. This is turning into a spectacular story!

I am going to call you the AMAZING AMEENA...

Bring it on Ameena...this Napergate guy is spectacular

You just increased my apetite 10 fold for this Napergate Man.

Your brilliant in your work Ameena.

I hope the Mayor calls you. Sooner or later if we keep this pressure up someone is going to break in the city and break the silence.

The Napergate Man just kept piling it higher and deeper until they had to come out or be smothered...

Awesome job Ameena!


This story is way to big for Ameena to cover. She has not even posted a full Napergate ad as each ad had 4 or 5 sections.

Can't you assign a reporter to help this poor girl unmask the Napergate Man.

You have got to admit this guy is something else.

He really could move mountains and yet was the Naperville Sun's best secret for a decade.

There is so much irony about Napergate and the Napergate Man.

Nothing makes sense but somehow Ameena is putting the puzzle so it will make sense for us.

But this Napergate Man did so much in each day, I think Ameena will need 10 years to cover him.

And how amazing he coined that Napergate title

The City should be happy he is hibernating for a while.

With the spongy brain this guy has, I can only imagine how much smarter he is now.

Did you notice Todd described him as a Walking Encyclopedia?

I think that was an understatment.

If you read that Section of Napergate Ameena posted today, he was even able to predict what was going to happen before it happened. The more you study this guy the more he blows one mind like no one I ever met in my life!

Don't you think that is incredible, Ted? It like he has prophet like abilities.

And then he walks in Market Meadows with a white dog and pretend he is nobody? This guy is really unusual but so delightful!

Response from Ted:

Napergate lives on in this blog, and inspires us print journalists to conduct new investigations into what is happening here and now in the city of Naperville. Sorry, but I can't spare anyone to help pore over the past.

Great job Ameena!

Try to dig up some of that selective enforcement stuff that I mentioned on the first Napergate thread...

And Ted you don't get much credit for your bravery in allowing Ameena to tell this story.

Let us face it you are the first one in the Naperville Sun who had the courage to allow the Napergate Man to be given the credit he was due.

It is so obvious why the City Officials pressured you guys.

Why not admit it Ted? It really is obvious!

Your initial story that maybe a display girl in the advertising dept got frustrated with doing these ads holds no water and is not believable! Come clean with us Ted! You are way to smart and it is hard for you to play dumb when you are smart.

You have a lot of answers you are hiding from us!

But regardless of what you do or don't do you have done a great job by opening up to the Napergate issue which has been taboo for 10 years.

Response from Ted:

Sorry, Cindy, nothing to admit. I have no firsthand knowledge. Even Basim qualified his statement by saying "real or perceived." Been thru this before. Bottom line is, a lot more ads of his were published after that happened, so whatever it was it was only fleeting.

By my search it's Amy, who at 12:35 p.m. on Dec. 5 mentioned Napergate in the thread posted earlier that day under the City Council category, "City Council vs. Furstenau."


It's your Road Warrior Girl who tracks your threads all day and night without getting paid!

I will bet you some guy named Blake mentioned him way before Amy.

Bet me 20 bucks and I will waste my time and track it for you.

Good post Randy...you guys really seem to have goods on the city.

I see how you all called them out in the Napergate Era.

Were you in denial during the Napergate Era. You probably were! Why don't you to the library or Naperville Sun and read the Napergate Series of ads.

The Naperville Police Dept. had a lot of corruption in the Napergate Era and it has not all been rooted it out yet. Instead of asking Ameena to go review that 500 page IABTF for the names, go reveiw it yourself!

Go review the the lengthy court record of the Napergate Man in Dupage.

Go read about Detective Donald Bisch of our fine NPD and when are done you will know what Ameena is talking about. He is still with the dept. Why do have to embarrass these officers by providing their names. We just want the Mayor to purge the Dept and clean it up in any way he sees fit.

I read tons about him as I was the Napergate Man's friend and skimmed the whole 6000 pages. The police were named in it. It is in Dupage Courthouse. A public record!

These officers testified against the Napergate under Oath and were proven to have been lying by the Illinois Appellant Court. They still work for the Dept. and are part of Ameena and Police Officers 10. Also the IABTF! If the NPD knew the report was not true, they would have sued this billion dollar organization. They did not sue because they were nailed and found guilty.

What did our Internal Affairs to do them? Nothing!

Don't challenge me SNT or I will go spend my time in Dupage and get you all those names. But you are the one asking so stop being lazy and get off your butt and go to the court house.

And do I need to tell you about this latest Sergeant that abused and mistreated the Napergate Man. Even Ted agrees he was mistreated.

Don't be shocked if the Napergate Man files a suit against this SERGEANT right before the Statute of Limitations expires.

The Napergate Man already took down the Police Dept. 3 times.
Do you want him to take them down a 4th time? He will if you insist!

Read Ameena's report. This Napergate guy never loses! It is all documented. If you care so much get off your butt and tell your police chief to start making some changes starting with the SERGEANT and DETECTIVE both who are very well known to the Chief. Bob described the SERGEANT and I believe his description was adequate to be able to track him down assuming the Chief wants to hold him accountable.

So I gave you 2 of 10. Go dig up the other 8. They can be found in the courthouse.

Don't you realize how big this conspiracy was against the Napergate Man. Did you read Napergat V that Ameena posted a few days ago. All the conspirators in that Kangaroo Trial were named by the Napergate Man and his numerous attorneys! Ameena named the last conspirator for us in that Kangaroo Trial in Napergate V. The Napergate Man maybe needed a little more time to be sure before he named him. But he named him beore the series was over. His name was Michael Roth.

I think I did a lot of research for you from memory. Now do some on your own and don't expect Ameena to be your servant and spoon feed you all the time. You are acting like a baby who wants to be spoon fed all the time. Get off your butt and get to the Courthouse and don't blog until you can make time for the courthouse.

Stop expecting people to do your work for you.



Spectacular report! Need I say more!!!

Nice post, Ameena.

You remind us how Basim Esmail took on formidable political foes and spoke the truth. Today his actions of 10 years ago and more continue to be an inspiration to many Naperville residents.

Here's a fun bit of trivia related to the issue: Who was the first person to mention Napergate on this Potluck blog?

By my search it's Amy, who at 12:35 p.m. on Dec. 5 mentioned Napergate in the thread posted earlier that day under the City Council category, "City Council vs. Furstenau."

Hi Ameena,

I have been surfin Ted's various blogs hoping you would surface soon.

Your timing was great for me as I was about to leave the office.

Thanks for all that great work you do on this unique and astonishing Napergate Man. He is truly a remarkable individual. I just can't believe you have only posted less an ad or two and we admire him so much. No doubt when you are done we will realize we not only have a hero living amongst us but an ICON. I am proud to be a Napervillian and be in such good company. And what a coincidence we have 2 American heroes coming out of tiny neighborhood liquor store. If that is not a conincidence, I don't know what is.

And I agree with your remarks about Ted. He took an unnecessary bashing. That is like being thankless to the hand that feeds you. We need to respect him! He works hard and somtimes past 10 pm despite starting early in the morning before we even get up!

You are simply too much, Ameena!

How do you find the time to dig this stuff up on this mysterious Napergate Man! Would you have thought of doing all this if Ted did not tip you off and provide all these dates? This Napergate Story just keeps getting more interesting.

It is sad but neither the Naperville Sun or he himself told us much about him. He seems like he hid behind his ads and talked in the 3 rd person. I wonder why he wanted to be MASKED!

I guess not every needs a RISE or their 15 minutes of fame. It seems like this guy was too busy to worry about recognition and fame. It really does sound like he was moving mountains. Don't know how this Napergate did all this stuff with so little time in the day.

But it is said most humans only used 15% of their brain capacity. It sounds like the Napergate Man knew how to use 115% of his brain power. Some people are unique. This guy is one of those unusual people you meet once in a lifetime!


Who exactly are the 10 police officers you are asking the Mayor to purge from the police department? What exactly did each officer do that you feel demands this kind of action against them by the Mayor?

I am breathless after reading your latest report, Ameena!

This is my second favorite post of yours after that conspiracy one. I loved that one as it made so sense! Don't get me wrong this one is awesome too.

I can't believe our system of justice would convict an innocent man twice even though be could affored to hire the best attorney money could buy.

It just tells you us ordinary people have no chance against the establishment or its court system.

I hope it is OK to post again since I just posted. If it is not allowed just let me know. One time the computer would not let me post a second time so quickly. So if this letter makes it and it would not post could you hold it for me and post it when the right time elapses.

The only reason I am posting again is because of this Ameena report. I just can not believe this gal can dig this stuff up.

I just don't know who is more remarkable her or the Napergate Man.

I loved hearing her announce she finally became a Napergatian.

That was funny! Don't you have to get the Napergate Man's permission to become a Napergatian. You already screwed up on that City Council meeting. OK, I am teasing you, Ameena!

I don't think the Napergate Man would ever reject you. You are just too classy! I hope the Mayor writes you! He needs to communciate with us NOBODYS!

I got a suggestion for you, Ameena. Find the Napergate Man and do an interview with him. I bet you could find him if anyone can find him. Go girl! That would be the interview of the decade! It would put you on the map of distinguished investigative reporters.

The Sun gave up trying to find him so you will have no competition...lol..


PS. In case the Mayor reading please look into the arrest and treatment of the Napergate Man. It bothers me too!

Wow, you Ameena girl!

You just keep outdoing yourself! I can not believe how hard you work.

You ought to call the Tribune and ask them for an investigative reporting job. You know how to dig up info just like the Napergate Man.

I am glad you are telling his story. This guy just seems from out of this world. It is hard to believe one person can do all this but I guess it is all documented.

I guess we have to believe it since the Sun reviewed his ads for accuracy and libel. Plus the courts seemed to have validated all this stuff.

Someone in the Sun should do an article about how one man can do all this. It just sounds beyond believable.

Keep posting Ameena! I wish you had an assistant. I hate waiting 2 days between your posts. But I think after reading your post I know what Ted meant when he said the Napergate Man did not have it so easy before the internet age.

But if all this is so Ted and Ameena, how the hell did this guy do all this and acheive all these accomplishment. I am sorry but I have some doubt one man can do all this! It just honestly does not seem believable! No offense to the Napergate Man or you Ameena but something just seems too unbelieveable the more we learn about this man.

Great Job Ameena!

We now know you were at the library doing all this awesome research for us. Thanks sweetie!

You probably have no clue d. bone tried to tell us you were Todd.

I can't stop laughing at this d. bone knucklehead about all the lies he spreads about everyone. I wish one day Jim and Ted will ban him. I just guess we just got to give them some time.

Anyway I was just surfin Ted's threads because nothing had been posted on Napergate for a while. I am glad I saw your post.

You are showing us why so many people love this Napergate Man.

He is truly amazing!

I would need 200 hours in each day to do one tenth of what he did.

I honestly don't know how this Napergate Guy managed to do all this either. Everything about this guy is a mystery. Even his name until Ted somehow dug it up. I don't know how Ted found out his name since you say it is not in any Napergate ads.

Hey Road Warrior Girl,

You always make sense....keep up the good work!!!

All Bloggers,
Kevin, I just saw you post where do we go from here. I think we need to study this Napergate Man a little more before we move forward. I felt for a moment like being the Napergate Man by inviting people to a Council Meeting. It was a fatal mistake, premature and I am glad Moderator Jim pointed out it has been postponed as I did not even have a clue of that and would have embarrassed myself. So I learned my lesson, I am not ready yet to even think I am capable of launching a grass roots movement. Back to the library for Ameena to do her homework and learn more about establishing a grass roots movement. Obviously what this Napergate Man did is not easy stuff. I found out quickly with my first failed attempt.

I read Marshall's post earlier about how deep this guys grass roots movement was in almost every subdivision in town. I am realizing that he did more than just run a newspaper ad to bring out 300-500 supporters when he needed them. He established strong relationships in most subdivisions in Naperville. He dealt with the leaders of all these subdivisions. Just go back and read Marshall's blog to see how deeply this guy was entrenched. And Marshall did not even live in Pembroke Commons or Huntington Estates the 2 front line subdivisions in the War known as Spring Gate.

I want to try to present the story of the Napergate Man in some kind of sequence. Last time I presented a section from Napergate V in which he learned he was just convicted by a Kangaroo Court established special for him as if he was Fidel Castro as Kathleen indicated in an earlier blog. I hate to steal bloggers great comments without giving credit where credit is due. Today, I will present a section from Napergate XVI in which the Napergate Man received a devastating verdict from the State Liquor Commission stating they are upholding the Kangaroo Court's Verdict.

I am sure he was a little shocked since he just ran 11 full page Napergate Ads telling everyone in town 11 times he was INNOCENT. I just want to post this section that he wrote after the verdict to show another trait in this Napergate Man....extreme confidence in his convictions and beliefs no matter what anyone said. He had the State of Illinois suddenly teamed up with the City of Naperville and it apparently did not phase him...not in the least bit. I guess he realized now he had to move a mountain instead of a hill. It is just amazing how this guy suddenly was fighting the combined forces of a city and state and not even flinching. Yet some character with the alien name of d.bone can get under our skin daily. I really think the Napergate Man would be laughing at us for being worried about a tiny pimple stuck on an exposed tail bone.

This Napergate ad is dated November 10, 1993. He was fighting this specific battle as a One Man Operation with the help of his liquor specialist attorney, Ms. Irene Bahr. She was the former Chief Legal Council of this Illinois Liquor Control Commission and considered the top lawyer in the State for liquor cases. Imagine this: He has the best lawyer in the entire State of Illinois and he is 100% innocent and he now is found guilty a second time by the State in addition to the City who had already convicted him The below section will show you he was very legally savvy and knew he was eventually going to turn this whole thing around even though he had just been convicted by the State Commission. His confidence never wavered. His belief in his innocence never wavered. He was as steadfast as the best stallion money could buy!

What is amazing about this Napergate Man is he did not hide in "those" days? As soon as all the papers in Chicagoland reported his guilty verdict as well that both of his liquor license will remain revoked forever, he just takes a full page ad in the Naperville Sun to counter the negative media publicity and declared, "Were Innocent." He just came out swinging. Enough of Ameena. I was just trying to give you a little timeline and introduction

Below is the first section that dealt with a SECOND KANGAROO VERDICT he just received and what he told 50,000 readers in the Naperville Sun.




Last week the Illinois Liquor Control Commission ruled in favor of the City of Naperville. The Commission committed an error with it decision and we are confident that in due time we will be vindicated in the lengthy appeal process. The appeal process proceeds as follows: DuPage County Court - Illinois Appellate Court - Illinois Supreme Court - Federal District Court - 7th Circuit Court of Appeals - U.S. Supreme Court. We lost one battle of the appeal process despite the fact that we were 100% innocent, but there are many battles to come and we are confident that when the war is over we will be vindicated.

In a similar case handled by our civil rights attorney known as Reed vs. Village of Shorewood, the village constantly harassed and discriminated against the licensee while refusing to renew his license. The licensee was finally vindicated by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals of the United States. The Village of Shorewood ended up paying the licensee a very large sum of taxpayer hard-earned dollars. When our attorney was asked why some cases have to reach such high levels of the appeal process before vindication can occur, he explained that at times the lower levels of the judicial process can be very political.(Ameena here...yes he had a female attorney and he is using the word "he" here. No mistake on the Napergate Man's part...remember he was fighting them on the Federal path as will as the State path simultaneously...I believe his civil rights attorney's name was Tim McLaughlin.....Ameena out)

One of the main reasons we lost this first battle of appeal can be found on page 6 of the order affirming the Local Liquor Control Commission. No. 4 of this ORDER states:

"That the City of Naperville has passed the resolution limiting appeals before this commission to a review of the record made from the proceeding before the local Liquor Control Commission."

Since the Honorable Mayor Samuel Macrane controlled what the State Commissioners were allowed to review, the commissioners were denied substantial portions of the evidence, and thus were unable to make a well informed and proper decision. The citizens of Naperville had free access to all the information including 15 fact-filled Napergate ads. The commission did not! In fact, the "prestigious" Chicago law firm of Ancel, Glink, Diamond, Cope and Busch P.C., led by its most popular senior partner and top gun, Mr. Marvin Glink, would not proceed with his 20 minutes of oral arguments until the commissioners confirmed they had not seen our Napergate ads.
(It seems Glink knew the Napergate ads had the documentation in them to prove the Napergate Man's innocence and was terrified of them....it shows you how some attorneys just for money in their wallets will convict an innocent man knowingly and willingly. Kind of sick if you ask me! This Glink guy reminds me of the Brestal guy.....Ameena here) The commissioners then confirmed to Mr. Glink that they are limited to only the evidence that the city permitted in the record and that is what they must base their ruling on.

One of the top law firms in the state was extremely fearful of our 100% truth and accurate Napergate ads. Otherwise they would have used inaccuracies in them to discredit us. Two villages in the last 10 months, one in Dupage County and another in Cook County, who were not limited to the evidence they can review found us qualified to hold liquor licenses and of good character and reputation.(Ameena in...The Napergate Man had a liquor store in Roselle and a nightclub in Stone Park. Apparently the City of Naperville called these villages to notify them he was convicted. They both refused to renew his liquor licenses. However, he met with the respective Mayors of each town and used Napergate I thru XV to convince them that the City of Naperville framed and kangarooed him. He convinced both Mayors and local Liquor Commissions to overturn their rulings and they did. Chop up 2 more REVERSALS for the Napergate Man that we are just discovering as we REVISIT the Napergate in his long 20 year struggle against EVERYONE. It never seemed to end for him. Just to understand and comprehend what this guy was doing here was that he was fighting a WAR on 5 fronts at the same time. And he won them all! Just truly amazing and remarkable....Ameena out)

The point we are trying to make is that sometimes the appeal process does not work. If a kangaroo court such as the one in Naperville run by the Honorable Mayor His Highness Samuel Macrane controls and denies crucial evidence, the appeal process may not work until you are allowed to expose the initial improper proceedings. The City Council can assist the judicial process by rescinding the above resolution that limits appeals before the commission to a review of the record controlled by the biased, unfair and vindictive Samuel T. Macrane Jr.


I can see why people consider this Napergate Guy an American Hero.


1. The Napergate Man owned 6 business in 4 different fields with no partners( Liquor, commercial real estate, video, and night club)

2. The Napergate Man had 3 kids he was trying to raise.

3. Mike informs me he was and remains a major player in the U. S. Stock Market.

4. And somehow he finds time to battle the City Of Naperville in its specially set up Kangaroo Setting, Village of Roselle, Village of Stone Park, and State of Illinois while having a civil rights suit filed against the City of Naperville in Federal Court all simultaneously.

5.Don't ask me how one person can make time for this. I simply don't know but that is why they say this guy can move mountains.

6.And he swept all his legal battles with victories.

7.When this guy switched to development he must have thought it was a piece of cake to get a grass roots movement going to fight City Hall. It is believed he won all his battles against City Hall which included ATT, Spring Gate and S.W. Gate.

8.It seemed like he never got involved unless the City Council already made the wrong decision and then would go on to REVERSE them. He liked starting from 7 feet under or 9 feet under depending on how many council members were on the council at the time. The City Council increased from 7 to 9 during the Napergate Era for those who don't know and would like to learn some history.

9. I think the "WE'RE INNOCENT" section speaks for itself. I put my comments to help new residents. The residents in the Napergate Era had read all prior 15 Napergate ads religiously and did not need my explanations. They use to love getting their Naperville Sun so they could read the latest Napergate Edition!

10.Last but not least, I would like to thank Host Ted. Let us not forget he spent 2 full days digging them from old archives buried in the Sun Building. Without the dates he provided as one blogger noted, it would have been like searching for 42 needles in a haystack the size of Mt. Everest. To let you know how much Ted has helped I have only stumbled on 15 of his non-Napergate political ads. Most people believe there are 50 or more. I am searching for them daily! If I am absent one day I am at the library doing research. These ads can not be copied and pasted. As Ted keeps reminding us the Napergate Man had it hard before the internet Age. I understand what it must have been in that ERA as I have to take my laptop to the library and retype the whole ad from scratch. There is no way to copy and paste!



All his ads combined are about 800-1000 book pages. Again I remind you in the old days the pages of the Naperville Sun were 17 inches by 11.5 inches compared to today which is only 12 by 11. He took advantage of the INK he bought like no one else by loading these pages with facts, evidence and anything he uncovered that the City of Naperville should not be doing. There was quite a bit that the City of Naperville should not have been doing.

As these ads gradually unfold you will realize how corrupt our city was in the Napergate Era. Corruption was rampant throughout the city. You will be shocked when you hear about all the improprieties occurring in our beloved city.. Yes, the Napergate Man was the Master of all Masters for uncovering cover-ups! . And yes he was the Watchdog of all Watchdogs!

Most of the Napergate Man's friends all tell the same story. He gives credit to Mayor George Pradel for stopping the rampant corruption in the City Hall before he took over. Mayor Pradel took over a fascist city and brought it into modern times. He deserves a lot of credit for making our city the second most beautiful city in the United States.

As long as we have an honest Mayor pushing for reforms, the Napergate Man's friends believe we don't need another Napergate. If former Mayor Margaret Price was to ever resurface, it is believed the Napergate ads would resume with intensity never seen before. The Napergate Man does not like former Mayor Price. She also maliciously abused him. She would get equal treatment to Mayor Macrane. Most of us know by now what that means!

Having said all this we hope our fine Mayor Pradel will find a way to save the beautiful setting at the downtown library from being destroyed. As many know I spend a lot of time at that gorgeous library. I hope our city council does not destroy it with an ugly garage. We know you have the power to reverse that disastrous decision the City Council made. It the Napergate Man said it was a bad decision, we all know it was probably a bad decision. Please see to it Mr. Mayor that the council reverse this decision without us having to start a new grassroots organization which we all know is very difficult and costly.

None of us have the power or brilliance of the Napergate Man to overturn decisions. But we all have the same desires he had and still has. Please Mr. Mayor do all you can to save the library and take us to No. 1 in the USA. Mr. Napergate did not want to be 2nd best won he won that National Competition. He wanted to be the best. We want you to be the best and lead us to No.1 in the USA. A great start would be saving the library. I hope we have your ears, Mr. Mayor. I heard you are all ears.

Thanks to all who read my latest blog...back in 2 days. Leave Ted alone while I am at Nichols Library. Without him honestly, there would be no REVISITING of the Napergate Man. This is all only possible because of Ted.



And for all those who think the City of Naperville can do no wrong, just remember that in the Napergate Era also all the residents throughout the city thought City Officials could do no wrong except for one resident. He was the Napergate Man! He was right and all the residents were wrong! He was right because he dug deep to uncover the conspiracies and found them. So for all those who think our police dept is perfect, please don't be naive.

There are about 10 bad policemen in the NPD and I urge Mayor George Pradel to begin purging us of them since Chief David Dial has done absolutely nothing to clean up his department. All he does is "white washes" everything hoping he can retire with a parachute like City Manager Burchard.

You were a very well liked former Police Officer, Mr. Pradel. Everyone at the library loves you and tells me you were known as Officer Friendly. I am sure you would have acted very differently than MR. SERGEANT, if you would have stopped the Napergate Man that fateful night. We all know you would have acted differently and used your DISCRETION to help the Napergate Man instead of hand cuffing him, jailing him overnight and separating from his beloved dog. ABBY. Your police department is so silent you can hear a pin drop. That usually indicates guilt. Notice how an innocent man behaved in the section of Napergate XVI posted above. He held back no fury!

Mr. Mayor, you are a great communicator and that is another reason Naperville residents love you. Please speak up about the behavior of this SERGEANT and tell us you do not tolerate such behavior. This incident will not go away unless we hear from you. Why do we need Eric Zorn ripping up this town when maybe the solution is for you to give this SERGEANT some "tough love?" I think this SERGEANT in his emotional state should not be on the streets. He is very dangerous and can snap at any moment. Please remove him and rehabilitate him, Mr. Mayor before it is too late. In Bolingbrook they were too late. An officer may have killed 2 wives before anyone acted. Their actions now are all sour grapes. Let us not be like Bolingbrook. Mr. Mayor. Let us nip this cancer of our fine NPD in the butt while it is still small.

I want to say I respect you Mr. Mayor, just like the Napergate Man does. He has become my idol. And many people's idol. Please do something Mr. Mayor!
If you need to contact me my

e-mail address is


I have a total of $172.33 in my checking account and $301.14 in my savings account. That is my lifetime savings. So I don't even have money to buy one Napergate ad even if I wanted to, Mr. Mayor. Show me you will respond to people like me who live in and love Naperville but have no money or power like the Wehrlis and Mosers. Give me a listening ear. I only have 2 issues at the moment:

1. Investigate the arrest of the Napergate Man on July 13, 2006 in a fair and unbiased way.

2. Please see what you can do to save the serene setting of the library from the intrusion of an unsightly garage. This is also a wish a wish of Mr. Napergate and many of his 3500 Napergatian followers. You can chalk me up as a new proud Napergatian who loves Naperville!

Please let me hear from you! I would love to hear from you! It would be such an honor, Mr. Mayor!


I like your post. You come on as a very sincere and decent person. Not like that alien d. bone who is always causing havoc.

Keep up the good work! Have you ever thought of leading this grass roots movement you are constantly suggesting.

I would work with you if you start one and choose to lead it. I am sure Ameena would love to join.

Unless we get this grass roots movement going that you and Ameena keep suggesting, our council will destroy our town.

First off, I really enjoy reading the various entries in this thread. I find a lot of the discussions to be very intelligent and thought provoking. I would put myself in the category of being neutral when this whole Napergate story broke on these blogs to joining the majority in thinking that the Napergate Man is a great man for what he went through then and still today. He is a very strong man who takes the high road and wins...which is rare in today's world. He knows when to pick and choose his battles, which makes him a very good politician.

With that being said...one thing that continues to bother me is the personal attacks I read in these entries. I am not sure why people think it helps their argument by personally attacking someone...in fact in my eye's it hurts their argument. The word "credibility" gets thrown around a lot on this thread, but part of being credible in my eye's is being able to control your emotions and keep the discussion at a civil level. It seems to me that anyone who questions or speaks against the majority on this thread gets personal attacks sent their way...that is a very "establishment" type approach to take. The mission of an "anti-establishment" movement is to listen to all ideas, no matter if you agree with them or not. The "anti-establishment" people are suppose to have the thick skin that the Napergate Man had. I would imagine he would not too pleased with people making arguments by using personal attacks, he believe in logical and factual arguments that made people think. Sometimes that gets lost in all of the mud slinging that goes on here.

Again, my opinions side with the majority when it comes to the Napergate Man, I just believe everyone should have a right to present their case without having to deal with personal attacks. Calling people names does not strengthen your case...it hurts it. Regarding TB...I think he is a getting an unfair wrap and lumped into a group where he doesn't belong. He present his ideas in a civil manor most of the time and he asks a lot of questions. I think it is good to be challenged and made to think that one extra moment on the question at hand. I participate on a lot of non-for-profit boards and every board needs someone like TB...someone that questions what is going on so you don't just rubber stamp the item. Just think what this thread would be like if no one question what was being said or presented another view to think about...it would be a thread filled with people who agree with each other...I doubt everyone would tune in that...I could be wrong though.

Now, I have asked three times with really no answer...where do we go from here? A movement of just "words" is not as powerful as a movement of "action"...if the majority of the people on this thread feel there are injustices going on in this town, then I suggest you talk with your city councilmen...they can't ignore a large group of people who feel passionate about a topic. I would further suggest if this is going to happen, it is done in a civil and professional manor...if you go to the city council meetings or meet with them one on one and personally attack them or any city worker...you will loose your credibility in their eyes and the movement will be stopped. Stick to logical and factual arguments. So I ask again, where do we go from here?

So again, I'm sorry, but like some bloggers have pointed out not even Basim Esmail himself saw fit to challenge his conviction on this incident 18 years ago. He seems to have long gotten over the altercation. Let me ask this: If there was the slightest chance his arrest was predicated upon some illegal activity by police, don't you think this bulldog would have filed suit?


Mr. Ted,

If you have been following these blogs Mike has been accumalating information on similiar incidents like the Napergate Man's. Mike posted here on your Napergate Thread asking for people with similar incidents to come forward. Mike and Ameena suddenly are e-mailing each other. Ameena posts asking for information obviously doing Mike a favor since he done her a favor and told her exactly where the yellow Hummer was parked that fateful evening.

Yes, I believe the Napergate Man is a bulldog. But he is a smart and calculating bulldog. More like a leopard who pauses befoe he leaps on his prey and goes straight to the jugular. We already know he leaped on former Mayor Macrane and went right to the jugular. I don't need to remind the bloggers what happend during that fateful LEAP!

Tell me what the deadline of the statue of limitation is for this case and will give you the date he will file his lawsuit.

How much do you want to bet me, Ted? Let us make it 20 bucks!

Maryann, the Road Warrior Girl....

PS. I am not trying to rub anything in by my mention of the Road Warrior Girl. I am just hoping you will remember me. Your threads got very busy with so many new bloggers showing up for this remarakbale but mysterious Napergate Man. I use to be able to chat with you and Jim all day a few months ago when things were so slow before Mr. Napergate suddenly surfaced on your threads like unexpected lightning.

I just want to remind you Ted, even before you unmasked the Napergate with your first thread, bloggers were really talking about him on all threads except District 203 and 204. But amazingly not one person gave or knew his name in over 2 months that I was following the threads. How could he have remained so mysterious and anonymous while moving these mountains? Everything about this guy defies logic and common sense. It just blows one's mind and we want answers. Some come from Ameena but she will never get all the answers. You guys need to get an interview with him Are you sure you left no stones in trying to get that interview so we can finally learn who he really is not from anonymous bloggers but from the MAN himself.

It seems the School District is the only area he never touched. Do you think may because he has kids he did not want to rattle the school districts? There are serious issues in those Districts as you noted but apparently he never wanted to be involved. I am wondering why! What is your hunch Ted!

Can't you at least get us one interview with him? You got Dick Furstenau to give us an interview and he has pending litigation. Why can't you get the Napergate Man since you believe there is no pending litigation and nothing coming?

Having said that, does that not strenghthen my argurment that pending litigation is a foregone conclusion. All attorneys advise you to keep your mouth shut during pending or approaching litigation.

Of course DFs and DPs were not the smartest duo when they let their clients speak to the media. I guess maybe the Napergate Man has much sharper attorneys. We know they brought City Hall down 3 times so they must know what they are doing by if they are not letting the Napergate Man speak!

Marshall -

With regard to "If a judge overturned a wrongful stop of a criminal with firearms and violations...."

Go back to my post of Feb 6 at 7:53 Am and you will see that this case was overturned on appeal and the vehicle stop was deamed legal.

"Anonymous" posted the original info and quoted the first part of an article almost verbatim, but left out the end of the article where the appeal was discussed.

Cherry-picking the facts like that is incredibly misleading.


To all those slamming Ted –

Take a step back and really examine what he wrote.

Yes, maybe he wrote “all” the cops were fascists when Ameena said fascism was “rampant” in the NPD. While maybe not technically correct on Ted’s part, is what Ameena wrote somehow any better? She’s taking the possible tirade of ONE cop and applying it broadly to the NPD.

With regard to the infamous traffic stop, I don’t think there’s too much debate about the facts of the traffic stop. Ted even stated that he disagrees with how Mr Esmail was treated by the NPD that night. Where Ted differed was the reason for the stop and the inclusion of the stop in some new or continued conspiracy.

Ted disagreed with some of Ameena’s conclusions because they were based on assumptions. What’s wrong with this? It’s like the old adage that some people see a glass half empty and some see a glass half full. Just as you will undoubtedly draw different conclusions from what I write, we’re all free to draw different conclusions from what Ameena writes (including Ted).

This is yet another example that when it comes to the Napregate issues, there’s no middle ground allowed. If you don’t fully agree with the true believers, then you’re somehow against them and Mr Esmail. How dare someone speak heresy and deny what everyone “knows” happened that night and why?

Some appear to be highly insulted by what Ted wrote in response to Ameena. If it was so insulting, why haven’t we heard from her yet?


Sharon –

I don’t think anybody here has ever said the cops can stop you without cause. The NPD pulled over Mr Esmail because he was DRIVING ON A SUSPENDED LICENSE. It is a crime, albeit an apparently unwitting crime since Mr Esmail apparently did not know about the violations which caused his license to be suspended.

The issue at hand is whether or not the cops selectively targeted his car to run the plates to find this info to begin with. There are many who believe the NPD did exactly this, even though no proof has been offered to support this allegation.

Simply running someone’s plates at random (notice I say “at random”, meaning not with some malicious intent) is not a crime of any kind and has been upheld by the courts.

In your DUI example, you state that DUIs are thrown out all the time for improper stops. This may be the case (maybe not, how do I know?), but how does that relate to this case? After legally running the plates, the cops knew the registered owner of the Hummer had a suspended license. That is cause enough to pull the car over.

Lastly, I hope you get pulled over by a NPD Sgt soon. It will be fun to see how long (if ever) it takes for you to get the State Police or the FBI to respond to your folly!!


Host Ted and Moderator Jim,

The suspense in this story is killing me. Why do we have to wait 7 day for this FOIA or whatever that is?

Can't you just call a Deputy Chief? They have 3 of them some blogger reported. I think my Aunt yesterday said one is named Vincent. She remembers him from way back.

She told me she is very interested in the story and wants you to call Deputy Chief Vincent. She is checking this thread hourly and hogging my computer today. Can you end this suspense so I can get my computer back from my Aunt, Ted!!

Please! That is a huge police department. I hope they are not dysfunctional like the Napergatians are withou their leader.

If they are, we have double trouble!

Response from Ted:

The law allows agencies up to 7 working days to respond to a Freedom of Information Act request. Sometimes agencies comply sooner, sometimes not. Sorry, you'll just have to be patient.

I just wanted to say your remarks in the opening statement of this thread are a little misleading.

It has been established based on 2 witnesses one directly at the scene and the other with the story told to him directly by the Napergate Man, that Basim never mentioned the Chief's name in regards to DISCRETION until they had asked him to turn around for handcuffing.

I think you need to change that heading before people go after your credibility again all day today. Yesterday was a bit too much! They went overboard but why crack the door open, Ted. Here you have the door cracked open. Close the door before the Napergatians wake up this morning. They tend not to have thick skin when it comes to anyone attacking their leader or even providing a tiny misleading fact like you did above. But it can be blown out of proportion so let us see if we can pre-empt another attack before it starts. Yesterday, it felt like Pearl Harbor was launched and you were all by yourself fighting the entire Japanese Air Force. How come Jim did not help you yesterday like he usually does when the attacks get vicious?

I want to point out that is is not like Basim told this Sergeant I control the Mafia and I can have the Chief fire you. Or I know the Chief and I will have you demoted! Something it does not take a brain surgeon to know he will never say.....not that guy...he had a way with selecting words. And notice not a word came out of his friend. He was really trying to be on the up and up at this stop but I really believe as Ameena believes there was some pre-meditation. If not, Ted, why did they act this way since he was being so pleasant! They knew he had a dog with him. He was just pleading for his dog. Once people understand he never made that statement until after being told he was being arrested, I suspect his support to skyrocket as it did in the "Korbel Case."

All he told him was he knows discretion is allowed in these circumstances and he would like it exercised mostly so he can get Abby home.

I think if you fix your heading Basim will get much much more support on this thread. I am surprised he is getting any support with the wording of that heading as is.

Please consider making it more accurate, Ted, so it won't look so tilted to the perceived City View...

Besides not paying attention to details like the Napergatians do, you are doing an awesome job!
Try getting those details and facts straight!!! If you do your popularity will soar!!!

3. It does appear his license place was targeted. Imagine police targeting the license plate of every African-American coming to downtown Naperville...and only African-Americans. Do you really think any Judge or Jury would find that acceptable? Let me ask you Ted and I hope you don't avoid this question? Would you find it acceptable that our cops target the license plate of every African-American who came to downtown Naperville? I am not a lawyer but I do not believe our system of justice would tolerate that as it would be unfair.( Kathleen from her long letter)



Take the emotion and slamming out of Kathleen's letter and it really makes sense and is logical. I am heading to work but wanted to ask you to address this one question she posted.

It just seems to me if cops can do what ever they want, the above question indicates they have a RIGHT TO DISCRIMINATE. I do not believe our justice or legislative systems would allow targeted license plate checks. This furthers the argument for the Napergate Man that if they targeted his plate for whatever reason unrelated to justified suspicion or probable cause, our police dept is in very much trouble.

If a judge overturned a wrongful stop of a criminal with firearms and violations, do you not think he would overturn this silly stop made into a fiasco by his HIGHNESS the SERGEANT?

One thing I think you are forgetting Ted, in all your analysis is that Judges have more discretion than even police officers. As long as the Napergate Man does not get a very bad Judge, I can see him overturning this no-probable cause stop and ordering the nearest Prosecutor to charge the Sergeant with a Class 3 Felony.

Bolingbrook Chief Ray McGury, who is a former high ranking police officer in Naperville, has repeated told the media that an illegal running of a license plate is a Class 3 Felony. If this is wrong blame him. It was widely, very widely repeated on Gretawire.com which is probably the second most popular thread in Naperville today after yours. I think that was the thread until you came along thread. Mostly because she covered Peterson exclusively and people wanted to hear about this OTHER SERGEANT. I guess we now have 2 infamous SERGEANTS from Bolingbrook and Naperville.

I think her thread really took a nose dive as far as locals including Napervillians because the story lasted too long and they could not nail that SERGEANT. I saw a real surgence in your Threads with the decline of her Threads...especially with local Napervillians and surrounding suburbs.

I hope we nail our SERGEANT before our story dies. Time will kill any story. The Napergate Man's story never died all those years because he would pump it up with a new powerful ad every time he seemed to think we were losing a little interest.

A lot has been said about the Napergate Man! Mostly true! But no one ever described his unique manipulative abilities that he exerised thru his Napergate Ads. He had very good pre-Napergate ads but he really notched it up with the start of that Napergate Series.

I think little credit is given to that catchy Napergate title he coined. It is amazing he thought about that. I think when people saw that word they just had to read and read. Who is not going to read about a COVER-UP? No one, thus the extreme power of those ads at the time.

I have to agree with the many that his ads probably had more to do with circulation numbers at the time than any other ad, news article or opinion in your newspaper! Would you agree, Ted?

Once you read one or two columns written by Tim West, you never read a column of his again. He is the most boring columnist in America. If you are having trouble falling asleep, just read one of these columns and I guarantee you it beats counting sheep and it works much better.

Must run to work. I have to commend you Ted for all the letters you published yesterday that attacked you in such a vicious manner.
You must have thick skin! I hope you are not saying the things you are saying knowing they are going to infuriate your readers.
Sometimes I wonder if you get a little RISE like d. bone by indirectly initiating these attacks against you with your own comments?

I want to point out you had a major inconsistency with your bloggers yesterday. You told them it was you duty to remain unbiased and neutral. Suddenly you seemed to be defending the NPD because you felt sorry for them since they were not defending themselves.

I have to agree Ted. Don't defend them! Concentrate on building your site till you have 3500 supporters or more. Trust me once you get 3500 intense bloggers you will have the power of the Napergate Man to influence city events.

Plus I noticed you stated you wanted to be neutral but you took a position against District 203. So again an inconsistency. Of course you lost which shows the bloggers that you and Ameena have a long way to go and need to keep reading those educational Napergate ads. I can't wait for Ameena to post so I can read.

If you do want to achieve the status of a Napergate Man or Eric Zorn you really have to work on your credibility like everyone is telling you and study the issues better so you can be on the RIGHT side not necessarily the Majority Side. Of course if you are RIGHT you will convince the MAJORITY. That had to be the tactic of this mysterious Napergate Man that you uncovered!

Let me suggest a new thread on your site regarding that parking lot library ordeal. Take a position against it and mention the Napergate Man is against it. You will have a winner. I guarantee you Ted. Try it! You have my guarantee you can be the leader in overturning that library fiasco and become a journalist with a reputation. A jouranlist with statue who is highly respected. But remember you have your work cut out for you because you have to REVERSE a City Council decision. But that is what elevates you. Reversing their improper decisions! This one will be an easy one for you becasue every is against it. They must have passed it in one of their no-residents showed-up council meetings. They can be slick when no one shows up!

You will be so respected in this town if you carry the Napergate Man's agenda. I live in University Heights. I will tell you that when that Napergate guy was at his peek everyone in that subdivisions simply raved about him. He just suddenly became an icon after his reversal of Spring Green. That one battle in my opinion just elevated him thru the roof. He had to overturn them not once but twice. People don't realize how many times they thought he would peter out but he just kept coming with more residents to City Hall and citizens to rally on that infamous Spring Green intersection. Plus he must have had a half dozen Napergate ads srictly dedicated to Spring Green. I also recall him having a couple of non-Napergate political ads. They were obviously his ads but he wanted to even rally the anti-Napergatians with ads that he acted like were not his. He was clever! I remember thinking who suddenly would pay for these full age ads but him. I looked at them carefull and knew he wrote them from his unique style!

And Ted, even though I adore Ameena she does not have the resources to pull off a grass roots movement like the Napergate Man. You may have them if you are willing to sharpen your pen and get a little emotional.

Ameena probably has no clue how badly this guy penetrated the subdivisions in Naperville. In his own subdivision he had an attorney helping him out, a CPA helping him out, the PRESIDENT of his SUBDIVISION literally reprinted his ads in the subdivision news letter, a realtor helping him out and advising him, many others and last but not least that Activist Donna Rogers. She use to come to our University Heights subsdivision to rally the troops for the Napergate Man if he was working other subdivisions.

His ads were backed up with calls from all the Subdivision Newsletters pushing his Napergate Ads. When Ameena called for folks to come to the City Council meeting with 2 hours notice she would have failed miserably. Jim really saved her rear end. I doubt she will be making any calls any time soon. She needs to know nothing works without that grass roots following and buses driving them to CITY HALL.

When the Napergate Man called his penetration was so deep he reached everyone. Plus he had that Napergate.Com site which was popular but since the internet was relatively new, not anywhere close to the power of those PRINT Napergate ads.

Got carried away. I am sure I will be late to work. Send me an excuse Ted. I may need one. It is called being addicted to Ted's
Napergate thread. Not sure I want to get over this addiction. I just love this Napergate Site and what you are doing Ted.

I love how you are taking the heat. You are showing some very unique bravery right in the category of that Napergate Man. He was known for his bravery! You saw how he called them all out in that Napergate V ad. If you read that ad, it is like he is standing outside City Hall yelling at them and challenging to a fist fight. He was that mad and angry at them for daring to frame and railroad him.

I believe this famous Napergate V ad is the one Randy said he and 20 others distributed at City Hall before the police threw them out. No one has told us if he and the right to distribute those Napergate ads in City Hall. Do you or Jim know? But now that I remembered Randy's story, I guess I began to understand why I was envisioning himself outside of City Hall calling them out. He was actually there that day and actually "Calling Them Out." As you follow this story it does fit like a puzzle or mystery that we are solving. Those nice thing is we have the answers to the mystery but we just have to wait for Ameena to spoon feed us slowly as time allows her.

And yes Ted, you do get credit for your 2 day effort in nailed those Napergate ads. Without the dates you gave to Ameena, she would be sifting thru 3650 newspapers in that non-internet Napergate Era. Without your efforts she would be looking for 42 needs in a huge haystack. I am sure she appreciates you efforts. I want to tell you I appreciate your efforts in locating them. They really are revealing and nothing has even been done quite like them. Great Job Ted!

You took a big hit on your CREDIBILITY yesterday and you are still standing. I admire you for publishing all that negative stuff about you. But I just wanted to tell the bloggers about all your good deeds and they are many! Especially uncovering the Napergate Series out of the mothballs. And I have no doubt you will restore your CREDIBILITY in very short order.

A nice day to everyone!!!

And I want to ask my fellow bloggers to give Ted the day off from attacks. Enough is enough!
Criticise his opinions but I really noticed many bloggers did cross the line yesterday and attacked him personally which is like hitting him below the belt and not fair! Let us be fair! He allows us to blog and we sometimes take it way too far!! All of us including me! Randy's critcism of Ted really surprised me yesterday because he has always been mellow. So I guess this story can bring out the emotions out of anyone who follows it for any length of time!

Response from Ted:

I'm completely against racial profiling. McGury's statement distinguishes between legal and illegal running of plates Who's to say what's the case here? Could be NPD ran plates of every vehicle on the Riverwalk that night--that would be legal. To me the issue on this thread is that Napergate Man supporters get upset if I point out that Basim committed a misdemeanor for which he was convicted, yet many want me to condemn the police for (they say) committing felonies for which there is no proof. And the entire arguments that elevate Basim to martyr status in this case are built upon this false premise. So again, I'm sorry, but like some bloggers have pointed out not even Basim Esmail himself saw fit to challenge his conviction on this incident 18 years ago. He seems to have long gotten over the altercation. Let me ask this: If there was the slightest chance his arrest was predicated upon some illegal activity by police, don't you think this bulldog would have filed suit? Now before you go saying I'm just defending the NPD let me just repeat that I think the way Basim was treated that night was terrible and the sergeant seems like a bully and I feel bad for Basim, and the only reason it seems like I defend NPD is because people say I do. People saying I attacked Ameena doesn't make it true. I didn't. I poked holes in her logic. That's debating, arguing, challenging, disproving, criticizing, disagreeing with, but not attacking. I apologized while I discredited her theory. I have absolutely nothing against her personally.

If a random check was going on the city could prove it easily. If one was going on I suspect they would have come out by now instead of hiding like a scared dog with its tail between its legs. People come out when they are innocent! Notice how the Napergate Man came out in Napergate X swinging at any City Official he could recall the name of. I think he forgot the name of Attorney Michael Roth in his vicious but appropriate onslaught of those who had just railroaded him.


My Mom and Dad pointed out a mistake I made in my above statement. They told me it was Napergate V and not Napergate X. They asked me to correct for the sake of credibility purposes and I am. I was only 17 at that time but my parents had me reading this specific ad because they wanted to teach me right from wrong. They told me it was inappropriate to disrespect a prosecutor who is prosecuting you. At the time of his comments my parents thought he put all the nails in his coffin and just buried himself. I will never forget that day when that Napergate V ad was delivered to our home(by a Napergatian I assume) and my parents insisted I read it so I would grow up respecting authority and not grow up like the Napergate Man who was disrespecting authority.

Anyway I agreed with them at the time. I was naive and gullible. But I did not have to change their minds as the full story was told. They changed their own minds when all the evidence finally came out in the real court system.{not that Kangaroo Court that was specifically set up for him....you would have thought the City of Naperville just caught Fidel Castro to be having as special court set up over a sale to a minor(sting operation) involving a single bottle of Korbel Champagne). Now that I am 32, almost twice the age, I can finally comprehend the insanity of what took place in the early 90s. This Napergate Thread has been a remarkable history lesson and I will commend you, TED, for thinking about it, setting it up, and allowing us free speech, something the Napergate Man was denied in your paper for TWO WEEKS...but it was only 2 weeks and we need to remember that is not equivalent to censorship! The old Naperville Sun did correct its error and allowed another 39 Napergate Ads. My parentts tell me he stopped on his own and the Naperville Sun did not stop him after Napergate XXXXIV so that made me happy to know!

This was a very emotional story for me as young girl. Suddenly it is emotional again. I got up in the middle of the night because I could not sleep after that long letter.

I do want to aplogize for my tone towards you, Ted. But I feel very confident in what I said. My parents who were at one time very anti-Napergate, read my blog and agreed with me 100% except that one minor error of quoting from the wrong Napergate Ad. As many others, now they consider this Napergate Man a Naperville Hero. No different than his former and famous employee Commander Dan F Shanower who it appears he touched and molded before starting his remarkable career to the highest ranks of the Pentagon!

I am going to try to take Ameena's advice and hold off a day before I write. It just seems 12 hours later the tone of my letter probably buried my message. But reading about a Naperville Hero mistreated by a Sergeant this badly just struck a cord. Plus we own 2 dogs and are so familiar with separation anxiety that dogs first encounter in those early hours, that we only take vacations if the dogs can come along. Dogs encounter this extreme anxiety mostly in the initial hours of separation especially if they are not given time to acclimate properly. I doubt this vicious Sergeant ever owned a dog. He needs to take some human and animal sensitivity courses before he is allowed on the street.

So Abby went thru hell and the Napergate Man only got to take a vacation in a JAIL CELL. Most people are willing to put their pets for a once in a life time trip to Europe but not for a trip to the local JAIL cell for doing absolutely nothing wrong. You upset me Ted when you stated even though he did not know, ignorance is not a defense and he still committed a crime. Wow, Ted that is like me calling a criminal because you knowlingly speed every day at 29 miles in a 25 mile speed zone. I am going to tone it down, Ted, but please tone your comments down about the Napergate Man somehow committing some crime. At best this was a failure of bureaucracy and had nothing to do with any crime committed except for that one SERGEANT and his police assisstants.

PS. I just want to state that if this Sergeant ever stops me, I will stop but I will not lower my windows. I will immediately call the State Police and FBI! He just sounds like someone you don't want to deal with on the street. I know that a Deputy Chief is assinged to monitor these blogs and other stories in the media about the Naperville Police. So I know they will get my message that I am not lowered my window for this SERGEANT. I think I will be able to identify him based on Bob's description. Thank you Bob! You were a real MAN on the scene for being able to maintain such CALMNESS when you friend was being abused so badly. I commend you for that. But I know if I was there, I would have slapped that SERGEANT across his face as hard as I could. If he is going to put me or my friend in a jail cell, I want a reason to be in there. A slap on this SERGEANT's face would be a justified reason to spend 5 hours in jail...but never a $1.60 or even $2.00 in tolls that 2 teenage daughter could not pay because they were caught in the wrong lanes during rush hour. It really seems insane and outrageous. Please don't tell us the police did the right thing and anger us anymore. Please TED!

Note from Ted:

I was just as touched by the account of cruelness shown toward Basim and his dog as anyone. I felt empathy, shock, etc. And I will apologize to you and everyone Kathleen before I say that I cannot change my view that Basim did commit a criminal offense that day, however unwittingly. I have no problem saying it sounds like he was mistreated while in custody, and it's apparent the circumstances leading up to the rest remain in dispute. Thus the overall question, "Is there a conspiracy to get Napergate Man?" remains unsettled.

"....as for ameena, keep on writing, it is amazing that you write soooooo much. some of it may be fact, some fiction, conjecture. hearsay, speculation, myth, a dream ?"

AKA Drama. As in Drama Queen.

It really is a shame that all this time and energy is wasted on a has been issue that even Mr. Napergate himself seems to have put behind him. I guess he knows how get on with his life and actually has one.

This is for guy who reports to be a Police Officer:

If you are a cop (and not a very good one) I'm Assuming of course, (isnt it fun to assume, that way you don't have to have facts or evidence, or interview anyone except the person you are assuming it from. Since your post have "I'm assuming" all over the place. Stop assuming, its not what cops do, they gather facts.

You could assume another completely different set of facts; who cares what you assume.

Here is what we don't have to assume: There was a traffic stop, after a lawful (yes to all who still don't get it, lawful) check of the registration which revealed the owner had a suspended DL. Then a traffic stop was conducted and the guy driving was suspended. (imagine that)

The sgt using his own discretion arrested the driver for a Class A misdemeanor for driving on a suspended license, its irrelevant what the suspension was for and the Sgt would not have any knowledge the amount of toll violations (of course you assume yet again it was for a $1.60 in toll violations . He arrested the guy and was at best had a brief verbal altercation with the driver (assuming again.) It is his call to make and again a Class A misdemeanor is an arrested offense (don't have to assume that)

Maybe you let people drive suspended in your town (assuming you are a cop) but that is not the norm for police departments. One point I may actually agree with you is there are many ways a stop can be handled and as you read from an earlier person who admitted to driving on a suspended license, and was cited without arrest (assuming) What did she do, complained... Maybe the Sgt gave a break once to someone driving on a suspended license, the person complained, and he no longer gives breaks for that offense(assuming)so he doesnt have to deal with the complaints that one person was treated better than another.

Do us all a big favor, if your going to attempt to be the police spokesman on this blog, stop assuming or people will make a lot of assumption about you. You assume the Chief of police is reading these post, I highly doubt it and for him to respond to this incident without the person it affected filing a complaint, what would that resolve. There are a few bloggers in here in a town of over 180,000 and you expect the Chief to respond to this blog? I will take your predictions on the Chief resigning too. (another great assumption)

I assume you haven't been a cop very long or again probably are at best a security guard at Wal-Mart.

Moderator Jim,

I did not plan on bloggin today. I was just enjoying the great reading this site provides. Just great reading.

I just wanted to step in and say I know Todd very well. He is a good man. I buy my insurace from him

I think his character was attacked and Todd who is a very decent man.

I would like you to please over rule Host Ted before we have another unnecessary escalation to distract us from this great thread.

I like to go to sleep reading these awesome posts from Todd, Sharon, and Kathleen who rarely blogged and made up for Ameena missing. Yes, I log on hourly to check on Ameena. It would have been depressing if these individuals did not come forward with their awesome posts. All good writers. I was not aware Todd could write so well. But he is a good insurance man.

Please respect him and delete that filth and defamation about him. I consider him a friend and I don't like seeing my friends made fun of in this way when they are trying to be serious.

I agree with Todd, that d. bone needs to suspended for a month so he can get over his RISE problems.

Thanks for your consideration.

PS. I also think as these bloggers have indicated all day that Ted claims to want to be neutral but has no clue he is defending the city repeatedly while claiming to want to be neutral especially when someone asks him to support Basim.

He really is ruining his credibility. Since I stepped in for Todd, I thought I would mention it. Otherwise I was not going to mention it. I have no axe to grind but would like to see either remain neutral or side with the small guy over City Hall.

Your unconditional love for Ted is destroying him, Jim. You need to give him some tough love like the Mayor did with DF. The longer you wait, the worst it will get.

I was also very repulsed with his attack on Ameena because she did not know the city council meeting was postponed. Your approach to her mistake was admirable. Ted's approach was honestly sickening. She is your top blooger and should be shown some respect she earned the last few months starting with her car towing problem and transferrng herself to Ms. Napergate. She is really awesome and reminds me of the Master.

Response from Ted:

I'll make sure Jim sees this, but since he's not around I'll post it and just say if you think he has "unconditional love" for me, his subordinate, it just shows how little you know.

"If that's the price I pay for not jumping on the bandwagon full of people calling every police officer in town a fascist, so be it." (Ted)

"I think it is high time we put an end to the rampant fascism in our police department since that famous IABTF COMMISSION RULING first disclosed it to us during a very lengthy investigation of the City of Naperville 15 YEARS AGO! ... We need to appeal to our very nice Mayor, who the Napergate Man respects, to stop the ongoing and continuous fascism in our police department." (Ameena)


Reviewing your statement and Ameena's very carefully, I see why people feel like you are losing your credibility and reputation.

You statement said "every police officer in town a fascist." No one ever said that. You made up that statement in an attempt to kiss up to our police dept. while pretending to take on the role of watchdog that was left vacant with the Napergate Man's unfortunate retirement at a young age.

Ameena stated there is rampant, ongoing and continuous fascism in our police department. She made a true and accurate statement. She never said every police officer...you said that and lost your credibility even further. Many of our police are fascist. 10 is 10 to many. A Police Officer on these blogs and the IABTF both know about them. The Napergate Man experienced them lying over and over again in his trial. Yes, they lied in his trials under oath. It was proved by the Appellant Courts. Those fascist cops attempted to frame him. And you are defending them daily instead of calling them out. And what really brought this back to the front burner is that sick Sergeant who attempted to continue the crusade against the Napergate Man.

With you comments Ted you are encouraging this group of fascists within the NPD to continue operating in our police dept. contaminating the 190 good policemen and policewomen as someone already said before me. You are hurting the Police Dept you are trying to help by not asking them to rid themselves of thus 10 thugs of which we know no one is a Sergeant. That guy was a thug of all thugs what he did to the Napergate Man.

For that guy SWT who claims there were only 12 complaints and the dept is shining. Did he ever count the citizens who don't complain because they get no results. Does this sicko SWT not realize that the Napergate Man was abused in 2006 and it is not part of the complaints. How many other citizens were afraid to complain and how many did not because they felt they would not get an ear? Would they really have ruled for the Napergate Man if he would have complained about the Sergeant.

This is what the NPD says. We had 12 citizens complaints. I don't believe that. If the Napergate Man ran a full page ad and asked all the citizens who complained in 2006, at least 112 would come forward and we would find 100 were covered up. He use to produce examples of 12 instances of discrimination in one ad. I am sure Ameena will publish them when she gets time.

So don't believe the "white washing" of the NPD of itself. It shows how dumb you are to believe a dept. will really tell you everything it has in its closet. It never does. You have to uncover it. That is why everyone miss the Napergate Man. He had ways of uncovering everything and showing every scam the city was conducting behind our backs.

Keep playing you games, Ted, and losing respect of the bloggers by the hour. You are nothing but a despicable mouth piece for the police dept. You say you want to be neutral but you defend the NPD. You say you can not be like the Napergate Man and he had a right to be biased but you don't. Great statement but than like a hypocrite you contradict yourself and defend the police dept.

Honestly, I think Moderator Jim needs to have a chat with you. You are really losing it. Ameena should not be researching those Napergate ads, but you should. She already learned what the word credibility means by studying the Napergate Man. She is very credible. I believe it will be proven she is right on that license plate issue. All my life I have heard the police can not do targeted license plate checks on parked vehicles in the STATE OF ILLINOIS. Only random! Laws differ for different states and you are allowing your Bonehead Cultists to publish laws from other states.

I think that one lady proved you wrong when she pointed out all the DUIs dismissed on solely the technicality of a false stop by police. Of course the police think they can stop you whenever they want. Just go sit in a DUI courtroom and see how many times the cases our thrown out because of an improper stop or lack of probable cause. My son got a DUI so I sat in those courtrooms and paid attention. So what you are saying about police can stop you for any reason is BLATANTLY FALSE and only destroys your credibility further.

Police can not stop you for any reason. They need probable cause or some suspicious activity unless it is purely random. My son's DUI attorney told me that and he has a reputable firm right here in downtown Naperville. Very reputable!

Get your facts straight, Ted. Call some reputable attorneys right here in our Fine City. Don't keep relying on what City Officials are feeding you "off the record."

It sounds like you are a rookie who was not around when the Napergate Man ripped everything this city ever told anyone to bit and pieces. We no longer take what our city tells us at face value after the Napergate Man taught us well.

Honestly, you have that famous Napergate Series right on your premises. Take a couple of day off. Read and study them. You will come back a new person who has credibility. I respect Moderator Jim as other people do. In my opinion while you run an open thread your own mouth is finishing you off.

I urge Jim to take over these blogs for just 2 days while Ted goes to Napergate 101 for a few sessions. Unless you send him, Jim, you will lose him.

He seems to be a very nice guy but clueless to what the word credibility means. It really saddens me immensely!


Moderator Jim,
Did you ever wonder that just maybe a lot of us lost interest in your paper with the disappearance of those Napergate Ads. Yes, you declined from 22,000 to 15,200 after the Napergate Era and it was mostly not because of the internet. The minor effect of the internet should have been more than compensated by the almost doubling of our population since the beginning of the Napergate Era. That should be a hint to you as to what it would take to bring your paper back to the glory days of subscriptions. That 22,000 should have reached 40,000 by now. But Ted's constant and uncontrollable defense of City Hall and the Naperville Police Dept are destroying your newspaper. Just come to Ashbury and I will introduce you to dozens of my neighbors who feel the same as I do. Dozens and dozen! Let's make a true change at the Sun and not one for public relations and tokenism!

Look at want Ameena has done for your threads. When she posts 40 people can't wait to praise her or comment on what she says. How stupid d. bone thinks Todd is Ameena. Ameena, is at the library bonehead getting ready for tomorrow. Anyone with half a brain knows that. And I feel Ameena is the greatest and love her to death. She is just remarkable! I can see why she has a huge following. She ignores all the boneheads completely and keeps banging away with her research. No wonder she has so much time. She posts and goes back to work. Like not the rest of us who want to argue all day.

Now we are going to pick on the poor girl, Jim, because she did not know the council meeting was postponed. I did not either. I agree with the other blogger who said Ted should apologize for that commnent. What you did was commendable Jim? Why did you let Ted attack her about not knowing the meeting was postponed? Whose the boss here...you or him! I thought you were the big boss, Jim. Please control Ted. Tell him to stop being biased for the city while he states he can not be biased and be for the Napergate Man. He needs to remain neutral! If TED does want to turn bias, the Napergate Man is right in this case and past cases as have been proven by courts over and over and over again. So be with the party that is right if you want to be biased not with the party that practices blatant discrimination and harrassment. Mercy please, Ted! Be fair! Be reasonable!

I only wrote again because you wanted to argue with my short post and angered me with your lack of credibility!

Response from Ted:

What's laughable about your tirade against me, Sharon, is that I did spend a couple days in the library going through the Napergate ads. I was the one who posted a photo of a Napergate ad here. If it weren't for me posting the dates when all the Napergate ads ran, Ameena would have faced an impossible task trying to find them.

Here's more of Ameena's own words from her 2:49 p.m Feb. 5 post:

"In my opinion all the involved Naperville police officers were trouble makers that evening."

That statement and the others I cited earlier prompted my statement--yes I take ownership of the line--challenging the sentiment expressed here that all NPD officers are fascists who are somehow involved in a conspiracy to get Basim Esmail.

As I've said before, I'm not convinced.

Bloggers are free to to possess all the bias they want. They can start with the predetermined conclusion that a conspiracy exists to get Basim Esmail and work their way backward to find evidence or make up theories that support their belief. I, however, prefer a more scientific and deductive reasoning approach.

I do not accept as fact that the NPD officers who ran the Hummer plates on the Riverwalk that night in July 2006 knew the vehicle was owned by Esmail.

I admire Basim Esmail for his citizen activism, his entrepreneurship and for his diligence in enforcement of laws regarding underage drinking. I feel, because I accept as truthful the accounts by Mike and Bob, that his treatment following his arrest in downtown Naperville that night was a travesty, a lousy way to treat an upstanding citizen who happened because of a technicality to have broken the law.

Where we differ is this: many see this as evidence of an orchestrated campaign against the Napergate Man. I remain open to the possibility that the incident was an instance of a sergeant in a bad mood being a jerk and showing who's boss.

Can we agree to disagree?

hello "todd", i think you have gone off track. i am not pretending to be credible like everyone else on this blog, just trying to be a logical thinker. i am neither for or against this esmail dali yoda, just against some of the ill conceived, illogical positions some of these people take, just because he is THE DALI YODA . please don't take my accusation that you are ameena as anything more than folly. i don't know who you are, i don't care who you are, and i never ever want to meet you. no offense. as for ameena, keep on writing, it is amazing that you write soooooo much. some of it may be fact, some fiction, conjecture. hearsay, speculation, myth, a dream ? all subject to debate. and by the way todd, i already am one of your customers.

Todd -

Over-reacting to d.bone only makes him...worse (for lack of a better word). I don't think he was insulting your gender. I think he was actually trying to be sarcastic based on a post from long ago when Mrs PO made two very quick posts and people questioned whether she actually made both of them (she did).

Just a thought.


Kathleen –

You wrote to Ted, but since you seem to think I am a “total idiot” whose posts border on “NONESENSE” I feel like I have to reply.

First of all, I have no “vendetta” against Mr Esmail. I think Ameena has given us a good understanding of the facts surrounding what happened. I just happen to disagree with her analysis of WHY it happened.

In my 7:53 AM post today I gave case law which allows police to run license plates. The article even discusses the fact that Indiana has automated systems to run every plate that passes the system. I believe Chicago put a similar system into place last year and advertised the fact on the news that their computer could run hundreds of plates per hour. If you know of different case law, I think we’d all like to read it.

Your statement that the NPD had no probable cause to pull over Mr Esmail is only valid if you accept the premise that the NPD had no reason to run his plates. Obviously I think the NPD had every right to run the plates.

I don’t think your unfortunate DUI case is relevant unless you’re going to say the case was dismissed because the cops weren’t allowed to run your plates. If you want to use your case as an example, you need to supply the reason why your case was dismissed-the reason the cops weren't allowed to pull you over.

Kathleen, I don’t defend the NPD if they mistreated Mr Esmail, but I refuse to be a part to this rampant jumping to conclusions and calling the police fascists.

You think I’m an idiot? Prove it. Be specific. Generalities are too easy to hide behind. Bring it on.


Todd –

I appreciate constructive criticism and you have no need to worry about be “slammed” by me.

I actually try to keep my posts short as I often check the sight when I only have a few minutes and I don’t have time to read extensive posts until much later. My recent posts have, admittedly, been much longer but I have also been responding to either lengthy posts or multiple posts.

I think the only complete post I have repeated is a recent one I meant to put on this thread, but put on the old one. I repeated it here. Sorry for that.

As for Ameena, I do concede some points to her but not enough for the strong followers. I think her strength us in research, at which I don’t know if anyone can come close to touching her as the true champ. However, I do differ on some analysis, usually when the prevalent opinion is based on assumptions I don’t think are likely or able to be proven.

Too bad there aren’t more like you, Todd, as I’ve been slammed a fair bit myself, even by Ameena in what I’m sure was just a misunderstanding of what I wrote. Your comments are well taken and appreciated.


i contend that todd really is ameena !
Posted by: d.bone | February 6, 2008 03:13 PM


D. Bone,
You have no credibility! Why don't you identify yourself? I gave my real first name. I have an office in Market Meadows Plaza right near that famous Spring Green intersection. Ted has my last name and he can locate me easily in Market Meadows if he so chooses. Unlike, yourself, most of the rest of us bloggin are real people who give our first names to everyone and our last names to the Naperville Sun in our e-mails.

With residents like you on the loose, I can see why bloggers are reluctant to give their entire full names on these blogs. You do seem a bit pyshcotic. I would be worried if you walked in my offices. I am glad I have a partner and secretary just in case you show up and exhibit some psychotic behavior. You are one person on this earth, I would not want as a customer.

I never met Ameena or know of her except from bloggin. I met the Napergate Man at least 50 times because he also walks his lovely white dog, Abby, in Market Meadows. He shops at Market Meadows and is well known and liked by all the tenants and merchants of Market Meadows who number several dozen. No one has ever said a bad word about that guy. People die to stop and chat with him and of course everyone wants to pet his adorable dog? Abby is a one of a kind dog. By the way he always has her on a leash in our plaza. Always! I do not think there is anything wrong with him allowing her to run loose in that huge park in Pembroke Commons which is across the street from my offices. Been there many times to have my lunch there and get away from the concrete that surrounds me all day.

I only knew him as a person. Did really not understand his politics until I started bloggin here? I only knew him as Basim Esmail. I was shocked to find out Basim Esmail was the Napergate Man. The first time I found out was when Ted first identified and unmasked the Napergate Man in that post with those 44 Napergate ads. Was I shocked!!! Yes, I was since I knew him so well as Basim but never would have imagined this was the Napergate Man, I read about on all these threads it seems for 2 months before anyone would identify him. I am glad Ted finally identified!

I can not wait to see him again but he does not walk his dog in Market Meadows during the winter. But he does during those 3 other seasons. He never bragged about anything. Never told me about any of his accomplishments. Just a friendly and humble guy!

Next time I see him I plan on giving him a big hand shake and telling him not only is he a great human being but obviously a great former politician, activist and mountain mover. I sensed there was something special about this guy but now thanks to this bloggin, I really got to know him. He never seeked recognition. Since he never talked politics at least with me, I have to assume he was happily retired living a new life.

I was amazed by his depth of knowledge of any subject. It did not matter whether it was legal, insurance, business or about animal rights. It is as if he is a walking encyclopedia.

Since I knew his character and personality but not his politics, it was easy for Ameena to sway me from neutral to being solidly in his camp.

It Ted or Jim or anyone in the Naperville Sun would like to buy some car, home, or life insurance please let me know and I will give you guys a call. Not trying to advertise on your blogs but it is insulting when you allow someone like that thug, d.bone to contend I am female when I am a male. I admire Ameena, don't get me wrong here, but I am happy with my gender and have no interest in changing it.

I would like to ask Jim and Ted to please remove that d. bone post of (Posted by: d.bone | February 6, 2008 03:13 PM )
since it contends I am a female. I really can not believe you people at the Naperville Sun would print the filth that it is uttered out of this BONEHEAD's VENOMOUS MOUTH!

I think he had plenty of chances. If you would like to make an appointment with me to meet in Market Meadows just let me know time and date. I am usually available from 10am to 6pm. It is not required you buy insurance, of course!

In the meantime since D. Bone made insulting comments about my gender and accused me of writing or pretending to be Ameena, I would like his post removed. I also would like him suspended for a month so he can stop creating havoc on this very special Napergate Thread.

I assume you guys are letting him to spew his venom because he is pro city. That is why I never said anything the first time around because I felt his mouth turned everyone away from the city into Basim's camp.

But now his insult against me became personal. I did not join the parade last time to ask that his post be removed. I do not want to start a new campaign to have his post removed.

I just want to ask you politely to remove his post as it slanders my character and gender. I don't like that!

Thanks for your consideration of my request.

Note from host:

we're allowing the post to remain.

Your attack on Ameena is uncalled for. There is always case law supporting both sides of an issue. License plate checking is very controversial.

Case law was presented in both Napergate Cases initially with the City temporarily being ahead. They had denied Mr.Napergate from presenting some of his facts and case law. We all know what happened in 3 of his cases when all the flood gates were opened for presentation of all relevant data and case history. The city was defeated 3 times. Once in 1988 by the Illinois Supreme Court. Once by the Illinois Appellant Court in 1995. And a third time by the Federal Appellant Court sometime in the late 90s or 2000s. Just as City Officials tried to dump and discredit Mr. Napergate Man with preliminary case law and got egg on their face, you are now trying to discredit Ameena with one case and it could very easily bring plenty of egg on your face.

I contemplate despite what is being said on these threads that Mr. Napergate will strike at the appropriate time regarding this incident. I don't think his neighbor Mike is accumalating all he is accumalating for nothing. But his strike will not be on this thread or in any media. I believe his strike will be in a courtroom. Case law has to be really researched and studied before you present a case in a courtroom. Almost without exception there is case law for both sides of an argument.

And Ted, it is wrong what you are saying about cops can run licnense plates and stop you as they please. I got an unfortunate DUI and spent over a year in court. It was dismissed because it was determined in a bench trial the police had no probable cause to stop me. This actually happens very often in our judicial system. I was not the exception or only exception for sure. Numerous DUI cases are dismissed every single day if not hour over the issue of an illegal police stop. Otherwise no would ever hire a lawyer. And everyone would be guilty the minute the police wrote them up for any ticket!

Mr. Napergate's case is highly unusual. They had absolutely no reason to stop him. In all the DUI cases that were dismissed no one came close to MR. Napegate in doing absolutely nothing wrong. As far as running license plates, courts have been fighting as to whether the standard should be probable cause or suspicion.
It has to be one of the other with suspicion being the lesser standard. The standard becomes much higher if the vehicle is parked and not moving. You simply can not target for no reason a parked vehicle. There was nothing suspicious about the H2. The fact he parked by a dozen policemen should indicate the man has nothing to hide....so where did the minimum standard of suspicion come from. There absolutely was no reason to check the plates on that vehicle unless there was a random checking on of all vehicles downtown at that specific time. If a random check was going on the city could prove it easily. If one was going on I suspect they would have come out by now instead of hiding like a scared dog with its tail between its legs. People come out when they are innocent. Notice how the Napergate Man came out in Napergate X swinging at an City Official he could recall the name of. I think he forgot the name of Attorney Michael Roth in his vicious but appropriate onslaught of those who had just railroaded him. Of course our sharp Ameena just plugged the name in for us. Obviously she had read other Napergates where he was finally named specifically.

Apparently a cop had some hard feelings for Mr. Napergate from the past which are well documented and decided to see if he could get back at him. Just like in one of those cases cited about where a cop tried to help a friend and was convicted. This is similar with a cop trying to nail an enemy. But Ted, let us not forget about his handcuffing and jailing for something rarely anyone is ever subjected to. Debbie was not allowed to drive. I had a neighbor who was caught for this emission suspension thing in Naperville. The cop did yell at him a little and told him the only place he would let him proceed is to the mechanic. He told him if he drives anywhere other than to the mechanic to fix the vehicle he would arrest him. Of course he took the vehicle straight to the shop and called me for the ride.

My friend was a little shaken. As Debbie he knew he was driving on a suspended license. He admitted it to the cop and told him he had to go to work because he feared accumulating too many absences and being fired as he already had some. But in essence he was not ticketed, not arrested, not handcuffed and not jailed. Cops do sometimes have too much discretion and abuse it. I am glad he treated my friend as he did. My friend a year later is no longer mad at the cop for yelling at him. He knows he was doing something illegal and should not have been. Actually the last time I saw him he felt grateful to the Naperville Policeman for treating him so nicely. He did not realize what he could have done to him if he wanted at that time. Now he fully realizes!

It does seem unfair that they threw the complete book at Mr. Napergate. Regardless of case law, for cops to have thrown the book like that borders on a vendetta of sorts.

This is what Mr. Napergate has in his favor.

1. It appears he did not know his license was suspended. No one would park next to a dozen cops if he knew his license was suspended. He was not drinking so his judgment was not impaired. I think we all know this guy borders on being a genius of sorts to have done all he has done in his life while everyone was trying to stop or railroad him.

2.The suspension was not even related to anything he did or knew about. There are pictures that show it was his daughters. It is hard to dispute those pics. Plus the cops were able to determine it was a white van and they probably knew with 99% certainty he does not drive that van as he a downtown regular.

3. It does appear his license place was targeted. Imagine police targeting the license plate of every African-American coming to downtown Naperville...and only African-Americans. Do you really think any Judge or Jury would find that acceptable? Let me ask you Ted and I hope you don't avoid this question? Would you find it acceptable that our cops target the license plate of every African-American who came to downtown Naperville? I am not a lawyer but I do not believe our system of justice would tolerate that as it would be unfair.

4. So let us think logically. What about if the Naperville Police targeted all license plates of political opponents to the Mayor? Do you really feel this is legal? I am willing to bet you it is not. I obviously used a bad example because it is well known that Mr. Napergate is not a political opponent of the Mayor but I think you get my drift.

5.I can go on and on. But in the end there was not the slightest probable cause to stop him, there was not even any suspicion as some cases above refer to, and in the end as you have agreed he was MISTREATED OR ABUSED after being stopped for doing nothing more than pleading that discretion be used so he can take his dog home. I believe this is exactly why we have discretion. For cases like this. Instead they use it in a reverse manner.

6. Let me give an example that maybe will sink in with the bloggers who don't see Ameena's very good points. Let us say a lady had 3 children with her and she was discovered driving on a suspended license due to emission as cited in Debbie's case or tollway as cited in Mr. Napergate's Case. Assume she knew she was driving while suspended which is usually the case in better than 99% of these cases. Imagine this Sergeant not using his discretion to allow her to get her kids home or arrange for a ride. The community would be outraged,if he used his discretion in such a manner. I hope you agree here. I understand 3 kids are more important than one lovely white dog. But he apparently is very close to his dog and thinks of it as his child.

7. Mr. Napergate is in the extreme minority of 1% or less who honestly did not know his license was suspended. Just as the bloggers believe him so would the jurists. Plus, I am sure he saved that letter he got the day after saying they may suspend him that contained those pictures. And that is by the way how the Tollway does it. My cousin got a very similar letter. Of course he got lucky and was able to get to the secretary of state before he was stopped by police. I guess if Mr. Napergate got that letter in a timely manner we would have no such incident. So one needs to blame the Tollway Authority instead of just bashing this one Sergeant even though he should have excercised much better judgement.

8. I would think the discretion is exactly for this kind of case Mr. Napergate encountered It is completly mindboggling that he would use the discretion in the extreme opposite manner it was intended for. This is what is making my head spin and I think many others heads' spin.

Those T.B.s and d.bone just sound like total idiots. I am sorry for saying that but their arguments border on NONSENSE and you could sense a vendetta in their tone against Mr. Napergate. They are almost defending the police instead of letting the police defend themselves. Don't defend the police! Force them to come out of hiding! We should be embarrassing them to bring them out. That was Mr. Napergate strategy and he always brought them out at some point when they could not take the public shame he exhumed on them weekly! He just kept piling it on until they came out.

I think they thought this guy would go away. He really surprised them with that 40 something Napergate Series of Ads. If they knew he was going to be so persistent they would have come out earlier but I believe they thought each ad would be the last as each cigarette smoker believes each cigarette is his/her last and the damage will be ending soon. They underestimated his stamina and by the time he was done with them I recall they had no reputation or diginity left. The city was mercilously beaten in both his ads and thru his court victories. I will never forget those days. No one believed this man would beat the unbeatable City Hall. My Dad and Mom, initially thought he was an insane wacko. They told me so! They obviosuly changed their minds after all those court rulings and hold him in the highest of esteem these days.

From a humane point of view, no one can argue that the Sergeant was way out of line. As bloggers have said there is a letter to the law and spirit to the law. By going against Mr. Napergate, in my opinion Ted, you are saying the letter of the law should be enforced at all times. The police have a right to use their discretion. You are saying that the police have right to ticket you every time you go one mile over the speed limit. You are saying the police have a right to ticket you every time you do not put your turn signal on within a 100 feet of an intersection. Ted, you and I know you break these laws every day. If because you wrote an editorial condemning the police department and suddenly you were experiencing these violations I just mentioned, you would be hollering much louder than Mr. Napergate's supporters. And your entire staff at the Sun would be backing you 100%. So be fair to the Man and stop defending the police and city when they are wrong. You will never bring them out by defending them. The Napergate Man brought them out by BLASTING them. Don't defend them! Challenge the Big Boys who act like this Sergeant on the streets when they have all their power, to come out and defend themselves in the media. A forum where we are all equal! I am sorry Ted, but your attempt to constantly defend them borders on shameful. If you want to be neutral and unbiased as you claim, why are you defending the NPD when they are clearly wrong. No differnt then the Sun of 15 years ago. You guys can't let loose. Look it how tightly you are holding on to Mr. Tim West who symbolizes Mr. Establishmet just as much as Mr. Napergate symbolizes Mr. Anti-Establishment. You are taking the side of the wimps who can not defend themselves. I am calling them wimps as a way to call them out. They are wimps! Only wimps would do what that Sergeant did to Mr. Napergate. And I will like to join all those and call this specific Sergeant a despicable low life human being. He does not belong on our fine NPD. He belongs in jails with thugs like him. And if Chief Dial does not take action, it will be noted by this blogger, my Mom, my Dad, and every citizen evenutally that he is backing a THUG. I hope he does not plan to retire with that reputation and memory. Once the Sun starts calling it as the rest of us see it, our Police Dept. will come out and defend itself. As long as the Naperville Sun is shamelessly defending our police against actions they took against a Naperville and National Hero, the Sun will take the slippery slope right down the gutter that our police dept has already taken.

Personally and I have to say this in a very blunt fashion, you are making a fatal error by going against Mr. Napergate in this ridiculous case. This case is worse than the bottle of Korbel Champaign Case. Mr. Napergate has some very fine attorneys who have done circles against the best the City could ever come up with TAXPAYER MONEY. Money does not win these cases. In the end common sense wins them especially if there is case law on both sides of an issue. I am almost certain a jury of Mr. Napergate peers would rule in his favor over this Sergeant who overstepped all boundaries and abused his discretion in a very blatant and forceful manner. If Mr. Napergate's distinguished life long accomplishments are allowed into the trial, the City would have no chance. Based on this cops very impaired judgment in this one case, I tend to suspect he has made many other bad decisions.

I think Internal Affairs, if it exists which is a big question no one seems to be able to answer, should look at this Sergeant before he snaps. Let us not wait until it is too late as Bolingbrook did in the Peterson case. This Sergeant is not in control of his emotions. He appears to be a little psychotic. He is carrying a badge and a gun. Many Naperville citizens will be confronted by him in the future. He is dangerous and should be given a desk job until his mental stability can be evaluated by a psychologist or two.

In summary I give Ameena a 9 out of 10 on her analysis. I feel your analysis is not worth even a failed grade Ted. I will not insult you with a grade. I am not a professor but if I were, I would grab you and tell you Ted, take one more day and resubmit your disastrous analytical report. You are a nice guy! I hate giving you an F and flunking you! I want you to graduate. I hope I made my points. Unlike the Sergeant I don't want to mistreat you. I want you to go home and try to fix your report up. There is no need to arrest you! And there was no need to arrest Mr. Napergate and put Abby thru all that agony. Just simply unbelievable that any human being would operate like that Fascist Cop! Unconsionable!

Response from Ted:

I didn't attack Ameena. I respectfully disagreed with her. You fail to see the difference. In my opinion you and others like you are the fascists for stifling my minority opinion in this matter.

Here's the definition of fascism:

Fascism is an authoritarian political ideology (generally tied to a mass movement) that considers the individual subordinate to the interests of the state.

So you're saying I should throw my beliefs out the window and jump on the bandwagon just because the majority of people posting on this topic have a view that, in my opinion, is wrong.

I thought you all might be interested to know that, according to the "Benchmark City Survey - 2006 Data" the Naperville Police Department received a total of 12 citizen complaints, (11 for sworn officers - 4 founded, 1 unfounded, and 6 unsubstantiated, and 1 for non-sworn employees - unsubstantiated). Keep in mind we had close to 190 sworn officers at that time, and there were only 11 citizen complaints! I find this report belies the assertions of a near "Gestapo" police department run wild, as some of you professed on the last thread. Do you really believe an "out-of-control" fascist police department would only receive 12 citizen complains in 2006? Please don't waste your time trying to convince me how wrong I am for posting this information because it contradicts your opinions. More police bashing and conspiracy theories won't change it.

You can look it up on page 20 at http://www.naperville.il.us/emplibrary/B-Benchmark-General.pdf . The comparisons to other cities are reported. Imagine how bad it must be to live in Plano, TX where there were more than six times as many citizen complaints during the same period.

It's a good idea to gain more knowledge before you decide to show up at the City Council meeting raving about the near "Gestapo" police running rampant in Naperville, and your outrage over the arrest of a man driving on a suspended license in 2006.

Don't hate me because I'm truthful, and credible. Maybe Ted and I see eye to eye sometimes because I actually passed Journalism 101, AND advanced investigative reporting. It has stuck with me. We know there's always more than one side to a story. You don't have to stick up for Ameena claiming her speculation, and biased opinions are believable. People can make their own decisions on that, including me. I would advise you not to fall for all she writes just because it might seem believable to you. She can obviously speak for herself and, whether you like it or not, so can I. I enjoy reading the Napergate ads verbatim, as posted by Ameena, but I don't go along with the misleading conjecture that some of you might misconsrue as undebatable fact.

todd, a new name for me. first off, i am not quite sure how you might define intellectuals on this blog ? are they the ones who claim to be intellectuals, or claim to have mba's ? or do they fire off pages and pages of illogical, nonsensical hog wash that most of these people voraciously lap up ? i believe it was one of your prophets, ameena who is so outraged at the police dept. for the treatment of the little white dog, she wants us all to march on city hall and demand justice! i may need some help remembering, but who was it that dragged the white dog 3-4 miles ? not the npd !
i contend that todd really is ameena ! also, it is a shame that with all his brain power and esp, the dali yoda had chosen a career where he sat on his rear-end all day and sold liquor and cigarettes to wino's and low-lifes, present company included. it does not seem to be a very virtuous occupation. i will say, mr. esmail dali yoda is an interesting fellow, with his late night walks, his 5'11" red haired friends, his fluffy white leashless dog, his esp, his yellow hummer, his black rolls royce and his posse of mindless followers. he really may be the most understood man in the world.

I don't think the bloggers are calling every policeman in town a fascit. I may be wrong but I think you are wrong! Show me some proof! That is a very strong accusation!

I think they are calling this one Sergeant a fascist and those 5-10 that Police Officer refers to often. He thought they were history but you can see he was very surprised. He chose to confront the issue when Marilyn called him out. And he did an eloquent job!

I think most bloggers are differentiating between the bad police and the good police.

Unless you can show me where the bloggers are calling every policeman a fascist your credibility will continue to be damaged. As the previous blogger said many of us includng yourself need to learn what this word credibility means from the Napergate Man.

It really is a very important word. You either build or destroy your reputation on this one word. I kinda see how the Napergate Man built his reputation on credibilty and I am seeing how you are slowly eroding your reputation by not choosing your words carefully to salvage what may be left of your credibility.

I would like to also end by stating your attack on Ameena was very lame and I felt repulsed by it. Especially the part about her not knowing the City Council meeting was postponed. We know how busy she is. We know what she is doing almost daily. And now you want to cut her down for not knowing a city council meeting was postponed. Only someone with low self-esteem would make such an uncalled for remark.

Moderator Jim showed tons of class by coming in to tip her that she made a mistake and save many of us from going there. He did not try to embarrass her as you did. He tried to help her!

You showed you were classless by doing the opposite of what the Moderator did.

I think you owe Ameena an apology only for that one remark. You can rip her opinion all you want. That is your right! Not that anyone is going to side with you over her! But to expect her to know everying as if she has a staff like the Naperville Sun does or like the Napergate Man did is ridiculous.

At this point she is a one person operation trying her best and in my opinion doing a great job. Only God knows how much the Napergate Man made when he was running that multi-billion dollar pension fund for Blue Cross. He obviously had lots of money to achieve his goals. Ameena is lacking this kind of money he had which he translated to power. And don't misunderstand me it could never have been translated to power if he did not have the brilliance to put it to use so effectively. Many people have money but they can rarely put it to such effective use as the Napergate Man did. He was just a unique fellow like everyone on these blogs is saying. And I admire just as much as Ameena does! Just don't have as much time to write as that adorable Ameena.

Keep you eye on that babe! She will be somewhere in 10 years and will surprise you. She is also unique in her own ways. She is not in the category of the Napergate Man is in. But who really is? Nobody I ever read about or known! But Ameena is impressive and will get somewhere impressive one day. Maybe she will never be able to move mountains like that Napergate Man but she will definetely be able to move hills. And that is more than any of the rest of us will ever be able to do. I commend Ameena for all her hard work! Keep it up sweetie!

Response from Ted:

Here are Ameena's own words:

"I think it is high time we put an end to the rampant fascism in our police department since that famous IABTF COMMISSION RULING first disclosed it to us during a very lengthy investigation of the City of Naperville 15 YEARS AGO! ... We need to appeal to our very nice Mayor, who the Napergate Man respects, to stop the ongoing and continuous fascism in our police department."

I don't think I attacked Ameena. I challenged her. Because she built this argument around a false statement--that it was illegal to run his plates, when it was perfectly legal. I have said on several occasions that as far as personal feelings go I hold Ameena in high regard. No attack, merely a deconstruction of her post.

T.B. and Ted,
I think T.B is an excellent blogger and presents an excellent oppossing view.
But I have one serious objection. He constantly copies and pastes old posts such as to Debbie. The Napergate thread is notoriously long even after a day. I think people should write all they want. I love reading the long posts by T.B., Ameena, Maryann,Police Officer, Bob, and on and on. But no one constantly copies and posts like TB.
If you want to refer to an old post just refer to it by time and date and we will check it out. When Ameena did her very long and truly insightful post she did not report Bob and Mike's posts. She simply gave us time and date. If she copied and pasted them she would have had a book instead of a chapter and Ted would need to start Napergate Thread III. As Ted said it gets difficult to look up information when you get over a hundred posts. And more difficut if someone would repost his letter 3 times.

Plus when you keep reposting your same letter to Debbie, it looks like you are trying to convince the bloggers by repeating yourself until they heard it so much they begin to believe it. Ameena posts once and disappears back to the library and maybe court to do more research. She comes back with new stuff. She could really hog these threads if she posts all 43-44 Napergate Ads. She does not! She gives us one or two sections every few days.

When the Bob's controversy came, she stood on the sidelines to avoid taking over.

Don't get me wrong T.B., I love reading all you write. I actually read all your posts at least twice. But I don't want to see them a second time and read them 4 times. As you noted some of us have jobs Most times we can refer to your old posts on our own. There is a way to find them and we know how to find them. If you feel we will not be able to find them please post a time and date like Ameena and others do and we will will find them. I am just giving you constructive criticism as PO gave Ameena. So please don't come and slam me.

Again I think you present excellent points in review but it does not have to be repeated. I have noticed what others have noticed that this thread is loaded with intellectuals including yourself. So please don't insult their intelligence by repeating your posts in hopes they will accept them. It almost begins to feel you are launching a propoganda war to impose your views on others by repeating yourself.

Ameena by far has the most acceptance on these blogs and she never repeats herself. She seems to have gotten outstanding reviews by numerous bloggers. I think only one blogger may have come on to praise her twice but maybe he or she forget to say something. I also recall she was unoffically the best blogger. I am guessing by a landslide. That should tell you the necessity of repeating yourself so often....it is simply not necessary to repeat your point for it be accepted. Valid points will be accepted the first time around. Repeated points are weak points that begin to sound like propaganda spewed at the readers constantly because they like validation.

I must say Ameena is very believable. She is very logical she presents facts. She quotes first hand witnesses and gives you time and date of their posts. Her analysis is outstanding. Her opinions are very logical. If you would ask me if your arguments stand the remotest chance against hers. I would give you resounding NO! You have to do much better to puncture anything in her story. Another analytical mind on this thread is Police Officer. He is obviously very pro police and a Dial loyalist. But he knows what his limits are with Ameena. He knows she's sharp. He has tons of credibility because the does not dispute this unwritten Professional Courtesy which is improper but widespread. Even Mrs. of the Police Officer admits it. Thus they gain credibility by doing by admitting the very obvious. Sometimes I feel Ted tarnishes his credibility by not admitting the very obvious such as Wehrli and Moser are not treated like an Esmail. When Ted can't admit something so obvious the readers laugh at him while typing. They are saying sure Moser would be hauled to jail for the night if Moser's daughter did what Esmail's daughter did and runs a .40 cent toll booth! I guarantee you both the Sergeant and Chief David Dial would be fired the next morning by the powerful establishment. We all know this and Tell really insults our intelligence by insinuating otherwise

Unless T.B., SWT and d.bone concede points to Ameena like PO and Mrs. of the PO they will continue to have your credibility shattered day in and day out. Just some advice for whatever it is worth. I started neutral on this site but I feel like a Napergatian due to their awesome credibility. They may be wrong but you will never catch them in a lie. Their leader, Mr. Napergate, taught them very well!
Even his opponents should study him and learn from him. It would enhance their credibility. The differnce between Mr. Napergate Man and TED is the Napergate Man just tells it as it is. He does not care about political correctness. Ted is always worried about political correctness. I think that is why this Mr.Napergate has such support, has such respect, is admired and considered an American Hero. I have watched him attacked the last 2 months. All it does is it enhances his iconic status. There are some people you just can't attack and win. Many very powerful people, prosecutors, Mayors, cities and organizations tried. They all fell in ruins while he was on his path to his numerous accomplishments. His bluntness and honesty just gave him the power of a bulldozer and nothing could stop this Napergate Man.

He was truly one of a kind, very unique and obviously brilliant beyond imagination.

Response from Ted:

I call 'em like I see 'em. I react honestly to what I read here. Call it political correctness if you want. If that's the price I pay for not jumping on the bandwagon full of people calling every police officer in town a fascist, so be it. I never, ever challenged the statement that a Werhli or a Moser would be treated differently than an Esmail. And I never have claimed to make any comparison to what I do and what Napergate Man did. My mission and duty are not the same as Basim's. I have to remain objective and fair as much as possible. Basim did not have that responsibility--he could be as biased as he liked.

d.bone, that case overturned on appeal.

"The U.S. Attorney's office appealed, saying that Americans have no reasonable expectation of privacy in their license-plate numbers, and therefore police need no probable cause to conduct computer checks.

In a 2-1 ruling, a three-judge panel from the 6th Circuit agreed. They said that "a motorist has no reasonable expectation of privacy in the information contained on his license plate under the Fourth Amendment...The very purpose of a license plate number, like that of a Vehicle Identification Number, is to provide identifying information to law enforcement officials and others."

keep pulling all these cases from the netherworld of the internet, not impressive. just like ameena. our fine city is in very fine shape with good police officers DOING THEIR JOBS. if you would like to site the above cases as an example of some form of freedom, and we should be relieved that there are dumb judges letting felons loose on the streets, with illegal firearms then you should happy living in THAT world. this current napergate accusation is a debacle.

i would hope we could now move on and enlist the services of the great esmail dali yoda to somehow repeal the d203 referendum. it is unbelievable to me that anyone would vote yes for that thing. are we now handing over more money to these people who have already shown that cannot be trusted ? when will my taxes go down ? it seems my home value is down. my salary does not increase art the supersonic speed that these taxes go up and i do not get any better services than before.

i am going to ramble a bit here, but when is it going to be widely accepted that the true success of the schools are owed almost entirely to the PARENTS of these school children, not to the teachers or the facilities. i contend that most of the teachers follow their curriculum and do a decent job standing in front of the class, wave their arms around, wag their tongues and go home. they work 9 months a year, make good money, retire with awesome benefits and complain that they are overworked and under appreciated. it is time for the awesome dali yoda to make a stand. put the past behind you and use your extra big brain and your ESP to change our tax system.

Robert –

Like Marilyn before you, you mistake a short absence for “hiding”. In short, some of us have jobs.

I’m not sure what you think I have written which you consider nonsense. I posted to the old thread for Debbie regarding the same types of comments. I haven’t heard back from her. Is she “hiding” from me?

Well, here’s my post from the old thread in reply to Debbie’s rant and insults thrown at me. Feel free to answer for her if you wish.

Debbie –

OK, I’m back as I didn’t want to leave you Napergatians to yourselves on this note. Not yet.

1) Was it a CLASS 3 FELONY (capitalization is yours) for the NPD to run Mr Esmail’s plates? That depends on intent. Were they running everyone’s plates on that entire block, or did they select only Mr Esmail’s plates?

“Unless they can prove that some police officer was randomly checking plates and running them on a busy Friday night which is highly unlikely, the Napergate Man just fried the city for the 3rd time in 20 years.”

First of all, what is your basis for saying this is “highly unlikely”? How long have you worked in law enforcement? Where I used to work, the Des Plaines PD would come through the parking lot running plates all the time looking for stolen cars or cars without city stickers or cars with other violations. A co-worker lived in an Aurora condo complex where the Aurora PD would run all the plates weekly.

Also, our difference in opinion is that I give the NPD the benefit of the doubt while you want me or someone else to somehow prove they were acting lawfully. We’re just starting from a different point of view.

Moreover, if the NPD was running the plates of all the cars on a block, for instance, and they purposely skipped Mr Esmail’s car wouldn’t that be preferential treatment akin to what the Wehrli’s and Moser’s of the world would get?

2) Thanks for knowingly driving on a suspended license. I think we all appreciate that. What if you had caused an accident? Would your insurance company have still covered you? But I digress.
I think the consensus here has been that the NPD had discretion on how to treat people such as your self and Mr Esmail. You were treated well and Mr Esmail was not treated as well. We don’t know all that happened that night, and all I did was give some plausible reasons why Mr Esmail was taken into custody. Ted agreed with me so I couldn’t have been nonsensical. It is easy to say that you did nothing wrong in any situation, but you have to look at it from the officer’s perspective and see if there was something he may have thought disrespectful and/or resistant (even passively resistant).

Just because they HAVE discretion in these situations doesn’t mean they always have to USE it. Obviously they use it at times and at other times they do not. I would bet that some officers use this discretion more than others so it may be the luck of the draw.

By the way, since you were knowingly driving on a suspended license, you drove very carefully, right? So what did you do to get pulled over? Or were your plates run "at random"? Could it be the cop ran your plates for no reason other than he was behind you?

3) Perhaps it is specifically because Mr Esmail had a friend with him, so the cops decided to leave the dog in his care? Either way, Mr Esmail’s friend chose not to call anyone for a ride because it was apparently late at night? This doesn’t make it the NPD’s problem. The NPD is nobody’s taxi service nor is the police station a kennel.

Moreover, the NPD should not be transporting people around town without a valid law enforcement reason. First of all, that takes a patrolman off the street. Secondly, it opens the city up to liability claims if there were an accident and the passenger (or dog) was injured.

I’ve heard that the cops took the Hummer keys, but I haven’t seen anything to the effect that Mr Esmail requested they be given to his friend. Maybe these additional facts would help shed some light on this. Again, Debbie, you’re assuming the worst while I want to know more of what happened.

4) Chief Dial: If you actually read my past posts, you will see that it was Police Officer (someone apparently respected on this thread) who wanted to give Chief Dial a complete pass on the Napergate issue and it was me who stood up and said something is wrong with this situation because either he knew what was happening or he SHOULD have know. Get your facts straight.

5) “And T.B.'s arguments border on nonsense.” It is easy to speak in generalities and not address anything in specific. Bring it on, Debbie. Exactly what’s not making sense for you? Maybe I could explain it better if there’s something you don’t understand. Or are you just upset and emotional that I happen to disagree on some issues?

I dare you. I dog dare you. I double dog dare you. But I don’t dare you to be a WOMAN. Point out what I have written which is either factually incorrect or nonsensical in nature.
Oh, but keep it clean. I’m dealing in facts, so save the attacks about how sad or foolish you think I am. I deserve the same courtesy I am extending to you.

6) Ameena’s research at the library is nice and useful, but that’s not to say she’s the authority on everything on this thread. I guess we should all just sit back and read what she has to say and not type one more letter, right? Everyone brings a different perspective to these issues and I don’t think any one person (including me) is right about everything.

7) Conspiracy Theories: I guess I have to man-up, huh? First of all, if you actually read what I have already posted, you would see that I do not disagree with the original Napergate conspiracy (or conspiracies if you see them as two separate ones and not one big one). So you have your facts wrong.

However, that being said, I do not buy the fact that every traffic stop of Mr Esmail is somehow a continuation of those conspiracies. Is that clear enough for you? I think this relates to my point #1. You see everything against him as being done on purpose. I see a guy who put this in his past but got pulled over for a suspended license. I don’t necessarily equate the two events as being related.

I believe that most people on this thread have rightly blamed Mr Esmail’s past problems on two former mayors and have also stated that Mayor Pradel is honorable and gets along well with Mr Esmail. So then where’s the current conspiracy? If you think this is just a NPD conspiracy, then I suggest you revisit my point #4.

8) “It is disgusting some of the things you speculate and try to prove with nonsensical arguments.” On the contrary, I think it is you and some of your cohorts making huge assumptions and I am the one asking for proof, verifiable proof.

9) Now Chief Dial needs to Man up? Please see #4.

10) The “puck” stops at Chief Dial? First of people, how did this get started? Harry S. Truman’s famous sign on his desk was “the buck stops here”.

So for the Napergate era conspiracy the buck stopped at the mayor’s office, but for this “conspiracy” it stops at the NPD Chief’s desk? Please explain the inconsistencies. Also with regard to the NPD, see point #4.

The ball’s in your court, Debbie. You think I babble and talk nonsense—prove it.

Posted by: T.B. | February 5, 2008 08:22 AM

So you see, Robert, I am trying to answer insults with logic and getting no response.

You’re all welcome to wallow in your own self-righteousness, but I’m not drinking the Coolaide. I appreciate the research and work Ameena has done, but I believe that being a good researcher and then being able to correctly interpret that work are two different things. Ameena’s long post here uses the words (or derivatives) “assuming” and “probably” far too often to be accepted as the facts surrounding what happened in this case. Ameena is better when she gives her opinion and does not present them as facts. What she believes happened may not be the case.

Most of all, in all of this, where is Mr Esmail? The Sun has had no luck contacting him; however, there seems to be no shortage of those willing to speak on his behalf. He definitely showed a willingness to speak out in the past and I believe he has the means to do so now (based solely on the fact he has a Hummer and a Rolls, but he could speak out without buying a full-page ad). If he has a real issue with what happened and how he was treated, I’d like to hear it from him and not from some self-appointed mouthpiece.

So now I get to look forward to your insults and scorn. Yippee (that’s sarcasm, folks, so nobody insinuate that I post here just to get a “RISE” as someone so juvenilely suggested of some of us). Anyone recall how Joe used to drive people off these pages?

Generally, I think these threads contain a great exchange of ideas, but when it comes to the Napergate topic there is no discussion allowed. The one accepted version of events is shoved down your throats, and don’t let something like hard facts get in your way.

Enjoy yourselves. But I would hope someone would harness some of this energy for something. So far, I see an intellectual exercise with no clear purpose but to complain and expand the vast conspiracy. I think it was Kevin who asked a while back – where to go from here? An answer anyone???


Anon -

You're 2:34 AM post is not relevant here because this was a bad cop running plates for his friend - clearly illegal conduct and not related to what is being discussed here which is running a plate for a LAW ENFORCEMENT PURPOSE.

The 2:56 AM post is disturbing as you left out the rest of the article. In fact, you seem to have used parts of the first four paragraphs of the article almost word for word before you left the rest of the article out of your post.

THE COPS WON on appeal and the appeals court ruled that the cops COULD run a plate because that is the reason plates are actually on your car!

See the following which picks up after you stopped:

"The U.S. Attorney's office appealed, saying that Americans have no reasonable expectation of privacy in their license-plate numbers, and therefore police need no probable cause to conduct computer checks.

In a 2-1 ruling, a three-judge panel from the 6th Circuit agreed. They said that "a motorist has no reasonable expectation of privacy in the information contained on his license plate under the Fourth Amendment...The very purpose of a license plate number, like that of a Vehicle Identification Number, is to provide identifying information to law enforcement officials and others." (The majority also rejected Ellison's argument that he was racially profiled because he was black.)"

Yes, there was a dissenting judge as the ruling was 2-1. You can look up the article for the dissenting opinion (address below) but in essense the dissenting judge had questions about "what type of information is available on the system; how this information is obtained; who can access the information; what safeguards" are in place etc.

The article even goes on to discuss Indiana where "roadside cameras read every license plate that goes by and perform checks against computer databases".

But the bottom line is:

1) The cops can run the plates, and
2) Anon, you decided to cherry pick the information for you post and left out significant facts. This was incredibly misleading.

Dare I ask the Anon's post to be un-published for it's obvious falsity and attempt to mislead? Just kidding on that part. I actually think it should stay so everyone can see how wrong it is.

Nice try, Anon!

For anyone interested, the article in question is located at :


Ted -

Also, Ted, while I agree with you it is rare to see you step out in such forceful tones. Welcome.


Although the license-plate search at issue here is arguably less invasive than a license-and-registration check, the constitutional concerns regarding abuse of discretion do not disappear simply because drivers are not stopped to conduct the license-plate search. First, a search can implicate the Fourth Amendment even when the individual does not know that she is being searched. Second, the balancing of Fourth Amendment interests also requires consideration of "psychological intrusion[s] visited upon" the individuals searched in assessing the extent of intrusion that a particular police practice imposes. The psychological invasion that results from knowing that one's personal information is subject to search by the police, for no reason, at any time one is driving a car is undoubtedly grave...


What happened, according to court documents:

When Officer Mark Keeley of the Farmington Hills, Mich., police department was driving around a local shopping center, he noticed a white van idling in the lane closest to the stores. A man was inside and the lane was marked with "Fire Lane" and "No Parking" signs.

Keeley entered the vehicle's license-plate number into his patrol car's Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN). According to the Michigan state government's Web site (PDF), LEIN databases include missing persons, Michigan state criminal history, prison and parole information, and a list of wanted people from the National Crime Information Center.

The LEIN search showed that the vehicle was registered to Curtis Ellison, a black man who had an outstanding felony warrant. Keeley called for backup, approached the van and arrested Ellison. During the arrest, Ellison was found to have two firearms. He was later indicted for being a felon in possession of a firearm in violation of federal law.

The trial judge ruled, however, that the van was not parked illegally and therefore Keeley did not have probable cause to run the LEIN check of the van's license plate. Therefore, the judge reasoned, the results of the LEIN check should be suppressed, including the discovery of Ellison's two firearms.

License checks for moving vehicles are different from parked vehicles.

Officer Pleads Guilty to Running Plate Checks
February 1, 2008 - 5:34am

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) - A Fairfax County police sergeant has pleaded guilty in federal court to illegally using police computers to check license plate numbers for a friend.

Prosecutors say what Sgt. Weiss Rasool didn't know was that his friend was the target of a federal investigation and that the plates were on surveillance cars used in the probe. Rasool pleaded guilty in Alexandria federal court to one misdemeanor count of unauthorized computer access.

Court records show Rasool was caught when federal agents using a wiretap heard his call to the friend, who was convicted in his investigation. Prosecutors won't identify the friend.

The 30-year-old Rasool faces a maximum of one year in prison, though sentencing guidelines call for probation or up to six months. Police say he's been suspended with pay pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

(Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)


Not to pick apart your post or anything, but here goes:

Under your heading HERE IS MY ANALYSIS, point No. 3, you say either way, whether the police knew it was Basim or not when they ran his plate, it was a felony to do so. You're wrong. Here's my supporting evidence:

"The court affirmed that police may conduct a computer check of a vehicle's license plate even though no violation has occurred."


I challenge anyone to show me any evidence to the contrary.

Points No. 9 and No. 10--that the officers must have known who he was before running his plate--are pure speculation.

Point No. 10b really bothers me that you "think in any other town anywhere in the USA but Naperville" that police officers, upon discovering during a legal traffic stop that the driver has a suspended license, will simply smile and wave him on his way, is absurd. It is a criminal violation to drive with a suspended license. It would be irresponsible for any officer in that situation to not at the very least issue a citation for such an infraction.

Your SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION is thus flawed. The traffic stop was legal, Basim had committed a criminal violation by driving with a suspended license, they did not have a CHOICE to let him go with a warning. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Regardless of whether Basim knew his license was suspended for whatever reason, he was committing a criminal violation.

And I'm sorry, but you didn't even have the correct date of this week's city council meeting. Your credibility is tarnished in my opinion.


I am not hiding. I have read Ameena's report at least 5 times. I had a few police friends look it over. It is hard to put any holes in it. While it is not proof beyond a reasonable doubt, we all feel it is by far the most logical explanation as to what happened.

It is false to believe that all cops stick up for each other under any circumstance. We don't! When a cop crosses a certain line we disown him. I am sure everyone knows there is not cop that is backing Sergeant Drew Peterson. But I think there may be a bit of an overreaction by the bloggers here. This Sergeant can not be lumped with Sergeant Peterson. He is not a murderer or a rapist. But he did something outrageous. He did mistreat an outstanding citizen with an impeccable record and much service to society.

Police Officers are given much discretion. We need that discretion. We should never abuse that discretion. This particular Sergeant abused his discretion in a despicable fashion. I told you how I would have handled it. Most of you agree with me obviously with your comments. This is not to way to handle a petty violation that at most involved a $1.60 cents. It is apparent that the Sergeant and his police officers had discovered that it involved a $1.60 cents before they decided to arrest him.

Initially Ted was wrong as to what set this Sergeant off. In reading Mikes and Bobs posts over and over again all day today, it is undisputed that Mr. Esmail did not mention that "Chief David Dial allows discretion in similar cases" until he was asked to turn around to be hand cuffed.

This Sergeant apparently has an ego. My guess is he had to be one of the 5-10 I have been referring to in my prior prior posts. I thought they were all low level officers but apparently I was wrong. I did inform that I did not work for NPD so I was not giving first hand knowledge. This arrest has all the markings of revenge written on it. It was payback for the smear campaign that Mr. Esmail put the Naperville Police Dept thru for over 10 years. The payback was coming but they were looking and waiting for opportunities. They never forgot about him. He made peace with them but he was the victor. They were the losers and had a much more difficult time making peace with him.

I know no one believes me anymore, but I just feel this is all happening behind Chief David Dial's back and it is not condoned or tolerated by him. But his back is finally against the wall. He has to make a statement.

Many of you bloggers may have forgotten! But I was the one who predicted this was coming. I would never have predicted it would come at this speed or ferociousness. But it came and it is time to get some answers. I commend Host Ted for filing that FOIA report.

Let us face it! Newspapers are sensitive to starting up with the local police depts in a small town. But we police need to be watched like any organization. A good policeman does not mind being put under the microscope. A bad policeman hates being under the microscope. I feel I am a good policeman and anyone can put me under a microscope and I will feel confident.

I will say that if my local police dept. would have taken the bashing the Naperville Police Dept has been taking someone in the dept would have spoken up by now. The Naperville Police Dept's extreme silence is a sign of weakness and possible wrong doing somewhere in that department. Again I feel it is less than 10 cops including at least one Sergeant, that are making 190 good and very fine policemen and policewomen in uniform look bad.

My suspicion is that the 190 good and fine men at the NPD are at some boiling point. There is a Code of Blue and Professional Courtesy in every police department in the USA. I do not know of a single exception. But once a police officer brings shame to his Police Dept. that code of blue really thins out. If the facts in the latest Napergate Case are as the bloggers are posting, I believe Chief Dial has to take some serious action against this Sergeant. I will go on record and make a prediction. If the facts remain as is and Chief David Dial takes no action against this Sergeant I believe he will be forced to resign.

No offense to the Naperville Sun, but the pressure is going to have to come from the Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times and all 3 network TV station before the Chief gets the message and resigns. The City of Naperville is dealing with a unique individual who can pick up the phone and get his well known friend Eric Zorn involved. I think there is only one reason why the Napergate Man has not dialed that phone call to Eric Zorn. He likes and respects Mayor George Pradel and is waiting to see if the Mayor will do anything. I am only speculating but I believe there is a limit even to the Napergate Man's patience.

One way the Napergate Man can get the attention of the entire Chicagoland Media is by running a few more Napergate ads about his arrest. I believe that would do it and seal Chief Dial's fate. I also believe the NPD is in complete denial because they survived the previous storms of the Napergate Man. I don't believe the upper echelons of the NPD can survive this ferocious storm that is just beginning to pick steam.

I read this blog daily. I was shocked when I saw the speed of the letters coming after Ameena's devastating report. Usually in newsprint there are a 1000 people who agree with a letter to the editor. I suspect in blogging it is not quite as much. But say a 100. If so, those 30 some letters I saw symbolize 3000 people. That all happened in 2 hours after Ameena's insightful report. I expect this barrage to continue and it may just become the grassroots everyone is calling for.

Ameena means well. But she showed her inexperience by calling on supporters to show up at City Council with 2 hours notice. That would have been a recipe for disaster. I am glad Jim called that one off. She also did not even bother to verify that the meeting was on.

The Napergate Man never made mistakes like that. He always did his homework. He would run 2 or 3 ads to publicize a meeting starting a week in advance to maybe a day in advance. He would pack them in. Ameena would have had 5 people show up and lost huge momentum. She is trying but she needs to keep reading those Napergate Ads to learn from the Master of all Masters. And I have no doubt she will learn. But she can not jump the gun before she is ready and make to many mistakes.

The Napergate Man surrounded himself with tons of supporters, leaders, attorneys and who knows what else. Ameena is still a one person operation and needs years to reach the point where this Napergate Man was. Many people don't realize how hard the Napergate Man was working in the decade that preceded the Napergate Era. It was just quiet.

Plus not only was this Napergate Man well educated with an MBA and I found out an undergraduate degree in Medical Technology both from Michigan State University in E. Lansing, Michigan, but now we find out from his friend Bob about this very high ranking position he held in a very large corporation probably while still in his upper 20s. No one would be given responsibility for a multi-billion dollar portfolio if he was not exceptionally special and talented at that young age.

Anyway, I was not planning on writing until I collected my thoughts further but Marilyn "called me out"(my new favorite phrase) and here I am. I willl write more later when I collect my thoughts a little better and do some more research.

Once again to Ameena. A job well done! My criticism of you was constructive! You are amazing as Ted said and ignore those few critics who are obviously jealous of your talents in what I presume, were acquired at a very young age.

D bone, its the same blah blah blah over and over, you cant win, They are always right. Lets break it down one last time, so maybe even Ameena gets it

Short and sweet

Cops can run plates all day long for no reason (in CALF for example, they have cameras that mounted inside the police car that run every plate it sees which is a $#@% of license plates. Why you ask? You guess it, looking for sexual preditors, CRIMINALS, people are wanted, driving suspended, or for stolen cars. Sorry if you dont like it, I guess dont drive?

Other important facts to this case.

Suspended driving = Arrest and usually your car being towed

Officer discretion = just that, just like when you get a warning ticket you got lucky the cop was being nice.

Uh, thats it folks. Everything else is your guess, opinion, or in a lot of cases lies from the peanut gallery.

Dont forget to thank the cops for doing the job you never had the courage or commitment to do.

Here is some info you can check out yourself


Since when is asking a question grounds for such treatment, even if he did mention the name of the chief ? He did not say he wasn't going to comply, he asked a question.

Who's keeping an eye on the cops ? Isn't this the job of the Chief ?

Is this how Mayor Pradel would have handled the same situation 20 years ago ?

hi, do you know if esmail dali yoda had a hip flask bottle in his pocket and was drinking on the riverwalk, and then smashed the bottle and cursed at god ? no you don't. do the police know if he was drinking, just because he has a dog, and a 5'11" red head man with $250 dollar shoes ? no they did not. i have read all her silly postings, nonsense, hog wash, etc... and jim, to trash my last post is near sacrilege. i will repeat some of it. DOR if you really think the naperville police are in the same league as the chinese red army police, then i can see why you are part of this esmail dali yoda cult. i think it is almost enough for me to break my cardinal rule and get emotional.

Ameena, I cant wait till your conspiracy nonsense gets thrown back into your face, then what purpose in life will you have? Your blogs are all your opinions (way to long too) and very little facts, all 3rd hand accounts of the BIG incident which you were not there. You obviously have a problem with authority and probably men for that matter.

Heres what you do, go get the police application and you can make these great decisions on when to arrest or not. You have all the answers, and since you do so much research (alledgely) why have you not shown any case law on the class 3 felony charge you repeatedly whine about and when has a police officer ever been arrested for running license plates? If this one arrest is so important, then let the guy who it affected come out and discuss it.
Please, try to shorten your response, I know your far left wing friends enjoy it. Your not blowing anyone out of the water with your responses, nobody really has as much time as you aparently do to write this long and somehow you think the longer it is, the more qualified your answers are. There not.


There is nothing to add. You said it all. Bless your big heart!

I wish that Police Officer and Mrs. of the Police Officer will show up and blog with us again.

I suspect Police Officer will in a couple of days. He was backtracking in his last blog. I think he was taken back by the latest developments.

I suspect Mrs. of the Police Officer is another Dor. She is probably balling her eyes out after finding out all these details.

Her and her husband deserve better than this NPD of ours.

I hope her husband goes to another police dept. soon.

Just like we know Abby is special because of the Napergate Man, I have no doubt that Mrs. of the Police Officer has a great husband.
She is way to smart to marry a bad guy or a bad cop. She has got a big heart and I truly miss debating her. I am sure her husband would have never exercised his discretion as that idiotic fascist Sergeant in the NPD. Not in a million years. Dor needs to send that fascist Sergeant to China. I hate cops like that. They are the scum of the earth and I am saying that because I am 100% sure the story that is being told is true. Way to many eyewitness, court records, details that all fit in like a puzzle.

I hope she understands that none of this bashing of the NPD applies to her or her husband. I do not doubt they are exceptions and many more excpetions in our NPD.

But we have to root out this gang of 5-10 cops that are harassing and hassling the Napergate Man.

I respect Police Officer. He was right except for one thing.
He thought they were disciplined and stopped. I know he knows he was wrong and obviously feels bad. I don't expect to see him anytime soon but I want him to know we understand how he could have been wrong. We are all wrong at times. Even the Napergate Man was wrong when he never pointed the finger at Chief Dial assuming what all the bloggers are saying. But if never did he also made a mistake bigger than POLICE OFFICER's mistake..

Just my thoughts!

Hope Mrs. of the Police Officer comes back. I think she knows Melissa and I both like her and were not giving her a hard time.
We were just picking her brain maybe a little too much but we were curious.

d bone: Junked your last comment. Out of order....you know what you said. If you want to criticize fine, just keep it free of tasteless invective that borders on racist ranting.

D. Bone,
Let me be polite. Did you know that the Napegate Man and his friend were the only 2 guys downtown that Friday night not drinking?

Numerous police saw them exit the vehicle with that little white dog. Do you know of any establishment in downtown Naperville that allows dogs to come inside while their owners have a few drinks?

So the police knew they were not drinking. Don't give us this nonsense of yours the police stopped the Napergate Man in his Hummer H2 because they are 2nd best in the state for DUIs as if he was suddenly drinking?

I checked the Dupage records and the Napergate Man never got a DUI in his life. I am sure the police know he would never drink and drive after a quarter century in town. So don't be attacking Ameena when I can even put holes in your story. Ameena would shred you like an 11 by 8.5 white piece of paper in a shredder. She will leave nothing identifiable of you.

As many noted you simply don't read before you write. Try reading D. bone once in a while. It is good for you.

I am surprised you surfaced after you let us have the thread to ourselves for a while. I would be surprised if you have not called all your buddies by now to start bashing Ameena since she can twist you around her little pinky finger and break you in 2 bones in a nanosecond.

Go do some reading d. bone. At least read the posts before you comment. Or better go find Joe on that Satellite at Google somewhere. At least Joe came to his senses and left us alone. Thank you Joe for finally smelling the coffee. Late is better then never!

hi there, i haven't been silent, just have to work every now and then. ted, if you indeed are going to be investigating, please make sure the mr. DICK furstenau is way up on your list. i have heard that the city has a revised its defense budget to over 600k ! if you look into his eyes, you will see the devil.

Moderator Jim,

I have been telling you guys this Napergate Man is a special man. Now I hope you understand why I was crying and upset that day. Honestly I still have tears in my eyes about what our police did to him.

I know the Naperville Sun is not China. But the Naperville Police is worse than China. I am sorry but that is how I feel. I came to this country so I can express myself.

Thanks Jim for not throwing me off your blog and letting me continue to express myself even when I am sometimes angry.

And thanks for filing that report to the police. I don't know what that means but I am assuming it is a good thing.

And bless Ameena's heart whoever that girl is. She is adorable! She reminds me of my daughter in college. Very classy girl! Does she work for the Naperville Sun or is she just like the rest of us? If she works for you guys I want to tell you she is a very good investigative reporter! Better than all those Trib and Sun-Times guy who need a month to do a story.

Ameena just needs one day...that is all...she is just so smart just like the Napergate Man.

And I want you to know I not only cried for the Napergate Man but I also cried much for Abby. She does not deserve this brutal treatment and inhumane treatment towards animals. If you ever met this lovely white dog you would agree and cry with me. She is not an ordinary dog! Trust me...how could she when she has a friend like the Napergate Man.

PS. My daughter helped me write again. I hope that is OK. I just like to be honest as I am not a good writer as you all saw that one time!

Dor: Your thoughts are appreciated but the real thanks go to Ted who's actively pursuing this case now through getting documents that will breathe sunshine into this case. So go easy on those tears....we're all in this together. The only thing I might take issue with is the Naperville Police being worse than China. I find that hard to believe, especially after having visited the PRC. Anyway, we appreciate your blogs.

Wow Ted...

You are going to file a FOIA report.


Believe it or not Ted, I suddenly fell in love with you..

Sorry about that long nasty letter of a few days ago. I was just so angry about this Napergate Man and how he has been treated for 20 years.

I just could not take it anymore and took it out on you and Jim..

Give Jim my apologies, too. I hope you guys are not mad at me.

I am sure you were already mad at me because of all the threads I pestered you to delete. But I think that was good advice. I hope you don't mind free advice.

Did you notice that d.bone and his crew fell silent after being so loud the last couple of days. They have no defense when Ameena talks....they finally listen. Kind of like that old E. F. Hutton commercial where it suddenly all goes silent and you could here a pin drop when E. F. Hutton spoke. I hope they stay in hiding. It is hard to believe they just did not notice it suddenly.

How about that Joe guy who has been avoiding Ameena like the plague since that war between them regarding the towing problem. It seems Joe conceded to Ameena and avoids HER THREAD.
Ok, I know it is yours but you know what I meant!

Response from Ted:

Hey, people--I get great ideas from this blog, about investigations we should be doing. I can't tell you specifics because we don't want to show our cards just yet, but we have a couple in the works that I hope will silence some of the criticism that we don't investigate City Hall enough.

ammena, you still spew nothing but conjecture, and false hope. i find NOTHING in your long winded "report" that even comes close to truth. first off it was 1 a.m. this is exactly when the police are out looking for drunk drivers. we are the number 2 police force in the state for dui arrests. why should they not check this man out ? they run his plates, not a class 3 felony. they come back with a suspended license. the police question him, he pisses them off, off he goes to jail. his 5'11" tall red haired friend CHOOSES not to take the yellow hummer, or call anyone to pick him up. but instead HE drags the white dog to a dunkin donut where the kind people there give the dog donuts which i doubt are very good for dogs, by the way. it is complete nonsense to believe you or anyone else who writes into this blog regarding this story. it is all hearsay, rumor, a myth. if the "brilliant" esmail dali yoda would like to write in i would love to read his VERSION of the story. this all reminds me of the movie annie hall when some "intellectual" is spouting off about marshall mcluhan and woody drags marshall out and marshall says, "you know nothing of my work."

Response from Ted:

OK, you got it, we'll FOIA the report. Could take 7 working days for city to comply.

This is the action we are looking for.

My hat is off to you Ted.

I commend you with that remark.

You let the puck stop at you and that speaks volumes as far as I am concerned.

Host Ted,

It seems to me you are always playing defense attorney for the cops?

They are BIG BOYS as someone noted. Let them defend themselves!

Use your numerous resources to investigate them.

They have plenty of money. Let them hire their own defense attorneys.

Remember these guys are sharp. They can hire 7 attorneys to work 5 years for 5-10k for all 5 years. You could not hire 7 attorneys for that price in your wildest dreams, Ted! So do you really think these BAD BOYS need your help...lol!

Now being as sharp as they are can you really help them???

I got to get some dinner! I came on to thank Ameena and got carried away. Did not mean to steal attention from Ameena's dynamite report? I apologize Ameena, but this whole thing of discrimation against the Napergate Man sickens me.

But I just wanted to say on a serious note what those cops did to the Napergate Man and his adorable and loveable dog Abby was criminal...Cops are suppose to enfore the law not committ crimes. I am disappointed in my police today. Very disappointed! I am hurt. I am embarrassed! This is as unbelievable as it possibly can get. It is insulting to the reputation of our prestigious town.

And I want to make the call to the Chief to resign like everyone else. The pucks has to stop somewhere..he sounds like the right place for it to stop.

As someone said somewhere, the Napergate Man goes and takes the rap for his daughters' violations and makes no excuses.

Chief Dial wants the rap all laid on DEAD MAN's Macrane's coffin after he died.

Does anyone know if Macrane was alive or dead in the summer of 2006 when the Napergate guy was arrested? At least we will know for sure where the blame goes if we can find out.

Hope someone can answer my question?

PS. Did anyone notice that blogger who said we are a hair away from operating like the Gestapo. His prediction came before the Ameena's devastating report. I would love to hear from him again to see if that one hair has finally been overcome and if we reached Gestapo Status.

Response from Ted:

If it seems like I defend cops, it's because I believe in fairness. It's not like NPD officers are going to chime in here and stick up for themselves. Say what you will, but these guys put their lives on the line every day protecting us. Besides, doesn't it make for better drama when I make myself a lightning rod for criticism? How much fun would this be if every single person here said the same thing and agreed 100 percent with each other? I've said it sounds like Basim was mistreated in this incident. I've said and I'll say it again: we don't know the reason why he was pulled over in the first place. For all we know there could be a very valid explanation if we could only hear the other side of the story. And we'll see if there's a report from the incident available, that might tell us something.

After reading Ameena's shocking report,

I would like to join all those who called on


Sooner better then later.

Response from Ted:

Let me repeat so I'm clear: the reasons for the initial traffic stop are purely speculative. Anyone can lay out reasons for why they think it was premeditated, but what do the officers say in their police report about why Basim was pulled over in the first place? Anyone is entitled to request that report from NPD through the Freedom of Information Act. I imagine there are some telling clues to the puzzle in that report.

Posted by: Marybeth | February 5, 2008 06:27 PM

I thought you were going to play watch dog, Ted, and get on the bus at some point! The Naperville Sun has tons of resources compared to us nobodys who can not even afford to by one tenth of the INK the Napegate Man bought with a week's salary.

The puck stops with you guys at the Sun. Order that Freedom of Information Report if you think it contains secrets. It will have nothing as there was nothing..

There was an honest eyewitness from beginning to end. His name is Bob!

Do you think the Napergate Man spit on the cops out of his Hummer window or something. Get real Ted?

We are not talking about Mike Tyson or Rodney King here!

We are talking about a man with an impeccable reputation. That being the Napergate Man. A man who has done numerous good deeds for the community. A man who won a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP cleaning the streets of irresponsible minors causing havoc and dangerous driving conditions for the rest of us.

So let us finally do our job, Ted, and not always pass the puck to Ameena to do everything. You have a staff of dozens of reporters. She has no one working for her.

If she can do all she is doing, you should be motivated to notch it one step higher instead of asking civilians to file for Freedom of Information reports and call the State Police for investigations.

Eric Zorn does that...why can't you guys do it once or twice a month..

Thanks for letting us use your thread Ted and I must thankful you gave us another thread on Napergate as it was getting flaming hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!

Response from Ted:

OK, you got it, we'll FOIA the report. Could take 7 working days for city to comply.

I say,


Leave the Napergate Man alone.

Does a man no longer have a right to retire peacefully and walk his dog downtown?

Is downtown suddenly only welcoming establishment people?

Give me a break!

Sorry Ameena, I forgot to commend you for that magnificently insightful 60 minutes type investigative style report.

You should get yourself a job at 60 minutes and come back with your new powers to investigate the Naperville Police.

If you are looking for help from the Naperville Sun, stop
wasting your time.

Note from Jim Lynch, moderator: If it wasn't for the Naperville Sun hosting this community forum we wouldn't even be talking about this. That last crack was unwarranted.

Response from Ted:

I believe a complaint is needed to launch a formal internal affairs investigation.


Many of us doubt there is an Internal Affairs Dept. The Napergate Man does not believe there is one. And if there is one it is tokenism for public consumption. He is usually right!

Can you site any internal investigation reports in the last 5 years from archives in your newspaper! You proved over and over you are good with research. I believe it was you who uncovered those 44 Napergate ads that headed Ameena to the library. I also believe you uncovered many articles on Spring Green including one you wrote yourself. It was a very good article by the way, Ted.

So I believe if there is an Internal Affairs Dept. you will uncover it. I am challenging you Ted! You have all the archives at your fingertips.

If there are, how come they are never reported?

If they are secret do they carry any real weight.

PS. Forgot to thank you Ameena! You are the GREATEST!!!!
I am glad you threw alien d.bone and his posse off this thread.
I can not believe Ted and Jim should allow d.bone on the same thread as Ameena. Think about that folks just for a second! It has to be insulting for Ameena to have d.bone debating her. But then unlike the rest of us she ignores him as if he does not exist. Why can't we do the same as Ameena and ignore aliens? Of course she learned to ignore aliens from her encounter with Joe and his outer space friends at Google watching that cabbie parking lot around the clock for fainted paint...lol..



"While you are entitled to your opinion that it was premeditated harassment, I remain unconvinced."

Well, are you convinced at least you were wrong about the reason why the Napergate Man was handcuffed?

And another question for you TED?

Do you believe this was just a random check by busy cops on a Friday night whose main focus was to control thousands and thousands of drinkers.

I also believe that sworn officers don't do the random checks. I may be wrong but I think the police dept. has some civilian employees who do there rare random checks. I undertand they are very rare and hardly ever done!

So the likihood it was random is far fetched.

What say you Ted?

What say you Jim?

We know what Ameena says. She is clear! But what say you guys??

You just seem a little to vague at times.

Response from Ted:

Let me repeat so I'm clear: the reasons for the initial traffic stop are purely speculative. Anyone can lay out reasons for why they think it was premeditated, but what do the officers say in their police report about why Basim was pulled over in the first place? Anyone is entitled to request that report from NPD through the Freedom of Information Act. I imagine there are some telling clues to the puzzle in that report.

Another truly remarkable report by Ameena!

Bless your soul Ameena.

You are truly one of a kind.

As Kevin said I hope you run for City Council one day.

Those boys would be so scared of you.

Great suggestion Kevin!

Try to come out more often Kevin...you do make lots of sense sometimes!

Host Ted and Moderator Jim,

I have been writing my report for the last 2 hours before I saw Ameena's. I thought I was on. After reading Ameena's report I deleted my report and trashed it.

It could not compete with Ameena's report in preciseness or clarity. But my report would have had the same conclusions.

There is no doubt that there was a pre-meditated conspiracy against the Napergate Man.

I love Ameena's part in which she said that if these fascist cops had any decency to them, they would have told the Napergate Man his license was suspended, not to drive and to get a ride home.

No, they wanted him to drive and nail him. Silly and stupid boys!
If Interal Affairs does not investigate this, I will volunteer to call the State Police. State Police are responsible in nailing any police officer that abuses their computers illegally.

I learned that on the Gretawire.com thread. They even gave phone numbers of who to call to get an investigation started by the State Police. I failed to save the numbers but I will try to find them and post them on your thread if it is OK with you so they can get multiple calls to encourage them to launch an investigation into the abuse and mistreatment of the Napergate Man for over 20 years.

Response from Ted:

I believe a complaint is needed to launch a formal internal affairs investigation.

Yeah I am still at work and peeking and cheating.

I just could not wait to get home to read Ameena's report so I stayed after work to read it.

It is investigative journalism at its best. She nails everything.

Leaves no stone unturned as they say! Marvelous job!

I am glad that girl is not a prosecutor.

Everyone would lose against her and no would be ever found innocent again.

I hope she becomes a defense attorney. I will know who to call when I get in trouble.

For less serious issues I will call Ted. But if I am in serious trouble, I am calling Ameena. I don't care how much that chick charges per hour. I know she will get me off.

And Ted she nailed City Manager Marshall for you and got him in a blatant lie? Are you going to call him out too? You guys got to toughen up a bit at the Naperville Sun. You can not expect Ameena to do everything... Help her just a little bit!

These Big Boys running this town our out of control.

If you and Jim don't stop them, I see the FBI and US Attorney coming to stop them.

Let us not have a repeat of the Nicarico case where you guys showed up after Eric Zorn laid everything on a silver platter for you.

Why does Ameena have more guts than you guys? Honestly!!!

Response from Ted:

Ouch. I'll take the bruising and hold my tongue.









Note from Ted:


I had to read your report 3 times before I grasped your timelines and understoond your theories Ameena.

I guess I did not do my homework and review all the old posts like you did. But I finally understood your logic and agree with it 100%. It just makes to much sense not to be true..

I am glad that city council got postponed tonight.

I was going to go scream at all of those guys tongiht.

This gives me 24 hours to cool off..

Now I have to find a way to squeeze the library parking lot and the Napergate Man in just 3 minutes..

Why can't we have 5 minutes to talk before the Mayor and council? There is a lot I would like to say.

By the way AMEENA, TED SAID IT BEST..."NOTHING BUT ADMIRATION AND RESPECT FOR YOU." I hope you don't mind me quoting you, Ted, but I could not think of a better way to say it. You do have a way with nice words, Ted!!

Since when is asking a question grounds for such treatment, even if he did mention the name of the chief ? He did not say he wasn't going to comply, he asked a question.

Who's keeping an eye on the cops ? Isn't this the job of the Chief ?

Is this how Mayor Pradel would have handled the same situation 20 years ago ?

I felt it was just a matter of time before Ted's Citizen Journalists unravelled this plot.

Thanks for giving them a forum, Ted!

Bloggers must understand that if it was not for your generousity of hosting this thread for us, we could have never put our heads together and figured this all out.

Special thanks to Randy, Mike, Bob, Liquor Man Rick and last but not least Ameena for solving this mystery. It is nice to get the answers once in a blue moon and be certain..

I give odds that Ameena is 99.999999999999999999999999999% right!

No doubt in my mind!

It seems like T.B., SWT, d.bone, Joe and Anonymous like to hide after Ameena does a posting.

They just can not deal with her. She does circles around their nonsense!

Kudos to Ameena for an analysis well done! Very factual and detailed!

That bonehead gang should learn to do some research before they post. They have probably never been to a library in their lives.

After reading Ameena's post only a fool would believe this was a random check.

It was TARGETED and that Sergeant should be charged with a Class 3 Felony and we should rid ourselves of him.


Bullies don't belong in our police dept. anymore than they belong in our schools...this incident is a big black eye for our beautiful Naperville. It smacks of discrimination and harassment.

These idiotic police must think they are still in High School playing these nonsense games..

The only explanation that makes sense is yours, Ameena!

Nothing else makes sense.

Sorry, Ted, but Ameena nailed this one and your theories fall apart pretty easily as you did not have your timing straight.

Ameena studied her timeline very carefully before she wrote..

Now she needs to nail that Drew Peterson who has a time line problem!!!!

I can not believe that you nailed this cover-up Ameena.

I am so proud of you. There is nothing left to write.

You said it all. Either they listen or don't listen..

Time will tell!

To Ameena, Eric and Maryann: There is no City Council meeting tonight. Due to Election Day, the Council meeting is Wednesday (2.6).

Sorry I was emotional last night.

I was trying to say what Ameena just said but obviously I don't have her talent to write.

But she did agree with me.

You have to admit you were wrong as to why the Sergeant freaked out.

I feel much less emotional and more practical after reading Ameena's post.

I was waiting all day for someone to say something..

I guess we all need a leader to get us going and Ameena is proving to be the leader over and over again.

Note from Ted:

No worries, I'm not upset. I see what you're saying, and concede my theory requires further explanation. Though the Chief Dial remark came after an arrest was apparent, it may have contributed to the mistreatment: the being handcuffed and kept in the lockup for so long. I think we all agree on more important points of the account than we disagree. The key area of disagreement seems to remain: what prompted the traffic stop? This we don't know, and can only speculate.

I am going to try to show up tonight!

I can not believe how believable and great your anaylsis and dissection of this case has been.

Truly marvelous!

There is nothing left for anyone to say.

You are truly awesome. If I were not busy tonight I would be at the City Council tonight to support the Napergate Man.

I believe it was not only pre-meditated but well planned in advance.

They are just dealing with the wrong Man.

Will write more when I get home from work.

Incredible job, my dear Ameena!

Based on the Mike and Bob posts it seems something went very wrong that night! But I can not be sure until I hear from my police dept.

I think the Napergate Man was railroaded...it is kind of obvious reading all that info on the last thread!

I respectfully disagree with your findings, analysis and opinion.

Since we started a new thread, I probably need to give some background information so new bloggers will not be lost. My information is based on reading Mike's blog of February 1, 2008 5:44 PM, Bob's "amazing" blog of February 3, 2008 01:25 PM and one e-mail exchange with Mike who answered some questions where I had some confusion or doubts.

Here is my version. The Napergate Man and his fried Bob got together on Bob's birthday for a peaceful walk in downtown Naperville and the Riverwalk area on a beautiful Friday evening in downtown Naperville. The Napergate Man asked Bob if he could bring his white dog, Abby and Bob had no objection. They did not have any intentions to drink and were probably the only 2 people amongst the thousands in downtown Naperville that night that did not drink or go to a bar, lounge or restaurant.

According to an e-mail from Mike in response to one from me, Mike stated that the yellow Hummer H2, the Napergate Man was driving was parked on the northern side of Chicago Ave next to the western side of Jimmy's Grill. If anyone followed our debate 3 months ago, literally across the street from that 4th cab spot that caused so much controversy on other threads and has had record breaking hits on Google Satellite for Streets. Also an area with somewhere between 6-12 Naperville police on any given Friday night.

The Napergate Man, his friend Bob, and his dog Abby exited the vehicle without incident and walked about 2 hours downtown. It has been established over the last few months the Napergate Man loves to take long walks especially with Abby. Nothing went wrong during their 2 hour stroll.



1. They returned to the H2 at about 1am to return home. They entered the vehicle that was parked on Chicago Ave and drove away heading west.

2. Two or 3 Naperville Police Cars immediately followed. The Napergate Man activated his right turn signal and made a full stop on Chicago Ave and Main. They apparently knew the police were tailing them. Bob heard the Napergate Man count 1001, 1002, and 1003 to be sure he made a full stop.

3. They proceeded to Main and Jackson.. There was another stop sign and Bob reports the Napergate Man again counted 1001,1002 and 1003. The police vehicles are still following.

4. They proceeded to Main and Jefferson where there was yet another stop sign. Same procedure of counting 1001, 1002, 10003.

5. The police vehicles ignited their lights after he crossed Jefferson and the Napergate Man pulls off the street into a parking lot behind Potters and Ted's Steakhouse, probably in order not to block heavy traffic from the bars letting out usually about that time and to be under parking lights for his safety and that of the police officers.

6. As soon as the police lights were activated the Napergate Man advises his friend Bob not to say a SINGLE WORD and that he will handle the situation. It is later learned Bob obeyed the Napergate Man and never said a SINGLE WORD during the entire ordeal. But he apparently observed very closely and carefully.

7. A Sergeant and 3 police officers ask the Napergate Man to exit his vehicle. Bob decides to also exit with Abby.

8. At some point the Sergeant advised the Napergate Man that he was driving on a suspended license. The Napergate was not aware his license was suspended and had no reason to believe why it would be.

9. The many officers on the scene began checking their computers and manuals for codes they were not familiar with. Finally after about 10-15 minutes they determined his suspension was related to a white van in his name that had 3 or 4 tollway violations at the Oak Brook Plaza. A car that the Napergate Man never drives but allows his teenage daughters to drive.

10. It is undisputed that the Napergate Man's license had been suspended without his knowledge. It is also undisputed that his daughters did run thru the coin booth area of the Oak Brook Tollway Plaza, were caught without change and decided to proceed as there were dozens of cars behind them honking their horns during rush hour, I assume. The Tollway even had pictures proving his daughters committed these violations. These pictures and a notice stating we "MAY" suspend your license if these tolls are not paid were mailed to the Napergate Man. Unfortunately, this bulk sales looking notice showed up in the Napergate Man's mailbox one day after his arrest and incarceration.

11. At some point the Sergeant decided he was going to have to arrest Basim. He told him so. Basim asked if the Sergeant would be kind enough to allow him to arrange for rides to get Bob and Abby home. The Sergeants response was a loud "NO." Basim pleaded more than once with the Sergeant for him to allow him to get Abby home as he knew she would be an emotional mess if she was separated from him. The Sergeant's answer was a clear NO and that he had to arrest the Napergate Man.

12. The Napergate Man was asked to voluntarily turn himself around so he could be handcuffed.

13. The Napergate Man did not turn around immediately, but made one final polite request to the Sergeant. Mike and Bob both report he told the Sergeant and all the police officers at the scene, "That he knows Police Chief David Dial allows discretion in these kind of cases." He wanted to convince the Sergeant to change his mind about the need to handcuff him, incarcerate him and most importantly separate him from Abby. He was not worried about Bob who had plenty of money on him to take a cab home since Bob did not drive. His concern was for Abby.

14.At that point both Bob and Mike indicate in their original posts the Sergeant became OUTRAGED and started screaming at the Napergate Man.

15.Also in a very swift move the Sergeant winked, nodded, or notified the 3 police officers on the scene to turn Basim around and handcuff him. They chose not to wait for the Napergate Man to voluntarily comply after he was done pleading and all the officers on the scene including the Sergeant had him handcuffed in a surprise move in literally 2-3 seconds.

16.They took him away in a police vehicle, booked him and he spent the night in jail. He was allowed to bail out at 6am at which time Mike gave the Napergate Man a ride to Dunkin Donuts on the infamous Spring Green intersection.

17. The Napergate Man had asked Bob to take Abby there because she knew the husband/wife team that work the graveyard shift there very well as they give her 2 free Munchkins every day and love Abby. I will not describe Bob's 2 hour struggle to get her there as he described it very well in his "amazing" post. But he had to walk the 3-4 miles as no cabs would take a dog and it was a monumental struggle with Abby resisting and growling at him but never biting him! (No one should be worried about Abby biting anyone when the Napergate Man commits his "daily crime" of walking her without a leash in his subdivision of Pembroke Commons around a drive that circles a huge park according to bloggers.)

18. Mike drove Bob home and then the Napergate Man and Abby. The Napergate Man owns other vehicles that were only a few hundred yards away but being the law abiding citizen he apparently is, he chose not to drive them to get Bob home since he now knew he had a suspended license. Mike understood and agreed to drive Bob home who was a complete stranger to him at the time.



1. Mike is not legally savvy like the Napergate Man, and made a second mistake in his post when stating the Napergate Man had a warrant out for his arrest. That is not true! There was no warrant out for his arrest.

2.His license was suspended by the Tollway Authority without his knowledge. This in not equivalent to a warrant for your arrest. It only means you are not allowed to drive. That is all it means. If you don't drive you are committing no violation. The Tollway Authority probably assumes you will get your notice and not drive until you take care of your tickets. Why would they issue a warrant? They do not know if one will choose to drive or not drive upon receiving their notice and there would have to be a known violation I assume for a warrant to be issued.

3. Here is my take on the running of his plates.

a. Assuming they knew it was the Napergate Man they probably had an irresistible temptation to run his plates. This gigantic yellow H2 Hummer was sitting within 10 yards of 6-12 police officers. They can get bored standing on that intersection. So they decided to do a check on the Napergate Man to see what he is up to these days. This would not be a random check which is legal but in my belief a TARGETED license plate check which is illegal and a CLASS 3 FELONY. Police in downtown Naperville on Friday night are not there to do random checks but to control the large crowds who have been drinking all night. We all know that! Plus it seems other personal besides police perform these random checks. Notice the vehicles that are waiting on Washington to tow cars at 4pm in the afternoon. They are City of Naperville vehicles but they are not manned by sworn officers. I would only speculate that these same individuals would do the random checks and not the sworn officers who have more important things to do especially on a Friday or Saturday night in downtown Naperville.

b. Assuming they did not know who these 2 men with a white dog were who came out of the Big Yellow H2 Hummer, I would speculate that curiosity killed at least one of the officers on the intersection who decided to run the plates to find out who these men with the white dog were. This would also be targeted and not random. Thus this would be an illegal check which is a Class 3 Felony according to Illinois Statutes.

4. I believe Ted is wrong and the Napergate Man was not mistreated because he made that now infamous comment, "I do know that Chief David Dial allows discretion in these kinds of cases," meaning he would like some discretion so he can get his dog home.

5.If you read both Mike's and Bob's posts carefully they both indicate that the Napergate Man made this comment ONLY after they told him they need to handcuff him and arrest him. Never before! He was not invoking any names of anyone but just trying to plead his case for the sake of Abby.

6.The officer did become probably further OUTRAGED after the Napergate Man made this comment. Not because he invoked the Police Chief Dial's name but because he "called out" the Sergeant himself. The Sergeant became outraged because he was being told in a gentle/subtle/hint way "You are DISCRIMINATING against me and I don't like it." The fact that the Napergate Man knew the Sergeant was discriminated against him and pointed it out, OUTRAGED the Sergeant.

7.The Sergeant in my opinion is a FASCIST who wanted to teach the Napergate Man a lesson. (His lesson was we are the BIG BOYS in this town and we do what we please and exercise our discretion in ways to discriminate if we so CHOSE. It is none of your business why we make the decisions we make. If you don't like how we operate leave town as you have already been asked to by former Mayors Price and Macrane.....Ameena speculating)

8.In my opinion all the involved Naperville police officers were trouble makers that evening. They wanted to stir trouble. They were looking for trouble. The Napergate Man was just trying to have a pleasant evening with his friend and dog. He did not drink and since he does not smoke they could not even get him for littering the streets with a cigarette butt.

9.Here is why I believe they were looking for trouble:

a. They knew the Napergate Man had a suspended license by doing an illegal license plate check on him.

b. They knew there would be no violation unless he jumped in his H2 and drove.

c. They wanted him to get in his H2 and drive in order that he would commit the violation so they could arrest him and throw him in jail for the evening.( I know from reading 43 out of the 44 Napergate ads that the Naperville Police don't like the Napergate Man....way to obvious)

d. I believe their actions were pre-meditated with every intention of bringing mischief and agony to the Napergate Man.

10.Here is why I believe so:

a. I suspect they 100% knew who this man has. He called them to his stores and gave them 500-1000 FAKE ID"s based on Napergate Ads, Court Records, Police Reports, and Newspaper articles.

b. With 6-12 officers on the scene what is the likelihood that at least one of them had been called to come pick up one of these 500-1000 fake IDs and give a police report number. He also drove his yellow Hummer in downtown Naperville 5 times a week. He also had been stopped on other occasions. He also had seen them in courts a lot...a real lot!

c.The odds are 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999% that one of these 6-12 officers knew who the Napergate Man is. Probably a 100% chance but let us give them the benefit of the doubt.

d.I think in any other town anywhere in the USA but Naperville, the cops would have told the Napergate Man we just ran your license plate and we found out your license is suspended. You better not drive home or we will have to ticket and book you by law. Don't put us in that predicament! You are a nice guy that has done a lot for this town by launching a massive war against minors like no one in the history of the USA. We appreciate your efforts so much so we thought we would tip you off and reciprocate for your nice deeds of helping us fighting minors for a quarter of a century.(......Ameena pure speculation)

Keep in mind that the Napergate Man is in possession of 8 Fake I.Ds. from Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2007 according to Liquor Man Rick who has seen them and stated he is planning to hand deliver them to Mayor Pradel the next time they meet. So we learn his efforts never stopped but he no longer feels comfortable dealing with the THANKLESS Naperville Police Dept. but decided he is dealing with the Mayor somebody he very highly respects and admires based on statements and speculation of dozens and dozens of bloggers. Is anyone surprised that the Napergate Man switched his tactics of turning fake IDs from the police dept to the Mayor directly who also doubles as the Liquor Commissioner? I am not surprised at all based on researching the Napergate Man for 3 months at the library and elsewhere. (Just for the record I have never seen or met the Napergate Man. I have been studying him because I failed in dealing with City Hall and he is the only one known to beat City Hall consistently and repeatedly in this town the last 100 years.)



In summary I feel this was a vicious premeditated attack on the Napergate Man that was well orchestrated but obviously backfired as they underestimated once again the unique talents and brilliance of the Napergate Man.

They had a choice to warn him NOT TO DRIVE in order that he not COMMIT a violation. They chose not to warn him because they wanted to arrest him to get back at him for the past.

It has also become very apparent that the Napergate Man had no clue his driver's license was suspended. We all know this man is extremely brilliant and very cautious and would be the last person on earth to drive and park a very highly visible yellow H2 Hummer next to 6-12 police officers in downtown Naperville. That would defy logic and common sense. If he knew his license was suspended he would have asked Bob to drive(Mike verified Bob owns more than one car). Or if the Napergate Man was taking a calculated risk he would hide his vehicle in one of the large downtown parking garages. But never park it next to 6-12 police officers if he knew his license was suspended! I think we can all agree on this point!

I have no doubt they ran his license plate illegally and committed a CLASS 3 Felony. Again the H2 was in their faces for over 2 hours. The temptation to run his plates was probably uncontrollable. They fell for the temptation hoping they would not be called or caught committing a Class 3 Felony. They may have had prior knowledge that no one in the police dept. has ever been charged for this crime due to the Blue Code of Silence also known as Professional Courtesy thus further emboldening them to commit this outrageous FELONY. Also many bloggers have indicated that the NPD Internal Affairs Dept. is non-functional and purely for public consumption!

They knew they committed a felony and were trying to cover it by hoping the Napergate Man would commit a traffic violation so they could pretend that they ran his driver's license after the traffic violation which would be legal but not before which would be a Class 3 felony. They followed him thru several stop signs praying and hoping he would roll thru one or not activate his turn signal within 100 feet an intersection while making a turn. Again the Napergate Man was to smart for them plus he had one witness in the H2 who could talk and unfortunately a second who could not. They got pissed that he was outsmarting them and their incredibly strong temptations to nail him exceeded their ability for better judgment.

The Napergate Man was not arrested because he stated he knows Chief David Dial allows discretion in such situations. The decision to arrest him and throw him in jail was pre-meditated and made at the intersection of Chicago Ave and Washington St. where the numerous officers conspired and devised their tactful plan that is now being uncovered.

Mike and Bob both indicate that the Sergeant had informed him he was under arrest and should turn around to voluntarily allow them to hand cuff him. Only then did he mention Chief Dial. Never before! So Ted is very wrong in assuming that is what pissed the Sergeant and made him arrest the Napergate Man.

Yes, it did piss the Sergeant and make him hostile and loud. But it was not for the reason Ted stated. It was because the Napergate Man had uncovered the Sergeant's true intentions and "called him out."

This is what really aggravated the Sergeant and turned him ballistic. His conspiracy was uncovered and he was simply angry. Maybe the Napergate Man would have only been jailed for 3 hours if he did not make that comment instead of 5 hours. But the conspirators in the Naperville Police Dept. had made their decision that the Napergate Man was going to SPEND THE NIGHT in jail much earlier on that famous corner of Washington and Chicago Avenue which is the unofficial headquarters for the Naperville Police Dept. on Fridays and Saturdays.

My conclusions are based on studying the facts for several hours and having some additional questions answered by Mike thru e-mail such as where exactly the yellow H2 Hummer was parked.

Once again thanks to all for reading my long blog and to Moderator Jim and Host Ted for allowing me to use this thread and even criticize or argue their opinions at times.


PS. It should also be obvious that the Napergate Man has attempted to avoid confrontation with the City of Naperville and Police. Despite this incident being vicious he apparently chose not to file a lawsuit in what I deem a MAJOR CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION involving selective enforcement, discrimination, abuse of police powers and discretions, Class 3 Felony violations by police, conspiracy and an attempt to frame a man by inducing him to commit a violation and not choosing to stop it.

If there are any other witnesses to this incident or if anyone would like to shed some additional light please contact me Ameena at:




If this incident outrages you please feel free to speak before your City Council tonight at 7 p.m. Each speaker is allowed 3 minutes. I think it is high time we put an end to the rampant fascism in our police department since that famous IABTF COMMISSION RULING first disclosed it to us during a very lengthy investigation of the City of Naperville 15 YEARS AGO!

We need to appeal to our very nice Mayor, who the Napergate Man respects, to stop the ongoing and continuous fascism in our police department. I would like to emphasize like hundreds on these blogs before me, that Mayor George Pradel is not involved with this conspiracy as the former 3 Mayors have been. This is a very obvious and well known fact. He is highly respected and liked by all residents in this town including both Napervillians and Napergatians.

But I think we would like him to step to the plate since no one else is willing to. It is obvious that the Napergate Man made a PROMISE to his wife and children that he will stop NAPERGATE in return for this lovely white dog named Abby which they got him as part of the agreement. The little white dog was able to do what no human being could do in over 20 years. This little white lovely dog stopped all the political ads in the Naperville Sun including the infamous 44 Napergate Series that were directed at City Officials, Attorneys and Police for about a decade and are believed to have "killed" former Mayor Macrane!

The little white dog that brought peace and quiet to our town has now been abused horrifically by the Naperville Police Dept. I urge the Mayor and City Council to take swift and corrective action tonight at the City Council meeting. I urge residents to come forward and speak even though I know this is very very late notice. Sorry but if no one gets this very late notice we can always try again in 2 weeks!

Even if no one shows up due to the late notice, I urge the City Council to address this issue before it escalates and results in Napergate World War III. I want to make a record of my advice right here on Ted's Napergate Thread.

Let us not forget when the Napergate Man offered $1500 dollars and an apology for that "sting operation" in which he was found innocent, we ended up losing $1,000,0000 to $1,500,000 of hard earned Taxypayer money. And our City Manager is still lying to us by stating it only cost $5,000 to $10,000 for the entire 5 years of proceedings. The Napergate V ad that city officials pressured the Naperville Sun not to print has been uncovered after 15 long years and it shows the lowly court reporter alone made $24,600. We don't know what the 7 attorneys fighting that lonely bottle of Korbel Champaign made! But we can speculate! And many other officials worked that Kangaroo Hearing which were named in Napergate V which I posted on the earlier Napergate thread.

I hope the City Council tonight decides to take our city in a different direction from the lies and conspiracies we have become accustomed to of the past and seem to be continuing.

Thanks in advance to my City Council Members for their consideration in the investigation of this "OUTRAGEOUS" Case tonight! If Mayor George Pradel is unwilling to open the debate, I urge distinguished and highly respected City Council Member Dick Furstenau who is way too familiar with the antics and tactics of our Naperville Police Dept. to please open the debate.

Note from Ted:

Nothing but admiration and respect for you, Ameena, when I say it is pure speculation as to why Basim was pulled over in the first place. We just don't know. While you are entitled to your opinion that it was premeditated harassment, I remain unconvinced.

It is pretty clear that the Naperville police department is only a hair away from operating like the Gestapo. When the police are arresting local politicians and then don't show up to court when the case is presented and when the police union chief is attacking public figures in the media, it is clear it is time for a change. We need some independent overview of the activities of the Naperville police department. Some people need to be removed.

I figured the only way I would be able to allow the previous Napergate post to pass peacefully from the home page was by replacing it with ... another Napergate post!

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