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Peterson's third wife: It was murder

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In the latest bizarre twist to the case of former Bolingbrook cop Drew Peterson, the death of his third wife - Kathleen Savio - has been officially determined a homicide by Will County authorities. Prior to this ruling the death had been classified as an accident, the probable result of a fall in the bath tub. Peterson - already a suspect in the disappearance of fourth wife Stacy Peterson - has been laying low as of late, pretty much shunning the media that he so actively courted just weeks if not months ago. What effect will this latest ruling have in the scrutiny of Peterson who is currently the subject of a grand jury investigation? The latest development doesn't seem to bode well for Peterson and is it just a matter of time before he is taken into custody? We'd like to know your thoughts on this mysterious case. Does it make Peterson look guilty and - let's not forget - whatever happened to Stacy Peterson? The conversation is now open.

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Little by little Drew is winning his life back. Next he will get his guns and card back.If anything was proven he would have been arrested a long time ago. The sign that Sharon put up next door needs to be removed, the kids see it and its cruel & mean spirited. The exes have said their peace, there is little left to do.

This entire thing is a witch hunt. These searches are a waste of time and will find nothing. This is a family trying to blame someone else for whats really wrong. Stacys mother did the same thing. Let Drew get on with his life & his kids too.

The news tonight announced that Stebic is also going to try to get his property back since Peterson was able to do so. Wonder if the state is going to illegally pull his FOID card too?

Let's face it, this guy's bad news and probably guilty. Dating a 17 year old while going thru a divorce with wife #3...what a piece of work ...but until he's charged and convicted of a crime, he shares the same rights as you and me.

While it's tough to swallow sticking up for guys like DP or Stebic but I don't understand how the authorities can take their car(s) and firearms away. How long is a reasonable time to hold-hostage a man's ability to get to work or protect his home and family from a potential intruder? As a retired soldier and policemen, I'm not too keen on "big brother" coming into my home and taking my "stuff" without formerly charging me with a crime.
This happens more frequently and in less public examples than these two local situations.

I hope that if I turn up drowned in an empty bathtub, that the police, the coroner and the state's attorney will bother to investigate my death.

Unless I am married to someone in the system and they don't want to hold up the survivors benefits with needless speculation.

The police, coroner and state's attorneys that gave Peterson a free pass on the first death that benefited him should be fired.

Really, SouthsideJohnny? When all this came up in the papers, the cops had no comment. Where has this been confirmed as fact?

FACT: Ken doesn't know what he is talking about. These are all facts in the case.

Can you say "OJ"? Drew will get the same some day. These Pycho's just cant stay out of the press and sooner or later they will mess up again. It is just too bad that Stacy had to die. Like OJ, give Drew a few years and he will end up behind bars.

FACT:SouthsideJohnny does not know the difference between hearsay and fact.

FACT: Drew Peterson's brother in law helped him load a blue barrel that was "warm" into his truck.
FACT: Drew Peterson's brother in law was so distrught over helping him load the barrel that he tried to kill himself.
FACT: Drew Peterson is old enough to be Stacey Peterson's GRANDFATHER, not father.
FACT: Drew Peterson was manipulative, abusive and controling with Stacey Peterson.
FACT: Drew Peterson is a liar.

He will be brought to justice in the near future just like Scott Peterson and the Lacey Peterson murder. I hope he rots in jail for the rest of his life.

Right now, the only real problem Drew Peterson has happens to be Drew Peterson. This guy can't even get it right when he gets the word that the findings show his third wife was indeed murdered. Anyone else with half a brain would have said something like "On the advice of my counsel, I have no comment to make at this time.", but not Drew Peterson. No, he opens his mouth and out comes something along the lines of "Golly Gee Whiz, I'm shocked!" Then he mutters something about having to go make some phone calls and leaves the scene in a hurry. For a guy who insists that he is the real victim here, he seems to have a real hard time convincing the rest of the public that he is as pure as the driven snow. If anything, the more he talks, the more of a case he builds up against himself.

And while we are on the subject, does anyone know if he is using that team of lawyers of his, not to mention his vast past background in crimefighting, to actually make a concentrated effort of sorts to try and find his missing fourth wife? At this point, the average guy in Peterson's shoes would be working himself into a lather around the clock trying to find her and prove to everyone that she is indeed alive and well.

But then again, we are talking about Drew Peterson here. The guy seems more concerned about his next Today Show appearance than he is trying to prove that Stacy Peterson is still among the living out there somewhere.

At http://www.murphymilanojournal.blogspot.com there are compelling arugments and points as it relates to Kathleen Savio. And according to the information on this site it seems to me Drew Peterson can be arrested for Kathleens murder.

What bothers me most is the reported comments from Peterson: If the police come to his door "Let them do it. Everthings ready. Everythings in place. Let them do their thing." Is he planning on going out in a "blaze of glory" as the noose tightens? Officers please be careful when you go to take this guy down. He has no respect for life. And I don't think he will go quietly after being a media darling, at least in his own twisted mind.

Note from Ted, host:

I have no inside track on this, but I interpreted what he meant by the "everything's in place" comment to mean all the arrangements have been made to look after his children, all his money has been moved into other peoples' names, etc.

You would think that a town that spawned the Nicarico case and all the false prosecutions that followed would understand the innocent until proven guilty theory. Guess not.
By the way, when did arrogance become a crime?

I have another question. Now that they have proven that Kathleen Savio was murdered, does this now mean they are going to go back to whoever it was who did the original autopsy years and find out how and why they botched up the investigation the way they did?

Moderator Jim: Very good question....something that will probably unfold over the next week or so.

I believe that a lot of DP's arrogance (and his legal defense) was based on the fact that in the State of Illinois since 1850 NO ONE has been convicted of a homicide without a body.

And I bet he didn't think anyone would re-open his ex-wife's grave to produce a body that he will be convicted of murdering.

His arrogant, cocky attitude pushed someone pretty far to "dig-up" evidence to be used against him.

Let me just ask something here. If your spouse was missing, would you be moving heaven and earth trying to find them, to make sure they are safe, or would you:

1) Just tell your kids, if you have any, that the other parent is “on vacation”.
2) Come out of your house early in the investigation wearing a mask over your face, even when you knew the media was out there.
3) Strut around like a peacock, even going as far as mocking the media by walking around filming them with a video camera.
4) Insist on appearing on nationally syndicated news shows like you are a rock star
5) Hire an attorney who seems as less interested as you are about trying to find the missing spouse, and seems more instersted as you do with seeing their name in the news.
6) Call a Chicago radio station and try to set up some sort of dating contest, despite the fact it has been less than five months since your spouse has been missing.
7) Make misleading statements to the press and then try to deny you made them.
8) When asked months later where you think your spouse is, you still insist they “are on a beach somewhere.

Now tell me, honestly, which of these would you do if you honestly cared about where your spouse was and if they are safe?

Awake -

I don't think DP's being a cop has anything to do with him not being arrested. There's just no evidence right now for an arrest. You don't think the IL State Police don't want to arrest this jerk?

No, DP is not exactly squeaky clean, but who is? Everybody has skeletons in their closet which would cast them in an unfavorable light if they were suspects in a crime.

And, no, there is no limit to how many times you get the benefit of the doubt. You are innocent until proven otherwise. There's no exception for being a jerk.

As much as you say the IL State Police will and/or have botched this case, at least give credit to the Bolingbrook PD who removed themselves from this case as they should have. If this were a Bolingbrook investigation without an arrest, people would be screaming cover-up.


Drew Peterson is only "innocent" because he was connected earlier and is elusive today- either by guile or luck. But I see his arrogance catching up to him- this could be the first step.

Blake, wake up! This guy is guilty and is obviously quite used to getting his own way. If he wern't a cop he would have gone to jail long ago. How conveinent to have lost two wives who were in divorce litigation at the time. And remember, if anyone has knowledge of crime scene investigation it would be a cop! Also this guy is not exactly sqeeky clean with his performance history as a cop. Benefit of the doubt? Sure, but there is a limit to how many times. Will his wife Stacy resurface like he says she will? Sure as soon as he digs up her body where he buired her.
It's unfortunate that jerks like this give honest and dedicated cops a bad name. My biggest concern is that those people with white tipped canes who investigated Drew (you know the state police) will botch it again. Drew don't worry (if you read this) because I will disqualify myself if selected for jury duty in the unlikely event they ever charge you.

Like Blake and Carol, I think everyone gets the benefit of the doubt in our court system. The press, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have to follow the same rules.

As much as some people would like to see DP arrested (such as CGullang above), that would require actual evidence of a crime. Right now the only available evidence shows that DP is a jackass, but not a murdered.

Given the press coverage in this area, does anyone think DP could get a fair trial even if he were to be arrested?


I agree whole heartedly, with Blake (above)...and just what

has happened to Innocent Until Proven Guilty...???????

I don't believe the guy is being picked on. Quite the contrary.
What was a grown man doing dating a kid young enough to be his daughter? I believe this man is a threat to anyone he decides stands in the way of whatever he wants.

Since Day One, Drew Peterson has been strutting around like a peacock, acting like a rock star, thumbing his nose at the system that at one time he was suppose to have upheld as a cop, and has shot his mouth more times than anyone I have ever seen, unless you count his pitbull of an attorney as a close second. He has even gone as far as try to engage in some sort of idiotic dating game, as if he thinks this whole thing is a joke. Now that his third wife's death has been ruled a murder, I would like to know how much more time the police are going to waste until they finally take this guy into custody. He has literally been daring the authorities to come and get him. Maybe it is now time the authorities oblige him. It is clear this guy did something here, and it is more than clear he knows where his fourth wife Stacy really is. It is now time for the authorities to stop playing games with this guy.

I think it is part of the Drew Peterson witch hunt. They can find no evidence to justify charges, and then they drag up an old case to make him look even worse. Don't know if the guy just has incredibly bad luck, or is guilty, but I wonder what happened to the idea of innocent until proven guilty in this country?

I guess Drew Peterson got tired of his 15 minutes of fame. But his mouth and what he said in the past could be be what dooms him in if anything will doom him in.

I don't think Katleen Savio's death being determined as a murder at this late date, will have any impact on DP. What evidence can they get from the scene at this late stage to help convict him?

I disagree that it is a matter of time before he is taken in custody. I think time is working in his favor as time has worked in the favor of the Stenbic Man in Plainfield. We simply forgot about him. We will soon forget about DP. He sadly outsmarted everyone including the FBI and State Police!

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