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Sing us a song, you're the piano man

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An investigative piece in Tuesday's Sun reports how Naperville-area residents who paid thousands of dollars thought they would get a good piano in return, but instead the store run by the Biasco brothers went out of business. What's more, court records show the Biascos have a history of closing stores and never delivering pianos that people paid for, only to open up new stores under new names.

Have you ever bought a piano from the Biascos? What was your experience? If you were among those who felt cheated when the store closed after you paid for a piano which you didn't receive, what would you like to see happen, especially after learning about the pattern of this business?

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Never buy a big ticket item that you don't take immediate delivery of.

If you have to break that rule, know who you are buying from, how long they have been in business and get a word of mouth recommendation from someone who's been around a long time.

They sound like thieves to me. Dollar amount doesn't matter. The mentality is all the same. People think they are owed something they did not pay for or they believe they do not have to honor a business agreement. 40 cents, $100, $6,000, $25,000,000 it's all theft.

The world does not need people like that.

White collar crime! Think these guys will go to jail? Think those who lost money will get it returned? Nah.

While we enjoy our partnership with CBS 2 Chicago very much, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that ABC 7 tonight led its 5 p.m. newscast with a report on the Biasco piano brothers, the investigative story we broke in today's Sun. The Chicago Sun-Times, Newsradio 780 and NBC5 also picked up the story.

We received additional calls and e-mails from people today who feel victimized by the Biasco brothers. Their attorney--who didn't return our calls-- told ABC7 that the brothers do intend to make good on delivery of pianos that a lot of people paid good money for.

Here's hoping the attorney general takes a hard look at this company and its many previous incarnations and takes steps to protect consumers.

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