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Potluck wants to hear about ... potholes

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In the wake of the big snow storm, a lot of Naperville-area people have noticed a sudden increase in potholes. Tell us about your experience.

We want to know where are some bad places for potholes on Naperville-area roads. What's the worst pothole experience you've ever had? Has a pothole ever left you with a flat tire or other damage? Did you ever complain to a government agency, and how helpful was it? Have you ever sought reimbursement because of damage caused by a pothole, and if so, how successful were you?

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Welcome to winter. Unfortunately with the temps and snow we will have to deal with potholes for awhile. I am sure once the crews are done plowing they will start pothole patching in force. I await the complaints of traffic backups while they are doing so.

Take a look at the far right lanes of almost every major street in Naperville and it's pothole city. Ogden, 75th, there are SO many potholes. In the left lanes, I am not noticing problems.

Maryann should start her own blog instead of attempting to control the one owned by the Naperville Sun.

Host, please don't continue moving things around to satisfy one selfish person or before you know it everyone will want their favorites left on the front page and then all this blog will be is a place to rehash a bunch of has been issues.

Response from host:

Thanks, RJ. Wasn't planning to move anything around. Don't plan on doing anything special to keep Napergate from moving off the home page when its time comes, just trying to make it easier to people to keep track of it.

I hope we don't lose this fabulous Napergate Story which is about to be deleted over this pothole story.

How soon you forget I had to rescue you guys on that Road Warrior story?

I am not going to rescue you on this one. I am going to go enjoy my last day on Napergate before the greatest story you guys at the Naperville Sun ever dug up, is deleleted to the archives.

I thought you guys would give us at least a month for a great story like that one that comes once a century!

On a serious not, I wish you could find a way to keep it on the Main Page a little longer. It is just becoming so exciting by the minute. Almost like a soap opera that won't quit.

I hope we don't have to fight you like we did on that d. bone crazy post. I am sure we won't!

You guys are known to be very blogger friendly. Maybe that is why you gave so much consideration to that d. bone alien and put up with him.

I don't mind you guys being friendly to bloggers but do you have to be friendly to aliens like d.bone who are not even from our same galaxy of stars. Equal rights to all, I guess, including aliens!

Even liquor man noticed he was high on something other than the booze he sells in Naperville. I could not agree more.

Looking forward to more Napergate on the Main page. I saw your commnent about these threads are still active off the Main Page.

My opinion is they experience a slow death as soon as they are off the main page..

Have a nice morning. Must do so shoveling and look to see if I have any potholes in my driveway.

The former Road Warrior Gal not wanting to tackle potholes...lol..

Note from host:

Again, Napergate will NOT be deleted when it passes off the home page, there's a NEW more convenient Napergate category, and our web site traffic reports show that threads that have passed off the home page like D203 remain MORE active than ones still on the home page, such as Napergate.

North Aurora Road. It was terrible today.

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