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Every so often we invite Potluck visitors to suggest topics. Typically we'll create threads based on your suggestions. So here's your chance to say what's on your mind, about any topic with relevance to Naperville. What do you want to talk about? What topics would you like to see discussed on this blog?

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In it something is and it is good idea. I support you.

I agree with GI Joe. Drews entire life needs to be returned to him. Taking away his guns is plain crazy. they are leaving him out there with no protection of any kind. Every day he gets threats. He need to be able to protect his family too. Have a heart people, he is innocent until proved otherwise.

What about all the undersold/empty commercial property stacking up in Naperville? We are still building more commercial while many sit vacant for years.

Let's try to stop the madness and keep some open space. What do you think?

Moderator Jim: I like the idea....we'll give it a shot. Thanks for the thought.

How about a thread on how to properly recycle and dispose of your trash on trash day?

I for one am tired of picking up everyone else's trash in my yard and all over the street on trash days. Why don't I see other people walking out into the street to pick up all the papers blowing around?

The first topic can be how to tie up your newspapers in twine so they won't blow around. Is this close enough to global warming to hook onto their bandwagon, recycling?

This website has posted today that the following is one of the five things people need to know:

"California parents who don't have teaching credentials no longer can home school their children, according to a recent state appellate court ruling".

Perhaps a discussion on how having a teching certificate "qualifies/prepares" (or does not) a person to be a better teacher than a person who does not have a teaching certificate.

If we can have a thread on global warming,does anyone deny a thread on local police agency in regards to illegal aliens in Naperville?Across Illinois, citizens have repeatedly asked for cooperation between local police and ICE!How could any police dept. defend NOT working with ICE regarding 287G. Gee, I guess knowing who is an adjudicated FELON ILLEGAL ALIEN doesn't register very high on NPD radar.Several complaints have been alleged in other potluck blogs,a central thread for us 'conspiracy nutts' would allow aggregation of complaints and compliments. For instance, what is the status of the other fed. civil rights case set against NPD? Why no page after page of discussion about the female npd officers case?Will it be settled QUITETLY,with a no-disclosure stipulation,as others have similarly been settled?

You have promised a discussion about whether a member of city council should be voting on zoning variances put forth by the law firm for which his son works and am still waiting.

As for the test track, I don't know how the income/expense works out. As I understand it, dealerships in the area help to pay for it. But, more importantly, it has been used as a magnet for dealerships who pump an obscene amount of sales tax revenue into Naperville's coffers. A cost benefit analysis would be useful, but it should include all the sales taxes Naperville collects from auto sales, not to mention the jobs and real estate taxes generated.

Let's have a thread on the wealthy wingnuts who think some lawyer who can't trim his eyebrows is their savor. This is making the rounds today:

From: BLAZBJ@aol.com
To: BLAZBJ@aol.com
Sent: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 3:34 pm
Subject: Next Steps - Finally

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I am forwarding to you the opportunity to finally be heard regarding the school board and administration actions over the last few years. I have joined an organization dedicated to the best interest of children and neighborhood schools. This will be our one and only chance to overturn poor decisions made.

There has been a coming together of many groups as one. I have always felt this was the only way to win. Well, there is unity and hope now.

Please review the website, consider registering as a member, and come to the rally this group of concerned 204 residents has organized.

Best Regards Always,

PS pardon any double emails - I just sent to all my groups for speed.


Dear District 204 Residents,

As most of you are already aware, on February 19th, the school board passed a new boundary proposal to go with the sudden change to the new Eola/Rt.88 school site - to go along with a higher cost yet to be determined. As we expected, the school board had already made up their minds as signified by the prepared statements they read.

Officials summarily dismissed rational and logical arguments from many individuals, ranging from pleas to follow their own criteria to requests to slow down and reconsider their planned actions. Many thanks to all concerned 204 residents and groups who showed up and/or spoke at the meeting. You have patiently waited for some action and next steps. You may have thought it was all over. It's not over.

Next steps. Legal firms have been interviewed (mostly by District 204 resident attorneys and business people familiar with the details). The Collins Law Firm has been selected as lead counsel and, pending your collective voice and support, action will be taken to force the Board and District to slow down the due diligence process relating to the environmental issues at the new Eola site, and to account for the representations that were made during the second referendum process (specifically promises that the third high school would be built on the BB land). Good relationships with other national firms and legal foundations are being maintained in the event they need to step in and help.

Several resident groups have reached out to join forces with our organization as a show of unity, and in recognition that inclusive actions by concerned parents across District 204 trump exclusive interests every time. We have also combined, and will continue to expand forces, with other neighborhoods in district-wide unity.

As you may know we are forming a non-profit organization to look after the interests, health and safety of our children and their right to attend the nearest schools to their neighborhood. Neighborhood Schools for our Children (NSFOC) is an umbrella organization, non-neighborhood specific, made up of District-wide members. NSFOCs main focus is overturning poor decisions made by the School Board.

Please pass this information on to interested parties who are unhappy with the decision-making in our district. We have setup a web site (http://www.nsfoc.org) that we encourage you to visit and register with your contact information for newsletters and other flash communications that we send periodically as we make progress towards achieving our common goals.

To help volunteer and to become a member click on the REGISTER button, To help fund the effort, please click on the DONATE button. In order to proceed, we need the support of as many caring parents and citizens as possible. Although we have raised thousands of dollars, we will need thousands more to enforce our rights against an out of control process.

Please consider making a donation if you support moving forward for our children and our community! Numbers are powerful and we need to show that, contrary to the Board's assertions, there are more than a few isolated residents who are not satisfied with their sudden change in direction.

The first rally is on Tuesday 3/4/08 at 7 PM, at White Eagle Club House, 4265 White Eagle Drive (take Route 59, turn west on 83rd street/Montgomery and left at first entrance by the pool - suggested way) Attorney Shawn Collins will attend.

Join us! By registering right away you can keep up with other events, news and information.

Neighborhood Schools For Our Children


Maybe we can address global warming and how it is affecting the idea of conservation. I am a big believer of the pendulum theory as I feel the news media is also. Get people going crazy in one direction sell more books, newspapers, magazines, etc. about that topic. But maybe thats a win-win, after all the pollution caused by inefficient fossil fuel consumption is not good for anyone's health. One other concern: any idea when the oil will be exhausted 50 years, 100 years? Why not get one up and change over to a non-petro economy.

Moderator Jim,

Jim Striad's points are acute and perhaps you need to define global warming!

Striad's issue was about the hysteria being pumped up about GW. You say you believe it is here. Those are NOT necessarily opposite points!

GW is a regular phenomenon (as JS points out). There is absooute scientific proof that it ebbs and flows. There is absolute scientific proof that the ice shield is thickening in many parts of the earth as we speak (and others are thinning).

There is no proof that this is all, or even heavily, caused by man, specifically fossil fuel burning. THAT part is a THEORY at this point. Research shows that much of the hype has been manufactured (the famous "hockey stick"). Research shows that the Asian Brown Cloud is more responsible than fossil fuels.

Research just this past week from Scientist SImpson (?) points out that the single most overlooked and under measured factor is land usage.

Anyway, you get the point: The Goracle has tried to force-feed us on the incorrect prenise that we, personally, in the USA have caused GW. He is wrong until there is PROOF he is right!

While I find it hard to stick up for the rights of guys like Drew Petersen or Craig Stebic but there's more, less public examples of this in other places and times....I recently read where the authorities confiscated their cars, guns & FOID cards, and other fishing/hunting items for months or more. As a retired soldier and policeman, I'm not big on "big brother" coming into my home and taking my stuff without formerly charging me with a crime. How long is a reasonable time to hold-hostage somebody's ability to get to work or protect their homes or families from an intruder?

Sure, I'd love a global warming thread.

Moderator Jim: Okay, just give us a little time and we'll get one up and you can weigh in with the Adirondacks stuff. Thanks.

Moderator, not sure how old you are but I remember the great acid rain debate in the early 1980's. Remember that one? Remember how all the enlightened environmentalists told us that Acid Rain was destroying the lakes in the Adirondacks and it was all caused by man? Well I remember that. I remember how hysterical everyone became about. Do you remember what happened next? I do. I want to see if you or anyone else does.

Moderator Jim: You've got to give me more info...I take it you'd like a global warming thread.

Mister Q,

I support your idea for a thread on the topic of Police Chief David Dial and his support of illegal aliens.

The city council sets vision and policy for the city, not the Chief of Police. The Chief is only responsible for executing that vision. I, for one, have a major problem with a Chief of Police who is not personally committed to enforcing ALL of the laws rightfully enacted by our state legislature.

If he, as a private citizen, wants to work to enact or change laws that he personally believes in, that is fine. Just take off the uniform first and don't use the office for a pulpit.

Possibly the Chief of Police forgets that the vast majority of the adult residents of Naperville have an education equal to or greater than his. We know what is going on in the community, nation, and world. We can make up our own mind on what we believe is needed or not needed with regard to illegal immigrants.

When he is interested in running for an ELECTED position I would be interested in learning his views on matters pertaining to that office. Until then the city attorney and the city council would be well advised to tell him to shut up and sit down.

As we witness record setting cold and snow fall in the US and throughout the World and the huge growth of the polar ice caps in just one year, how about we call Algore and revisit global warming. Is this entire year merely an anomaly? Could the alarmists’ possible be wrong? Is the documented dramatic decrease in solar activity the new "big lie" or is it truly reflective of reality?

Anyone think that perhaps we should slow down on the global crisis hysteria? Should we perhaps stop forcing elementary students to view the Algore movie that is portrayed as, and this hurts, fact?

I agree there is climate change just as history has continued to document. I agree that having been entrusted with the life of this planet we are obligated to be good stewards, but the hysteria is ridiculous. Reason must not be permitted to be over run by the hallucinations of Algore, et al.


Moderator Jim: Just because it's been a tough winter doesn't mean global warming doesn't exist. There's no doubt in my mind it does.

I would like to see a blog question as to what the people think about David Dial's support and fronting the issue of driving certificates for illegal aliens. Continuing,a large number of illegals driving without authorization and no insurance are causing accidents,hardships and death. How many readers have been in crash with uninsured and what was result? Zero tolerances for law abiding citizens and a FREE PASS for illegals? What's up with that? mr. q.

Follow-up to Paul. Yes I have not only given some thought but also witnessed it when I was at the tax assessors office and watched a retiree argue in vane about his higher tax assessment. When it was my turn I informed the clerk to be nice to the retirees of this town for they are the ones flipping part of my kids education in Naperville. I do not think the young clerk had a clue to what I was talking about but the more experienced older women knew. Just a footnote I hope that retiree did better than me on fighting his assessment.Paul in closing your point is well taken and at the last school board meeting I meet the nicest couple from the Brookdale area and they shared the same sentiment as you have described.

I'm with Deborah Armin. The Naperville Test Track and other nominally used facilities (Safety Town?) are pork in the budget. I'm not saying they lack value, although perhaps to a lesser degree than more important taxpayer issues ... say, high school upgrades? In an era of belt-tightening, can we really afford to maintain it all?

I would like to see blogs with threads for each major topic where the various candidates for president views and policies can be recorded and discussed.

I'm guessing that are probably twenty threads that could be started. Watching the speeches, debates and sound bites on the news may not be the best way to self educate on what may or may not be an important presidential election.

For now, at the macro level, the one thing that McCain, Obama and Clinton all agree on is big and bigger government.

JJ62, did you ever wonder if that is Naperville's intent. Let's get rid of as much of the less expensive areas as possible to only put up larger homes or high end town homes that empty nesters may be able to afford but would rather not spend that much in retirement. Maybe they are trying to push those two groups out the young first time buyer and the retired empty nester.

How about a blog on the massive problems with the State's pension programs which are outdated, under funded, overly generous and from a bygone era?

I would like input from other readers regarding the lack of affordable housing in Naperville. It seems to me that there is a substantial lack of housing for both the young and old in this community. Developers have finally started to address our retirement age residents with some housing but from a cost factor even these developments appear to be out of reach for many.Naperville has many great areas to live in but when first time buyers are looking at older homes eclipsing $275k-300K it would appear we are not addressing a large part of the market.It would be great if a large land developer in our area such as the Macon Corp. could give us some input on this situation.

My suggestion is the Naperville Test Track and why it is not being used and the expense of maintaining it as a taxpaper.

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