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Detour traffic from 75th and Washington project

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The city's Web site says that during construction on the intersection at 75th and Washington streets, motorists who live in that immediate area should use Modaff, Gartner and Olesen roads for north/south travel and Bailey Road for east/west travel as alternate routes. The projecct is slated to get under way sometime this month but will pick up steam sometime in March after the worst of winter is over.

A column Friday warned readers that traffic there, which already is difficult, will only get worse during the reconstruction project where lanes will be widened, turn lanes improved and a sound barrier installed for Maplebrook neighborhoods. But in the end, the headache should be worth the improvements.

Several readers expressed concern about taking any detour through neighborhoods where kids are walking to school and playing outside.

If you commute through this intersection, what are your detour plans? If you live in one of these neighborhoods, what is your suggestion for avoiding the area? What is your biggest concern about more motorists driving down your streets?

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Well I have already mapped out my own 'detour' around the construction cuz I know too well that besides of the needed expansion, it will of course provide more revenue as police will be waiting like a spider in a web to pounce on those driving thru the construction and giving out tickets that are at a $375 minimum fine and an appearance in court. NO THANK YOU NAPERVILLE, YOU'RE NOT GETTING MY MONEY!

To This Blog,

It seems you are a fool speaking because you have to say something .

Many bloggers use accurate information obtained by council members such as Bob to base their analysis.

Many Napergatians dig facts from Web Sites of other cities for comparison purposes.

This blog site is very helpful. Unfortunately, you sound useless trying to maintain the status quo since you may be BENEFITTING.

If you see a fact that is inaccurate, please correct it. Otherwise don't speak unless you have something to say....

Has become a site of annonymous postings of unchecked facts, spewing hatred and ripping this community apart. During tough times like these we should be more cohesive, not fighting annonomously on blogs.

We all have freedom of speech, but unchecked facts posted to be viewed as fact is foolish. It's the duty of the newspapers to be fact finders and truth leaders.

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.”

Host Ted,

Just curious when your last day on the job is!

Please announce it so we can see and analyze the effect on Ted's Threads upon your unfortunate and untimely departure.

Has a decision been made on your successor? Like many others, I am very fearful Mr. Tim West will take over and the fate of your blog site will be the same as the fate of his blog site....INACTIVITY.

Has a woman ever been Publisher/Editor of the Naperville Sun in its 100 year glorious history? Maybe that can be considered since you seem to have some fine female associate editors who quietly do a good job day in day out....never getting any recognition!

As a woman, I would finally like to see a woman at the helm of the Naperville Sun. It just seems overdue after 100 years. Let us put a crack in the glass ceiling for us women, Host Ted, before you leave us. You seem like a progressive liberal!

Once again, Host Ted, good luck at NCC and we will all miss you! And thanks for giving the Napergate Nation a forum for nearly 2 years. Please see what you can do to allow the rights you granted us to be extended. Mr. Tim West will strip us of our rights and crash the bus in the Napergate Man's home instead of City Hall. Plus, he will never change his stripes. He is a borderline hopeless case set in his old fashioned ways! I am astonished he survived 35 years at the Naperville Sun writing about his cat and bird. Maybe, the Sun keeps him there to keep peace with the Establishment Old Timers. Not sure! Maybe, now that the Sun moved to Aurora, they will not feel this need to pay someone to write about birds and bees while maintaining the status quo in town.

Anonymous, I don't remember how soon before the bridge closure the beauty salon moved, and it is possible that it was a factor. But I heard through the grapevine that there was more to it than that.

Anon@9:38PM 11/18/08

RE: beauty shop moving in anticipation of bridge closure

I seem to recall someone mentioning relocation as one possible contingency plan for some of the businesses that were able to relocate to survive the drop off in business when the Bailey bridge closed. If I recall even more correctly that idea got chastised up one side and down the other by many people in this blog site.

Seems that, if the beauty shop has indeed survived elsewhere, that wasn't such a bad idea after all.... no?

It's a shame about the flower shop. I rather like the faux plants/basket arrangements I picked up this summer from them and they have been gracing my dining room table ever since.

Mr. Public,

Could the beauty salon have moved due to the bridge closure since it happenened a few weeks before? Kind of in anticipation to avoid what happened to the flower shop!

Just a thought!

It seems like too much of a coincidence!


It's a shame the flower shop had to close. FYI, though, the beauty salon did not close, it moved, and did so before the bridge closure.


I live in Maplebrook II, and while I understand that something had to be done about the intersection, I still believe the solution was overkill. Two left turn lanes, two right turn lanes and three through lanes on each leg of the intersection will make this intersection as large as the one at 75th and Route 355 in Westmont. Quite something for residents to handle.

As for concerns, my major one is speed. An awful lot of kids walk to Maplebrook and to Lincoln Junior High, and Maplebrook has a higher percentage of senior citizens than many areas of the city. I can imagine rush-hour drivers speeding through the neighborhood to make up lost time during construction. It's an accident waiting to happen.

I know that "Sven" doesn't seem to care about that, but it's a big issue. I'm hoping that the city puts increased patrol cars on streets such as Clyde, Bailey and Waxwing to deter speeders.

For this project I hope the city traffic engineers will take a look at retiming the lights... and not just do it once and walk away as is usual for most traffic projects around town. They need to be working hand in hand with the contractors to constantly change the timing as lane closure move from one area to another and they need to get out there during BOTH rush hours to see if what sounded good back at the shop is working in real traffic.

If the light timing isn't redone and redone correctly the backups are going to be monumental. With an election coming this spring the city council certainly better work really hard to maintain a reasonable traffic flow if they want to avoid losing votes from everyone south of 75th street.

John Q. Public,

That is true for those who survived but not true for those who did not survive.

I believe the flower shop and beauty salon could not survive the brutal bridge closure despite being around for 35 years. They will not benefit. Not all businesses have a 3 month cash flow to survive plus a little extra to build it back up.

The flowers shop owner had announced in the front page of the Naperville Sun that his business was down 75% and he would probably go out of business. He was not exaggerating and in fact went out of business. A new flower shop is in the process of opening in that same location at this time. A new beauty salon is rumored to be coming soon where the beauty salon was. As they say sometimes one person's trash is another person's treasure!

The others will and deserve to.

Let us hope businesses on 75th St don't take to much of a hit. There really are not to many around that area. I believe Naperville bought 2 gas stations on that intersection after condemning them. I believe they paid top dollar to during the condemnation process which is fair and proper to the owners who had to surrender their businesses in order to increase the size of the intersection.

I hope all will work out for everyone and all businesses. Good luck to the City of Naperville in the project. I think they are doing their best in difficult circumstances.

"Bailey already has 12,800 vehicles per day and is going to be very hard pressed to handle the 55,000 vehicles or a percentage that use 75th St. Even though it has a brand new bridge, it is still only a 2 lane street almost at capacity."

On the other hand, all of those businesses in the strip mall at Bailey and Oxford might see a major increase in customers that could go a long way toward offsetting what they lost when the bridge was being replaced.

This long overdue improvement on the intersection will be well worth any inconvenience and increased traffic on the side streets.

According to Naperville's transportation director, there may be some preparatory work around the intersection this fall, like tree removal, but the main work involving reduced lanes won't begin until next March.

Let us get a traffic light up on the corner of Bailey and Oxford. Without that light, traffic will really get backed up there with just the current 4 way stop sign.

Bailey already has 12,800 vehicles per day and is going to be very hard pressed to handle the 55,000 vehicles or a percentage that use 75th St. Even though it has a brand new bridge, it is still only a 2 lane street almost at capacity. A traffic light would help immensely on Bailey and Oxford. Otherwise you will have gridlock for hours and hours during rush hours.

I am glad the city council kept Oxford open. Bailey to Oxford could also avoid the 75th St. and Washington intersection expansion.

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