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Did they say Beetlejuice will melt snow this winter?

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DuPage County says it's going to experiment with a combination of salt and beet juice to help save money this winter when clearing roads of ice and snow. Sounds like a science experiment from junior high, but whatever works. And here in Naperville, we're all for saving taxpayer money.

Apparently the huge piles of snow from last year depleted stockpiles, causing salt prices to skyrocket. Last season, DuPage's highway department laid 33,000 tons of salt - 9,000 more tons of salt than originally planned. The Chicago area received 60.3 inches of snow from November 2007 through March 2008. The average is 38 inches.

Let's hope this winter doesn't bring that much of the white stuff. Officials say we won't, but county crews already used the mixture earlier this week, spreading about 2,500 gallons on the county's bridges, hills, curves and two-lane roads.

What do you expect this winter? Any better ideas than beet juice? How do you plan to prepare for the onslaught of freezing temperatures and snowstorms?

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It was funny, and not so obscure.


If you're curious, check out this link. If you don't care, then don't bother. My post was done in jest, anyway


Who the heck is Dwight Schrute and does anybody care?

I wonder if Dwight Schrute stands to benefit from this.


Last time I checked beet juice was one of the worst stains to get out... and we are going to be spraying thousands of gallons of this stuff all over the county? Does the county plan to reimburse people for the cost of ruined clothing if a passing vehicle splashes this crud all over their clothes while they are waiting to cross the street or even just walking down a sidewalk adjacent to a street?

Does anyone know if the environmental impact of this produce is better, worse, or the same as road salt?

Hopefully it smells more like the scent of an original Joe,a real breath of fresh air. Something smells rotten in ol honest abe's homestate.

Will it stink like a sugar beet plant?

If it's along the same lines as BareGround liquid (bareground.com), then it will certainly work. I use BG at home and it's very effective.

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