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What to do about campaign-sign clutter

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In today's Sun we report on those annoying campaign signs left standing in yards and along roadways since the election, nine days ago. Campaign signs should be removed within a week of the election, according to Naperville code.

We hear from code enforcement team supervisor Ann Michalsen, who says her crews expect to pull hundreds of signs this week in response to residents' complaints.

Candidates should know better. The good ones will typically go around after election day and pull all their signs, or they'll designate volunteers to do it for them. Candidates were sent letters, notifying them of the code. What's more, residents who still have campaign signs in their yards are subject to fines.

Some problem areas for signs have been along Route 59 at Aurora Avenue, and along Mill Street between Diehl Road and Bauer Road,.

What's your experience with campaign signs? Do you have any in your yard? Did you take them down before they became illegal? What did you did with the signs?

What about around town? Have you noticed signs along roadways during your travels? Have you contacted the city? What response did you get? Where do you still see campaign signs, anywhere in Naperville?

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At one time, their was a volunteer organization that collected signs posted on public property. The city cooperated with their effort and it seems like an ideal partnership. It cost the city nothing and the volunteers perform a civic service.

The one glitch was that the rule which allowed them to collect signs specifically forbid them from collecting signs for political candidates -- even if they were illegally placed.

So, I question the sincerity of any politician who complains about the signs -- change the rule and let anyone pick up any sign placed in public areas.

@Ken on November 13, 2008 11:27 AM-

You're kidding right? Ticket the politician for littering because someone has a sign in their yard or someone left one along a road? That seems like the ultimate in election sore loser sour puss reaction to this "problem". Signs are beyond the control of the politician they're promoting. There's not some massive listing of sign locations down at their campaign HQ which can easily be retrieved. If you were running for office, a supporter put a sign up somewhere then forgot about it... which you didn't even know about, do you really think it would be fair to fine you?

@anonymous on November 14, 2008 6:28 PM-

Why don't you see if they have any cars in their driveway, you can steal them too. Did you people ever stop to think that with how enthusiastic people are about Obama that they're leaving their signs up to show support for the new president?

The beautiful Riverwalk is being polluted by Darlene Senger's sign that is hanging off of the balcony on the backside of the building just west of DBCW on Water Street.

GET IT DOWN!!! It's so ugly and wrecks the gorgeous Riverwalk!!!

Thanks for the tip anon 11/14, I will be sure to go by and remove them and keep them memorabilia. People are snapping up Obama signs for future generations to keep for recognition of the most important election year in decades, and the most historic in the US.

As of today 11/14 there are 2 Obama signs still in the front yard at 962 Rice Ct in Naperville. (87th and Kiem)

I agree with Ken, except the candidate should be fined $10 per sign, with all moneys donated to charity.

Instead of having Code Enforcement spend hundreds of hours, hundreds of gallons of gas and thousands of dollars chasing these signs, why not pay kids (or anyone that can fog a mirror) 50 cents for every sign they bring in to City Hall? Or have a drive at the elementary schools and pay the kids.

Naperville could have the fiddy-cent program, who know maybe fidddy could do public service spot on NCTV?

There are a lot of possibilities with this one.

The metal sign stands can be resold to a sign company, the companies charge dollars for the stands.

There are a handful of signs near Aurora Ave and Washington, including one for Senger. When she stops by to pick up that sign, can Darlene drop off her resignation as a Council member. Please do it soon, since we'd rather elect your successor rather than allow you pals on the Council to pick one of their friends.

I think that any politician who has signs left out should be fined whatever the fine is for littering. Ticket the politician directly, and enforce it.

I saw signs for Sauerburg and Dan Kennison this morning along Plainfield/Naperville Road just north of 95th Street.

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