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Quinn's budget includes tax increase

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On Wednesday, Gov. Pat Quinn announced his proposed budget, and as expected it calls for tax increases for most people. Quinn's 50 percent tax increase is meant to help eliminate a $11.6 billion budget gap.

Quinn also pitched raising driver's license and license plate fees and lowering the portion of sales tax retailers are allowed to keep in exchange for collecting the tax for the state.

There are a few categories of people who will see their taxes decrease under this plan, but the majority of those in Naperville will pay more. State Rep. Darlene Senger said Naperville residents are getting "gypped."

No one likes paying more taxes, but something has to be done about budget problems. Are you mad about the proposed tax increase, or is it just something we have to do? Are there better options?

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I believe that it is totally immoral for Gov Quinn to raise the income tax rate by 50%. Has any state goverment ever been this out of touch with voters? Since we need to balance the budget, a fair approach would be to have a 50-50 spending cut/revenue solution. For every dollar raised via taxes, we should cut spending by an equal amount. This way everyone shares the pain and it is absolutely fair. After living in Illinois for 12 years, I have concluded that the Democrates in this state are economically challenged, and have no clue how to grow an economy!

I never said government employees should rely exclusively on Social Security. They are more than welcome to set up their own 410(k)s and IRAs in addition to Social Security. I just want them to be on the same playing field. I simply don't want to subsidize their retirement pensions.

I am sure if you are a civilian you understand your retirement plans will generate less for you when the stock and bond markets take beatings as we have seen in recent years. I am sure you are a MAN and understand and accept this. I am sure it hurts.

But the problem I am having is that us beaten up taxpayers have to replinish the pension funds to whatever level necessary so govt. officials and employees can get their 75% pensions no matter how much their pensions lost. Even if they were invested in banks and lost 90% of their money, we the taxpayers including yourself have to reimburse them through additional heavy taxation for that 90% they lost in order that they can obtain 75% of their final and highest salary after 30 years. This is what I think SUCKS and STINKS. This is what I believe will finally bankrupt our city and state unless they choose to bankrupt the taxpayers with unbearable taxes.

Just imagine that 8 other states don't even have State Income Taxes and and in some cases even lower real estate taxes than we have. As we raise taxes, more and more residents and businesses will emigrate to these NO INCOME TAX states.

As far as the 42%, I have read that often in newspapers and articles on the internet. With police and fire officers starting at 60k these years it is not hard to imagine how the civilians fell behind on the pay scale. If you factor in benefits such as pensions and health, civilians are easily 50% behined government employees these days.

As you can see GM and Chrysler finally collapsed under the weight of the legacy costs of unions and their pensions. The govt meaning us taxpayers had to rescue them. California and Illinois have asked the govt for bail out help to solve their pension fiascos. Obvioulsy, the Feds are not going to provide all the aid they are requesting. Thus this 50% tax increase by Gov Quinn will cost the average Naperville Taxpayer who makes roughly $97,000 an additional $1455 in taxes per year. Now I think that sucks!

What do you say TB? Are you willing to pay an additional $1455 dollars per year so government officials and employees can get their full retirement benefits while yours shrink in half.

We are basically giving the God D@mn State of Illinois another Credit Card and as soon as they max it out they will ask us taxpayers for another one. Where does this all end TB? When do they cut their expenses and pensions instead of resorting to TAXATION.

I am leaving this state as soon as an opportunity presents itself. Good luck to you and all those who decide to stay and pay these insane and unbearable taxes so government officials and employees can retire at age 51 after 30 years with almost full pay and benefits. Keep in mind corrupt government officials usually give retiring employees a promotion and pay raise right before retirements to further inflate these pensions. The school districts may do the same but I honestly don't follow the schools so I can not comment with any authority or credibility. Maybe our friend Thom Higgins has some inside corruption on School District pensions.

Screw the Pensions –

I agree with the sentiment that pension and pay reform in government are needed, but disagree on other points. For instance, what’s the source of your statement that “Government employees on the average make 42% more pay than civilian employees”?

Also, I think your theory that everyone should be on Social Security is misguided. Social Security and retirement plans are apples and oranges. Social Security is a public safety net while pensions, 401(k)s, and IRAs are retirement plans. They’re very different beasts. Anyone relying solely on Social Security for their retirement will be very sorry (and very broke).

Besides, I have severe doubts that Social Security will still be around by the time I hit retirement and am planning accordingly.

But more to the topic, the bottom line is taxes should never be increased until the Gov or anyone else can look us all in the eye and say they cut everything they possibly could and there’s really no other way. Does anyone really think budget cuts have been seriously contemplated?


Has any politico in this state ever tried reducing expensives? Their saleries, pensions and sundry perks? It's the same in county and local governments. Take take take and screw up, screw up and screw up. Come to think of it has any politico in this nation in the last 50 years done likewise? It's time for passive resistance and unity for those of us who are always victimized.

A 50% tax increase in this economic environment indicates the man has plenty of loose bearings....no wonder he is losing his hair on a daily basis....there are no bearings to hold them anymore.

Would like to see the Chicago Sun Times and Naperville Sun show some courage and call for his resignation. Only if the media shows some courage can we stop the railroading of the Naperville taxpayer.....or if you will the GYPPING of the Naperville taxpayer.

Between Obama and Quinn, it's getting ridiculous.

Which candidates running for City Council are for abolishing pensions for at least THEMSELVES??? Does anyone know?

As long as they are part of the system, the PENSION FIASCO will only get worse until it bankrupts the city or the taxpayers....not sure who is going down first.

If we could vote in some city council members who would agree to abolish the pension for themselves, they would be a great start in trying to at least modify the pension system for other City Employees.

Too bad the Naperville Sun can't tell us the position each candidate has towards the broken pension system in Naperville.

As far as the State Pension system that is beyond repair so why even try to fix it...let the state lose another 500,000 employees and 2 billion dollars after raising income taxes 50% and maybe they will eventually smell the brew.

All free benefits provided to illegal aliens covering welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, Social Security, free medical care and housing must stop immediately. They people are criminals and don’t deserve any benefits accept to be arrested and deported. After this is completed, then we can talk about a tax increase, but not before.

To: By Anonymous on March 18, 2009 9:24 PM
What's true on the small scale is true on the big scale..........
Just for the record, I think so called free trade is a catastrophe and I oppose it. Bush 1, Clinton 1, Bush 2, Obama 1 and all of his economic advisers support it. Change?
One company I am very familiar with has solicited another round of proposals for moving their entire company to China or India. They have already off-shored 200+ engineering jobs.
Because of restrictions on the distribution of the proposals, I can't post them on the web.
The short of it is:
*US Loaded cost for an engineer is $180K.
*China loaded cost for an engineer is $40K.
*Democrat controlled Federal and State Governments are openly hostile to businesses, free markets and capitalism and view high earners as thieves. Obama’s budget states this in plain English. Quinn is singing out of Obama's hymnal as you read this.
*China is very business friendly and is willing to allow Senior and key mid-level managers to relocate with their families to China with lots of guarantees.
Every time an Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Geitner or Quinn opens their mouth, the scales tilt more towards abandoning the US and moving the company off shore.

1000 high paying jobs you can kiss goodbye, permanently.
This evaluation is being played out in thousands of companies across the US.
With every policy announcement from the Obama administration, the collapse of the business community, followed by a collapse of the tax base, combined with the Trillions they are already printing and handed out to fund their ideas makes a Wiemar Republic hyper-inflation scenario more likely.
Warren Buffet, recently took a pass on endorsing Obama’s programs a second time on MSNBC; his companies and investments are vaporizing. What a chump.
Another 50 million jobs (Japan’s economy, and others, are collapsing) are likely to be eliminated world wide in the next rounds of layoffs. This is exactly like the 1930’s depression scenario that produced all of those great leaders in the USSR, Germany and Italy to name a few.
Well respected Jim Rogers on Obam- Geitner-Quinn economic policies.

Bloomberg interview:

MSNBC Kudlow interview:


Jack Welch on MSNBC:


By Anonymous on March 18, 2009 9:24 PM
MMmmm, lets see. My boss told me yesterday I will receive a performance management raise of 3.5% effective 4/1/09 for my efforts from 4/1/08 to now. That means I really get 2% after Quinn takes another 1.5%. I think its time to kick back a little bit and not work so hard. Everyday I go to work my company loses more money, I lose more money and the government takes more money.

MMmmm, lets see. My boss told me yesterday I will receive a performance management raise of 3.5% effective 4/1/09 for my efforts from 4/1/08 to now. That means I really get 2% after Quinn takes another 1.5%. I think its time to kick back a little bit and not work so hard. Everyday I go to work my company loses more money, I lose more money and the government takes more money. And you know what is most pathetic of all? This 1.5% will do NOTHING to solve any problem long term. It will not bring economic balance to the state budget, it will not cause legislators to become financially responsible. It will only enable them to spend more money for a short time until revenues fall more behind expenses again. Then what? Then where do the get the next round of money from? Its a boobs game and Joe, I say let the government get it somewhere else. From now on I vote against everyone and everything. Hopefully others will too and we can get rid of Quinn, the Madigans, the Cullertons and all the other crummy politicians who have ruined the prosperity of this state.

Yes, we are being gypped.

Basically our government officials don't want to reduce their pensions or contribute more to them, so they are creaming us for a 50% tax increase so they can have their 75% pension pay-outs when they retire at age 51. Can anyone believe that???

I think government officials should be ashamed of themselves trying to squeeze the taxpayers who lost half their life time savings in this recession to pay for their comfortable unearned retirements.

Pensions have to be abolished IMMEDIATELY. Everyone needs to be on the same system. The Social Security System for all.....NO EXCEPTIONS.

Let us abolish the pension system which has caused this huge deficit in the State of Illinois and City of Naperville Budgets.

If government officials and employees want these fat pensions they need to make the necessary contributions to make them possible....not depend on taxation for their pay-outs.

Government employees on the average make 42% more pay than civilian employees. There is no longer a need for pensions. They were set up initially to equalize the playing field when civilian employees made more than govt employees. Since the reverse has taken place, it is time to ABOLISH PENSIONS entirely.

These pensions guarantee our corrupt government officials obtain their full retirements of 75% of final and highest salary regardless of how bad their pension fund investments do after 30 years of employment. The guarantee comes from the fact that these corrupt government officials can tax the living h@ll out of us....and in fact do.

When does "reform Governor Quinn" get his hair died black and start wearing a Jimmy Neutron hair cut?

Another socialist redistribution of other people's money to the Democratic voter base and districts.

I don't care one way or the other because it has to come from somewhere.
However, perhaps it is not a good idea to penalize those that live within the law.
They should take every monetary penalty for breaking the law and triple the fines.
Then come back to the taxpayers for the leftovers.

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